Monday, February 27, 2017

Electronic and the ding...

You all know that I get frustrated with
electonics.. computers and tablets in
particular .

I have been working with the tablet my sweet
daughter gave me a few weeks ago..
I try not to over tax my pea brain.. so going

So over the past weekend, I was baffled by
something in my household.. I kept telling
the King, I hear a bell..  of course he couldn’t
hear it..  althought he did admit to hearing it
once.  And of course it didn’t ring on a regular
basis…so could not track it down.. except knowing
it was with in the dining room, kitchen living room

It went on day after day.. So the King asked me..
just want does it sound like to you? A doorbell?
or what?    I thought about it and started to laugh..
I told him it sounded like another angel got his/her
wings bell.  (You know from the movie “It’s a
Wonderful Life”) .  Well, that weekend there was
at least 40 angels got their wings..

Then finally Sunday night I am standing next
two the counter between the dining room and
the kitchen.. TINKLE.. TINKLE… THERE IT
IS.. as I started to pick up each item.. and
as I was picking up my tablet.. which I thought
was OFF(no lights on ).. TINKLE TINKLE… AH HA.. it is the
tablet.. but how can that be, it is off.. Well, no,
it went into its sleep mode I guess and I thought it
was off.  Geesh…

Thursday, February 23, 2017

What are you going to do? Wait to die, or....

One of the sad things is as you get older
is, that you start to lose your friends.
The King and I lost two friends in the past week.
One of them married us, almost 18 years ago.  

Then you start looking at your own expiration date.
Especially  when you are older than the ones you lost.

I tend to live life on a daily basis, without looking
or thinking about the future.. kind of like I have an
inter self, that knows I am not dying in the near future.
Or if I think about next year or what ever.. I vision myself
being here.    But I am not delusional as sometime my
children get a little antsy, if something is said about
doing some thing in say 5 years.. I tell them.. well, if I am
around.. They don’t like to hear that….but they know
I am right. Usually the conversation kind of quiets down
until I make a joke of it.. and they easy up.. You see,
I am a realist, I know it is coming.. I just don’t dwell on

Many years ago, while working at the nursing home,
we had a woman who lost her husband, and then
got a bad cold .. enough the family put her in the
nursing home, fearing she wouldn’t be taking care
of herself..  She was only 69!  She did have the blues,
and figured life was pretty much over.. We talked about
her husband.. and later when I felt comfortable.. I asked
her what does she think her husband would be doing
if she had gone first..  She thought, and said “I guess
go fishing more.” And we laughed.   I was getting
ready to go on vacation..for a week… so stopped by
and told her I would see her when I got back.. She
told me.. I will be here, no where to go… I told her,
she has lots of places to go.. she still had her home.
She could get an apartment if the house was too big
for her to take care of it.. Rent it or sell it.. Lots of options.
and then I said the words I had told several over the years.
Ruthie, what do you want to do?  Do you want to stay here
and wait to die.. or do you want to go do things, until you
die??.. it could be a long wait, you know. She laughed at
me and gave me a hug.   I came back a week later, and
she was gone.  I asked one of the girls where is Ruthie?
She said.. oh, yea, she left but she told me to tell you…
Hey, Cis….I decided to go live until I die.. and she was
going to go see a sister in Arizona for the winter. Then
see if she could talk her sister into a cruise ship trip.  God
Bless her..

So you see, that is my vision.. I am going to live my
life until I die.. I won’t be signing any long term warranties,
but if I follow my Aunt Harriet and my dad.. I have up to
10 more years.. and I sure would hate to waste them..

So as you lose some of your friends.. it is sad.. but don’t
sell yourself short… 

There is a saying that I use to have at the bottom of my
emails…  and it says it best… there is several different versions of it.. but I like this one best…

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out,

With a drink in one hand.. and chocolate in the other….

shouting "Holy Shit, what a ride!"

How about you???

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why punish the children..

There has been an occasion from time to time,
where there are selfish people who will keep
children from seeing their grandparents or parent.
Like the child is a possession for that parent.
Women are the worse for it.. but there have been
men as well.  After a divorce, the children be come

A adult child will get angry at their parent and keep
the children away from their grandparents. Not
because the grandparent has done anything…except
displease the adult child.. so they punish their parents
by withholding their children.   Sad.. very sad.. to
use children as pawns. Very selfish.

And if there is a divorce it is worse. Some grandchildren
grow up never knowing their grandparents.  Very selfish.

