Thursday, August 18, 2016

This weekend... we are going to be busy with a wedding and hopefully
some good news when we go see our friend…  So will
not be blogging for a week or so… maybe the 31st..but..
Probably be back after Labor Day..

So enjoy what is left of your summer… hope you enjoy the

Labor Day weekend…    be safe..

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

THE STAFF.... sadly lets go...of one of our sweethearts...

This is ROKON.... 
our sweetheart...
witchy cat....
independent as hell
the best fly thru the air bird catcher
May you rest in peace
tell our other pets hello from us. 
no more pain, run free

Her partner in crime.. Misty

She was a huge cat... but so beautifully marked

spot on the eye is from her battle with her toy,
that she would flip from time to time

One of her favorite places to lay
where she could listen to the birds outside

She loved my computer and especially  
the copy machine.. and has been known
to pull the paper out before it was done. 
making her own holes in it. 

She knew the table was off limits
but I suspect when we were not home
she would travel across... 
one time she didn't know we were, 
and I walked in to the face of a shocked cat. 

In the beginning.. she and Misty would play together.
tug of war with toys and etc.. and some
times they would chase each other.. Misty would be 
hot on the trail of  Rokon, and in the bedroom
they would go.. only to have Misty fly out of
the bedroom with Rokon in hot pursuit 

She would find the darnest places to hide. 

Winter day.. lazy day for the pals

Rest in Peace my sweet cat... may your time be full 
of flying birds to scout out..

Fall of 2004 to August 16, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When to let go and how?

Letting go is not always easy… the closer you are, the harder it is.
Being one’s health directive, is a fine line of what the person wants,
and what do you do, and when…  unless you have a very through decision.. looking at all the angles.. it is not cut and dry.  Be it a friend, brother or parent. Or even your spouse.  It is a discussion we have, but we just skim thru, having it and rarely detailing it.

The lesser of the letting go is material things.  Those of us who
have cluttered homes… when we get serious.. we can let go.
Even hoarders end up letting go, if pushed far enough into with
a support system. But it is still hard to let go of possessions that
mean a lot to you.. either by someone special giving it to you..
or a special place… or handed down by a parent.  But as my
sister in law’s daughter pointed out to us as we left a yard sale.
An estate sale.. your possession are a yard sale 3 day after you

Then there is the heart breaking, heart wrenching decision of letting
go of ones pet.  Wanting to hang on.. but the question is for what
reason.  Is it for you, or for them?  If you decide.. to let go, are
you constantly double question yourself.. are you doing it for you
or for them.  And then when the decision comes.. you know what
you have to do… breaking your heart… not wanting them to
suffer…. Looking for signs there they are getting better when you
know in your heart they aren’t.  I have had to make this decision
a couple times over the years…. And by the time you read this…
I will have had to make the decision to go in today.  

Letting go… no matter what.. human or pet… tears your heart out.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Why can't a word stand on a common meaning?

So sick of people getting upset over a common word... I am glad I lived my first 66 years (now 76 and the last 10 have been the pits with pc) when people didn't pick apart every single stinking word. To answer the question.... the least offensive female name would be LADY... Lady is and was a person of refinement. I consider myself a WOMAN... I have even referred to myself as an OLD BROAD... and if some said that to me.. in the right frame .. I would not be offended.. like most, it is how it is said. Never was fond of honey, sweetie.... usually by an older woman when I was young.. offended, no, just not fond of it. Even been called BABE, wasn’t fond of it…but wasn't offended... now the B word with itch on it... now that might raise my dander a bit, but again it depends on who and why.... WOMEN...LADIES... offended by it????  Get over yourselves..

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Over the years, I pretty much can take or leave the Olympic games. Be they winter or summer… looking in occasionally, but not a big fan of them.

This year for some reason, I am hooked on the swimming and the gymnastic teams.  So been staying up pass my bed time.
I didn’t make it the first night … I saw the program.. and saw Phelps walk in with the flag.. but shortly later.. about 4 flags later, it was lights out for me.. and waking to it being over.. so didn’t get to see the torch lit.  Which I always like to see that…

For such a small poor country, they did themselves proud.. more is not necessarily better and they proved that.   Even with the surprise of their take on the first flying machine.. before Wright Bros.  All done very well.

My neighbor and I were talking about how hard it is on the countries to host these. The money that is involved.  And we came up with a great idea..  He thought they should return it back to Greece.  And I came up with Greece doing the main building.. with each country taking up the price and building of the extra buildings.  Or they can share… like Italy and Greece building the coliseum,  England and
The United States build the next big building.. 3 or 4 smaller countries build the next size and etc…   By the way does it snow in Greece?
Anyway, it would be a permanent and no more great expense for each country that has hosted it in the future. And look what it would do for Greece.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The quiet before the storm

It is awful quiet out there… only a few
little blurbs … is it because of the
Olympics’ that our candidates aren’t
spewing out vile things yet?

