Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letters to the Editors

I was reading the Letters to
the Editors in our local paper.

One in particular caught my eye.
It was a complaint about one of
the articles that was on the front
page a week or so ago. Which
actually disgusted most of us readers.

It had to do with the wording of the
headline for the article. It called a
horrible sexual action by a male...
a prank. Anyone with half a brain would
know the action was not in any sane
person's mind, be called a prank.

But the part of the long letter, that
caught my eye, was the reaction of
the editor. Or I should say, the alleged

It seems the letter writer's wife
had called the editor to complain
about the article. And his alleged
reaction was... he was unaware of
the article that was written.


How can this be? Surely there must be
a mistake. But the editor did print the
letter. There is no rebuttal to the remarks
in the letter. Maybe later the editor will
answer the alleged remark. Although one
would think he would have ran it along side
the letter, after all the letter was written a
week ago..

But I got to say, I am really mystified.
Isn't it the job of the Editor, to know what
is in each daily paper? Isn't it the Editor's
job to have a say of what is front page and
what is not? Is the office run by the reporters?
Isn't that kind of like the students running the
class without a teacher? I thought the crew
sat down and discussed each day, with the
Editor, what would be front page material and
what isn't. Even to where each article goes
on the front page. What picture to run.

It seems Mr. Smith has done so at the
Spokane Review. At least that is what
appears to be happening. Maybe in small
towns, it is different. But I thought that was
the job of the Editor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


As you can see from below for Sunday's post, we
went to Schweitzer Mountain for a drive. And you
can see the beauty is still there. In spite of the new
growth. But on the way up and as we came back
down slowly, we saw where we use to travel into
the trees, that are pictured here... Our hearts sank.
You see this is the beginning of how we got to our
Huckleberry patch. And the place where we could
sit under the power lines and pick all around us,
get a gallon in about an hour or so time.....
well, it is all gone. They thrashed the whole area.
The power line area is totally done in
only dirt... why they did this, I don't know, but it sure
made us sick.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Just Spell My Name Right

How do you keep your name in
the lights (media) and not pay
for it?

We all see the talk shows. Meet
the Press, George S. show on
Sunday, has had the candidates,
one on one. But what else...

Well, you have Hilary's 60th
birthday bash. Which got more
money, the gift that keeps on
giving. And of course, the media
covered it well. Even the media
of entertainment shows.

But the one that made me laugh
was Giuliani. Headlines... (really)
GIULIANI". No, not now, but 25
or so years ago. Now that is really
grasping at straws for keeping your
name in the news. And big deal.

What prosecuting attorney wasn't
targeted by the mob, that was
prosecuting their members? Since
what, 1890's when the mob first
started in New York? Same was true
for Vegas, Chicago, Providence.. where
ever the mob was, there was targets.
Some found their targets, some never
left the gun. Yes, this one was really a
far reach for keeping his name in the media.
Hope they spelt his name right.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Drive up Schweitzer

This is what we call back home..(east coast) a rotary. I think they call it a "go around". It is where you come to an intersection, you drive into the area when safe to do so, drive around it until you get to the turn you want, and turn off and drive away. It is suppose to be quicker than a stop light or sign. Cda. has one, that I know of..

This is a castle built up on the mountain side..

Another house... see the bench on the porch made out of ski's

This is one of the bigger lodges up on top ...across from the lifts.
This is the bridge (one in the background) to the outside spa/hot tub behind one of the lodges.

Looking down at the town of Sandpoint from the back switch on the road... it was

cloudy down there, but sunny up on the mountain.

This is looking down from the top to the lake below...
This is one of the new ski lifts stations.
This is the old lift with a new station... or at least I had not noticed it before... Kind of space ship like.

I guess the party goers, had a good time, as there was broken glass from bottles and plastic glasses all over the place by this business..

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dish or Gossip

Everyone likes to dish.
No, not the kind you eat
off of.

But not everyone likes to
gossip. But then again, I
guess you can say gossip
is at every office, or gathering
of men or women. Yes, Men
gossip. Some I have heard are
worse than women. And I have
told them so.

There is a difference you know. Or
at least to me there is. So what is
the difference.

To me.........

Dish is when you get some tidbit of
news, that you know most don't know.
And you tell others. First. Dish is positive.
It doesn't hurt anyone. Usually about
a project that is to start, or someone
has gotten a promotion or something in
that line.

Gossip is, negative, and usually hurtful.
Gossip is usually about people. About
how they have lost something, a job,
spouse, or possessions. And some times
gossip is revengeful.

I personally don't like gossip. I don't
like something that is said, that is
hurtful to others.

That is my humble opinion.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


We have seen where the
newspapers are in trouble.
That subscriptions are down,
probably at their lowest.

Different areas probably say
that theirs is higher than their
competitor. If they can crunch
the numbers, they might show
more.. by giving away x amount
at stores to get people to buy, or
even the numbers they give to the

No matter...they are all in trouble.
Our local, a month or so ago was selling
subscriptions at $1 a week. And yes,
I bit the bait hook. As now I get the
paper and I did pay up for a year.. For

I had given up both papers, the local
and the bigger area paper for financial
reason. I gave it a try to see if I could
do without by canceling both for the
summer. And if I missed them badly
enough, I would reup come fall.

