Thursday, June 30, 2005


Where do I start? I have thought this
over in my head and now to try to put
it down on paper so to speak, how do
I write it?

My mother was a horsewoman. A true
blue horsewoman . You know the type.
She live and breathe horses. When she
rode horseback, she was part of the horse.
No matter what kind, American Saddle
Bred, 5 gaited or jumpers. They were all
one - she and the horse. I think in all of
my mothers life she was happiest on a horse.

I, on the other hand, was the greatest
frustration for my mother, especially when
you mixed me and horses. I loved horses,
don't get me wrong. Just I didn't jive as well.

They told me for years how at the age
(of no fear) 3, that we had a horse that
was a barn rat. It always ran back to the
barn. Sometimes I could turn this horse
back around before it got to the barn. Other
times the horse made it in to the barn,
but within seconds the horse shot out of
the barn and back to the ring with me still
on and at the reins. That was at 3. It made
my mother so proud and she would brag to

Somewhere between 3 and 8, I
guess I became horse stupid. As there was
a time I was taken to a show and put in a
class. I don't know what happen in that class,
but I ended up in tears and cried to get out
of the class. Which my mother lead me out
and back to the trailer with her head hung
mortifying . She didn't retell that story, only
the end of how embarrassing it was.

At about 10, a mouse colored gray with
black mane and tail, and a single black stripe
from mane to tail - pony arrived at our place.
Mom gave him the show name of Mighty
Mouse. He ended up with the stable name
of BUCKY, which he came by honestly. Bucky
was to become my show pony.

So in the Spring, he and I started out. The practice
was to be 2 times around the ring at a walk.
2 times around the ring at a trot. 2 times
around the ring at a canter. Then reverse
on the ring. Same process. We started out
ok. The walk went fine. The ring was oblong.
One end near the barn. We trotted ok. Then
at the top of the ring we were to start to canter.

Which Bucky did about 7 steps - bucked me
off and headed across the ring to the barn
and stopped at the gate. I picked myself up
and went back to the gate and got Bucky. I
got back on and back around we went and
I was bucked off again. I went back to Bucky
to arrive at the same time as my mother .
Who was watching from the dining room
window. My mother was a tough task maker
when it came to horse riding lessons. I got a
tongue lashing for letting go of the reins.
lesson that is still drilled in my head. Bucky
and I were dispatched back out to the ring.
I was bucked off again. Another lecture about
staying on. I did keep the reins. And was
dragged. Bucky also got a lesson from Mom.

After several tries, Bucky and I decided we
better stick it out together. With a few
exceptions, Bucky and I got along so to
speak for the summer. Then from October
to April our only contact was feeding, stall
cleaning and brushing daily. Which Bucky
took in stride. Then came Spring. Where
Bucky would buck again and Bucky and I
would go through Mom's wrath and lectures
to becoming one again. This was our yearly

Then one summer Mom decided we would
become jumpers. She had Holy Smoke.
Jumping Champion of R.I. and Southern
New England for 5 straight years. She would
train Bucky and I. We started out ok. Mom
put up 1 foot jumps. And we took that in stride.
The next day 2 foot jumps. Then we had the
pro jumps with crossed bars, which was 2 feet.
We did those. It was fun Bucky and I decided.
The next day was 3 feet. It looked bigger as it
was straight across bars. With much
apprehension we galloped up to it - and we
made it over.. 2 days later she went to 3 feet 6
Now I know 6 inches isn't that big of a deal,
except when you are galloping up to it. On a
pony. Well, I guess Bucky thought it looked
bigger too, as we galloped up there, he decided
to go under it. Leaving me with the bar on my
hands for at least 10 feet before we got rid of it.
So Mom put one set of crossed bars and one
straight. We made it over. Well, kind of. When
we went over, there was so much space between
Bucky and I, you could throw a dog through.
But we got to the other side, mostly together.
I was still sitting in the saddle - mostly. My
mother's face was of surprise and shaking her
head. She gave me a quick lesson of how to
lean forward to the neck of the horse (pony in
this case) to lift my hind end up slightly. So we
did a few more. I don't know how Bucky felt
but to me that jump didn't get any smaller.

Mom felt good about it as the next day, after
a few more - she raise the jump to 4 feet!!!
Well, off we galloped. The closer we got, the
more I hated that jump. I guess Bucky did
too, as he skidded to a stop. With me on his
neck. Mom said take a 20 foot or so more for
the lead into the jump. So we went back and
around the top of the ring. Off we went, around
the corner and down towards the jump. Mom
was closer to the jump this time. What the heck
is she doing, I thought. We were almost to the
jump - I hate this jump. And Mom let out yell
that scared the hell out of Bucky and I and we
made it over. I don't know about Bucky but
my heart had had it. We came around and she
said go again. So we galloped up again. And I
was saying PLEASE Bucky get me over this jump.
I hate this jump. Well, He must have heard me
as he got me over that jump!! HE didn't go. He
planted all four in to the ground and I sailed
across and down on to the ground JUST in time
to spook Bucky who put it into reverse. AND
OF COURSE, I am still hanging on to those
REINS and so the jump and I come back at him.
30 feet later Bucky, in blessing, came to a stop.

I now have dirt in my eyes and mouth, my shirt.
I have been banged on the jump bars and holder.
-- YEA, RIGHT. No way. But then I remember
the saying. Hell has no fury, as that of a woman's
scorn, but even worse is my mother's. I got back
on. I am shaking. Bucky is shaking. We gallop
up and it is skid city. Bucky wants no part of
this and neither do I. So she gets on and she
races him around the corner and over they go.
She goes around again. And over the jump she
went. NOT Bucky. But Mom did. End of lesson
for the day. The next day we were back to 3 feet 6.
Sometimes Bucky felt up to it and sometimes he
didn't. I had been under, over AND through those
jumps. I was sick of it. Finally Mom gave up us
being champion jumping pony partners.

