Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Council Meetings and Discisions

Higher and higher... taxes, permits, insurance,
more needed for the fire dept. more needed for
the inspectors, and more needed for the sheriff as
we become bigger. . More inspectors needed....
higher and higher we go.

Decisions, and more decisions. Do we want
duplexes, do we want more commercial properties.
What do we want for our small little town.
Those of us who are old timers want it to
stay the same. But the new comers are coming
and progress (?) is coming.

Rules and regulations, where do we stop,
or should we do more. How do we make it
safe for all, without over taxation. With services,
comes more taxes. Running and hiding won't
do any good. Burying our head into the ground
is not logical. Selling out to go where? Do you
really think it is better on the other side of the
state, or state line?

For so long we have had our paradise. We have
had it quiet, but the traffic is getting to be more
and more. Where do all these people come from?
What once was just a little quiet town, now has
traffic jams from 7:15 to 8:30 am. going by our
streets, on the highway. Do we put up more business
to help get some of that money going by, or do
we want to put up a fence of sorts and hope they
don't see us and travel right by us?

All these are questions that a council have to
answer. And to be honest it is a tough decision.
A tight rope to have to walk. The innocents of a
small town is slowly drifting away. The rope has to
be walked, so that the town can keep a handle on
the smallness that we all love. And hope and pray
that we don't step off or misstep, and the new rules
don't runaway with our little town. And we just become
a strip mall that is a mile long, along the highway.

I am glad I am not a council person. But I am a
concern taxpayer, as I watch the changes, the decisions
to be made. I am just one small voice and even I don't
know where to draw the line.


amyrebba said...

Good luck on that one. I've been up there early duing the traffic jam trying to do business with the businesses that are up there. But I use to make excusses to my boss so she would allow me to go up there once in a while. I never holded out much hope for doing business with Sandpoint businesses, most of them wanted cheap printing, and preferred local business at which Spokane was not local to them. But I needed that town as a get away once in a while. I love to visit Sandpoint. Now that I have my own business in Post Falls I need to visit your town again. Pardon my brainstorm.

Don't progress too much. I like your little town the way it is. It's a great retreat from the overly developed CDA, Spokane!, etc.

Word Tosser said...

read Marianne Love's blog too. She is hitting on this subject as well.