Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hodge Podge of the Day

I read in the Time magazine a story
called Space Cowboys. It is about how
Richard Branson is getting a space ship
ready for tourist, eventually. Which is kind
of laughable to me. As we all have read in
the paper about the airlines, especially JetBlue,
can't even get their planes to fly on time on
the earth.

Bayer for memory pill..... yea, right.
The commercial shows a table with about
4 people around it and a couple being
introduced to them. The announcer says
something about, is it hard for you to remember
names? And then it shows one of men who
stands and introduces everyone to another
Yea right. Just by taking the new pill put
out by Bayer and your memory comes right
back. I better run right out and get that. After
all I joke that my memory is like a match on fire.
Up in flames and out.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gas Prices

Here we go again... gas prices.
I didn't read anywhere about gas prices
going up. I didn't see it on the television

I went by my gas station on Thurs. seeing
the usual $2.21, and thought I should fill
up, but didn't feel like stopping so went
on by. BIG MISTAKE... Friday prices??
$2.28. 7 cent raise.

My daughter called me on Saturday
morning, and said if you are buying
gas, get it now, as Sandpoint is at
$2.38! I ran right down and filled up
my Bronco at $2.28 at Ponderay gas station.

We made a trip in the car to Cda,that
afternoon, and paid $2.12 for gas for
the car. That is 16 cents difference
from what I paid. Then the kicker was...
we got back from Cda, and went by
our gas station and the price???
$2.38!!! 17 cents raise in just
2 days!! what the heck?

And diesel, well don't want you to have
a heart attack, so won't tell you what that is.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Under the Weather

Saturday morning I woke up with a sore
throat. One of those kind where you think
some one shot thru your throat with a 22,
from one side to the other.Other than that I felt find.

Got out the oatmeal cookies, and ate one
and found some sore throat meds. And it
was a little bit better. Old wives tale of the
cookies roughing up your throat gently, and
helps it.

Then on with the rest of the day, with
a tinge here and there that the throat was
still there.

Woke up Sunday morning, and there it
was back again. So back to the same
routine, plus some cough meds, that
guarantees no coughing for 8 hours.
Feeling as if I keep my hands to my
self, I could make it thru church.

3/4 of the way thru the sermon, I am
starting to feel awful tired. How does
one keep awake? Why am I so tired?
is the sermon boring?? no it isn't.
And the King is finding great humor in
my nodding.

Finally, the service is over, and we head
for home. I decided to give up and pack it
in. I took some more meds. (ah, makes one
sleepy, no wonder). I told the King I was going
to take a nap. And so I gave into it.

Some where in the fog of my mind, I heard
voices, I hear the puppy bringing her squeaky
toy for us to play. She can't understand why
I would be in bed ... it is daylight. And then
back out I went, in the swirls of clouds in my
head. When I am sick, I want no one ... no one
near me, talk to me, just leave me to die, and if
I survive, I shall come out to see you.

So 5 hours later, I dragged out of bed. The King
made me chicken noodle soup, when he hears my
feet shuffling across the floor. And as I was bent
over the bowl and breathing the steam of it, I wondered
what is it about chicken noodle soup, that makes
us feel better?

Spring where art thou?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Back !!

Just when you thought Spring was here,
and the grass was showing....
BAM! here is the snow again....

Friday, February 23, 2007

My Money?

I think I don't like money anymore..
Don't get me wrong, I like money
in the bank. I like money to have to
get what I need ,occasionally what
I want and I like having my bills

But paper money is getting to be a
mystery to me. As I stood in line
yesterday, getting ready to pay
for my food products, I looked
at the paper money I had.

First off, it is the color. I remember
when all paper money was green.
I knew what it looked like and what
was on it. But now, they have a hue
to them. Almost yellow. I felt like I
had monopoly money. Pinkish yellow?
What is with that? It was a twenty.