As the years went on Bucky and I went on to be great
friends. I could take him out to the big field and
we would play Gene Autry or some other western
star. Up and down the little ridges. And then we
would relax. I would put on a halter and off we
would go. I would lay on his back as he ate, and
I would make things out of the clouds as they
floated by. We had a big nursery across the
highway, that Bucky and I would go to and down
to the creek and have a picnic. I use to be able to
stand on his back and ride across the field. Got
my brother up there too. But he fell and somehow
land on my foot as I came down too. I was in a
cast for weeks. Then in 1955 I rode Bucky to a
friends house across the island and we rode around.
I was late getting back and was walking Bucky to
cool him down and Mom was mad. April 5th.
there was a trailer in the driveway. I wonder what
horse Mom was getting now. We weren't. They
were loading Bucky. It was my 15th birthday. I
never got to say good-by. It took 20 years for me
to get close to horses and my mother again. Teen
years are hell on parents and teens alike.

I had a few horses of my own. Rode a few that
belong to others. But now I see a horse and I can
understand how an old truck driver feels when he
sees a semi truck go by. You sure miss them but
you can't afford them anymore. And don't have
the room to ride them anymore. For those of you
who do. Bless you, my spirit rides with you. And
from a woman point of view and maybe guys too.
There is nothing like a horses neck to rap your arms
around and have a good cry, when things go bad.

May God always have room on earth for horses to roam

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Road Namers are Crazy or Lazy

As I was driving to work yesterday
morning.... I whizzed by
Now what kind of road name is that?

I have run across this quite a bit
in Bonner County.
I walk every morning on
Which leads to SCHWEITZER
(you got it) CUTOFF ROAD.

And I use to live off of

And there are others. Some I am
sure I have not heard of.
And the other thing that bugs me
about the road names
around here. Where they so
short of names that they couldn't
come up with better names? Or
more of them?

As there are roads and streets
that continue BUT there is a block
across the road. So they jump the
block and continue again.
You travel down Larch street and
it comes to an end at Division
Street. Which is a good name for
that one...because actually
there is another Larch Street on the
back side of Division Street. You
just have to go a block down and turn
then another block and there you are,
the other half of Larch Street.

There is Florence Street that goes
across Sandpoint to stop on Larch
Street. And to be taken up again a
by driving to the left or right, to another
block, back around to Hickory, I think.
And there you are..the rest of Florence St.
There are too many to list.

There are some of these all over the county.
You go across Sandpoint on Boyer Street,
cuts thru the whole town,
UNTIL you get to Schweitzer Cutoff Road.
Then you jag to the left down Schweitzer
Cutoff Road and you end up back on Boyer
Street. (this was done because they need
more land for the airport years ago)

There are so many double names.
Humbird. Are you in the town of Kootenai,
or Ponder Point, or out in Vay.
Alpine ... are you in town or are you in
Samuel's area?

I think if there is one name already, there
shouldn't be another one. The second one
should have a different name and no
Alpine Place doesn't count as different
enough from Alpine Street or Alpine Road.
It confuses the post office and UPS people.
And worse of all, the emergency crew.

If a road ends at a T, then it should not
be allowed to take up again a
block or two away. Surely they can come
up with new road names.

And I won't even get into the mult-name roads....

Like in Vay area.........Is it
Kendall Road, or Vay Road, or is it
3 Mile Road?. Depends on
who you ask and how long they have
lived there. Because it is all the same road.

So if you are in Bonner County, I hope you
know where you are going, because you
could be on the wrong side of town or county.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Common Sense

To day being my honest work day, and
time is limited in the morning before
I go, I am going to cheat today.

I am putting up an e-mail that has
been forwarded for years. I received it
The first time when I started
e-mailing, about 9 years ago. I have
received it over the years many times.
I came across it a couple days ago,
and thought I would run it here for those
who have not seen it. In these days lately
it sure does apply. So here you are..Common

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved
old friend, Mr. Common Sense.Mr. Sense
had been with us for many years. No one
knows for sure how old he was since his
birth records were long ago lost in
bureaucratic red tape.He will be
remembered as having cultivated such
value lessons as knowing when to come
in out of the rain, why the early bird gets
the worm and that life isn't always fair.
Common Sense lived by simple,sound
financial policies (don't spend more than
you earn) and reliable parenting strategies
(adults, not kids, are in charge).His
health began to rapidly deteriorate
when well intentioned but overbearing
regulations were set in place - reports
of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual
harassment for kissing a classmate;
teens suspended from school for using
mouthwash after lunch;and a teacher
fired for reprimanding an unruly student,
only worsened his condition.Mr. Sense
declined even further when schools were
required to get parental consent to administer
aspirin to a student; but, could not inform
the parents when a student became pregnant
and wanted to have an abortion.Finally,
Common Sense lost the will to live as the
Ten Commandments became contraband;
churches became businesses; and criminals
received better treatment than their victims.
Common Sense finally gave up the ghost
after a woman failed to realize that a steaming
cup of coffee was hot, she spilled a bit in her
lap, and was awarded a huge settlement.
Common Sense was preceded in death
by his parents, Truth and Trust,his wife,
Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility;
and his son,Reason. He is survived by two
stepbrothers; My Rights and Ima Whiner.
Not many attended his funeral because so
few realized he was gone. If you still
remember him, pass this on; if not, join
the majority and do nothing.

I could not say this better myself. I wish
I knew the author as I surely would have
sent praises for a well written e-mail.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Little project,BIG Headache

little project, big headache Posted by Hello

What started out as a small project,
has turn out to be something else.

First, I got to admit it was my fault.
Sweetie had been talking about how
we should replace some of the steps
on our front porch. Our front porch
was a semi-circle porch. He also
wanted to down size it to a straight
porch. I wasn't crazy about that. I
like the shape of the porch as you could
come off any area.

I had told Sweetie I like to have the
porch fixed before some one got
hurt as the side part of the stairs
were like see-saw when you stepped
on them. And as Sweetie can do, he
kept postponing it. So I took things
in my own hands.

