Thursday, June 09, 2005

Guess I will watch Anything

Here I thought I was doing so well with
what I watch on television. I am not a
television snob. I do not watch only PBS.
But the shows have gotten so bad, or I am
getting so old. The shows seem to be geared
towards the 12 to 28 age group. And I left
that group so many years ago.

I like the magazine shows, 20/20, 60 Minutes,
Primetime, Dateline and such. And
that depends on the subject. And even
those I get turn off. I think it was Primetime
a couple weeks ago, we watched. It had the
Paula Abdul story on. I thought it would be
the usual 20 minutes and then have something else.
There was about 5 minutes of story there
that they stretched over an hour! Boring...
I walk thru from time to time to see if they
had changed the subject yet, as Sweetie was
watching. They didn't. I view these programs
as entertainment, as facts aren't always their friend.
I guess I am getting to be such a cynic, you
know believe a quarter of what you hear and
half of what you see.

But last week and I promised myself I wasn't
going to watch it this week, is a show called
Dancing with the Stars. My draw on to this
program was the Seinfeld actor. Well, watching
these Stars(?) dance with the pro's was like
watching a car wreck. You just can't turn your
head away. The stars dance with pros. And
some of these men pros, what premadona's...

Holyfield may be a great fighter, but on the
dance floor, well, it was almost like watching
Elaine dance on Seinfeld. And you know how
bad that was. So while watching the East Coast
programs, I stayed away. But then it came
time to switch to West Coast programs. And
there it was, 10 minutes into the program. I went
"oh, no. Oh, well, I will watch and see who
gets bounced off."

Like the Idol, they like to draw it to the end.
Poor losers had to dance again. If I was
one of them (and I do have two left feet or
I think 3 right) I would have wanted off at
the beginning. And once again, Holyfield
struggled thru it. And there were a couple
woman that were not light on their feet.
And judges, well, they make Simon sound
like a cheerleader. Then the vote off. Finally.

My jaw fell, when they kept Holyfield along with
a few others. I mean after all, as a dancer
Holyfield is a great boxer. Oh, well. Am I going
to watch next week. I hope not. I will make
sure my sweetie is still up and has the control.
But then that isn't any good either as he loves
American Idol, and I am sure he will love
this one. I will try to find something to do, like
clean out the lint in the washer. But it is like
the car wreck, you say you won't look, but you do..


amyrebba said...

LOL, Cis, I don't need to worry about that too often. I end up watching Orange County Choppers, Monster Garage and other car and bike building shows, not by my choice I might add. I ususally let hubby have the controld when he gets home and I get on the computer. But I still watch. I don't really like the shows but I watch any way. I think a part of me wants to learn because it is related to our business too. Anyway I like the post I know how you feel.

Word Tosser said...

We,too,use to watch those shows. For about 3 years worth. And once in awhile we check in on them. Like you, not my choice as I was put off the father Paul always yelling. But that is the show.
Now my husband has found the Men's Channel so he watches hunting and fishing.... for hours... like you, I find something else to do, and if it is night time, then I am looking at HBO blog and see what everyone is up to.