The honest answer was... I barely missed
them. I could go on line and get the Obits
from their sites. Or I could go to the funeral
home's site and get that information. I could
go to any one of the televisions sites and get
the national news. As we had gave up television
for 2 months before we bought for $ antenna.

Believe it or not, you can get by with 2 channels,
which is what our antenna gets us for free. We get
ABC and Fox. We do not miss the 125 channels
we got from Satellite dish, nor the 98 from cable.
So saving us over $45 a month.

Back to the newspaper. So why did I even agree
to the $1 a week for the local, which has news at
least a day old, if not 2 to 4 and police reports that
are a week old? The answer is social and the classified
ads. Which is kind of ironic as the classified ads,
help pay for the paper, making it cheaper for us.
Oh yea, the letters to the editor page. Especially
when Larry F. writes.

So what do I like about the paper? Before I gave up
the two papers, I would spend at least an hour on
one of them and 10 minutes on the other. So you
would figure I would miss them badly. But what I
like about the paper, is that IF they give the total
details to a story. Being the paper comes out in
the early morning, you know most of what is in
there happen yesterday afternoon or before. Maybe,
a late entry before the presses go to work, if it is
important enough.

So if you watched the latest news on the television
you know about what happen the latest. But the
television can only do about 2 minutes on any
given story. Unless it is as huge as the San
Diego fires, or Katrina hurricane damage. Then
you are soaked with information. But the paper
in the past, as given us all the details of the story
you have heard on television. They have more
space for it. And with the huge ads in the paper
today, (it takes up most of the paper) they could
afford to use up the pages for news. If you doubt
that the ads have taken over, then do what I do
every Sunday.

I lay out in two piles for the news,and
entertainment like USA or Parade, and the other
pile has ads...... and for me.. sports. Could care
less, about sports 99.9% of the time. Also in that
pile is business and classified ads. After you make
your pile.. look at which one is the tallest. It is the
ads part. With our local paper, it amounts to the
first 2 to 3 pages of the front part, and the USA.
Rest of it is national, or regional that I have already
seen on television, and the county below us, who
owns our paper.

How many people feel the same way as I do? I
don't know. But must be some, as the subscription
have decline. Is it television? Is it the computer that
gives information? After all you can access your
area, your old home town, or even the town
where the story is from, with just a click of the

So if the area, or local paper can not give me
the information that is going on in my area, or
give me the full facts of a story... then it is useless
to me. I want the true facts of a story. Not some
reporter (be it paper or televisions) view of the
story. I can judge for myself, how I feel about it.
I'm just like Dragnet... want the fact, only the facts.

And to see the social part, did my friends child
do well in a activity? Did one of my friends or
someone I know, parent reach a golden age?
They use to have who was in the hospital, but
I guess that went to the wayside of confidentiality
also who had a baby. Both information is where
I could send a card.

But local news as it is happening. It is gone.
Papers are the next day. Television, unless
you live in the big cities, is none and void.
And the radio is prerecorded, so no local
news of the here and now gender.

I feel bad for the papers. They are needed
by those who don't have computers. Or
don't understand them. They are needed
for the person on the go. I know I grab my
paper out of the box as we are pulling
out of the driveway, and read it as my
husband drives. They are read at break
time at different companies. So news
papers are needed. Just hope it is enough
to keep the salaries of the reporters, and

Which makes the decline
of subscriptions, will Corporate give up,
and little papers like the River Journal
pick it up and print daily instead of weekly?
Or is weekly enough to keep up with the
social part of the paper?

But we still need the investigative part
with all the detail FACTS, not just headlines, and
a few words.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fires in San Diego

As the fog wears off on Bonner
county here... my thoughts go
to San Diego county. Where the
smoke will be around for a long
time to come.

As we watch the fires as they race
thru the brush and trees and homes,
our hearts sink for our fellow man.

There are a lot of us, up here in the
Northwest who have family and friends
down there yet. So far, so good for
my family. So far my cousins and
second cousin's homes are safe.
One of my cousin and wife came
home from vacation to find out
they could not go home, until the
next day. And that friends had
removed their dog from the home.

I am amazed at how well, San
Diego is handling the placement
of people was they go thru this
tragic times. Seem like better
than Louisiana did with theirs.

How devastating it must be to have
one's home, memories, and some
times pets, to be gone in some times
a moments time. These people will be
displaced for quite some time. Maybe
for months or a year. My heart goes out
to them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stupid is as Stupid Does

The rest of the story....

Dogwalking Musing posted on
her blog about our adventures of

We had a great day. Lunch at one
of the small restaurants in Cda. Then
off to find the Stickman.

What a joy that was. Listening to
his adventures with the local school
kids, his many people who stop by.
A kind heart, he sure has. As he gives
away his sticks. Each one with its own
character. Also a pick of the gem stones.
One of my favorites, as the King will
tell you. So DWM and myself left there
with gems in our pockets, and sticks
in the back seat. Each finding a special
place in our homes. And a great
understanding of a kind hearted man. And
his lovely wife. We wished safe travels as
he heads out soon to read the names at
THE WALL in Washington, D.C.

We drove around a little bit and then off to
DWM's house. After a visit, we discovered
a puddle under the car. I started it up, backed
it up with door open, got out and shut the door.
After deciding it was water, without anti-freeze,
not oil or transmission fluid, I decided to head
for home. I put my hand on the handle and pulled.