Meaning I got a large hammer, and
pry bar and I went to work taking the
stairs off the side, and while I was there
I took off the boardwalk that I didn't
like anyway. It was a boardwalk that
went to the drive way. I learn this
in Housewife 101, you tear it apart
they have to fix it.

This wonderful thing caused us to see
that underneath the stair left, was
any homeowners horror. Board
rot!!. The deck was fine and strong
but the bottom of the stairs was
sitting in mud/dirt and rotted.

So we went to our Home Depot,
and bought, cement, boards for steps,
and back step, and stair sides,
prefab ones. Only problem about
that is they only had 5 stairs, and
ours use to be 3. No problem, just
cut the top two. Yea, right. Not so

So Sweetie had our Pastor come
over as he is also a carpenter.
Also a friend came over and
they help get the prefab cut.
Then he was on his way, He
cut and hammered and there
they were, stairs.

Now the rail. Rails look so
nice, and they are necessary
for cluttys friends and strangers
that come to your door. Cut down

This proved out to the almost
our down fall. Cutting the right
slant. The rail took two days,
Not because of the actual doing
but due to the thinking of the
right angle. And it also took
some bad cuts of some good
wood. Cutting and recutting.
But all ends well. As you can
see. These stairs are strong!
And he added a nice touch
with the lattice. Oh, yea,
we don't even want to talk
about the $$$ and how
many trips to the Home
Depot, lucky for us it is
only about a mile a

Now for the back deck.

Friday, June 24, 2005

today's second entry...

My friend has her blog going pretty well now.
She keeps it active about 2 to 3 times a week.
She gives background as well as updates on
her situation. It is a good read. Some of it is
with humor...
Like I said before... there for the grace of God
could go anyone of us.
So check her out and see how she is doing.
click on the side in the link scramble mess
and find "Doing it Again"

Funny cars and BAD Cars.

We all have memories of our first car,
our best car, or favorite car... but what
about your worse car...or your funniest car.

My funniest car, I painted a small sign
on the tail gate. It was a brown station
wagon. Chevie, but I forgot what model.
I had printed on the tailgate...
Chitty Bang Bang..
My husband was not happy with me.
But it wasn't that bad. It would get me
where I had to go. Just a lot of times
it didn't sound like it was going to.
And it used oil. Oh, gosh did it use oil.
I use to joke about how you put in gas
and fill it up with oil.

My worse car/vehicle was a Jeep station
wagon. It also was brownish. brown-grey,
is that a color? My husband bought it and
brought it home with pride. He took it to
work and got new tires. That vehicle loved
him. I lived in Roslyn and he worked in

My first trip was to Ellensburg with it.
Had to take some tools to his shop. It had
its new tires. Half way it had a flat tire.
No problem, I have changed many a tires
in my life time. I am not shy about changing
tires. BUT first there wasn't a lug wrench.
Then I find out, there is NO JACK!!.

Now my temperature is rising. But God
takes care of animals and fools.And I had
6 of my kids with me. Along came a guy
with a backhoe. He was nice enough to raise
the Jeep with the backhoe and flagged down
a car which let us use the lug wrench. And I
was back on the road. Got to his shop, and
traded vehicles with my husband. So he
could get the tire fixed.

The next day, I was going to town and
the back window in the tailgate, dropped
down with a bang. Again, I traded vehicles
with my husband. Now this vehicle would
go anywhere, with my husband and no
trouble at all.

3 days later, I am in the grocery store...
and come back out to water all over,
under it. It blew a water hose. Luckily, it
was the weekend and my husband was
home. So went back into the store,
called him. He got a hose and came
and replace it. I swear this vehicle was
possessed. I asked my husband, couldn't
he drive the Jeep for a while, I was
really leery of it.

He drove it for 2 weeks. Nothing. But
then, it turned on him. He got off work
and there was a oil spot under it. It took
him two days to find out where it came
from. A couple days later, he had a flat
tire late at night. And then another
water hose broke.

A week later... he traded it off.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

This and That...

Walking has turn profitable for me.
Two days ago, I found a dollar bill...
and today... a penny. Hey, every
little bit helps. lol Kind of like
Mastercard says? Walking,
might have you finding money,
But.... daylight, fresh air, people

Was wondering if I was the
neighborhood snoop or the
roving camera gal..
In our nieghborhood we have a
company that makes their
living with sawdust. Which
they have huge pile of.
Over the years we and the
town has complained about it.
Couple years ago, they put up a
net and some trees. Only
problem with that is, the net
is only tall enough on one side.
The other is about 10 feet shorter
and the trees are slow growing.
So every so often (especially in
storms like we got Tuesday)
we get doused with sawdust.
All over our yards, vehicles and etc.
We have asked them to do something
about raising the net. Also they
are not to have the pile taller than
the net. Last Friday, I was on
my walk and notice they were piling
up about 20 feet higher than the net.
Wednesday morning, we had it all
over the neighborhood. So took my
trustie camera and walked the
neighborhood. Taking pictures of
people's yards, as well as my own.
The one that got it the worse was
the nursery across the street. All
their trees, bushes and etc. were
covered. The apt. building next to it had
their yard and courtyard with it.
The road had it. So turn my
pictures over of the nursery to
the gal who runs it. She had
called proper government
agency and they were
coming up to see first hand.
But I wondered, should I be
doing this. Is this invading
people's privacy?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cave Time

We are back to cave time.
Which is almost the battle
of the wills.

See Cave time is when we shut
all the curtains, shades, blinds
from 5am to 11pm. Giving the
house a cave appearance.

If we can get a breeze coming
in and then with everything
shut, we might have a chance
to get thru the day without
feeling like we came thru
the steam shower.

The battle is Sweetie and I.

I don't want the air
conditioner in the window yet.
Last two years we had them up
and then sat there for 2 months
with no hot weather. And the cold
weather coming in thru the air
conditioners. Besides I don't look
forward to the humm of the dang
One of them is on the same
level as a jet plane. Last year, I
won the battle and it was put in
the back room. The year
before, he put it in the front and
the T.V. had to be up super loud
to hear it over the AC. And it was
one of those thermostat controlled.
So when it hits goal, it went off.
The sound on the TV blasted us.

