Thursday, July 31, 2008

Slander, Lies and other Lawsuits

As I read some of the other blogs,
that are run by newspapers, I have
to wonder.

A lot of the newspapers that run blogs
have comment sections. And some of
those comments get really carried away.

Flamers, people who will say things, that
pushes buttons of others, who will come
back and write some pretty heavy stuff.

Most of those are of the political persuasion.
Local ones, can get pretty heavy into the
flaming and name calling. Some of them
have lies about others. Some border on

Which makes me wonder. I know that those
who have their own blogs, and their comments
can get wild, the owner will delete them. Even
the ones on newspaper blogs get deleted.

But what about the commenter who writes
something slanderous. Isn't the newspaper
putting their necks out there if they don't know
the commenter's? There are a lot of commenter's
who do not use their own names.

So how hard is it, to find out these people, to
find their real names and homes. I know they
can find the server the people used. But can
they actually, if they have to legally know, find
that person?

And how much is the newspaper liable for those
comments? As I would think that the person
who is slandered could and would sue. And
being the only one out there is the newspaper itself.
Should they put in each comment section... the disclaimer:
"The opinion of this comment section is not the newspaper's
but the authors of such comments"?

With the politics getting more and more on line
coverage, with blogs, emails and You tube, what
recourse does the candidate have. Be it national
or local? Lies can spread like wild fire, as we
all know. You tube gets millions of hits. And the lie
spreads. Very well, could ruin a candidate and it
doesn't even have to be true. It can be doctored
papers, pictures.. with Photo Shop.

Look what rumors in the past have done to political
candidates. Michael Dukakis and the Willie the criminal.
Or did his wife burn the American flag?
Kerry and the Swift boats, McCain accused of having
children out of wedlock. And the stuff that was said
about Ross Perot and his family. What was said about
Obama and his wife with his run for the Democrat party.
And still coming. All to be found out as lies after the fact.

Can you imagine what the internet could do with those
stories today? How does a person protect themselves.
Be they, national or local? Whether
they are running for office or already there.

I don't think we have seen how bad it can get yet.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who is your baby?

As we are heading towards the
conventions of the political kind.
Everyone is wondering and trying
to guess who the Vice President
choices will be.

I am not concerned about that so
much, well, maybe on the Republican
side.. Anyway... who I want to know
about is... who do they have in mind
for their cabinet choices.

As they are the next powerful people
in the President's life and makes a big
difference for our country.

Don't think so? How about Janet Reno/Waco
Kissinger/Vietnam War. Rice/everything
in the past years. The quiet ones we don't
hear about but do make a big difference in
our daily lives. The Health &Welfare Dept.
Energy Dept. and a few others that we don't
think about.

So Obama and McCain, who are your babies,
you have lined up?, who have you made political
promises to?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sticker shock

The King and I went grocery shopping.
We went to get our staples so to speak.
Meaning those things you buy fairly often.

And all I can say is holy flaming cows!!!!

The margarine we normally buy, which we
did buy 2 weeks ago.. was $1.69 at that time.
Today... it is $3.19!!!! A $1.50 jump!
Cheese, we buy JalapeƱo Jack cheese by
Tillamook. At our usual has been $6.99.
Today, it was on sale for $8.99 with the price
listed below of normal..$9.94. Two flaming
dollars more.

Apples, were 89 cents 2 weeks ago when
we bought some. Today ...$1.49
Corn 89 cents each.. use to be 2 for $1.
You know how you bought 3 bunches of
green onions for a buck? Well, it was 89 cents
each today..

Then the news explains that for every $1 up or
down that the barrel of gas goes... the rise and
fall is 4 cents for each dollar. And when it goes up
a $1, the gas stations have to ask for the rise
up in price right away. Because they need it to buy the
next tanker full. But now that it has gone down
over $10 a barrel, we still only seen a 4 cents
drop. When it should be a 40 cent drop. Why?
because they are still selling us the expensive
gas to us, and they haven't got the cheap
gas yet. So it could be a couple of weeks
before they drop it. But don't hold your
breath, because if they raise it a barrel,
in the meantime... we won't get any relief.

Sorry, I got to go sit down... my heart is having
palpations. I am still suffering from sticker shock.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fish and Game at its finest....NOT

Patience is the ability to idle your motor---
When you feel like stripping your gears

I have this as my signature on my emails,
for a little while. I change it from time to time.
But it serves the purpose today.