Or are they getting ready to boil out
the usual election brew?

Somehow I think they will really
get going soon… I don’t see this
being a quiet election.  I see this one
being more vile than any of the past.

They are just stretching, and poising,
at the starting line after the Olympic’s.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Who is that man, again?

The Maytag  service man gets the credit for being the loneliest man job.  But I think that title just might go to the Vice President of the United States of America.

Don’t think so? Other than the present VP, how many can you name? Now try to name all of them from your life time.. Start with President Franklin Roosevelt’s VP.. No no, not Truman. Truman was his second VP.

So we ask, who is Pense or even Kaine. I am sure the media will fill us in as the coming months go by….. but so far there isn’t much. Guess they can’t find any dirt yet, so it is low key. So far, all we know is one is from Virginia and the other is from Indiana. They have served in the offices of  Govenor, and congress. But had you heard of them before each convention?   Not me either… Although I got to ask, why not.. where was their hat that should have been in the ring back a year ago.  Sure would beat the choices we have now.

While we are at it… Other than Joe Biden standing near Obama, smiling..what has he done?  Have you heard of any great thing he has done for the country in these past 8 years?  I know in his exiting year now, he is behind a bill to fight cancer, but other than that.. other than standing besides Obama, or sitting high in the chair next to the Speaker of the House… I got nothing.

So being VP, has to be boring… at best.  Neither one of the candidates are going to give anything to either of these VP to do. Or maybe send them overseas, like Kennedy use to do to get rid of Johnson.

Now instead of knowing who is going to be their VP, I rather have the Presidential candidates tell me who they are going to chose for each of the cabinet seats… Those are the ones who silently make and break you and I.  We just don’t know it.   Tell me Ms. Clinton, and Mr. Trump, who do you have in mind… Will Trump line up his children in his? They seem to be the only one he seems to trust. 

Oh, while I am at it… Ted Cruz……. While we were away, we watched Cruz’s speech… You had to ask the Republican Party what was it thinking… did they really think he was going to get down on bended knee?  After his parting words when he lost to Trump?  Really?

But I have to give him high marks for taking the high road of truth and principal. The truth according to how Cruz felt. He did not falter.. I can’t stand the man, personally… looked like Granpa on Munsters… shifty.. but got to give it to him for being honest with his feelings and not folding like others did.  He walked out with his head held high, with his principals still intact. 

Monday, August 08, 2016

"How are you giving yourself away this week?"

This was a subject that our Pastor has been working on for the month
of July…  Most of it we didn’t get until we got home from Portland.
We were gone for 2 weeks..   Which made me smile, as the reason
we could not answer him was, because we actually were giving
ourselves away.  We were down there because the King’s best friend,
who went in for open heart surgery, had taken a turn for the
worse.   We arrived and then our friend Gord’s sisters arrive
One from Nebraska and the other from California.  Girls, laugh out loud, one is a very spunky 91 and the other is in her 60’s. We were
in the … let us be your support system. We ran errands, trips to the hospital, clean house, meals ready when they walked in the door, so they could go back again. For two weeks we were all Team Gordon. Finally things turn for the better.  Each of us leaving, with promise of return when he got to the rehab place later. Each leaving, feeling more at ease, to our own lives… With the help of the neighbor, taking
care of the cat and mail… after helping us.. as none of us were
local.  Team Gord, worked well, like a well oiled machine.

Before all this, my life was helping out my grandchildren, as
They were expecting their first child. So while dad was working
I ran mom to the dr’s of many types.. some times 3 times a week.
Baby was born 3 days before we left.
I don’t tell you this to brag, but to bring up the other side of ..”are you giving yourself away”…  Over the years I have done this type of stuff with great ease. Way back when I was in my 20’s…taking friends who didn’t know how to drive, where ever she had to go. Dr. you know the whole gamut. Be it a drive some
where, a shoulder to cry on, food during hard times.. all with ease.

What I have trouble with is…asking for help for myself… even some times when it is offered… I was great of saying … oh, that is ok, I will be fine. I will get it done..  no problem..  And figured out how to do it myself.   I am still bad at it… I have gotten a little better at accepting,
when offered.  But to ask someone…I don’t know why.. don’t want to bother anyone… maybe they have something else to do.. what ever…but just can’t.    Same thing with just say you welcome, when someone thanks me for something.  I’m always telling them it is no big deal.. you would do it for me and etc..  But in the past two years… I have finally changed it to.. you welcome, glad I could help. .  Anyone
else have this problem?

But have to say, I do find it rewarding to help.