There I stood looking dumbfounded, and just
plain dumb. I had not only locked my keys
inside in the ignitions...but it was also running.
DWM's Hub gave it a try to see if he could
get it open and I put in a call to the King.

Less than pleased, and 45 minutes later he
arrived.. open the car to the red face wife.
We bid DWM and Hub good bye and off I

THEN TODAY... dang I HATE new gadgets.

As I got out at the post office after helping
galpal all day with her windows, I hear
the now familiar whine sound, as I left the
car. Feeling pretty sure of myself, as I
felt in my pocket and brought out the
KEYS IN MY HAND!!. So not a
big deal. I came back to the car... pulled on
the handle... and ALARM!! Now I am upset,
as I didn't know I hit the button on the keys
when I put them in my pocket. I thought
the King said if you put the keys in the stops. So I quickly unlock the
door, that didn't shut it off, so put them in
the ignition and then the damn alarm really
started sounding off.

Now we live in a very small town. So, of
course if an alarm goes off, everyone looks.
And come out of their houses. To see the
idiot who can't get their alarm off. ME.
I finally pushed the alarm on the fob. And
it stopped. Got back in and left the area.

Geesh, I hate these new gadgets. Why,
not just a simple key lock. So note to self.
Get a key made with out the fob... Use that
and leave fob home...In fact, get two keys to use... one for pocket case
I lock them inside again.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Songs of yesteryear and memories

I saw on television that Frankie Valli
is going to have another album out.
I think it might be the first in a long
time... I don't know if it is going to be
a Best of Frankie Valli or new songs.

I remember listening to
Don't worry about me.
Walk like a man
And of course my favorite...
Can't take my eyes off of you....

Which the last one, reminds me
of the movie Deer Hunter. Which
was the first movie of Vietman that
I saw, with all of its grizzly warfare,
not necessarily on the war field.

Another songs that remind me of the
past, was Rock Around the Clock,
which was also a movie title I believe.
I remember sitting in the seats as
others stood to rock out in the aisle.
Which was unheard of then, and the
ushers trying to get them to sit down
as they were afraid of riots that had
happen in New York at the movie.

The song, But You don't know me,
brings sadness of a time at home with
my folks...

George Jones's He stopped Loving
her today
... reminds me of losing my
husband in '86.

My Cup runnth Over was a song
sang at my wedding to the King..
by him. So that brings warmth to
my heart.

Village People's In the Navy reminds
me of cleaning house.. great scrub the
floors song.

There are many songs when played
brings in mind parts of your past. Even
the passing of artist, is like the death of
parts of your past. Like when Elvis and
Johnny Cash died, it sadden me to lose
them, to never sing another new song.
Even with all their old songs still around,
it was like a death of part of my life.

Amazing Grace always stops me in
my tracks, with soulful thoughts.

There are songs that bring thoughts
of joy, brings tears to our hearts of
memories of the past...

What song brings to your mind
a large part of your life? That
when you hear it now, it has you
stopped for just a second to
remember a special moment
in your life. I know there are
many, as there is for me.. But
can you think of one song or two?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend veiws in the neighborhood...

What are these guys doing??? I could see them from my back porch and they were 5 blocks away.

They are repairing something on the internet tower by the school...

And as I looked out my kitchen window this morning with my cup of coffee in hand... this guy flew by...

Then this morning I went out and picked my last roses of the summer... there is still buds, but I think they will freeze and never open...but these did... I have them in my kitchen window... to remind me of the summer past.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hard to understand

I have be trying to stay ahead on the
subject of SCHIP. That is State
Children Health Insurance Program.

I am afraid to say this..but I agree
that Bush should veto it. Making me
agree with him... which is a true rarity.
One of the reasons is... why is the Feds
involved with a State in the name of
this program?

I remember back when my grandson
was starting school (about 10 years
ago or so) and there was a program
for those who were under the financial
radar for health plans. That the state of
Idaho had health insurance for the kids.
This was told to parents of school kids.

I don't know if my daughter use it or not,
as my grandson had a lot of earaches and
sinsus problems at that time. And the company
she had just started with, did not have health
insurance. But I do remember her talking about
how the state had this money for the kids,
but there were a lot of parents who didn't take
advantage of it. There was such a low uses
that the people who ran it, ran a flyer every
so often to remind parents. I want to say that
they finally close the down the program from
lack of use, but I am not sure of that.

I don't remember if this was a federal backed
program or not. But my point is there has been
programs out there before. And some states
still do have programs for their under the radar
families. Those families were NOT in the
$85,000 bracket. They were in the under
$20,000 bracket.

Personally I think if your household is making
$85,000 you should be able to afford insurance.
If your jobs are giving you that kind of income,
they already should have insurance thru their

The King and I, before retirement, had less than
half that... together. (and we have less now)
I would say that 2/3rds of the state of Idaho
employee's make a heck of lot less than
$85,000. And even at that, our employers had
insurance coverage.

Any time the federal government gets involved,
be it ours or other countries, it isn't pretty. I don't
know where the fantansy of the wonderful health
plan came from about Canada. Every Canadian I
have talked to, has told of some pretty horror stories.
If you think ours is bad, with health lawsuits, then
you should talk to a Canadian. One that will be honest
about it. Because the only ones that I have found
who like it... pay for their own health bills.

So Bush, go for it. Your view makes sense to me.
Veto away.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here we are a year away from
voting on the national level. A
whole year.

And my local voting choices
are boring too.