(disclaimer:  some times there are legal reason not
To.. child abuse, sexual abuse) I am talking about
bitter divorces that produce selfish people

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thr frustrating life of electronics

This past weekend has been one frustrating
thing after another.  First my printer acts up.
Then my email account went wild. I have
Thunderbird, which controls all 3 of my email
account..  The one I use the most is hotmail,
and then I have my personal one.. only family
has that.. and then one that Google decided to
assign to me because of this blog when Google
took it over.   All this happen over night.. I had shut
down everything the night before… and open it
up in the morning.. It asked me for my password.
I don’t have to give it every time.  So what is with
this.. but put it in.. it told me it was the wrong one.
WHAT? It is a simple one.. in fact I was thinking
I should change it.. After several frustrating moments
I went on line and changed it to a very complicated
one.   Still not it. I could go on line, just not get any
emails..  Then I decided to try out the printer. It tells
me after printing half of the page.. that there is an
error. But no where to tell me how to fix such an
error.  So went on line..back and forth.. trying this
trying that..  NOTHING.. NIL.. 

But before I decided to commit a felon, and kill them
both.. I turn them off.. and gave it to God.  To calm
my nerves.  But all night long, it would run thru my
brain.. maybe it was this… maybe it was that…No,
brain shut up.. go to sleep. 

Got up and didn’t touch it until 10am.. I turn it
on.. and up came the request for the password.
I hung my head low.. and typed it in. AND LO AND
BEHOLD… IT WORKED..  Happy dance.. thank
you Lord… then on to the printer.. not so lucky.
after cleaning, it …in several different ways, the
machine took the paper.. and for all sense and
purpose… it took that paper in, twisted it.. smashed
it, as good as any boss who takes your hard work and
crumbles it beyond recognition, and then jammed the
I walked away, and got myself a cup of coffee… and
went back.. slowly got the paper out.. all the pieces.
started it again.. running, lining up, printer status report.
Took and unplugged the printer at the printer and at the
plug on the floor… went and drank my coffee…  came
back.. plugged everything in.. Wa la… the paper gets received.. and goes thru the printer… and came out….
BLANK… over and over.. back to research.. pages and
pages of reading.. last word… if you have tried all of
this.. then the driver is shot… (why couldn’t it told me
that a hour or so ago.)… Went to Staples to see
what they had.. Had a really weird experience …See
the nerd or what ever she called him… told me that the
printers don’t last long anymore.. about 6 months is
average. WHAT?  Then he shows me the expensive
one.. told him that was out of my price range.. we talked
about the pros and cons of each.. finally he says.. well
you would want this one that sells for $199..and get it
Insured and get your money back.. And I said no.. if
I am going to be putting out of pocket money, I am
going cheaper $79.. after all you said they all die in 6 months. Figuring he was full of bull.. I left.. Went to Walmart..
very nice gal.. had one like the one I was going to get
for $59…had it 6 years.. ink is cheaper than my old
one.. So sold.. came home and hooked it up.. still
simple enough I didn’t need the kids to do it for me.
Have I mention before.. I HATE ELECTRONICS.. especially

when they don’t work. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

For the shortest month, it sure is long

I don’t know if it is cabin fever or what.. but
this month seem like it is lasting for every.
I was thinking that tomorrow was the last day,
so was surprised when I had to type in the date
for this post.. the 20?  I am so ready for March.

It isn’t because I haven’t been outside, as I
have had my share of outside time.. This has
been the month of shoveling.  Not only ours
but also our neighbors as they are snow birds
and we watch their place.  Which usually is pick
up the mail, water the plants and done.. But this
year we have had our usually amount of snow,
instead of the light winter of the past 5 years.
While they felt bad, I told them, no.. as long as
they don’t charge me for my exercise classes
of snow shoveling..  lol…  The madding part is
I didn’t lose one damn pound.

Anyway, it just seems sooooooooooo long… 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Not my job

 look in the top picture.near the pole.. is the flag..below is a close up

You know the run around.. You try to find
out how to get  something fixed and you get, that
is not my job, you need to contact…..etc… only to
be told by that person….. not my job.. talk to….etc.

That was the story of my life for the past few days.
across the street is the fire hydrant for our street.
It is at the edge of the company across the street
parking lot.  So when their snow guy comes.. he
piles it up around the hydrant.  3 years ago, they
put a flag on the end of a 4 foot metal stick.

Last year was a light year.. so it wasn’t bad. But
this year it is stack deck.  It is so high between
the snow mover and the street snow removers.
The parking lot guy has it up over 4 feet and the
street guys have it up to about 5 feet now.
To be fair.. the street guys have their piles about
2 feet from the hydrant. So they aren’t at fault.
but the parking lot guy, (it is on the very edge
of the parking lot).. so it is his area. But trying
to find someone who is accountable.

I made calls a couple of days ago… then sent
a picture to the city hall. As the street guys only
had a recorder.. and the parking guy, wasn’t there
and his workers said they would tell him.. Well,
3 days later.. no one.. 

