Monday, February 13, 2017

Out of turmoil ...comes nicety...

I have been writing this blog for just about 12
years (come March 5th) and there has been
in our times.. ups and downs.  The good and
the no so good.

Right now there is so much turmoil over our
new administration. There is flow of negativity.  
Getting to the point that sometimes you almost
hate to mention anything, as it will be picked to
death, along with the writer, such as I.

So imagine my surprise last week, when I was
contacted thru the comments, by a young lady,
called Rebecca, who like my post about flowers
in my yard, but also of a sign that was within
those pictures.
The sign said. ‘NANA’S GARDEN’. She had
googled the name for a meaning.. and came
across my blog.  In our exchange of notes, she
offered to send me soap that she makes, called
……  NANA’S GARDEN..   I told her that is was sweet
of her  to do that.  That I would be proud to accept
her kind offer.     

And on last Friday, arrived a box.. And there was
not only 1 soap called NANA’S GARDEN.. but
two.. plus two more.. one called Tiger Lily, which
Is heavenly..and another called Mango Sage Bar.
All of them smell so good. I will give you her site
address…  incase
you like to check her out..

What a nice sweet thing to do.. and a good reminder,
as we get caught up in the turmoil of life.. that there
is a lot of great goodness.
Thank you, Rebecca, not only for the wonderful smelling
soaps but for the reminder lesson.

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