Here in our little town, it is the
same old story. The same people
are running one.
Which is okay because we have
a great bunch of people running this
town. And no one else wants this
thankless job.

I don't know if there is anyone running
county wise. The paper has been quite
quiet about anyone running for anything.

Yep, this is a boring year for elections.
And so far next year doesn't look much

I think I saw where Huckaback or whatever
his name dropped out. And that is probably
the reason why... no one else remembers

But a whole year of the same old stuff, and
no shining star yet. This is going to be a
rough time for the Cafeteria Party.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Am I dense? Am I too Simple?

I just don't get the illegal immigrant
thing. See to me the word illegal is
the operative word.

ILLEGAL .meaning against the law.
So if you are an illegal immigrant, then
you are some one who came here against
the law.

These people can parade down a street
in thousands and nothing can be done?
I don't care which country you came from.
My family came from other countries over
a 100 years ago. They came legally.

The deal of we don't have any other choice
rings hollow. People who think the employer,
should not be fine, I just can't figure that out.
When I went to work, my Social Security card
was one of the first things they asked for.

They say the produce will be high this coming
year because not enough workers, as they are
sending immigrants back. They aren't sending
immigrants back. They are sending ILLEGAL
immigrants back.

If the employer needs workers, hire LEGAL
immigrants if you can't get enough citizens.
This country gives out green cards to any
country person who comes in legally. They
can come in with a green card IF they have
a job. So it seems to me there is a pool of
legal workers there.

I worked for a company in the 1950's that
had 80% Mexican workers. It was a manufacture
company. I was in payroll. Calling off their names
was some times difficult. But they were legal workers.
Green card workers. Good hard workers.

So can someone enlighten me to where my
thinking is wrong? I welcome immigrants who
come in legally. Who hold down jobs, legally.
I don't care which country they come from.

Oh, by the way, the summer produce being
picked? That there isn't enough immigrants to
pick the produce? What happen to kids. My kids
picked strawberries and worked other farms as
12 year olds and up. They learn a good lesson.
Work is hard... the harder they work, the more
money they got. The money they used for clothes
they chose, and for fun things. But I am sure
there are goody two shoes who think kids don't
belong in fields. But that is where the under 16
could earn money. I did it. I picked potatoes.
It never hurt my kids, nor I. And who knows,
maybe the kids will learn Spanish/Mexican
while there.

But I guess that is an old ladies take on it.
I guess I am too dense or simple to get it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Unsuspecting..and a New Blogger

I was minding my own business and
it happened. I was sitting there, watching
the news last night and decided I wanted
a drink of water. I stood up... and I don't
know what happen, but my knee had a
severe pain. I couldn't put my weight on it.
What the heck?

Yes, I had been doing yard work yesterday.
And yes, I pulled and push stuff. I cut back
heavy branches with my clippers. And I did
have to put the handle on my leg so I could
push harder on the other handle. But I didn't
feel anything happen. Other than the branch
broke. And why didn't it tell me then, that I
had done something not cool??? But to wait
until I was unsuspecting... minding my own
business... then hit me.. Well, it is just

I have a new blog for you all to read. It is
by a young lady who I babysat (oh, she is
going to love that one) when she was young.
Always a sweet gal and a great sense of humor.

She grew up, married a young man in Alaska,
and became a judge up there. She has raised
2 young ladies. She did a short blog of a couple
months about the oldest one moving to New York.
And the horrors of the heart, and trying to be brave,
as she let her first born fly away. Now it is lost in
the cyberspace of internet.

She has started a new one. Telling about her
adjustment to Seattle after 24 years of living in
Alaska. Her baby girl (now she really isn't going
to like that one..the daughter that is) is going to
school in Seattle. So my friend has moved to
Seattle while the daughter is in school. Don't know
how long my friend will be there. But some of
her take on the city life, after being away from it
for 24 years... is fun.. So if you would like to check
it out... go to

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Drives

Do you remember when you were a
kid and your folks went on a Sunday
drive? That is where the saying came
from... dang Sunday Drivers!!....

We use to go for drives on Sunday.
I think it was mostly to give Mom a
break, as she rarely came with us.

Also I think it was Dad's way of keeping
up with what was going on around town or
neighboring towns. What buildings that
were going up, or who's hay was cut
early and such stuff. My favorite was
the airport, where we watch as planes
flew off and landed. That was in the 40's
and 50's.

I took the King for a drive yesterday.
It was a way for him to look and not
drive me crazy. Usually he drives and
looks. I like it only when his eyes are
on the road.

So we took a ride down on one side
of the river to Priest River. Then up and
down the streets of the town of Priest River,
and out the highway towards Priest Lake
for about a mile and back. Then crossed over
Merritt's Bridge, making a mental note
to try out the Prime Rib at the Feed
Store on some Friday night. (it was
a feed store when we use to live in
Vay and did all our business in Priest

Then we headed out Dufort Road to
Spirit Lake Cutacross Road, where I
use to live. Out to see if they sold a
house that belonged to a deceased
friend of ours. And no, they haven't.

Then back towards Vay, and stopped
to see if our friend, who is a truck driver,
was home... and he was. Let Misty out
to run to her hearts content, while we

Back on the road to home, and across
Long Bridge. With the King marveling at
the new houses up on the hill. In fact, that
was the subject of the day. New houses.

