Thursday, May 30, 2013

A visitor to our house..I was so excited....

I walked by my picture window...looking out to the lawn.. and what do I see? 

Can it be? I had to do a double take...  


Most people cuss these guys... but I love them.. where we use to live there were  several that went up and down the tree near the living room window.. the branch was about 10
feet from the window.. We supplied corn and seeds for them.. they put on a show for us. 
Then we bought our house... NO SQUIRRELS...  Oh, I tried..  I saw some down the street.. I put peanuts outside at the bottom of the tree... no visitors..  I even (now this is sad) put a trail of peanuts from the tree down the street.... along the road thru
the lawns.. to our stash by the tree in our front yard... NO SQUIRRELS.. I even saw them run down the electric line at the neighbors.. threw out peanuts.. shelled..

Then yesterday, May 29th... IN MY YARD...  he/she discovered the left overs from the birds under the feeders... but when I took the last picture below.. he/she was gone.. before I could even look over the top of the camera.. GONE.. IN THIN AIR.

I don't suppose he/she will be back.. even tho they found an easy meal for free.. no show... just free food..  And I kept Misty inside, so he doesn't know about the dog. 
Maybe he/she will show in the darkness of the night... where no old ladies to take pictures.. 

Happy Birthday... B & St... thanks for making this a Memorial Day for me... 


More update... as of Monday...
HE LIVES.... I have named him Fred... figure if he shows up with babies
then it will be Fredette... but guess he wasn't the road kill my husband saw. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They keep changing the rules..

As a person who worked on what we called the Noc shift…
others call it the graveyard shift…but that doesn’t fly at
a nursing home. ….I can tell you, sleep is hard to do normally.

First you have to sleep during the day. That is when the
Earth is its noisiest. It is also daylight.  I used to have dark
shades and curtains so my bedroom was dark like night time. And luckily live in a quiet neighborhood.

Also it is a shift like sleep. Because you get home at 6:30am
and it takes an hour or so to unwind enough to go to sleep.
So if you are lucky you are asleep between 7 am and 7:30 am.

Then, where I worked, they would have meetings at 1:30 pm.
Which was mandatory, and a minimum of two a month.  So you are back up at 12:30 pm. And rush to get to the meeting in time.  And then back down about 5 pm to get up at 9 pm to go to work by 10 pm.

Not exactly your greatest slept pattern.  Even days off could be a challenge.  Do you go to bed when you get home ..on your day off?  Or try to stay up and enjoy the daylight?  And then the last day off, you end up going to bed early so you can get enough sleep to go to work the next night. 

This type of shift, is well documented to be dangerous to your life, they say. Not enough sleep. One needs at least 7 to 8 hours of continuous sleep. So one would think if one got more than 8 hours sleep, things would be good.  In fact there has been articles about getting more than 8 hours, especially if you are trying to lose weight.  I figured it out that if you were asleep, you weren't eating, is why. 

But now they have come out with another report.. And it says..
If you sleep 9 hours it could lead to many different diseases and even bring on death.

What the heck? I guess you better set your alarm clock to go off 7 and half to 8 hours after you head to bed.. or you are doomed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Marking their territory....

As we all know, male dogs and cats mark their territories.
With their own spray… Even tigers, I think they say elk and
other wild animals as well…

After talking to several female friends and family members, I have come to the conclusion that human males mark their territories as well.. No, not with their scent… urine or other wise….

Well, maybe I shouldn't rule out scent..  because these probably do have a scent.. but thankfully, it isn't one I can smell.

Ladies, you have been vacuuming your carpets (this is mostly done in the living room, but some have done it 
in the bedroom) to hear a weird sound of things going up 
the pipe of the vacuum.  Rattling as it goes up the pipe.. 
or even up thru the floor models sounding like gravel.. 