And the Five didn't look too much
better and then there was the Five
that I had gotten somewhere in
change, that had burnt edges.
I don't look at the money. I fold
it and put it in my wallet.

How do I know it isn't the real deal.
Who would know, as fast as it is
changing. Even the metal money
is different. The nickel, I believe, has
several different choices of pictorial
sides. And there is poor Jefferson,
with his face mostly on the coin
side ways. And don't even get me
going on the dollar coin, that is the
size of a quarter.

No, I really don't like our money
anymore. And I really don't like
the fact that my bank doesn't get
my checks back. I only get pictures
of some of them. Then there is the
electronically transferred, even though I
sent a check. This all makes me
feel like I am not in control.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Safe Drugs??

We all have seen the television
magazine shows about the dangers
of buying drugs over internet.

There are teens who have used online
sites to get drugs that are prescription,
yet they don't have one. And the teens
have died.

We all have seen the dangers of buying
online due to the fact you might be dealing
with some one in India, Russia, or some other
foreign land.

What I was horrified to read in this past Sunday's
Parade magazine is that your drugs that you buy
at your local pharmacy are NOT SAFE. 96% of
the time they are. But there is the 4% of the time.

I was naive to think that the drugs that are sold
at your local pharmacy were bought directly from
the drug factory. Parade says that this is not true.
That they buy from a wholesale company. That
terrorifies me. Any thing can and has happen in
wholesale companies. Switches, cheap or non
drug pills/product. The article says if your drug
doesn't seem to be working to complain to your

How you would know the difference when the
pharmacy can't, I don't know. How do you know
if you are having a heart attack and you put the
little pill under your tongue, is it real or not?
How many people are killed this way?

They say none. They say the people who do this
don't want murder on their hands, so they only
deal with the no pills. Yet people have ordered
pain pills that have killed.

No matter how you cut it, it is scary. Right now
I don't take any prescription pills, but the King does.
It scares me. And next time I am at the store, I
will be questioning my pharmacist, to see how he/she
can reassure me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reading the isolated are we?

The headline read:
"Body mummified, but TV still on."

It is about a gentleman who was
found in his house, sitting in his chair,
with the television on in front of him.
They think he may have been there
for a year or more. As no one had
heard from him since Dec. 2005.

No one noticed the mail piling up.
Then it stopped. The electric was
still on. Which baffles the authorities.
(my take is, his SS money went in,
the electric bill was probably one of
several bills taken out automatically.)

What is sad, is that even though the
neighbors kind of watched over the
70 year old when he was walking
around, knowing of his health problems.
They never followed up, when he wasn't
visible. They had seen an ambulance come to
the house, and took it for granted he was
put in a nursing home. And it wasn't until
a water pipe burst and sent water over the
garage door, (it was a 2 story house with
home on top of the garage) that anyone
entered the house.

What is sad about this, is the neighbors
were concerned about the gentleman. But
never did think to find out what nursing home,
he might have gone to, so they could visit in
a years time. I guess the ambulance took him
away, but some one must have given him a
ride home after. And no one saw him again.

How isolated are we? Do we make calls to
friends? If we don't after while, do our friends,
think we are too busy? People hardly ever
write letters any more, so there isn't the
absent of the letters coming in. Senior men
aren't writers anyway. Unless they are computer

If you died, sitting in the front of your television,
would anyone know? If so, how long. If you are
married or have children, the chances are short time.
Hopefully, an elderly person has given neighbors their
children's phone number ...just in case.
But in our Northwest, we recently had a daughter
who has put out a bulletin of the where about of
her mother. Who she hasn't seen or heard from for
TWO YEARS. She, the daughter, said she has been
away for that long. No telephone calls? No, contact?
She didn't have a friend of her mother's, who was
someone she could ask, how her mother was?

Just how isolated are we in this society?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blogging for Fun

One gets into blogging mostly
by accident. A few go into it
with a purpose. But I think most
of the ones I know, did it on a lark
or to see if they could.