Everywhere. In fields, that once were where
he worked cattle with friends. Up on hills
that once where covered with trees. In wooded
areas where he and my deceased husband use
to hunt deer. At a large farm that he worked for
as a kid, on the river front being cut up to house
lots. New houses, everywhere. And us
wondering which farm would fall next.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I want to thank all those who checked
in and gave me the most in one day views.
I got in one day, more views than I get in a

Thank you Erica, for getting married. lol..
I checked in to see what my weekly views
were. And it was a whopping 337 for the week.
So I check it out... it was everyone checking
out Erica's wedding pictures. It couldn't be
for a better reason. Anyone who knows Erica
knows what a wonderful young lady she is.

I average about 16 to 20 regulars. From all
over the states and world. Which is pretty
heady stuff, until you check out the referral.
Some of it is from Huckleberries and friends.
But some of it is from Google. Which I check
back to see what was the magic word that
sent them to me. But on the 6th and 7th,
it was all local. 90 some on the 6th and
119 on the 7th. I usually get just over 100
for the week.

It has been a very satisfying week for me.
Some times when you post, you wonder if
it is even worth the read. But with Erica's
wedding and my Alzheimer's post... I feel
good about both.

Again, thank you readers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dementia and the Family

I recently did a talk for a family, to help
them understand what is in store for them
as they dealed with their love one who has

After, I thought maybe there is
someone out there who could
use the information too.

So here is my posting on the subject.
I warn is quite long. I was going
to divide it in half. But figured once you
start reading it, you might want to know
the rest of the story now. So here it is
all in one posting.

Dementia and the family

Dementia/Alzheimer, hard to tell which one,
one has…One can have Alzheimers and
Dementia...but one doesn't have Dementia
and always have Alzheimer. It is a fine line.
One I can't tell you what the difference is.

Hardest for the family. The family member have
a short attention span. Watching your parent/spouse
decline is the hardest ….person of the stature now
child like.

You become the parent to someone you looked
up to. Got advice from. And you look in their eyes
and you see vagueness.

They will confuse you, with their brother, sisters,
because they think of themselves as teens or in their 20’s.
Sometimes they will confuse you with their own
parents. There are what we called windows… that
is where for a short time, they will be their old self.
Giving you hope… only to be dashed away.. So enjoy
them when they happen, while they happen.

As they decline both physically and mentality, you will
think they would be better off dead. Death you can deal
with. This disease is like a death of the mental kind, but
the body is around to remind you they aren’t. And if you
find yourself thinking they would be better off dead, don’t
feel ashamed. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It is a natural
feeling. As each related caretaker gets wore down, it is a
natural thought. Part of this comes from stress of it all, or
frustration of dealing with it all. As this is not the life you
wanted for your Dad/husband/mother/wife.

You will need each other for support. You will need your
spouse for support and they need to support you. None
of this is easy. Sound’s easy. But doubts will creep in.
Guilt will creep in. Resentment will creep in. The out-of-towners
won’t see the daily decline. They will have their own daily
lives. Out of sight….out of mind. They will make remarks …
meaning to help. The in-town family will feel the out
of Towner’s won’t understand. And resent that they aren’t
helping. That they having a normal life, that the main
related caretaker can’t enjoy.
So out-of-towners try to come for a week each year to
relieve the main caretaker. Especially if you hear the
in-town caretaker wearing out to the end of their wits…
Especially if Dad/Mom is still at home. If you can’t
come due to your job, then ask what can I do? Maybe a temporary
stay in a health care center. Even a week will help…
Other in-Towner’s, bring over dinner and help for the night.

What will a home-assisted, private or institutional…
give you? A safe place for Dad/Mom. 24 hour care. And you
can go home each night and refresh yourself, to take care
of the next day. Daughter-in-laws who don’t work can
take Mom/Dad over for visits every day. If everyone works,
then take her/him over after the home is done with dinner on week days.
Lunch for weekends. Each take turns so not to wear anyone out.

If they are doing well together then she/he can visit for
an hour or two or even the day. You can go do shopping
or what ever.

There will be good days and bad days. He/she will be
receptive on some days and some days verbally abusive.
Your Mom/Dad that lives at home..should not be there
on the negative days.

Wives, especially this generation, are brow beaten easily,
and will take the words as if he/she was well. The confused one,
on the other hand won’t remember it 2 hours later.
Their words might be directed at what they perceives to be
a stranger, his mother, his sister, not necessarily their spouse.
Best to leave and come back the next day, if they are verbally

It is hard on children to hear their parent put them down,
we all live for our parents approval. You all will be subject
to remarks of stealing his/her money, taking his/her home
away from him/her, not caring for him/her, dumping in this
place so you don’t have to deal with him/her…even though
you are there everyday…..
Your mother/father could also be accused of infidelity.


Questions you should have ….

Are they licensed?
Do they do background checks?
If aide is sick do they have backup?
Can they tell you anyone who used their services?

Better if you know a friend who has used their services
as they won’t give negative people for you to talk to.
Do you know anyone who runs an agency? Even if
they are full and can’t take on anyone else, they can
tell you some one else who is good.

This is going to cost big money, be prepared. Usually
starting at $25 an hour for in house care.
Do they have Alzheimer’s aides (it take special training
to deal with them) if they tell you, well anyone can do
that… not true… keep looking…

Private Care…concerns…

no background checks
rarely have back up so you fill in when the aide
doesn’t show for what ever reason
only a plus if you or your Dad/Mom knows aide.
are they certified?