Yesterday, we (as in neighborhood) saw a moose
in distress. Her shoulder had been broken. She was
in the field across the street from us. One of the
neighbors called someone. And the Sheriff came
out. After about 10 minutes (as the moose had
laid down) he watched her. When she went to get
up he could see there is no way this moose could
make it thru life. And he did the humane thing. He
shot her. It took one shot and she was down for

This is where the officer stood as he shot.
picture taken from my front yard.

Two of the neighbors who are hunters, offered to
gut the moose so the meat could be saved. The
officer said that the Fish and Game are really touchy
about that, and so he said no. But the Fish and Game
would be notified. That was at 8:10am.

When I got back from church, the moose was still there.
At 12:10pm. By now, another neighbor came home,
found out about the moose, and he called the Fish and
Game. Recording. .... Now you and I know that the Fish
and Game are 24/7. And they do work weekends as they
are looking for people who are fishing without a license and

6 p.m. Still no Fish and Game. And now it is 9:11am Monday.
no Fish and Game.

What disgust all of us, is the waste of meat. These hunter
neighbors would have dressed out the moose so the meat
could have been used. Right after the shot. But not allowed
to. The meat could have gone to the Food Bank, the Jail, or
even if they felt iffy about human consumption.. it could have
gone to the animal shelter... But no, it lays there rotting.

Now we are left with another problem. This is just across the
street from all of our homes. How long before it bloats. How
long before it smells of the rot, as it lays in the hot sun.

The neighbors are furious. There has been at least 4 different
people who have called this in. And this is not unusual.

The same thing happen a couple months ago. On highway
95. Our neighbor had been driving by as a woman hit a
moose on the highway. He called the Fish and Game. He
talked to them. They said they would take care of it.
Leave it alone. My husband drove by an hour later, saw it,
knew it was not there 2 hours ago, so he called it in.. Same
message. The moose laid there for a week or more.

We are of the generation, of no waste allowed. So it
is disgusting for us to see meat that could benefit
others, go to waste... Nice going Fish and Game..

What was the solution? The Fish and Game could
give permission to someone to take care of the meat.
After taking down name and address of those who
say they will help. And tell them where to take the
meat. In this case there were two hunters who would
have done so, rather than see it wasted. They didn't
want the meat themselves...they hate waste.

As you can see... the houses just across the street

from where the moose is...

Friday, July 25, 2008


Are you as tired of the election as I am?
Boy, it seems like it has gone on for years.
So my patience is wearing thin with these
two we have left, fighting it out. And we
haven’t even got to the conventions yet.
Then there is another 3 months of vicious

I am tired of the one-upmanship of the two.
You know…
more religious than you are
more of a Patriot than you are
whining because the press is following over seas

Both of these men are Christians….I get it..
I have met people who have a great
moral code, who have not been inside of a church for
20 some odd years. Who believe in God. Who believe in
their fellow man without crushing them. So I get you are
a Christian….And besides, we aren’t voting for a minister…
we are voting for a President.

Who is more American or a patriot? Well both of them
are. I get that…
But because McCain was a p.o.w. doesn’t make him more patriotic.
What he did was honorable, but one has to wonder if he
was raised by a butcher, or a welder would it be the
same? Coming back to 2 Admirals isn’t easy if you took the easy way out.
like he was offered. It was honorable of him to do what he
did endure. But I agree with General Clark, this does not make
him automatic Presidential material. And that was 30 years ago.
What have you done lately Mr. Mc Cain?
They both love America… I get it..

You talk about how you have experience, Mr. McCain.
Well, at 72, I surely hope you are experience and mature.
But it seems to me, Mr. Obama has been mature and
serious since he was in his 20’s.
At that age you were interested in wine, women and hotshot
life style. It is quoted that you were in the very low numbers
of Annapolis. Obama was in the top of his class. And headed
right into very serious occupations.

And Mr. McCain, stop whining about Obama being
overseas and getting media coverage. You are the one who
challenged him to go. We can’t help it if Obama and
Clinton were still battling it out here, so you didn’t
get the coverage over there, when you went in March.