All of them going in, not knowing
how long it will last. And in this day
and age with things changing so fast,
I am sure something will come along
and bypass blogging. I think maybe
that may be podcasting up next.

Some will jump on the wagon to
go into the future. Some of us will
feel more comfortable here in blog land.

This blogging thing is fairly new to me,
as I have been going at it almost 2 years.
Heard of it for 3 years. It is amazing the
different kinds and different people who
you can read, or even if you are lucky, met.

Those of us in the Northern Idaho have
a common ground. It is a blog started
by the Coeur d' Alene branch of the
Spokane Review by one of their columnist.
It was an idea that was thrown out there by
Dave Oliveria and his boss, Steve Smith.
And that blog has become tiger by the tail
type of situation. And I mean that in the
best of thoughts.

The blog is called to us.. HBO. No, not Home Box
but it is HuckleBerries Online. And the ride
is like a roller coaster. Sometimes the line ride
is straight and smooth, and then there are other
times where the ride gets fast and furious.
Especially during election time. I would say that
the subject is 85% political in one way or
the other. County, State, and National.
The other 15% is the fun time. Just general subjects.

This past weekend, on the 3rd Anniversary
Blogfest, we got to enjoy seeing the faces that go
with the many names. We even got to see
some of the spouses of these people who
have become online friends and acquaintances.
The vast variety of people. Young, middle
age/boomers, and the older generation.
The college age, the up and coming in their
professions, the well knowledge, the life smarts
group, even some street smarts, people of the
government positions. From county and city.

There was wonderment, as we saw the faces.
There was laughter thru out the room. Every
one busy learning more about the person
they have shared comments with.

I was surprised at the people who were
interested in a person who just tosses words
in from time to time. And most of all, I am really
proud to be among the group that was there.

And I met some pretty fantastic people, like,
Wondering, JimmyMac, Woody, Frum Helen Back,
John Austin and his lovely other half, Sam and his
lovely better half, most enjoyable conversations
with Family Phil, seeing Stebbijo and Bob and Herb
and Dan of the County, and Dave O, and meeting his
lovely wife. And then seeing and pointing at each other
across the crowded room my first fellow commenter,
MikeK. And of course, riding down there with my partner in
mischief, Dogwalking Muse....Yes, it was a blessed day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rain Days

The King said there are rainy days coming, so he got me this coat....last I knew I wasn't made of sugar, so I wasn't going to melt.. dumb jacket!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogfest 07?

She is going to Blogfest 07? What the heck is that? Keep looking Rokon,
see if she is coming back yet?

Don't know why we couldn't go... we are on the blog on weekends, doesn't that count? I suppose she won't bring back a piece of pizza for us either.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm late, I'm late...

Sorry to be so late in blogging this
morning. No real excuse...

I got up this morning and it was the
usual. Let the puppy out to do her
thing, while I go get the paper.
Sit down, with coffee and paper. It
is still dark out when I get up.

But as I finished up the paper, and
then washed the dishes and threw
some clothes in the washer... it came.
There it was. It felt so good. I had wondered
why I had a sudden burst of energy.

It is the SUN... see I am one of those who
suffers from S.A.D.D.... it is a sun deficiency.
I do ok with snow, even cold to a point, and
wind. I am not bad with days of rain, as long
as it has sunshine with it. Love the rainbows.

But fog, overcast, low clouds, and rain, well
after the 2nd day, I am listless. I don't have
the energy, neither mentally or physically to
get anything done.

BUT TODAY!!! IT IS SUNNY!!! and I washed the
dishes looking out at the rays. I took the
puppy out for a run in the yard and the cat
joined us.. Even with the wind whipping the
flags in the yard, it was wonderful. Looking up
at the lower mountains, I see they have lost
a lot of their snow. And Schweitzer with all of
her snow, is shining in the bask of the sun.
The skiers should have a great day of it,
if the wind isn't too bad.