When do you put Dad in a home? What kind of home?

There are assisted homes….
Huckleberry house, where they have only 4 or 5 people.
private home .. you need the same questions that you use
for agency. Back ground checks, you make checks on home often.
What is the resident to aide ratio… if it is a home.

When is institutional home needed… Health Care Centers
(that is what they call nursing homes now. )

Sundowners… roams all hours at night.
Will walk out the door at 1am, 2am or 4am.
(you read about it or see it on TV a lot)
Combative… hits wife or children.
Can’t walk anymore and too heavy to lift.
Needs 24 hour medical care

Staying home.
Family will need to learn how to deal with verbal abusive
and lower chances of physical abusive situations.

Have to find another word other than NO.
Another time, Dad/Mom. Let’s go over to ____ ___
and see what is going on”
Diversions is the key
action. Don’t argue with him. Phases like “I am sorry
you feel that way, Dad/Mom”
Most things, it doesn’t
matter… so pick your battles. If it is a safety issue
then stand your ground, but by using diversions words.
You will learn words like…”not right now Dad/Mom,
They aren’t ready for us yet, so let’s go over here.”

Change the subject. What was his interest? Cars,
engines, construction, building things/sewing, cooking,
folding laundry... Find chores …small.. safe ..
something to keep them from being bored. Does he/she
have hobbies, that are safe?

Going in the public is hard. Only you can determine
how much you can take by embarrassing situation. And
there will be many for now.

There are several support systems out there.

Alzheimer’s Support Group. You might call them….
It is great as there are other people who are walking
in the same shoes you are. Some of them longer, so
can give you hints of how to handle things.

If you have adult children, involve them too.

Look in the yellow pages for places that specialize in
dementia care. So you can stop by and check with them.

Preplanning… at home…A.S.A.P.

Protect the other spouse financially. I don’t want the
answers to this question. But want you all to answer
it to yourselves. Is there a company or income that is
only in the dementia’s person’s name? If it, get a lawyer
to see how you can protect the spouse. The lawyer
will help you do it legally. You might have to have them
declared legally incompetent.

Homes, especially health care center cost big money.
The more the care the higher the charge. When I left
the Health Care Center in 2003 and the rooms were
$129 a DAY. And the Behavior/Alzheimer’s Unit was
over $300 a DAY. Everything is extra. Tooth brushes,
hair, brush/combs and etc. So make sure when you take
them in, they have all the daily needs. They charge almost
double for those. For the price, you get a room/bed and
food and maybe laundry. If you do the laundry, you will
have less chance of clothes being lost, or ruin by the big
machines they have. Or be on someone else. Mark the
clothes with names.. this is very important.

It probably seems like I paint a black picture…
a negative picture… but I feel if I tell you the truth of it…
you will deal with it. If some of it isn’t as bad.. then you
will be prepared for the worse, and be surprised by the

A lot of it is your attitude. If you take everything
to heart, you will have a heavy burden. If you can find a
place in your mind, where you can see, that this is no one’s
fault, you are all in it together, and will take care of it together.

And when some of the rough edges come out, remember,
everyone is trying their best. Try to think about how that person,
the family member, feels. Be they live here, or out of town.
There will be some laughs. And there will be a lot of good times.
Where you can have a good visit, and still tell them love them.

And the combative part? It will pass.. but so will the decline
keep coming. And some times… you just have to give it to
God, he will be your best support system of all.

Hope I have helped. Don’t forget you can ask questions…
and all the support units are more than willing to hear you out.
Ask them all the questions of how the family deals with it.
They have, they know. I was an aide for over 17+ years…
this is the aides’ point of view. And what I have seen with
the families and what they have gone thru.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hopefully, Helpful

Today I am on the run.
Delivering Grandson to
school. Exercise and then
going to a meeting with a family
to, I guess what would be a
consultant type deal. I am
doing this for free. I hope I
can be of help.

It got me to thinking, that maybe
they aren't the only one who would
need the information. So I am working
on how to down size it or do two days
worth on the blog.

The subject is Alzheimer's and the family.
I am doing this to help the family. It is
a subject that people have become more
acquainted with in the past few years. Like
other diseases, it seems like it is on the
rise. The one disease that scares the
bejeeves out of me. Not for me personally.

Not that I wouldn't be upset to find out I
had it.. as I surely would. A mind is a
terrible thing to waste...But for the family
that it leaves behind. There is no real
closure until the end. Which can last up
to 20 years.

So tomorrow I will start posting on the
subject... and hopefully today will go
well enough to help this family that I
will be talking to.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Got to watch how I say it....

I have found that I have to watch
how and what I say.

You know, some one who ask if
they can call you about something
to help them. And you say, sure, I
am home most of the time.

Wrong... I have done that 3 times
lately... so now I have to decide
do I wait around? Do I let the
answering machine get the call?

It may be days before they call back
for what they wanted you to do. And
you do want to help...but how long
do you wait. I waited 2 days. Checking
home a couple times a day. Now
I am letting the answering machine
get it... and I will see it..some time that
day or evening.

Wonder, should I say..about when
will you call back? Or say, leave a message
on the answering machine and I will get
back to you...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Putting another summer to bed...

It is that time of the year. We can
protest, wear our shorts longer, wait
for Indian Summer and what ever else
you do for summer.