So let’s quit the one-upmanship. Let’s forget who the two of
you were when you were 20. Let’s get to now.
What are you going to do for our country? Is there a real
answer to the high gas prices? Not a 10 years down the
road of electric cars and etc. I am talking about now..this
year and next. Because all these ideas of electric cars and
etc. are nice for our next generation and are needed. But
that doesn’t do anything for those of us now. Who are eating
because gas prices are high which makes food prices high too.
Is there a real answer to better health coverage without taking
it out of businesses?
Is there a real answer to making home buyers and loan business
be held accountable for their over spending without taking it
out on those of us who have been responsible for our debts?
Those of us who did not buy beyond our means.

So cut the “I am a better whatever” and get to the real issues.
What are you going to do to keep us out of wars, build up our economy?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sidewalk Superintendents

What is it about construction equipment
sounds, that bring out men, like boys to
an ice cream truck?

Here is a few sidewalk superintendent’s
watching and I am sure adding comments.
There is actually 3 work men.. and 2
sidewalk supers...

You bring down any street, a cat, bulldozer,
backhoe, or any other such equipment
and the men start coming out of the yards
from everywhere. And if there is a hole to be
dug... then you know there will someone
there to see it is done right.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now the recovery...

Still not up to posting a good blog, well, as good
as I get anyway...

I am in recovery now. You know after your company
goes. Getting the laundry caught back up. Answering
4 day old emails, catching up on my blog reading,
and letting the body catch up too.

It was a great visit. Lots of good cooking by the King.
Breakfast and dinners... lunch is a free for all. If you
don't make it, you don't get it..

Did the beach scene, but best of all I think I can safety
say, was the just hanging out here with them. Getting
to know each other again. The grandkids that is. Only
have had a luncheon or two in the past 5 years.

This was one on one... and keeping up with the 3 year
old, playing with boys cars... and best of all, the water
fight with the 12 year old. He won. By a landslide.
I gave it my all. It started out as a family affair.

Mom and Dad filling up water balloons, and grandboys
throwing them at each other and the King, and Dad. I
got a few and Mom got back wash of a few. So after about
an hour of it, it was over. Then the AUNT shows, and I
had told the boys that Aunt has a good sense of humor and
was fair game. Of which she thanked me very much. Not
sure she meant it.

After that, I went in and took off my glasses. I reached into
the bucket of balloons the 12 year old was filling up with no
adult targets. Bummer... I looked him as I pulled about
6 of them out, and he said "what are you going to do with
those, they don't want to play anymore". I grinned and said..
get ready... and I gave him some space... the war was on..
we ran out of balloons and took up the hoses...

15 or 20 minutes later, we were both soaked, and grinning.
And we looked up, and the rest of the adults were laughing.
He beat me good. I even trade for his hoses as he was
getting more out of his. That didn't help as he got mine old
one to do twice amount. I was so wet, I couldn't see...

Thanks for the memory....U. and thanks for the visit #3 Son.

You know.... I guess this was a good post after all...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Through the Generations..

My grandfather on my father's side... was a mechanic
and car dealership, among other professions.
Store owner who delivered groceries to the islanders.
Taxi ... from one side of the island to the other and
inter island. Livery Stable and etc... 1900 to 1945

My father was a mechanic civil service 35+ years.
As well as working for his father before hand for 8
His son, my brother... mechanic... and also oil
stove mechanic... many years.....before retirement.

His son... and 3 out of 4 of my son's ...
be it main line or side line.. mechanic's.

And now looked at this... 5th generation?
do you think?

As you can see, I have visitors.... so skipping tomorrow post.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Years come and go...

July 18th.... what a day.Or I should say,
what a night... early morning? Well, it was
45 years ago, around 1:30 am.

My first son, and boy was his father proud.
His two sister's weren't impressed, with
this long black hair with almost sideburns.

You know if he keeps it up... he is going
to pass me. 3 more year and he will be
even with me.

Remember that I said, when I think of
myself... I think 48. My attitude, my mind
set. Too bad my body doesn't think so.

Oh, don't get me wrong.. I know and I
am proud to be 68. It has been a long
wonderful (well, most of it) life.

But somewhere in mine mind, I have
ran 20 years behind my time on earth.
Use to be thinking 28. But a couple
years ago, that was updated to 48.
Don't have the foggiest idea why 8.

So TAR BABY...happy 45th... may
you feel 28...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Am I better off today, than I was last year?

No, but I am not worse off.. I am about the same.
It took some adjusting. But we were in the downsizing
last year anyway. So that made it easier for us.