The street guys came by yesterday to widen the street
snow, so talked to them..(there was the grader and the dump truck). He was very polite, but he said he can’t get any action from the fire dept. and wished me well.
The parking lot guy called yesterday afternoon.. and
said, yeah, he knows it is there.. (which did not make
me a happy camper) and I asked him then why put it
the snow there.. He went into the usual ….well, you know this is a bad year for snow removal… I told him, yes, I knew.
so does that mean my house gets to burn down because
it was a bad year?  He said he would be out to remove the
snow.  Well, woke up to …. Now not just the flag is snowing
but the stick is showing.. NO HYDRANT. That is he thoughs
on removing the snow.

Took some more pictures, sent it to the city hall.. Who by
the way is not responsible for this.. as it is not on city
property.  The street snow removal pr guy comes by and
apologizes and said .. it really isn’t their area.  I told him I
knew that.. but they did do the front berm.  But the one I
was complaining about, was the parking lot snow removal
guy. He said he would go talk to him, as he knows him.
And the fire dept? WELL.. WE ARE HAVING A BAD YEAR..
Etc. etc. and we have a water tank to fight fires until we can
get the hydrant cleared out.

In the meant time.. the 4 and 5 feet of snow is surrounding the hydrant, waiting for the spring weather to melt it.. but the metal stick and flag is showing..   and most of all.. all of them.. .. IT ISN’T MY JOB…
Oh, by the way.. if this said hydrant was in front of my house

They would expect me to shovel it clear each storm.. 

whining does work... the street guys and the company who owes the parking lot.. came together and here was the results early this am. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

From Ice, to slush, to mudbogs

We, of the weary, snow removal crew…
must be careful for what we wish for….

As we ice skate unwillingly, across our
driveways and parking lots.. or down
the roads.. are cussing under our
breaths.  And thoughts of Spring is
in our heads..

But remember.. after ice and slush, comes
At least with snow it is white and clean

So don’t rush the season and weather, and
be careful what you wish for. 
If mother nature decides to do this slowly,
it won’t be too bad. Especially if we add in
the wind to dry out things as it melts.
The earth will thaw and the water will go down
into it.  But she rarely does anything slowly.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


As the Contours use to ask…
“Do you love me.. do you love me…
Now do you love me…”

That seems to be the words and question
of the day.. So you go out and spend your
the big bucks to prove to your love … that
you love her..

I say .. her… because it is usually the male
who gets the short end of the stick on this
love day.  She will get.. at the small end..
candy, flowers and a card.. At the top end
it is diamonds, and pearls, dinner at an
expensive restaurant and more.

But what does the guy get? A card… not much
else.. Maybe if he is lucky.. he will get a home
made meal of his favorite food.

There is big bucks in this day.. a dozen roses
that you could get last week or next week for
a mere $13, 98… not cost you $29.99 to $60
a dozen.  And the chocolates.. well, you can’t
just buy a little heart with 12 in it.. You got to
go the gusto…of 3 layers of 24 pieces a layer.

But those who have read my blog over the years,
know that I think Valentine’s day is a rip off.
The stores have lured you all in.. and guilt
you into big purchases.. don’t forget the
Sexy underwear… for either sex..

But if you really want to do this day right.
this is how it is done.   First.. all those
lovely dovey words?  Should have been
said all year long.  Not just one day a
year.  Second.. you don’t have to be a
poet.. just what ever is in your heart..
Write it on a piece of paper… fold it
over.. draw a sweet looking red
heart on it.. with her name in the middle.
You don’t have to be an artist, simple is better.  
Tell how she/he made a difference in
your life.. After all, we all get in the rut
of taking our spouses for granted. We
love them.. but they rarely hear the words.
We see by actions..but the words are nice too.
See it is that simple.. And if your gal.. looks
at it.. and doesn’t look pleased.. doesn’t smile…
Then you have the wrong one.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Out of turmoil ...comes nicety...

I have been writing this blog for just about 12
years (come March 5th) and there has been
in our times.. ups and downs.  The good and
the no so good.

Right now there is so much turmoil over our
new administration. There is flow of negativity.  
Getting to the point that sometimes you almost
hate to mention anything, as it will be picked to
death, along with the writer, such as I.

So imagine my surprise last week, when I was
contacted thru the comments, by a young lady,
called Rebecca, who like my post about flowers
in my yard, but also of a sign that was within
those pictures.
The sign said. ‘NANA’S GARDEN’. She had
googled the name for a meaning.. and came
across my blog.  In our exchange of notes, she
offered to send me soap that she makes, called
……  NANA’S GARDEN..   I told her that is was sweet
of her  to do that.  That I would be proud to accept
her kind offer.     