But the truth of the matter, summer is
done. Snow is in the mountains. Those
of us on the flat lands and valleys, know
it is only a matter of time before winter
hits down here.

You can try to fool yourself with the week
of Indian Summer, (does anyone know why
we call it that? Were the Indians the
only ones who had it at first?) but you know
the truth.

So it is time to drain the hoses, finish off the
garden and till it for the fall and winter. With
visions of doing better next year. Take the
AC out of the window or wrap it. Be glad that
the electric bill will be less for a month. Between
the time of the AC and the heaters kicking in.

So far we have been lucky or stubborn. We
have not had the heater click on. We have
seen smoke in the early morning from the
neighboring chimneys...

Fall has it most wonderful color, all its own.
The oranges, reds, some green, tans, and
in between. We love the colors but are sadden
by the thought of cold, snow and ice. Unless
you are a skier, which seeing the mountain tops
have gave you joy, and you are spending your
weekends waxing up the skies.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bloggers and Reporters...

Why is Marianne of Slight Detour blog, taking DFO's, Huckleberries Online Blog, picture????

What are these two reporter/bloggers up to any way???
Ah, the answer is.... we were all witnessing today the Marriage of Erica. Mom and
Dad walking her down the aisle....
Saying their I promises.... as Dad performs the wedding by the Lake... on Dover Bay Beach

It takes a village to raise a kid.... here is Erica's village of Dover

Friday, October 05, 2007

End of the Week

Ring Neck Doves and friends...
Where did everyone go????

To finish up the week of light
blogging, I offer up the question.

Who are you feeding this winter?
Birds? Squirrels? or what?

I am one of the rare people who
like squirrels. We use to have a
family of them in the tree, next to
our living room window, which gave
us many hours of entertainment.

But here, they don't like my one
and only tree. I use the word tree
loosely, as I am not sure if it is
an over grown bush that is about
15 feet tall, or is it in fact a tree.
It is a evergreen whatever.

The birds love it. They have nest
every Spring. They hide from the
cat in there too. Which may be
the reason why I don't have squirrels.

Before I had a strictly house cat. His
choice, not necessarily mine. But we
did live a half block from the highway.

Now I have Rokon... and she is an out
side cat as long as she can be. She is
in and out of the door. Summer time she
treats us like a motel and restaurant. She
sleeps here, and eats here. Rest of the
time she is on the prowl. She has been
seen leaping up to 4 or 5 feet in the air
to snatch a bird. Being they are the
nasty blackish birds that no one likes,
I don't care. Winter time she watches
them from the window... she doesn't like

But as you can see from the pictures,we
do feed the birds. And so far, Rokon has
left them alone. The King got the bird feeder
from a yard sale for $2. Don't know why the
people got rid of it... unless because it takes
about 10 # of feed to fill it. We enjoy the view,
as you can see. We are up to 7 ringneck doves.
We started out with two. And occasional we get
a really bright feather friend or two. But mostly,
it is these brown birds. And Misty like to go out
and chase them, but as you can see, they left
as she flew out the door to tell them off.

So what do you feed for the winter, or is it
too much bother.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Last of the trip views

It was amazing with gas so high, yet every RV park is
full, packed most of them. And at least 3 in every mile
of time of travel, passed us just on the other side of the
highway. I am sure it was the same on our side that we
were traveling on. Compared to 15 semi’s and 25 cars.
And that is just the ones on the other side of the high
way , in a mile stretch average.

And of course in California it was way more, as the traffic
is almost bumper to bumper in the cities and not much
better out of the cities. You would never know that gas
was over $3.00 a gallon.

After we visited with our friend in Portland for the afternoon
and night, we headed out again in the morning. We went to
Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery. There were a couple
loads of school buses and some RV’s there. It was neat to
watch the kids, as they took in all the different fish areas
and different sizes of fish. I bought a cup that said…
Jesus said,… Go fishing, he said nothing about fixing the sink,
mowing the lawn, walking the dog, painting, the trim,
washing the car, cleaning the garage, or weeding the garden.

After that we ventured to Maryhill Art Museum. It is well
worth the visit. As you can see from the pictures of the chess
men, there is much to see. There is a Native American section,
the parts about Sam Hill and his wife and children. Their
art and their friendships with the Rumania King and Queen
and several others. If you get a chance go.

The view from the highway of the tug boats, barges,.
paddle wheel ship, sail boats, and fishing men, was
worth the ride down that side of the river.

We pulled in to the King’s brothers house, we spend the
night. And headed for home early Thursday morning.
As each mile marker…for us.. the rest areas, Spokane,
Post Falls, Cda, and then up 95, we knew we were getting
closer to the end of our journey.
And of course, there is no more welcome sight than our
Long Bridge, and Sandpoint in the background.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Still viewing life along the road.....

On our trip we saw towns that are still doing well.
Even with some of the old buildings in mid-fields
not doing so well.
There were old wooden barns who have finished their
work and are starting to lean with age. Old homes and
barns that are bowing down under the pressure of time
and lack of human care. That once held laughter, tears,
worries and joys. That produce children who were poor,
but didn’t know it until they were grown and gone … to
them it was just a way of life. Which gave them
appreciation for hard work, satisfaction of work well
done, and how to do with little and still be happy. Yes,
we can be happy with less.. we just sometimes forget.

