Thursday, August 31, 2017

August, I hardly knew ya....

Where has this month gone? Today is the last day
Of summer, for me anyway… because my mind set,
Turns to September and start of cleaning up the yard and putting things away.

But this year it seems like we just started the month and here it is the last day.  I know I was gone the first 15 days, so that pretty well shot down the half of it. It was a fun time with family, wedding, garage remodeling, fun times with grandchildren.. and best of all.. NO TV AND NO INTERNET.
Whole 2 weeks of it.

But what about the last 2 weeks?  Some of it taken up with the first laser surgery on my left eye, with the right eye coming up next week.  So life has been yard work, and eye drops.  No hot tub, no driving for a week. No fun.  Lol.. and reading was hard to do, with my glasses and one eye changed.  But still the time flew by. And the thought of winter being just about 45 days away.. well, I am thinking Spring already.. Now that would be good.. to slip right thru winter like we did the summer. 
But any way… it is what it is.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

May have to renegotiate...

About 30 years ago, the King and I were outside working together.. he was splitting wood and I was stacking.. when we got into a conversation about men and women.   When the King made a fatal remark.

Men’s work outside.. women’s work inside…  He has regretted those words for 30 years….

At the time, I just dropped the piece of wood on the ground and started to head to the house.  He asked where was I going?  I told him …. Women’s work inside… so I am heading inside.  He said, what about the rest of the wood.. I told him.. you said .. Men’s work outside..  Oh, and forget about cooking, don’t want any one to mistaken you for a women.  He said, he didn’t mean me.  “WHAT?”  Are saying I am not a woman?.... No, no, you are putting words in my mouth..I didn’t mean that either… This is going so wrong…”

Since then I have pulled this gem out of the closet, when needed…… like when I asked him if he would take the garbage out side…. and he said … Men’s work outside.. Which of course, I didn’t want to let him down…  So I pulled the garbage out of the can, tied it off.. and open the door and threw it out on the deck… and told him.. “Garbage outside.. on deck.. waiting for men’s work outside”…  he was not amused… but he did put it in the outside can.  I have used it many times over the years…

So here I was today, pulling weeds, and had a line of about 20 feet long, about 4 foot wide and about 10 inches deep of weeds and etc.  As I looked back at it, I got to thinking about how did I end up with this?  After all OUTSIDE IS MEN’S WORK…  have to renegotiate this… but in his defense, he did show up about half an hour later and loaded it in the truck and took it to the dump…


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The good and the bad of Hurricane Harvey

As we see on the news, the horrors of Hurricane Harvey and the rains that come with it, and seem to be sitting over the coast of Texas.

This is not their first rodeo … Texas coast line has had many horrible hurricanes come to their shores over the years.
So I have to wonder when I see the pictures… why weren’t they more prepared. The home owners, I mean.

If the weather man in my area, told me.. that a Hurricane is coming my way.. and having experience it many times before.. that the forecast was for 24 inches of rain over night..  I am sorry, but I would have all my things packed in my truck in boxes.. I would put all my things I wanted to keep but not be able to take, stacked on top of the table and anything else I had.  If I had a two story house.. I would have  them on the second floor so I could get them later.. and hope no one looted the house. And the 12 hours before the storm was due, I would be heading out of town and to higher ground… way in land…. I would be a believer… So why didn’t these people do this?

One of the worse pictures I saw was 3 feet of water in the living room of a nursing home, with the residents there.. with their feet and legs underwater..  to me, that is elder abuse.. That reads LAWSUIT to me.. if it was my family member and I lived out of town.. I would be suing for a suite at a good hotel, and a around the clock nursing for them.. for the rest of their lives.  That was so disgusting…

On the other hand.. in this world of ours of late.. the hatred and fighting and protesting.. it was heart warming to see so many people helping others.  Boats coming out of yards to go up and down the neighborhood, giving rides to others to dry land. Men carrying children as well as adults thru the water.  Those with cell phones, up on top of tall buildings, directing the police and fire dept.. and others to those who were stranded thru out the town.  All pulling together.. THIS IS THE AMERICA I REMEMBER…


Monday, August 28, 2017

Seeing better....