And on last Friday, arrived a box.. And there was
not only 1 soap called NANA’S GARDEN.. but
two.. plus two more.. one called Tiger Lily, which
Is heavenly..and another called Mango Sage Bar.
All of them smell so good. I will give you her site
address…  incase
you like to check her out..

What a nice sweet thing to do.. and a good reminder,
as we get caught up in the turmoil of life.. that there
is a lot of great goodness.
Thank you, Rebecca, not only for the wonderful smelling
soaps but for the reminder lesson.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Thorn in my side.....

February 9, 2017
A thorn in my side….

From time to time, we hear about different Senators
calling Social Security an entitlement.  This irritates
me to no end…  Same with Medicare now…

I get to collect Social Security and Medicare because I
had an agreement with my employers over the years,
that they would put in x amount of  money and I too would
put in x amount.   This agreement was decided, of course,
by the government, but reinforced by the company and
myself.  That agreement was on the condition I worked
my butt off and they would put in their share to the pot.
Especially the last job I had that lasted almost 18 years.

So I worked all those hours, I worked over time, and one
time I worked a 24 hour shift.. I did doubt backs.. I did
split shifts.. of 8’s.. giving me about 4 hours between each
shift for 2 weeks. Barely giving me time to take a nap
between. Working from 10am to 7pm, going home,
to turn around and arrive at work at 10pm.. to work
until 6am.. going home for 3 and half hours.. Doing
that for 2 straight weeks.  To cover a shift for some
one whose mother was dying, and they had no one
to cover for her. So I did her shift and mine.  I worked
even though sick.. because we were short staffed.
of this to help put money into my Social Security fund
and the Medicare fund..   

So to have some Senator who did hardly any work before he became a life time Senator…tell the nation, that this is an entitlement..gets in my craw and is a thorn in my side..
If they want to see entitlement.. let them look in their
own building.. NOW that is entitlement.. Where every
one caters to them,  lobbyist throw money at them
go have them vote for what ever they want. Having
trips to islands and etc. for their families.  To sit in
the office at Washington, D.C. and talk on the phone.
that is not manual work..and not really even mental
work. They have a private gym, that the public is
not even allowed to see the inside.  They get auto-
matic raises, and bennies, that only you and I can


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Everyone is sick of snow.. except me...

But actually I like it so far. Noticed I said so far.
As with any weather, you just don’t know.

We have had enough sunshine, I haven’t got
cabin fever yet.  Been out shoveling snow, and
helping the King get some other things done.
Between moving the vehicles while he snow blows
to getting the snow rake, and deicing our freezer. 

This year we bought one of those snow rakes that
has the plastic connect to it.. it is swift.  You put the
rake up and push on it. The snow slices out and
down the plastic it goes.  No more pulling, and
doing smaller sections. This cuts thru a 2 + feet,
and down it comes pretty much on its own. Yes there
is a little pushing, but not much..

With the sunshine, and the snow shoveling going pretty
well, I am doing well with it all… Now we wait and see
what the next couple days do.. with rain coming.. it would
be nice if we had some warm to go with it.. and take the
snow off all the roofs.  I say all, because we are watching
over a friend’s house as well.. and did not take the snow
off theirs, as it was melting and shrinking. They only had
about an inch on before the little over a foot came this
weekend.  Then all the edge froze like a rock. So we
will see what the weather these next 4 days brings.

And for the others.. hang in there… we are just a

month and half away from SPRING..  

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

SNOW DAY....and I still got it

We have been getting our share of snow of late.. 
We gained a foot over what we had.. on Friday night.
Then Saturday night another foot with Sunday night
finishing us off with another foot for the total of 3 feet.
On top of what we already had. 

this is the doggie path, that the King has in for Misty... to run and also to go to the


This hang over is icicles and snow melting.. to soon fall off the eave of the roof

This car was wipe clean on Sunday morning..

fence repair in our future for this Spring. ..

This is the drift in the corner.. from the windy night of Saturday

The sun shine thru on Monday moring...peeking thru the snow bound tree

my Jack in the Box Christmas hat antenna ball..

our back yard

Neighbors tree .. beauty in the mess of snow..

At noon time it had warmed up to 37.. so I went out with
gloves and sweater.. and made some fun snow
things.. the snow person.. 
the snow angel
and the snow monster 
at the age of knocking on the door of 77
I still got it.. to play in the snow. 
My kids will tell you that it was common
for me to wake them at 1am..when I found
out it had snowed.... to get them to get dress
and go make snow men and angels. 
Guess the kid is still inside. .
All my grandchildren now how to make angels..
and now my great grandchildren are making them. 

didn't think the rose bush was so close when I went down to make the snow angel

the snow monster.. I only had a little food coloring and that was green.. usually
I do the angels in blue and do the monster in total green with white eyes and

happy 30th birthday, Josh...