As with everyone else, our biggest item is gas.
In the past we have always used our gas card
as a debit card. Meaning we forward paid the
card. If it was $97 (ha ha, those days are gone),
then I paid $197. So we would be using our own
money. That way there is no interest. And when
we got the bill, it would be a credit or a very low
amount where we might have gone over a few
dollars. Now it is still a low amount but higher
than before. And the amount per month is half
as much more than what we used last year.

We sat down at the beginning of the King's
retirement last year, and went thru what we
paid out per month.

We got rid of things we did not need.
Like cable television. You would
be surprised how having only two channels is
not a hardship. That there are many programs
that you can rent from Netflix.

Yes, we gave up eating out. Now it is a real
treat instead of no big deal. And we are
eating healthier because of it. We use to
eat out about 3 times a month. Now we go
3 months before we go out. And we eat before
the 4 o'clock change over to dinner prices.

Our traveling is day trips. Most of them
very local. And if we have to make a trip
to Spokane Valley or Coeur d' Alene, we
not only take care of business, but we
do something fun while we are there.

We froze our credit card, literally. We
would have gotten rid of it, but kept it
incase of an emergency. It is nice not
to have a bill for it. We down sized to
it and the gas card only. We don't use
the Costco, unless it gas because it
is up to 20 cents cheaper than ours.
But we have no other store cards, and we
are doing well.

We budget everything. I can tell you
where our monthly money is going to
go before the income comes in.
We still eat well, but healthier. We
still have a roof over our head, we
still have our vehicles and they are
paid for.

When we bought our house we did it
on a fixed interest rate. We bought a
house that even if we lost our job, we
could still afford it as it, as the payment
was less than our rent we had paid.

Maybe coming from the parents of
the depression, and living on little
to nothing as a kid, we don't feel
like we are deprived. Tight yes,
impossible, no.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We are complicated people..
We think we want one thing, yet it
seems we really want something else.
And then, maybe, not even that.

Have you ever gone the extra mile many
times and don’t feel like people
look at you as a person who did or would.
And if a person came along and either
noticed or you told them.. And they asked
you, ok; you did all these wonderful unselfish
thing (that in itself can be argued, as you
would not be thinking all this if you were
not being selfish).

Do you want a party and have everyone say
what a great person you are?
Or a letter read to say the same, or just what
is it, you think would make you feel better?
And as you contemplate this question, you
think...if I have to be asked... then what is the point?
If you have to tell them, what is the point?

Yes, we are a different breed all right.
One part wants recognition and yet
when we are asked what kind of recognization?
We say forget it, if I have to tell you...never mind.

Once I thought of listing the times that I thought
I had gone the extra mile. Kind of a personal inventory.
Maybe I haven't done as much as I thought.
And what was I going to do with this list? Give
it to my kids so they would know I was a good and
kind person? Well, they would either already know
that, or think I was bragging. And this is not about bragging.

So what do you do with the list? Have it read at your
funeral? She was a good old girl, because she did all
these things? What good is that after you are dead?
Well, I guess it would not be too bad of a thing, to let
people know. Maybe. To kind of say, hey, did you
realize she did this?

To say,did you know I care enough about all of you
at different times to make life a little nicer? You
see going to funerals is sad, especially when they have
people stand up and say nice or funny things about you.
Memories they have of you...
Why do we have to wait until some one dies?

That is why in 2002, on the King's 50th birthday,
I held a Broast in his honor. I invited everyone to
come, and to bring stories about their time with him.
It was the most fun he ever had in his life. He was
made fun, of in good humor,(to me that is when he
laughs as well). His many friends told of wild fun days.
Stories of hunting, of towing vehicles or a load.
One load was a piano, that never made it to the house..
well, it did.. but it was a heap in the back of the truck.

His brother's duck decoys that got shot, because the
King had put in so many hours on his job with the
railroad and was so tired, that when it started to get
daylight, he shot the ducks. His brother's decoys that is..
.2 hours of steady laughter and stories. It was the best day
of his life...He still talks about it...While there were 15
in family, we had the garage full ... 3 long tables, of about
60 people in all. Others sent letters to be read. He was surprised
that many people care enough about him.

So think about it... think about someone who seems to
do what has to be done, and never says a word about it.
Never ask anything in return. Or how ever much
you care about someone.. and let them know while
they are still alive.