I think I won last year out of default.
See when Sweetie removed the big
AC out of the front in the fall of 03, he
took it that the bracing under it would
hold it. So he came in and unplugged
and lifted up the window.. then I
heard thud, and UH,HO... words
you really don't like to hear from
your husband. Seems the AC was
too heavy for the bracing and the
plant below caught the AC. While
both survived, neither one of them
look so pretty any more.

So I am hoping for a couple more
cool days. But he says they are going
in by the 4th of July. But even
then we still have the cave. And
I don't do so well, in the cave. I
love windows, daylight. A bat girl
I would never be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer time and the Living is Easy

Today is the first day of Summer..

What a beautiful day yesterday was.
I spend 99% of the day outside. I got
a lot of gardening things done. Even
did some weeding. Seems like there
are a lot of sticker types this year.
Every where. In the vegetable garden
as well as in the flower garden.

When Sweetie got home from work,
we got some yard work done and washed
the cars. We live on a dirt road and they
grated it last week. So the dust is back.

We are on board for doing b-b-q's each
night. My Sweetie loves to grill cook, and
I let him.

It is Summertime so that means guest
start come in. And this week we get our
first one. I have a Cousin and his wife
coming in from San Diego. I have the
house cluttered controlled. I can't say
clutter free, as it seems like the harder
you try to get rid of stuff, more of it
shows up.

School is out and my grandson has
started his last year in day camp. The
area has a wonderful day camp with so
many things to do.

So I am off for my one and only day of
honest work. You all go enjoy the wonderful
weather. As you never know how long it
will last before the next series of summer

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Ages of Brothers/Sisters Cool

Buddies--1947 Posted by Hello

This past weekend got me thinking.
Now there is a dangerous thought
There is Mother's Day and there is
Father's Day. Why do we need Grandparents
Day? After all, to become a Grandparent
you had to be a parent... but what we
really need is Sibling Day. I know, that
doesn't sound as cool. But you can be
a brother or a sister and not be a parent.
So it sad that we don't honor them.

Younger in age.Sister cool....

I was his oldest (by 4 years) and
only sister. And I showed him the
ropes. Good or bad.... but he looked
up to me. When the kids would bully
him, he would tell him, I'm going to go
get my sister, she will teach you a lesson
you will never forget. I was his protector
in life. We were the team. Dad was a
great dad, but he worked. Mom, well
she had better luck relating to animials
than humans. So it was us. Don't get me
wrong, we had our rows like normal kids.
Maybe that is why Mom like animals
better. lol... But I was cool, in his eyes.
Then I moved away... He did come out
for a short time to live with me, but
he return to R.I. Even then I was still
kind of cool.

In our 30's and 40's Brother cool

I returned to R.I. with husband and
children. And the roles reverse. My brother
worked at oil company and he repaired
furness. But he was also on the Fire Dept.
staff. (It was volunteer) He had moved to
the island where our father was born. And
carried on the family name there
(3rd generation). He was well liked by
just about everyone on the island. He
was on the Search and Rescue, he was
an EMT. He was my brother and
WAY COOL.... oh, he was way more
cool than I was when we were younger.
We had great times when I lived on the
island too.I would venture to say, it was
the best time of all our years... even to
this day. And I was Roy's sister... lol...
and that was COOL. He was high up in
the ranks on the Fire Dept. I stood on the
sidewalk and watch him go by in the fire
engine in the 4 of July parade... He was
cool...I was so proud of him and he was
my brother.

In our 50'... No one cool.

We had lost our parents 4 years apart.
And this was a time in our lives where
neither of us was cool. My fault just as
much as his. Even more so...maybe ...
our parents. My mother's last revenege...
to divide and conquer. She did a great job.
But we helped. I have learned that we are
two separate people. He has his life in R.I.
with his wife, children, grandchildren,
friends, and lives it like, hopefully, as he
wants. I live in Idaho, with my husband,
children, grandchildren, great grandchildren,
and live life as I want. While we are separated
by miles physically as well as mentally
(remember I am the wild child) yet still
held together by the cord of family.

60 -65 Sister cool again..

I have for the past 5+ years written a
little bit in each birthday card, to let him
know how life is at that point. He is 4 years
younger. So when I reached 60, 62 and 65
I have told him not to be afraid as each
one has its great points. And now we are
mellowing in life. Checking in on birthdays.
His is near Christmas so it is a combo. And
mine is near Easter.. so it is a combo of
sorts too. The other day I had to call him
about some business, and he told me, he
reads my blog. That he really likes it. Some
better than others. But twice he told me how
much he enjoys it. So once again... Sister is
cool.....not as cool as brother was.... but we
are older...

10 years ago, I got to meet my half sister.
From my Dad's first marriage. She is 5
years and one day older than I am. What
a shame, that adult didn't let the children
share lives in those days. For I missed
having an older sister for 55 years. So we
are trying to catch up.

The best is yet to come I hope.I am the
wild child....places to go, people to see,
things to our father use to say....
Hopefully I can still teach my kid brother,
that life is still worth the trip, and to make
the most of it. to KISS... (keep it simple
sibling) and sit back and enjoy the ride...
stretch the comfort zone and enjoy life....

Friday, June 17, 2005

Dad's Day

Father's Day is coming up this weekend.

I was lucky to have a great dad. He would get
me out of hot water with my mother many
times over the years.
And he had the patience to give me driving
lessons. And when he died, I lost my friend
as well, as my Dad.

I think fathers today, on a whole, better fathers
than in my younger years, or even the fathers
of my children.

Fathers today participate far more in the child's
life. More on hands. Maybe it has to do with the
working mom's, or just the changing times.
Our church seems to have an abundance of great
dad's. Attentive dads. And the children show it.
Well behave children. And these dads are not real
strict, or if they are, they do it with humor.

