Tuesday, January 13, 2009



My daughter was telling me about one of the gals who
works at the place she works. The gal called Pizza
Hut for a pizza delivery... and it went down hill from there.

She lives 1 and half miles from Pizza Hut. Yet the person
who is on the other end of the phone is FROM OVERSEAS!!!
Yes, I said Pizza Hut call was answered overseas.
She had to spell the name of the street 5 times. It was
Brittany St. The man never heard of it. This took at least
15 minutes, and finally he has it right. Then he tells her
they don't deliver there. She said WHAT? The man repeats,
Pizza Hut doesn't deliver there. He had Googled her address,
and it wasn't there. She told them she lived a mile and half
away and had pizza delivered there before.. Sorry, ma'am,
it isn't on Google. She hung up.

Can you believe that? Do you doubt me? Then check this out.
As I Googled Pizza Hut outsource calls and this came up.


Betty said...

Pizza Hut outsourcing delivery calls? That's just wrong. I think Pizza Hut has just about priced itself out of business, anyway. Greed knows no bounds.

Tumblewords: said...

I'm getting to the point where I believe anything and everything! Grin. Nothing is too far-fetched to be true, now. Good post...

0rounder0 said...

I've just experience the same situation over the past weekend. I called Pizza Pizza to place an order and women taking my order was from India. We were on the phone with her for 40 minutes trying to explain our order and our address. The street we live on is "St Louis" and after spelling out each letter with examples ("S as in September") she was still unable to take down the correct address. She actually confused "S as in September" with "V as in Victor"! Come ON! And when I said "Space" she somehow heard "E"!

We finally hung up the phone, called back and was greeted with another individual with very limited English speaking skills. Goes to show how much a large brand like Pizza Pizza cares about creating jobs for the local economy huh?

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