A Broast is just one way.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still on the run..

Still on the many things to do... so little time..
So here is one that should make you smile... it did
for me...I got it in the email, so that should make it
free... and it is an old email... thought it may have
been George Carlin's but it is too clean..
enjoy..hopefully I will
be in tune for Wednesday...

12 Rules for Life
Sometimes we just need to remember
what the 12 Rules of Life really are:

1. Never give yourself a haircut after three margaritas.

2. You need only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape.
If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40.
If it moves and shouldn't, use the tape.

3. The five most essential words for a healthy, vital relationship are "I apologize" and "you are right."

4. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

5. Never pass up an opportunity to pee.

6. If he/she says that you are too good for
him/her - believe them.

7. Learn to pick your battles; ask yourself,
"Will this matter one year from now? How
about one month? One week? One day?"

8. When you make a mistake, make amends
immediately. It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm.

9. If you woke up breathing, congratulations!
You have another chance!

10. Living well really is the best revenge. Being
miserable because of a bad or former relationship
just might mean that the other person was right about you.

11. Work is good, but it's not that important. Money
is nice, but you can't take it with you. Statistics show
most people don't live to spend all they saved; some
die even before they retire. Anything we have isn't
really ours; It's on loan to us while we're here .even
our kids.

12. And finally...Be really good to your family
and/or friends. You never know when you are going
to need them to empty your bedpan.

Monday, July 14, 2008

On the run and Quotes

I am on the run today.. getting new windows.
This is in a series, as we are putting them in
as we can afford them.. So this is series 3 out of

Yesterday as I was staying in the house to be
cool.... I was going thru old floppies and
downloading to disk, what I want to keep, as we change
our minds over the years. Just like we do with
our boxes of junk we have packed away.

I came across these... decided they were keepers,
so will share them with you...

"Always love your enemies --
nothing annoys them so much."
- Oscar Wilde -

"Expecting life to treat you well
because you are a good person is
like expecting an angry bull not to
charge at you because you are a vegetarian."
- Shari R. Barr -

Remember, people may forget what
you said, and they may forget what
you did, but, they will NEVER forget...
how you made them feel.

enjoy the day... remember in just 3 and half
months you will be complaining about how
cold it is.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't think I will

I don't think I will post today..
just not up to it.. Don't feel like it.

Don't think it is writer's block, as I
had a couple of rods in the fire...

Talking about fires.. is it horrible.
Spokane on fire last night. Every
where. The Ugly Duck on the west
side... in the Valley, up North, it
was just every where. I know they
have lost houses, but hopefully no
one lost their lives.

The television channels had been going
since about 4 or 5 pm.. forgoing all
other shows.

Nope, just don't have it in me.. so taking
this Friday off. Hope you don't mind.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Am I Kramer?

Do you remember on Seinfeld show,
where Kramer went nuts, with all kinds
of gyro type moves every time he heard
Mary Hart's voice.

He would have his shoulders cringe,
and his jaw would tightening, and act
like someone ran chalk on the board.
Do you remember that?

Well, I have found my Mary Hart. I don't
even know the woman's name. But every
time I saw her in the ads for the show she
is on, it would make me cringe. And watching
her in the ads, well, it is hard to explain. It
does something to my shoulders, by spine,
and my mind. And I am pretty sure it must
be all in my head... but this woman drives me
nuts. I have to leave the room.

I even decided she could not be that bad, as
it is in the ads. So I decided to watch the show.
I made it thru the second dancers and I couldn't
take it anymore. Her shrill, her fake smile. Like
a grill of a 50's car. Is her teeth wired shut? She
doesn't talk normal.

She is on the show called, "So you think you can
dance". At least I think that is the name. It is on
Fox on Wed. night. I tell you, even thinking about
this woman I can picture her and I feel like I am
Kramer. My whole body goes berserk.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Changing of our neighborhood

Litehouse adding another building...

Yellow building closed shop
equipment on the other enlargement of the nursery

sawing the last part.... and ready...
down she goes...

Around here we have some changes.
We have one business closing and
others spreading their wings. And

One of our old business, closed the
doors 2 weeks ago. It was a machinist
shop. Now the work is being done in
China. (it is the yellow building in the


It wasn't this small town business
who decided the parts should come from
China, but it was their buyers. Told them,
that the product they were after could be
made cheaper in China, and if they wanted
to continue being the supplier, then they
should go to China and settle up their business.