Got to admit that I do see better, but still a ways to go.
Once I get the other one done, I can ditch the glasses.
But will be having to get reading glasses.. and that is ok

The surgery itself was easy peasy. Nothing to worry about..
Says I AFTER the fact.  Took about an hour for the evaluation. Then 3 minutes for the actual surgery.
The worse part and painful was the Novocain like
Shot on the cheek bone.. Which has gave me a partial
Black eye.   I saw my blood pressure climb as I was
Going thru the whole process (they take it 3 times) and
When given a choice of having a mellow out med.. I went
For it.  They taped my eye shut and put a ball on it for about
15 minutes. The King said next time he is bring a ball just like it and put it on the good eye when they do that.. and take a picture .. with BUG EYES to share with my grandchildren.)
Funny guy.. not..

But once in the surgery room, the lowered a white mask like thing on my face (ball was already removed before I went in) I could feel them touching the eye area.. kind of.. and then he said .. OK, ALL DONE?  ALL DONE??  YOU DIDN’T TAKE THE TAPE OFF.. lol.. but I guess they had, and then did the surgery.. As the King watched it all from the next room.  I sat for about 20 minutes after I left the room. (walked out) and then they explain everything I had to do at home.. gave me paper work.. AND then they gave me a gift. I had a choice of 3 things.. a baseball cap, a coffee mug.. OR a vest.. I chose the really nice black vest.

So.. so far.. all is good. Got a appt. with the local dr. and then it is back again on the 6th of Sept. for the second one. It will be a lot easier and faster this time.. As it is the surgery only, and I know what I am going in with.. so the blood pressure should mellow out.   Looking forward to it.

So if your Dr. says you need cataract removed … go for it. It is easy peasy.. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

AND NOW...a word from your sponsers....

Yep, taking another break… of undermine time.

See, as you read this…I will be in Spokane at the
Pacific Laser and Cataract Inst.  Having my first eye taken care of..  seems old age has caught up to my eyes.

And then the 6th of September, the second eye will be done. So how much will I be able to see?  Will I be able to type, will remain to be seen (no pun intented). 

So until I can once again see what the heck I am doing, I will be out of here for a while.    

And if you are the praying kind, please say a little pray for the steady hand of the Dr. and all goes well.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Much ado about nothing…

Well, that was like seeing nothing.. Eclipse ..
All the hype for it.. months and weeks ….
No glasses left… some where selling the bum kind.
Some bought or got  for free from libraries… and
Sold them for $30 and up..

Crazy people left their homes and drove to Oregon or
Other states from their northern state..  Pictures of the
Fields in Oregon where 100’s of thousand people camped
Out since last Tuesday.  What a mess of traffic that must
Have been.  They should fields full of campers.. thousands
Of them..  the amazing part was .. with these days of
Violence, it sounded like everyone got along.. wow..

But here in Sandpoint Idaho, it didn’t even get dark. That
Is what I thought and waited for.. the temp never changed.
It did not look like night… It was just another sunny day.
Did look at it thru a welding hat, and saw that the moon
Did move by the sun.. but at no time was there dark.

A news reporter had a conversation with her young son
On the phone.. he was so bummed it didn’t get dark, he
Was crying.  IT SUCKED!!!...  he thought his mother could
Have a do over, and make it go dark… 


Monday, August 21, 2017

No News, is good news....

No News, is good news…

We survived 12 full days with out internet, and with tv more or less. Our tv watching consisted of watching LITTLE HOUSES about tiny houses built on trailers… and cartoons with the grandkids.  And little of that.

And you know what.. we didn’t miss it bit. First news we saw was on August 14th at night..  saw very little of the news as we were unpacking our camper.   So I guess you might say it was the 15th.

We had no clue about the Va. Incident. (but news has made sure we have caught up on that.)  To me… humans hate what they don’t understand…. And chose not to try to understand.  Otherwise they could sit down without raising their voices, and listen to the other side, and express their own views, while the other side listens. And who knows even comprise… imagine that.. But we all know this will never ever happen.  And as long as leaders of the world don’t stand up and say something… because as long as they stay quiet or speak lightly about it..  it not only will remain, but spread more.

It is times like this.. it saddens me, and makes me kind of glad I won’t be around to see the end of this.. unless it speeds up.  But breaks my heart to know my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.. who I love dearly… will see it.  Hopefully common sense will come back.