There are stay at home Dads now, which was highly
unusual in my days of rearing children. And they
are doing a great job of it.

We have in our society multi-families. So you have
step- dad's. (I will give the disclaim now... I know
there are some terrible step-dad's. My grandson
had one. And even some father were not made for
the role.) But for the most part, there are some pretty
fantastic step dad's. Some are so close to the
children, even adult children, that it is hard to believe
they are step. Maybe instead of Father's day, we
should have Dad's day. Because just about
anyone can become a father, but it takes a real
man to be a DAD.

So this Father's days.... Happy Father's day to
all the Dad's, and the step Dad's and the mother's
who have had to be both.

And a special HAPPY DAD'S DAY to the man
who calls me daughter, not because he has to
but because he wants to. Thanks, EFL.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

When I was really 45 Posted by Hello

My Aunt Harriet

My Aunt Harriet is the coolest lady.
At 87, She still is.

She was raised in a small town, actually
an island. And she was the only girl, with
3 brothers. They were very protective as
she was one of the youngest. They tormented
her, as brothers do, I am sure.

Then she met a Navy man and her world
open up wide. She traveled up and down
the East coast over the years. Even had a
time in R.I. near family for a while. I have
great memories of my older cousins, as
my younger cousins either had not been
born or just born when they left the East Coast.

They headed to San Diego. I joined up with
them years later as a late teen. I was gathered
up and taken into the fold and been there
ever since. My Uncle is and was a strict Navy
man. He has mellowed over the years, or we
have wore him down.

But Aunt Harriet, lover of life, has always
been wild spirit of a person. Maybe that is
why we are so close. We are the wild child's
of the families. All the rest of the families stayed
in R.I. Her brothers and my brother.

At 40 she was 20, at 70 she was 30 and now
in her 80's she is timeless. She is so busy, I
would not be able to keep up with her if I was
living close. She has several quilting groups
she belongs to. She is a Red Hat Lady, she gets
together with her former employee friends from
the Library, that she worked for about 20 years.
Always on the go, and as I said she can out shop
anyone half her age.

She has taught me so much... the biggest word I
can think of and not to be taken lightly... is LOVE,
no matter what, kind of love... guess some call it
unconditionally love. She taught me patience,
she taught me ONE DAY AT A TIME type of
patience. But she taught me not to let anyone
make a fool of you either. Great cook,
GREAT MOM, and showed us how to survive
our children. lol.. She has been a shining example
to not only to me, but her two super daughters.
And her sons adore her. Well, actually we all do.
Sons, daughters, grandchildren, great
grandchildren and of course her husband....
she is loved so much because she loves so much.

And in my mind is a picture that will always ....
I mean, always be in my mind to the day I died.
Because it is so much...Aunt Harriet .. who has
more than earn the name of Mom ... The picture?
It was last year when I was there for a visit...
My Uncle and I were at the kitchen table
reading the San Diego paper as we did each
morning together..... when in the family room
just one step below the kitchen... came a vision....

My Aunt Harriet/Mom, came out with her
hands raised high in the air, and she danced
around the room,to the music that was in her
head, as she hum, with the most serene look
on her face, the biggest smile of all...
the wild spirit that she is....
the body might be getting frailer but the spirit
lives ever so freely....

They say the best is yet to come, I can hardly wait.
That's my Aunt Harriet/Mom...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I was 28 and Now I am 45

Yesterday a gal that was my boss when
I first re-enter the job market 19 years ago,
stopped by. We had a great conversation.
We were catching up on other former employees,
that each of us still knew where they were
and what they were doing.

And one of the thing that we agreed on
when we were talking about former fellow
employee, is how old they seem to be getting.
After not seeing some of them for 10 years,
we were surprised at how much they aged.
It is as if people's age stands still until you see
them again. And then we laughed as we
knew we, too, had aged as well.

Neither one of us is a mirror person. Meaning
we use mirrors to see if our hair is on straight
and that is it. You hardly see the face as you
are concentration on your hair. With that done
you turn away. My mirror is the normal height,
but I am not. So I only get a glimpse of my face
and upper shoulders. So I don't see how the rest
of me has gone to pot so to speak.

I can remember when my father was 72,
he was talking about how that old guy in
the mirror seems to be taking over his body.

I am lucky as my father's side of the family
has always looked at least 10 years younger
than they are. I can remember when I was 16
and one of my fellow class mates was upset with
me for dating that older guy. He must be at least
25! she said. I had a heck of a time convincing her
that the man she saw me with at the ice cream
shop was my 44 year old FATHER... He was out
haying just less than a month before he passed
away at 82. So I am lucky to have active family
background. My father's sister is 87 and can out
shop any young person half her age.

Being I don't see myself, I go by how I feel. So
that is where the title comes from. See for years
I felt like 28 and now I feel 45. Don't get me wrong,
I know how old I am, and will tell you in a half
second if you ask. And I am proud to be 65.
But that is only when some one ask or the question
of age comes up. But as I go thru my daily life,
I feel 45. Then there are the times when I try to do
things I use to do when I was 45 and my body
reminds me that I am 65. ha..

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

School Children and Tourist...Summer is here....


They will be crossing the streets,
they will be in the stores.
The beaches will be loaded up with them.

Bikes everywhere, skateboards coming at ya.

Laughing, yelling, loud music, weird clothes,
cool clothes, and frustrated mom's and a few dad's

Yep, it is the end of school. Today is the last day
for Bonner County. And along with these
young people come the most horrorifing
of all...

RUN, HIDE, but where? Even the hills and
parks are full.

Guess the best way is to just relax, and
smile and endure. After all it is only for 2
and half months. And because of them, we
get to live in this wonderful place year around.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Our $500 Peace of Mind Fence

To keep the neighbor's dogs out of
our yard. It was either this or shoot
the dogs. lol

Which by the way, as My Sweetie,
was putting the gates up, a neighbor
and his dog, stops by and ask him what
is he doing.. You know one of those
stupid questions....but it gets better.