I am out of here... open the blinds, curtains,
and let the sun shine in.....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Junk Mail

Those of us who have computer,
cuss the spam. But we have had
spam in our lives for years. It was
called Junk Mail.

One part of Junk Mail that irritated
me the most, was for my mother-in-law.
After she passed away we would get
junk mail in her name. We had her
mail transferred to our address, so
we could keep on top of her bills and etc.

It took two years before the mail finally
quit. I would send it back to the ones who
provided self stamp envelopes. We would
get life insurance ads even a year later. Some
times it was kind of rough on the King to
get them. I would just shred them as they
came unless they had the self stamp.

But about a year ago, some one put her
name back on the junk mail list and we
have started to get it all over again. I have
sent the cards back with deceased 2000.
But they still come. Even yesterday there
was another.

But then I read a Time or Newsweek yesterday,
and there was a man telling about getting mail
in his son's name. His son died when he was 7.
He is still getting mail. Ads for class rings, life
insurance and etc. Showed a picture of him
with a hand full of junk mail for his son. His
son would be 18 this year. There was even
ads for college funds. How hard this must be.

I know companies buy these names for a fee
but you would think someone would research
these names first. Especially when these
people have been dead for so long. It is just
cruel to the families, especially the ones who
lost their children.

I hate to say this, because I think we are
over lawed now...but there just ought to be
a law against sending junk mail to the deceased.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February 14th day of Love

Valentine's day...

The word that strikes terror in men's
heart, be they adults or a small boy
in school.

It use to be just between a man and
a woman... who were in love. But now,
it is getting to be like Christmas Cards.
For your mother, sister, daughter, the
woman in life, and any one else they
can think of it. So it has become another
commercial holiday. Buy Flowers, buy
candy, sexy clothes, dinner, singing
telegrams and etc.

To me, it is just my guy and myself.
God was good to me, to bless me with
this man. Makes every day Valentine's
day, day of love. This man gives me so
much. I get the deep inside love.

Now love is a easy word to say. Lot of
people say I love you. Which makes me
think of the old Spike Jones song..
"Be sure its true...before you say, I love you,
For it is a sin... to tell a lie.
Many of hearts have been broken.... just
because these words have been spoken".
So some take it lightly.My guy, the
King...I love him.

I trust him. Trust doesn't come easy
to those who are serious. Trust to
keep your word, trust to never hurt you
on purpose, trust to have your back, trust
no matter what... I trust my guy, the King.

Comfortable, but not taken for granted. I feel
comfortable to be me. No best behavior,
and airs.... but to be yourself. To let your
guard down. But never ever take for granted,
that they will always be there. Because life is
fleeting, and you just never know what is in
store..... I never take, my guy, the King, for granted.

Life is full of zigs and zags, and compromises.
And to be able to go thru life, knowing your guy,
is there for each turn, is a wonderful feeling. To
know that you aren't the only one who does the
compromising, is a good feeling. My guy, the King
zigs and zags with me.

I love the twinkle in his brown eyes, when he
is happy. I love the laughter... and he laughs
with me and not at me. And he doesn't yell
at me, when I have forgotten where I put some
thing important, he just starts helping me find it.

He treats me like a queen even when I can be
such a witch with a capital B.

The King has fixed dinner, big and small.
Breakfast every weekend,even washed
dishes when I was sick. And he hates,
dishes. He rather vacuum than wash dishes. He
brings me flowers because he see them and thinks
I might like them. He brings me flowers when he
knows I have had a bad day. He holds my hand
when we walk a lot of times.. and he puts his arm
around me, when we sit together at a gathering.

See, over 20 years ago, we found out that if we
stick together and face everything together, we
can get thru anything. And we have been thru
some rough times over those years. But we made
it, together. Yes, I am truly lucky and blessed to
have my Valentine, the King, my King.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Servers, not for dinner

How many different servers does
one have in their internet life time?

So far I have had 5. And the last time
I divide up into two sites. My server's
site which is the personal email address.
And the other one, another email address.
That is for different sites I have to register
on, and for when I am away from home.