So after several years of doing that and
supplementing it here, the local one closed.
Maybe one of the owners who is in his 80's
has decided it was time. But sad for our
community. The building is for sale, so we will see
what else comes to our neighborhood.

In the meantime, the business back to back and
near the side, has spread its wings. Down came
some trees (some should have come down sooner,
due to rot) and a couple of weeks of dirt moving.
But so far it is hard to see what is going to be
come of a lot that was full of brush and weeds.
The business is a nursery, and that business is
booming. So we don't know if this is an extra
parking lot? Or is it going to be a plant and
bushes display? So we will wait and see.
Then Litehouse is adding a building to the 3
they already have.

Then at the other end of our direct neighborhood,
we are promised an opening of our dead end street,
and 35 new homes. That is one we aren't looking
forward to seeing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I don't get out much anymore

The Daily Bee (our local paper) has a
Best of Bonner County quiz, with this
year 71 questions. This is a yearly
event in the paper.

Each year I go thru and write in the
people's or companies name. I usually
end up with about 3 or 4 that I can't
fill in. Best Real Estate man/woman
or company, and a few others.

This morning I went thru and out of 71
There was only 9, I could fill in. That is
when I realize, I don't get out as much
anymore. So I guess I don't know much.

I could fill in the
Best street.. which is
the much fought for 6th Ave, with it's
beautiful trees on each side.

Best old business was Sandpoint Drug.
It never ceases to amaze me of their
selection of merchandise. It is one of
the best kept secrets in Sandpoint.

Best place to take visitors. We take
them to Beyond Hope. That is where
the German Wall piece is, and you
get to see deer up close and personal.
And the ride there is beautiful.

Friendliest Ponderay Store is Yoke's.
Or maybe Staples, as they are always
helpful and nice about it, without you
feeling dumb when you ask a question.

Favorite Physical Therapist Office....that
would be Caribou. The gals were great
when the King had his knee surgery.
Worked well with him and lots of laughter.

The other four were not important. But
the rest, I for the life of me could not
come up with answers. I don't go to
Motels, and thankfully don't have
inner action with the fire or police.
Best looking woman/ man? Rent a
video? do people still do that? Yea, I
guess they do, as my daughter does.
But can't afford to go out to eat as
often, so no favorite waitress, or
even restaurants,oh..Jalapeno's for
got about them.. Mortgage officer?
financial planner? who has money?

Nope, I just don't get around much

Monday, July 07, 2008

Patriotism is kind of like religion...

There are those of both subjects who
think they are the only ones who know
how to be one.

The Democrats think they are the true Patriot.
As well as the Republicans think they know.

The Catholics think they are the
best religion and only they will go
to heaven. And the 7th Day Adventist
will tell you, they are the only ones.
As others will too.

But I think the true answer is not
who says, who writes, who spouts
off that will be the true person of
each of these subjects...

But those who act like, treat
others like, without asking for
credit for being a Patriot,
or the right religion.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Scenes from Clark Fork parade

As all Clark Fork 4th of July starts.... FLAGS AND GUNS..

even dogs were in there..

A musical group... which played God Bless America

This was the SASSY GALS... float..
Bloodhound.... don't know what the group was for...

Part of the Avisat group

This is an organization that started a few years is the greatest for kids of all ages.

Part of the Ugly Truck section...

Puppy love... this little puppy was licking this little girl's face... they both are adorable. Puppy reminds me of Misty when we first got her.

Clark Fork's wall of vets names..

Smokey the bear...

I am so glad I do not know this woman...and even better yet, she doesn't know me..because I have a feeling she would hunt me down and do bodily harm to me.. I didn't even know she was in the picture until I downloaded it..I would have deleted it..but I want the tractor picture.


Happy 4th of July....

That is Misty off on a dead run with her coffee lid... ready for the holidays. Although she isn't happy about the noise part.


Birds of a different feathers..

Remember Me Rose

Starts with a D... forgot what it is called.


2 kinds of Clematis
Blaze Rose (climber)
Bleeding Hearts

Pink, and Tropicana Rose

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Statesman,who can talk and listen...

There are those who make fun of our liking Obama.
They call him our messiah, or that we treat him as
such..Not true.

