Monday, June 20, 2005

The Ages of Brothers/Sisters Cool

Buddies--1947 Posted by Hello

This past weekend got me thinking.
Now there is a dangerous thought
There is Mother's Day and there is
Father's Day. Why do we need Grandparents
Day? After all, to become a Grandparent
you had to be a parent... but what we
really need is Sibling Day. I know, that
doesn't sound as cool. But you can be
a brother or a sister and not be a parent.
So it sad that we don't honor them.

Younger in age.Sister cool....

I was his oldest (by 4 years) and
only sister. And I showed him the
ropes. Good or bad.... but he looked
up to me. When the kids would bully
him, he would tell him, I'm going to go
get my sister, she will teach you a lesson
you will never forget. I was his protector
in life. We were the team. Dad was a
great dad, but he worked. Mom, well
she had better luck relating to animials
than humans. So it was us. Don't get me
wrong, we had our rows like normal kids.
Maybe that is why Mom like animals
better. lol... But I was cool, in his eyes.
Then I moved away... He did come out
for a short time to live with me, but
he return to R.I. Even then I was still
kind of cool.

In our 30's and 40's Brother cool

I returned to R.I. with husband and
children. And the roles reverse. My brother
worked at oil company and he repaired
furness. But he was also on the Fire Dept.
staff. (It was volunteer) He had moved to
the island where our father was born. And
carried on the family name there
(3rd generation). He was well liked by
just about everyone on the island. He
was on the Search and Rescue, he was
an EMT. He was my brother and
WAY COOL.... oh, he was way more
cool than I was when we were younger.
We had great times when I lived on the
island too.I would venture to say, it was
the best time of all our years... even to
this day. And I was Roy's sister... lol...
and that was COOL. He was high up in
the ranks on the Fire Dept. I stood on the
sidewalk and watch him go by in the fire
engine in the 4 of July parade... He was
cool...I was so proud of him and he was
my brother.

In our 50'... No one cool.

We had lost our parents 4 years apart.
And this was a time in our lives where
neither of us was cool. My fault just as
much as his. Even more so...maybe ...
our parents. My mother's last revenege...
to divide and conquer. She did a great job.
But we helped. I have learned that we are
two separate people. He has his life in R.I.
with his wife, children, grandchildren,
friends, and lives it like, hopefully, as he
wants. I live in Idaho, with my husband,
children, grandchildren, great grandchildren,
and live life as I want. While we are separated
by miles physically as well as mentally
(remember I am the wild child) yet still
held together by the cord of family.

60 -65 Sister cool again..

I have for the past 5+ years written a
little bit in each birthday card, to let him
know how life is at that point. He is 4 years
younger. So when I reached 60, 62 and 65
I have told him not to be afraid as each
one has its great points. And now we are
mellowing in life. Checking in on birthdays.
His is near Christmas so it is a combo. And
mine is near Easter.. so it is a combo of
sorts too. The other day I had to call him
about some business, and he told me, he
reads my blog. That he really likes it. Some
better than others. But twice he told me how
much he enjoys it. So once again... Sister is
cool.....not as cool as brother was.... but we
are older...

10 years ago, I got to meet my half sister.
From my Dad's first marriage. She is 5
years and one day older than I am. What
a shame, that adult didn't let the children
share lives in those days. For I missed
having an older sister for 55 years. So we
are trying to catch up.

The best is yet to come I hope.I am the
wild child....places to go, people to see,
things to our father use to say....
Hopefully I can still teach my kid brother,
that life is still worth the trip, and to make
the most of it. to KISS... (keep it simple
sibling) and sit back and enjoy the ride...
stretch the comfort zone and enjoy life....

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God's Helper said...

What a cool blog!! I remember a lot of this so it is great to read it put so graciously. You are too still COOL!!