As My Sweetie, is telling him as politely
as he can manage, he was putting up a
fence so the neighborhood dogs would stop
using our yard for a litter box.....
of which the man's dog properly went
thru the gates and squatted next to
our tree, as if to demonstrate why we
needed the fence. The red face neighbor
called his dog, as My Sweetie, was telling him
again why we were putting up the fence...
this time not so nicely... The man and dog left.
The man returns with a shovel. But, My
Sweetie, had already threw it in the ditch.
(he really wanted to take it down to the
neighbor's yard and throw it in there).

When we first started this a couple weeks
ago, one of the other neighbors looks over
and says, Oh, you are putting up a fence to
keep out my dogs, huh?( laughingly) Thru
gritted teeth, I said yea, yours and the rest
of the neighborhood. It gets me as he has a
fenced in back yard. But he leaves the gate
open. And then this year he removed part
of the fence so he could put his camper in
the yard.

It really irritates me that we are the ones
who have to spend the money to maintain
their dogs. But after being polite (for 7 years)
about asking the neighbors to keep their dogs
out of our yard, we figure it is easier on our
nerves if we fence our yard in.

And the neighbors are great, except for
this flaw... which they don't apparently see.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

$500 worth of peace in the neighborhood Posted by Hello

Friday, June 10, 2005


Victims....far reaching....

When there is a crime there are victims.
But there are usually outlaying victims.
Ones that people don't know about.

Recently there was such a murder in the
Tri-cities area. There was the mother and
two children, that you read in the paper.
But also there was the grandfather who
found them. And then the knowledge of
the fact it was his child that allegedly who
did the crime. So he has become a victim.

The parents on the other side are the victims.
The friends and family that go to the wake
today are the victims.

And beyond that you have her fellow
workers, and her customers who talked
to her each time they went to the store
where she worked.

And even further, is the last day of this
lady's life. There was an incident, where
strangers were helping her. Who let her
go with her husband and children. They
are victims as well, as now they question
themselves, did they do enough. Did they
see something and didn't recognize it, and
if they had, would she still be alive?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Blogger and My frustration with making link list.

I apologize for the scrabble eggs of my links... on the side.
after trying 3 times for about 30 minutes at a time. I give up for now... it is either that or I smash the dang computer.
I have gone to the template and put almost 2 inches of space between each of these links...I have tried putting the name of the blog between them with the space. And what you see is what it came out with. So until my nerves calm down, and I get back from working in the garden to calm my what you see ... is what you will get.

They are good links... there is a new one there. One of my friends has started a blog. After being badgered for months, she gave into me, and has started one. She has a great subject. Grandparents raising grandchildren. Of which she is one of the ones I mention in my blog of last week. So go check it out. Start at the bottom and work your way up. And give her some slack as she is just starting out, as you can see it would take a few days to bring up something new. But now that she has started about her situation from the beginning she is talking off flying. She gives a real insight. It is called DOING IT AGAIN.

Guess I will watch Anything

Here I thought I was doing so well with
what I watch on television. I am not a
television snob. I do not watch only PBS.
But the shows have gotten so bad, or I am
getting so old. The shows seem to be geared
towards the 12 to 28 age group. And I left
that group so many years ago.

I like the magazine shows, 20/20, 60 Minutes,
Primetime, Dateline and such. And
that depends on the subject. And even
those I get turn off. I think it was Primetime
a couple weeks ago, we watched. It had the
Paula Abdul story on. I thought it would be
the usual 20 minutes and then have something else.
There was about 5 minutes of story there
that they stretched over an hour! Boring...
I walk thru from time to time to see if they
had changed the subject yet, as Sweetie was
watching. They didn't. I view these programs
as entertainment, as facts aren't always their friend.
I guess I am getting to be such a cynic, you
know believe a quarter of what you hear and
half of what you see.

But last week and I promised myself I wasn't
going to watch it this week, is a show called
Dancing with the Stars. My draw on to this
program was the Seinfeld actor. Well, watching
these Stars(?) dance with the pro's was like
watching a car wreck. You just can't turn your
head away. The stars dance with pros. And
some of these men pros, what premadona's...

Holyfield may be a great fighter, but on the
dance floor, well, it was almost like watching
Elaine dance on Seinfeld. And you know how
bad that was. So while watching the East Coast
programs, I stayed away. But then it came
time to switch to West Coast programs. And
there it was, 10 minutes into the program. I went
"oh, no. Oh, well, I will watch and see who
gets bounced off."

Like the Idol, they like to draw it to the end.
Poor losers had to dance again. If I was
one of them (and I do have two left feet or
I think 3 right) I would have wanted off at
the beginning. And once again, Holyfield
struggled thru it. And there were a couple
woman that were not light on their feet.
And judges, well, they make Simon sound
like a cheerleader. Then the vote off. Finally.

My jaw fell, when they kept Holyfield along with
a few others. I mean after all, as a dancer
Holyfield is a great boxer. Oh, well. Am I going
to watch next week. I hope not. I will make
sure my sweetie is still up and has the control.
But then that isn't any good either as he loves
American Idol, and I am sure he will love
this one. I will try to find something to do, like
clean out the lint in the washer. But it is like
the car wreck, you say you won't look, but you do..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Changes of scenes and Ideas

Today on my walking round, there is a change.
I had two senior citizens that would wave to
me every morning when I went by. You
would be surprised at how much that
makes your day.

They lived on the corner by the newly
built Home Depot. While this did not
please them, (they have lived there for
many years) it was doable. Then an
enterprising young man asked them if
they would be interesting in selling their
home, as he would like it for an office. So
this past weekend they moved in to Sandpoint.

I looked at the well taken care of lawn and
the buckets of flowers, and felt sad. I always
like this house, way back before Wal-mart,
K-mart and Home Depot come to surface.
It has big windows on the East side. Giving
almost a greenhouse effect. It is partly made
of brick. It was a nice combination. And I
am sure the young man who bought it will
think so. But I will miss the couple.