I have gone from dial up to fast speed
broadband. And thinking about going
back to dial up. Yes, it will be slow.

But over all...broadband isn't worth the
money. The difference is about $30 a
month. Now if I was in business
that would be fine. I would need the fast
speed and it could be deducted as a
business expense. But I am not in any
hurry, so don't need to have things fast.

But for me, to have pictures that download
faster, and the rare download of a program,
is it really worth $30 more a month? $360 a
year.....I have got to say no. Especially
this summer.

With my husband heading towards retirement,
we hope not to be around the house that much.
So I am seriously thinking of down sizing to dial
up. I am sure there will be times, I wish I kept it.
And I can reinstall it next fall, if it doesn't work
out, when we plan on being home all the time.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Did you get Yours?

Well, fellow bloggers, did you get yours?
Seems Microsoft was giving away laptops,
with their new Vista installed. As a blogger
you could use it for a while, then give it away
on your blog, send it back, or keep it.

Well, I didn't get mine. No notice at all.
I guess with a following of faithful 14 and
5 more that are in and out daily, I didn't
qualify for a freebie.

Which is just as well. They say you can't
teach an old dog new tricks. And while I am
sure there are a lot of over 55 out there who do
very well, with new gadgets, I am not one of them.

I have to have my grandson teach me how to
operate anything new. Some times my daughter
helps. Reading the directions, doesn't necessarily
mean success. And as he explains things, I write
it down in its simplest form. Like click on this,
this will come up, click on that, and etc.

I use to explain to people that in the school of
computers, most people are in high school or
higher. But I am in second grade. I was in
kindergarten forever. Made it to first grade, then
I went online. That threw me back to kindergarten.
Now I kind of hold my own in general.

I am like the guy who owns a car. When you
put in the key and turn it ... the cars starts.
You don't know why it starts but it does. And
when it doesn't get frustrated as hell.

So it is a good thing Microsoft didn't entrust
me with the new and improved (?) laptop. I
would have had it jammed in 10 minutes or less.
And they know that, from all the errors that
I send to them when asked.

They aren't going to send me anything, until
they can get a machine that is foolproof. And
it will read like the Geico Insurance ad with the

"This machine is so easy to run that even
Wordtosser can run it."

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekend with the Furry Family Members


Friday, February 09, 2007

Cabin Fever around the Corner

I think I am starting to lose the
fight for cabin fever. I look out
the window, and see snow and ice.
Things I want to do. None can be
started for 4 to 5 months. And I hate
doing housework.

Still trying to declutter the house. I
have 2 more months. I gave myself
until my birthday. Started out great.
but seem to find ways to postpone it.

So here I am ending week 100. Post 689
11,850+ visitors (689 of them me posting)
19,894 page viewed. And my second
anniversary coming up in a month or less.

It amazes me that I still can post.
But some days have been hard to
find things. Some of them are so
boring, even I go to

My memory is like a computer
except the delete button keeps going
off on it own.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


There is an author who I enjoy reading.
He got into some trouble over something
a year ago, but I still enjoy reading his books.

That author is Mitch Albom. You may have
read his books.
Tuesday's with Morrie, which they turn into
made for TV movie. And there is
5 People you met in Heaven, which also
was made into a t.v. movie.

He has done a couple others, but I
haven't read those.

Now I am reading "for one more day".
At first I didn't think I would like it. But
being I like his books, I thought I would
give it a try. It was half price at Costco.
Another reason why I like his books, is
because they are small. 196 pages,
this one is. I have read 106 today, in
between different chores.

This is an unusual one. It is about a guy
who tries his best to commit suicide. Has
a car accident, jumps off a water tower, and
etc. But as he is walking in his old home town
which he decided to go, so he could be home as
he committed suicide, he is met by his mother.
His mother who had passed away 5 years before.

