Friday, June 17, 2005

Dad's Day

Father's Day is coming up this weekend.

I was lucky to have a great dad. He would get
me out of hot water with my mother many
times over the years.
And he had the patience to give me driving
lessons. And when he died, I lost my friend
as well, as my Dad.

I think fathers today, on a whole, better fathers
than in my younger years, or even the fathers
of my children.

Fathers today participate far more in the child's
life. More on hands. Maybe it has to do with the
working mom's, or just the changing times.
Our church seems to have an abundance of great
dad's. Attentive dads. And the children show it.
Well behave children. And these dads are not real
strict, or if they are, they do it with humor.

There are stay at home Dads now, which was highly
unusual in my days of rearing children. And they
are doing a great job of it.

We have in our society multi-families. So you have
step- dad's. (I will give the disclaim now... I know
there are some terrible step-dad's. My grandson
had one. And even some father were not made for
the role.) But for the most part, there are some pretty
fantastic step dad's. Some are so close to the
children, even adult children, that it is hard to believe
they are step. Maybe instead of Father's day, we
should have Dad's day. Because just about
anyone can become a father, but it takes a real
man to be a DAD.

So this Father's days.... Happy Father's day to
all the Dad's, and the step Dad's and the mother's
who have had to be both.

And a special HAPPY DAD'S DAY to the man
who calls me daughter, not because he has to
but because he wants to. Thanks, EFL.


She Wolf said...

I have always said that Bill was my Blood Father, But my Dads name is Marvin. Because of my childhood, and the fact that my daughters father has nothing to do with her, I make it a point to say something good to men when I see them being such good dads.

She Wolf said...
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