On the other side of things, I was walking
with my cd/radio combo and listening to
one of the morning shows, Daybreak or something
like that. They had an author who wrote a
book named, I think, Religion and the Soldier,
or something like that. One of many subjects
the author talked about was the ACLU is trying
to get the military to keep God at bay. Something
about a lawsuit at Virginia's Military Institute among
others. I sure hope he is wrong. Among the many
things we should be sending with our troops is
the love of God. How else can you go to war and I
realize this is a yeng and yang of live, but what
soldier isn't praying as he goes about his duties?
Even in the bible, God has his army.

And if this is true, then this is another one of
ACLU outrageous courts deals. You know I think
it is time that the majority got a lawyer, and
sued the ACLU for being offensive to our rights.
For infringing on our rights. The ACLU may have
been a good idea when it first started, I don't
remember when it started, but it sure has gone
way past where they should be. I wonder, has
anyone ever sued them, for infringing on our rights?
Make a heck of a Class act suit.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Council Meetings and Discisions

Higher and higher... taxes, permits, insurance,
more needed for the fire dept. more needed for
the inspectors, and more needed for the sheriff as
we become bigger. . More inspectors needed....
higher and higher we go.

Decisions, and more decisions. Do we want
duplexes, do we want more commercial properties.
What do we want for our small little town.
Those of us who are old timers want it to
stay the same. But the new comers are coming
and progress (?) is coming.

Rules and regulations, where do we stop,
or should we do more. How do we make it
safe for all, without over taxation. With services,
comes more taxes. Running and hiding won't
do any good. Burying our head into the ground
is not logical. Selling out to go where? Do you
really think it is better on the other side of the
state, or state line?

For so long we have had our paradise. We have
had it quiet, but the traffic is getting to be more
and more. Where do all these people come from?
What once was just a little quiet town, now has
traffic jams from 7:15 to 8:30 am. going by our
streets, on the highway. Do we put up more business
to help get some of that money going by, or do
we want to put up a fence of sorts and hope they
don't see us and travel right by us?

All these are questions that a council have to
answer. And to be honest it is a tough decision.
A tight rope to have to walk. The innocents of a
small town is slowly drifting away. The rope has to
be walked, so that the town can keep a handle on
the smallness that we all love. And hope and pray
that we don't step off or misstep, and the new rules
don't runaway with our little town. And we just become
a strip mall that is a mile long, along the highway.

I am glad I am not a council person. But I am a
concern taxpayer, as I watch the changes, the decisions
to be made. I am just one small voice and even I don't
know where to draw the line.

Monday, June 06, 2005

19...6 in Marriage

19 years together, 6 of them married.

As my sweetheart in life and I were out
celebrating Saturday night, day before our
anniversary, we stopped by Ivano's to see
his sister and have a glass of wine.

One of the waitress that looks like she is
about 22 said she had to ask us a question
that she likes to ask older couples. What
makes the marriage work?

My quick answer and my sweetie agreed.
A good sense of humor. We have to be able
to laugh at ourselves before we can laugh at
others. And we can usually find humor even
in our darkest of times.

See our first 6 years in to our relationship
was the hardest. But we made it in style
because we always stuck together. It was ALWAYS
us against the situation. No matter who or what.

My sweetie had some real turbo times after his
business fell apart. So going back to the work
force and having a boss, was not easy. Not so
much as he didn't fit in. It was more to the fact
of him finding out where. The job he had before
he started his own business, had major lay-offs.
So it was like starting over. He worked as a truck
driver for a logging company. Meaning starting
at 2am and heading up to the woods landing area,
to be first in line. Hauling all day long getting in
at least 3 loads and then heading home, coming in
at 11 pm. He took that for 5 months and knew he
couldn't keep it up anymore. His immune system
was telling him, he needed more sleep. He did a part
time job, and then got on with a truck repair company.
That lasted 5 years and then found a job with the
school system. In those years of ups and downs, we
made it. Family illness ran thru those years on both
sides. But we stuck together. On the lowest of low
nights, we hugged each other. We cried together and
we laughed together. We saw marriages, of friends,
sister,and children. We saw death of family and friends.
Always side by side.

So you see, now is the icing on the cake. Not to say
lows can't come back, but we know that as long as
we have each other .... we can do it. Kind of a corny
saying but true. Is our relationship perfect? Heck, no.
He drives me crazy with his practical jokes, which took
me a few years to ignore and not get caught in them.
And I drive him nuts with my laid back, logical attitude.
And of course there are some times I am a witch, but
he loves me anyway.
He brings me flowers for no reason at all. He hugs
me a lot.
He is a great cook. He does the holiday cooking, and
is known for his Red Rice dish. When I worked, he
would cook dinner on his days off.

We have pet names, but not the usual. He has
Margaret for me, (in fact 3 years ago, the newly
moved in neighbor thought my name was Margaret
and put it on our Christmas card.) Which is after
the commercial about the old ladies entering the
highway, when one of the ladies says to the lady
driver.... "Hit it Margaret". Which my sweetie
yelled at me one time when I was at a stop sign
and it has stuck.
I have for him, Jose... When he was going
in to put in for unemployment about 15
years ago, he didn't have his Social Security
card with him. So they wouldn't let him start
the claim until he brought it in, even though
he knew his number by heart. So as we are in
the parking lot getting into the car, I said loudly,
"Well, Jose if you brought your green card, we
wouldn't have this problem." You don't want to
know the look I got from him, just before we both
started to laugh.

See, sense of humor is the answer.
Besides that... he is a great guy. And God has blessed me well.

Friday, June 03, 2005

SLUGBUG ORANGE with Yellow stripe

I suppose every town has a car that is more noticeable than others. But it seems like they are really unusual.

Ours, the orange with a yellow stripe V.W. bug is just your usual beat up V.W. Nothing unusual about it. But it is every where. And because it does have the yellow stripe going from front to back, you know it is that V.W. As there are other orange bugs in our town.