The book is written in his person. And believe it
or not, (noting the subject), it is a good book. And
I can't wait to finish it.

As I was cleaning out my book shelf, I came
across some books I bought about 10 or more
years ago to read when I retired. I have kept 4.
Bette Davis, 2-Kay Hepburn, and Shelley
Winters. I am looking foreword to reading again.
I have gotten out of the habit and I use to love
to read.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Not enough time...

On Primetime tonight was a story
of abuse and torture.

The woman told how her husband
torture her daily, it went on for years.
Both of them lawyers, so this is
no dumb woman who thought she
deserved it.

She was brain washed by beating,
slept deviatation, and verbal abuse.
Her children saw it often.

The husband takes her to the police
station to have her sign a complain
against her own father for sexual
abuse. Which was not true.
After the police officer suspected
something wasn't right, even with the
wife telling them the husband didn't do
all the bruises.They removed the children
from the home. And after interviewing the
children, who testified that the abuse had
gone on for years.. they arrest the husband.

The courts found him guilty. His children testified
at his sentencing hearing. Explaining the feared
for their lives, especially their mothers.. They
talked about how they had not a childhood, as their
father made adults out of them early.

The time they gave him was life
but he is up for parole in 7 years.

Another man, who went over and shot
a man point blank. Yes, he had a reason,
the victum made threat about the suspect's
daughter. The suspect took a gun to the
victim's house, yet he said he didn't plan on
shooting the victim??? Long and short of it,
the suspect is found guilty of murder. But
because the wording of the murder charges, the
suspect reads the law books in prison,
goes back to court and gets off.

Another man was charged with the same type
of murder charges, and he gets off, stating
the first man's case.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Pendulum

The Pendulum

How many times does it have to swing
before it starts to keep towards the middle?

I can remember when everyone
nationwide was in a frizzy over the
Anthrax scare. I was still working. And
there was talk of making it mandatory
for us to have the shots. We protested.

Luckily we had an In-service Director,
who was smarter than the Administration
at that time. Also she had gone to Seattle
for a district health meeting on it.

Her wise words stick with me to this day.
First of all, we in Sandpoint we are on the low
end of the food chain of terrorist attacks. We
had nothing here, where they could do a great
bodily harm. So it made us unappealing.

Second, she talked about the Pendulum,
and how it swings from left to right. Going
back and forth until it finally sways in the
middle. She said that most things that come
up with great stories of horror will swing such
as the pendulum does.

What has come to mind over the years since,
is the Anthrax that she talked about... as it turn
out it caused more side effects than the good it
did. Also there was the bird flu. If the government
had its way, we all would have HAD to have
the bird flu shot. Only trouble was they didn't have
enough to do everyone. I had made up my mind
that I was NOT going to have the shot. Reasoning
was... 64 people had died. Yes, there were many
in Japan or China or both who were sick with it.
BUT ONLY 64 had died. Do you have any idea how
many people die each year from the common cold
and its side effects? Thousands. How many died
from the yearly flu? Thousands.. and the government
wanted me to get a shot because 64 died? No, not
me. I will wait for the pendulum to finish swinging.

Monday, February 05, 2007


The Super Bowl is over for another year.
and this one started out exciting. But
ended up predictable.

I don't know what happen to the Bears,
but they seem to lose heart and the game
mostly by the 2nd Quarter.

I had no favorite team this time, so just
appreciated both teams. I know that Manning
got the MVP or what ever it is. Kind of sad in
a way as there were no award to the young man
who made his first touch down since he started.
Or for the young man name Addai who did so well.
But they won and they won fairly. I don't think
there was any body who thought the calls were

The other nice thing about this year is the two
coaches. Both black men... the part that was
hard to believe, is they were the first black coaches,
in the Super Bowl. There should have been others,
sooner. The other nice part was neither one was
shy about being men of God.

They said both coaches are quiet men, even
in the locker room and on the field. Maybe they
can be a beginning of how football can be played
without the killer mentality as in the past. Maybe,
football players will follow and not be in trouble
and in the headlines.

