Friday, June 24, 2005

Funny cars and BAD Cars.

We all have memories of our first car,
our best car, or favorite car... but what
about your worse car...or your funniest car.

My funniest car, I painted a small sign
on the tail gate. It was a brown station
wagon. Chevie, but I forgot what model.
I had printed on the tailgate...
Chitty Bang Bang..
My husband was not happy with me.
But it wasn't that bad. It would get me
where I had to go. Just a lot of times
it didn't sound like it was going to.
And it used oil. Oh, gosh did it use oil.
I use to joke about how you put in gas
and fill it up with oil.

My worse car/vehicle was a Jeep station
wagon. It also was brownish. brown-grey,
is that a color? My husband bought it and
brought it home with pride. He took it to
work and got new tires. That vehicle loved
him. I lived in Roslyn and he worked in

My first trip was to Ellensburg with it.
Had to take some tools to his shop. It had
its new tires. Half way it had a flat tire.
No problem, I have changed many a tires
in my life time. I am not shy about changing
tires. BUT first there wasn't a lug wrench.
Then I find out, there is NO JACK!!.

Now my temperature is rising. But God
takes care of animals and fools.And I had
6 of my kids with me. Along came a guy
with a backhoe. He was nice enough to raise
the Jeep with the backhoe and flagged down
a car which let us use the lug wrench. And I
was back on the road. Got to his shop, and
traded vehicles with my husband. So he
could get the tire fixed.

The next day, I was going to town and
the back window in the tailgate, dropped
down with a bang. Again, I traded vehicles
with my husband. Now this vehicle would
go anywhere, with my husband and no
trouble at all.

3 days later, I am in the grocery store...
and come back out to water all over,
under it. It blew a water hose. Luckily, it
was the weekend and my husband was
home. So went back into the store,
called him. He got a hose and came
and replace it. I swear this vehicle was
possessed. I asked my husband, couldn't
he drive the Jeep for a while, I was
really leery of it.

He drove it for 2 weeks. Nothing. But
then, it turned on him. He got off work
and there was a oil spot under it. It took
him two days to find out where it came
from. A couple days later, he had a flat
tire late at night. And then another
water hose broke.

A week later... he traded it off.

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God's Helper said...

Sounds like Dear Marv....