I was finding myself envious of the small towns that are
still alive and well. As ours grow with people who fill
our town with huge houses. People who move here can’t
understand why we grieve the lost of our small towns.

As I see our farms disappearing locally, it was good to
see there are many diaries and cattle ranches still working
well. Lumber yards and log yards still full and working.
It is sad as we have lost so many near our town.

Maybe we should be made to vacation/visit areas different
than our own. Those in the country /small towns would
appreciate how lucky they are. And others would get out
to see how lucky we are and still have so much of
American doing well. Still in small towns, forest, farms,
log yards, and the beauty of our Country. Then again,
maybe not, as the migration to move to the small clean
towns is already going on. Texan’s, New Yorker’s,
Los Angles, are moving rapidly to the hills, literally.

Taking away the hunting areas, our fishing and camping
spots. Replacing them with 3 stories homes with “Do not
Trespass” on their fences. Or replacing them with resorts
for only the well off. This is land that everyone was
able to use for so many years. Yearly, favorite
hunting grounds, huckleberry picking, and mushroom
picking areas are disappearing.
More tomorrow…….

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

From a Simple Mind

Our trip

This weeks blogging will be mainly on
one subject. My observations as we traveled
from San Diego to Idaho by car. When I wrote
it up from my notes, it was too much for one
posting. So I have broken it up , so your eyes
don’t glaze over. Remember the name of this
blog is “From a Simple Mid”. So this week,
I will live up to that name. Yes, I might post
something in between if it suits me.

Driving California is a real experience. I use to
live in San Diego, and amazed how I could drive
like that those many years ago. We took highway
15 to go around most of L.A. but we did get caught
in a small section on 210 for 20 miles… going 10
to 15 in a 60 mph area. But once we hit I-5, we were
on the rat race up thru California, heading towards
Oregon. It was a drive that just about did the King in.
To say it unsettles the nerves is an understatement.
But the Californians seem to take it in stride. We drove
up thru all the cities, leap frogging slower semi’s and
RV’s. It seem like a mad house race of vehicles to see
who could be first in line.

Some where around Douglas County Oregon …..the
lush green valley’s and rivers started to appear. Such
a difference from the brown and yellow rolling hills
of California.
I am use to seeing brown and yellow in the southern
part of the state of California. But was surprised to see
so much of it in the northern part. Redding, use to be
green. But to see the rolling hills, and even the mountain
area in yellow and brown and no trees. Sure is a difference.

A lot of the area of Oregon and really much of it, had a
flow of green and trees from one side of the freeway to
the other. What beauty. Even the black rocks that jutted
from the sides towards the freeway. The beauty of the
rocks from shiny brown to dark black. How lucky we are
to live in such a beauty and wonderful country.

Where American names (like Wilbur) mix with the
Native American and the foreign names of towns,
some named after their native countries, that they left
behind to come here to dream 90 years ago.

Where a tree stands alone in a field with 3 horses and
a colt standing in its shade.
more tomorrow

Monday, October 01, 2007

The First Day of Travel

We flew to San Diego to get a car we had
bought from family. We did California in one
day. And this is how the first day trip went.

Warning: language is not for children.....

I was the co-piloted/navigator for 11 hours
and drove 6 hours. The King drove 11 hours
and bitched for 6 hours. After the 17 hours, he
was exhausted and wanted to pull in. I would
have drove to Portland, but we stopped in
Medford, Oregon.

His driving consisted of all kinds of verbal
thoughts on the other drivers who were on
the road with him. Some were not the nicest.
Especially when we were on Highway 210.
Doing 10 to 20 mph in a 60 mph area. After
11 hours, he was really getting cranky, so I
jumped into the driver's seat, after one of our
stops for gas.

He had all kinds of wonderful remarks about
my driving. As we came down one of the many
mountainous areas, he told me it was good we
didn’t double team often as I would burn out the
brakes. So the next down grade, I took my foot
off the gas and rode it down like a roller coaster
hill. Roller coasters scare the hell out of me. So
I decided to compare it like the Silverwood Log
Plume, in my mind. When I was awaken from the
comparison by the screams of the King. ….
“use the F***ing brakes!!!!, what the hell are you
trying to do, turn the car over in to the canyon ?
USE THE BRAKES!!! I guess he is scare of downhill
roller coasters too. I reminded him of the remarks of
me using the brakes. As I glanced at him…I could see
his lips were tight and he looked forward out of the
front window. He was quiet for about 20 miles. I guess
he had nothing to say. I rather liked that.

After he recovered he started his driving lessons again.
I thought I had done pretty well in my 50 years of
driving with only one accident. But he felt the need
to give me his advice of how to drive the highways.
I had not asked for the lessons.... that I knew of… so
guess he was just being helpful. Like “get in the
passing lane. NOW!!” I thought it might be a better
etiquette to let the cars along side of us, go first. He
yelled “pass the trucks…. You have 5 cars behind
you.” Well, the two trucks in front of me were having
a race to see who could pass whom, with another trailing
just behind them…… and I decided it was best to follow
along and watch, but not to interfere.

After we left California, he started to calm down. And
I promised him a hot shower, and food in Medford.
So the 40 miles in Oregon went a lot better. The next two
days of travel, he drove and I navigated, and I watch the
wonderful view from our window. I would tease from time
to time, by giving some of his own advice back at him…
luckily we both have a good sense of humor