What we have in Obama is hope. I have never, that I
can think any election memorbilia in all of my
voting age lifetime. But I did this time. I have two of
the white bumper stickers... with got hope? One on
my computer and one on my car. I actually went on
Obama's site and bought them. (Sandpoint doesn't
have a Democrat office here in town. The Republicans
have a year round one, don't know if it is open year
around but it is permanant. Democrats are either
too scared, too poor, or just not enough of them up
here, to have an office to get things. I suspect it is
the second one.

So for me to get two stickers, two pins and one
baseball cap, with Obame on it, I must really
believe in him.

It is nice to vote FOR someone. For so many years
I have voted for the lessor of the two evils. And those
who know me, know that last time I wrote in the famous
words........NONE OF THE ABOVE. Thank goodness
for living in a small town where you can write in.

Is Obama perfect...heck no... does he have
flaws ..oh, yes. But he gives hope. We don't
get the same old feelings of same old, same old
stuff... Yes, he is a politician. But he seems to
listen to the people. He seems to me, at least,
to want changes better for the country. It does
NOT seem about him, but about US.

He has been comdemn because he will be willing
to talk to other heads of countries, even if they are
not popular with the USA. He doesn't sit in his office
or up on the stand talking to others, about the evils
of axiles. He doesn't have the cowboy attitude of
"bring them on"... He seems to want to listen to the
other side. Doesn't mean he will agree with them.
But he does want to listen. What is wrong with that?
You can compromise without giving up. You can see
others points of view, without giving up your own.

I think they call this statesmanship. And that is what
I like about Obama. Just because you are a statesman
does not mean you are weak. Didn't Teddy Roosevelt
say something about a iron fist with a velvet glove?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When did the casual look start?

I was watching Matlock yesterday during the
heat wave. I always get a kick out of it.
The stories are the usual and Andy is
still good to watch. But those 70'/80's
women's hairdos are a hoot. And even
some of the men.

But as I was sitting there, I watched the
gal Friday for Andy, walk into an office with
the idea to get some information. I don't
remember much about what she was doing,
as I was looking at what she was wearing.

Now we have a local lady who is loved by all.
Her name is Mary Faux. And if you are local
to our area, you know what Mary is famous for.
But my point, I know there are a few who still
dress like this. But they are far and few between.

What did this lady have on, that drew my attention?
First, she had a hat on her head. No, not a baseball
hat. Not a western hat. But a bon-fide small hat.
You know a classy hat. (by the way, that is what
Mary is famous for...her many hats.. classy hats).
The other thing this woman had on was ....gloves.
Short to the wrist gloves.

Now ladies, do you remember when we went some
where, and you dressed up? Church, teas, grandparents
houses some times... And you wore a hat and gloves.
It went with the dress you wore, as you always wore
a dress, unless you were doing yard work or farm work.

These gloves came in two sizes usually. The short
to the wrist gloves and the to the elbow gloves. You
saw it in the old 1940's and 50's movies. And if you
wore the elbow glove, you must have had a gown on.
And you held the right glove in your left gloved hand
a lot of the time. As you shook hands with the bare

I forgot all about these, in these days of casual wear.
Women don't wear dresses very often any more. And if
they did and were under the age of 35, would they
wear gloves? I haven't see any woman wear gloves
in what, 20 or more years.

Funny how something that was so important at the
time.. after all no woman of class would ever think
about leaving home without her gloves. And a
handkerchief in her purse. And no woman would
ever walk in to a church without a hat.
You were taught that at the age of 4....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I drove over to the local nursery (the tree and bush
kind) when up came two young ladies about 10
on a 4 wheeler. They went in behind me to the
store part. I was looking for a windsock. After
they carried on their quick business and left, I
walked up to the counter to ask about windsock,
just in time to hear the lady tell the gentleman
she was finishing up with, that the little girls were
looking for work.

Seems they left a flyer, as they were starting a
weeding business. For $10 an hour each. $10??
We both said at the same time. Holy cow. My first
job was for 50 cents an hour. My first adult job
was $1 an hour. And these girls think they are
worth $10 an hour. Wow...

Then I got to thinking about how I hate to weed.
And how I had worked for over a hour on a stretch
of 15 feet. Was it worth $10 for someone else to
do it for me? I stood there waivering in the wind,
I don't know. Some one else do it for $10 and I
don't have to do it? But then again, I have so
much to do, it would probably take about 8
hours.... and that would be $80 ...nah, I will
do it myself.