Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why punish the children..

There has been an occasion from time to time,
where there are selfish people who will keep
children from seeing their grandparents or parent.
Like the child is a possession for that parent.
Women are the worse for it.. but there have been
men as well.  After a divorce, the children be come

A adult child will get angry at their parent and keep
the children away from their grandparents. Not
because the grandparent has done anything…except
displease the adult child.. so they punish their parents
by withholding their children.   Sad.. very sad.. to
use children as pawns. Very selfish.

And if there is a divorce it is worse. Some grandchildren
grow up never knowing their grandparents.  Very selfish.

(disclaimer:  some times there are legal reason not
To.. child abuse, sexual abuse) I am talking about
bitter divorces that produce selfish people

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