I tip my hat to both coaches, they deserve it
in many ways.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl? no, I am not much for sports...
only chase... which the puppy and I do..
I just kind of lay around most of the time.

I hear the Colts won 29 to 17... what no cats?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Monday wasn't a good day

Monday I went in for surgery.
They said it was so I wouldn't become a Mom.
The staff said it was humane thing to do. Why
is there human in humane. Should it be puppye?
Anyway, Rokon was good to me, she didn't tease
me. And now I am back to my spunky self, and
Rokon and I are back at our chase racing.
I heard them say they created a monster.
Not me.. just because I want to be carried more?
Oh, well... I can get into more trouble if I run
around.. Here is my Monday picture.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Hodge Podge

Ground Hog Day??? Has that
glorified rat, ever said winter is
over? Has he ever not seen his
shadow? Never that my memory
has served. But then my memory
of late, has been like a match head
on fire. Flares fast, and is gone.
This has to be one of the dumbest
celebrations. "Why don't they just say
Feb. 2nd,... well, folks we have 6 more
weeks of winter and spring will be here?"
Oh, well,... whatever.
update: the little rodent said spring is here.
yea, right.. see you March 16th when it starts
to warm up, if we are lucky.

American gluttony again.. Seems that
Exxon is bragging about their 39+ BILLION
dollar PROFIT. Folks, that is profit, that is
after all the wages, and pay for the product,
and etc... PROFIT!! 39+BILLION. And they
sing a sad song about how bad it is to
pay for the crude? 39 BILLION PROFIT!!.
Oh, to have such a woe...
And people are still homeless, children
are still in food lines at churches and shelters,
and many people without health insurance.

A couple days ago, on another blog, I was
kind of taken to task over the word OLD BROAD.
I used it in reference to Molly Ivins, the columnist,
who passed away.
It does my heart good to read Kathleen Parker
this morning in the paper. Because she, too,
referred to Ivins as Broad. A great Broad.
To quote Ms. Parker:
"To the World War II crowd, and to some
of us who were raised by them, a Great Broad
was more than a mere woman. The best
compliment my father could pay a woman
was to say, "She is one great broad"."

She goes on to explain what that means,
and also says:
"A great broad is everlasting, a presence,
a force, a woman of substance - solid,
intelligent, humorous, sexy and full of "it"
Reliable, strong, confident and competent,
she walks into a room and causes a stir."
I could only wish to be referred to as...
a great broad... or even just Broad.

So God Bless, Molly Ivins, sure hope
you are still giving them hell, and we
will continue down here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Emptying our the File Cabinet

I am a collector of everything. I don't
intend it. It just happens. I save receipts,
booklets, warranties, for everything we buy.
I put the serial number on those booklets.
The one time it paid off, was when my
daughter's house in Spokane was robbed.
I had the booklet and serial number of her
Dad's little TV. So the police found it and she
got it back.

But as I clean out the papers so I could
declutter the file, I came across the King's
kindergarten to third grade pictures. One
of his old report card from when he was 14.
(he better not let the grandson see that).

Some of it was heartbreaking. Proofs of old
hardships that we went thru, yet we are
thankful we made it thru them.

That was just one drawer...still have 3 more
to do. It took 4 hours to go thru one drawer
and 3 boxes of papers. I have one large
garbage bag full of to be burnt papers and
one large box of throw away papers.

I wanted to get thru 1/4 of this room today.
Hardly dented it. It is going to be a long haul.
This is our catch all room. Our "Some Day
Soon Room"....someday soon we will get rid
of the junk in this room and organize the good
stuff... I put that sign on the door 2 years ago.
It still catches all of our stuff... the good, the
bad and the ugly. Thanks to the cd of Debbie's
kids group... singing their hearts out... it was
made a lot easier to do.

"How can I keep from singing".....
thanks Ray/Bill and Debbie.