The bug reminds me of the Timex ad, you know the part about no matter what it keeps on ticking.
I encountered it about 8 years ago. At that time I had taken or retrieved my grandson from Farmin School, I would see it zip thru the family parking line. Always full of kids.

Over the years I have seen it around town. I think they must live up Hwy. 200 past Kootenai as I see it heading to town in the morning as I walk and heading home in the evening.

Some one who drives it has worked at Safeway, at the movie theater, and several other places. I have seen it parked in the employee part of Safeway during the day. And across the street from the theater in the evenings.

I have seen a teen boy driving it with younger children, in the past year, so it looks like Orange is doing well with the next generation, as well. All though I have see Mom and Dad driving it and once saw it at the grocery store.

And of course it is the highlight of my grandson's (who is now 14) and mine game of SLUGBUG as we get double points for Orange with the yellow stripe.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cell Phones

Cell phones drive me nuts. Yes, I have one.
So does my husband.

We got our first one years ago.. 1992 or
1993. It was one of those, that look like
a book and the cord was attached to the
case that had the battery. I still have it
around here somewhere.

We had a medium size motorhome at
the time. And no car with it. So we figured
we should have a cell phone incase we broke
down in the middle of nowhere. Let me rephrase
that. My husband said we should have one
in case we broke down somewhere. We had
that for about 5 years. I was happy with that.
It stayed in the car or the motorhome. Then we
got a towbar and towed our little pickup but
he kept the cell phone incase both of them died.

See how easy it is to talk wives into something
when you use the safety card. Then all his friends
got the cordless, cell. Well, he looked and looked
and he found one he really liked. And of course,
Air Touch (before Verizon) wanted to up date
us with what ever he would like to have, and it
would be FREE... free for the phone, but 2 years
rope on us. Oops that is called a contract.

Then we made it for 3 more years, then he
said there were nicer ones and really honey, I
want you to have one because.... here goes the
safety card again....... I worry about you driving
to work at night. You should have one so you
don't have to leave the car. And of course, it
all made sense, so the hook was planted once
again, for 2 more years... because the phones
were updated for FREE...

We stuck it out for the 2 years but I am here to
tell you those two phone (we tried a different
brand) were pieces of crap. His was in the shop
6 times in the 2 years. Mine spent more time
on the charger than it did anywhere else. They
were so bad, that when we updated again this
past year, I threw them away instead of turning
them in for abused women. I didn't want any
poor soul have to depend on them. This time
we got a brand name. And you guess it... it has
a camera... men and their gadgets.

Oh, yea, I almost got sucker in on a phone
conversation. You know those ones where someone
near you is talking on the phone and you think
they are talking to you. I was at the store and
this women behind me, says... "Friday, shopping,
I hate shopping don't you." I almost said something,
but as I turned around to look her in the face,
I saw the tell tale cord to her ear. Whew... almost.
Don't you just hate that. I sure do. I am afraid
to talk to a stranger anymore.

I get into hot water with my cell phone. See I
forget it at home. Sometimes I remember to
bring it with me. But if I am in a restaurant or
any place like that, I turn mine off. And being I
am not real good at electronics' I can't retrieve
my messages. But I have learn to look under
recent calls. That is if I remember to see if anyone
called. I like it in the old days where people
didn't know where I was. But I have found one thing
they are good for. I stepped mine up for a couple
bucks more and now I can call anyone in the USA
for free on weekends. Now that is worth having it for.
But have to laugh when I get the bill, mine number
has anywhere from 10 to 15 calls on it. My husband?
130 to 150 calls. And they call women gabbers. Hah!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Seatbelts...and do Husbands Listen?

Seatbelts....and do Husbands listen to public
announcement commercials?

First let me say, I hate seatbelts. For the
longest time it was hard because I felt trapped.
But I got use to using the lap strap ones.
Then they came out with the harness one
called shoulder strap. I am short. I can't help
this, it is an ancestor thing. It is in the genes.
So the shoulder strap goes across my neck,
like a slow slicing dull knife. I have fought
this for years. I thought I had solved the
problem by putting the shoulder strap under
my arm. Did this for quite a few years.

Until to my horror, I read Dave Olivera's
Huckleberry column and saw that someone's
daughter, I believe it was, was ticketed for
just such a thing. She was ticketed as if she
had no seat belt on. Which I don't know how
the officer came up with that, being she had
it on. Is there a part of that law, that says you
can be ticketed for improper use of a seatbelt?

About that time I saw in Harriet Carter
catalog, a seat belt clip. It clips on your
seatbelt and pulls the shoulder part over
just enough to keep it from slicing your neck.
I order 6! Why 6? Because I am a passenger
as well as a driver. So two of my Bronco, one
for his truck (I don't drive that) and one for
my daughter and one for just in case. Gave
one to a friend also. While it isn't the easiest
to keep in place, it does work.

Now, let's skip to the commercial. Have you
see the public announcement commercial for
Click it or Ticket, with the young man in the
convertible? You know he is driving along
happy as can be, when up pops his mother in
the back seat, observing he isn't wearing his
seat belt, and says "Well, you might just as
well run with scissors" which another woman
pops up and says, "Have you ever seen what a
windshield does to your head?" Which brings
another pop up of Death taking his long fingernail
across his own throat, which bring a police officer
along side, writing out a ticket for $110. The
which pops up a judge along side of him,
slamming down the gravel, saying "GUILTY!"
Which brings another man next to the judge
JUST WENT UP"....all of this in a matter of a minute.

Now you would think the average man would
catch on to that. And my guy, is the average
guy, has seen this, I know for a fact as I was
sitting in my chair next to him. But then again
he does fall asleep easy. lol... He has the theory
of you don't have to use your seatbelt unless
you leave town. And has made the remark a
couple of times as I am buckling up as we are
leaving the driveway. So what is the point of all this?

Guess who went to Wally World (wal-mart to rest of you)
on Memorial Day and came back with a ticket for .........
you guessed it... not wearing a seat belt.

Which by the way, thank the lucky stars as Idaho is cheaper than Washington State. So far