Sometimes it in the carpet in front of the male’s chair, 
some are sneaky, and put them along side of the chair, dropping them over the arm of the chair …in hopes no 
one sees them.  Some are even more devious by 
throwing them behind the chair.  Those you find every 
few months, as you don’t move the chair every time… 
and there is quite a pile there.

Have you figured it out yet? Surely those of you who 
have found these little tiny things, some times in piles, 
are grossed out by them.. It is MEN’S TOENAILS !!!!  
and some times finger nails…  UUUUUGH…

Thursday, May 23, 2013


What is surplus? (dictionary)
extra, excess, spare, leftover, remaining, additional, over
superfluous, unnecessary, not needed, excessive, redundant  all words that can be used for the word, surplus.

But there is a  difference between government surplus money and ours...
At least for most of us... we think of surplus money as money we don't have another use for... that we have all our bills paid.. in full.   If you still owe someone, you don't have a surplus.  You might have all your payments
paid for the money, and have some extra money to put in savings.. but that is not a surplus.

So how does the government feel it has a surplus, when they are not billions in debt... but TRILLIONS?
How do states consider themselves with a surplus, when they owe thousand if not millions? And we all know what happens when the government thinks it has a surplus.. it sure isn't cutting out taxes.. that is for sure..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why is it the governments problem?

Here is where I am going to get into trouble.. even lose some
readers, I suppose. But I don’t understand why FEMA for tornado/ hurricane areas.

You see those people chose to live there. I have even lived in hurricane area… I never would have expected the government to pay for repairs to my house or replace it.  Now insurance companies… yes.. There is extra
expensive insurance for those places.. I know.. I almost bought a house in what was known to be a flood land (when hurricanes show up).

But if you live in that area, you know it is a gamble if you have your property damaged. You know that.. Hurricanes and tornado went thru there before.
It might be 10 years, 20 years or even 50 years ago or even last year... but they did go thru..
You live in the path.. No one assigned you the property and said you have to go live there.  You buy the land because you figure it is worth the time and effort to live there in a beautiful area that is there 98% of the time. It is a crap
shoot and you are willing to take that chance.  But why would you think that the government owes you money to fix that?

These areas from Texas to Canada, from Florida to New England, and in between  have had this type of damage for hundreds of years. Even the flooding of the Midwest.. it is part of the lay of the land. So who paid in the past? Say 50 years ago.. 70 years ago.. 100 years ago?  The land owner
did. Yes, there were barn raising with neighbors. Those who couldn't build, did other things.. women cook meals for the workers.  There were even dances and etc. to earn money for materials in some areas… But no one said.. how much is the state or the federal government going to give me?
Well, the hard workers didn’t.

It isn't that I am heartless.. I feel bad for those people who are with out houses and their belongings are scattered from hell and back.  But the people use to take care of their own. There were underground cellars. You put your most valuable things there..   Or a steel box with your name on
it.. and who ever found it .. return it.  And towns people helped towns people. Who helped your grandparents or great grandparents? 

And I did see something on another blog, ( ) that makes sense.. why oh why do the National media feel they HAVE to show up? 

They take up the motel, hotels, and restaurants that those displaced.. could be using… for what reason?
Isn't the local newscaster doing a good enough job?
Are they helping? Do you see them out there picking up wood and stones debris ?

Did they bring food and water to hand out to those who need help? No…
No, they are there with a camera man/woman talking about places they don’t understand or can pronounce the names of. While watching owners pick thru their things, throwing the mike in their faces.. “how do you feel about what happen?”  Just once I like to see one of those people look at the camera and say, “how the hell do you think I feel.. my life is blow to the winds.. now get the hell out of the way, while I try to fix my life.” 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blackmailed? Held Hostage? Or just a rip off?

It irritates the crap out of me, being held to pay for something I don’t want.. don’t need, and have no interest in.. just because I do have some interest in part of the product.

There was talk about fixing this problem.. a few years ago, in
Congress.. but they never did do anything about it.
And come next year, when my contract runs out.. I will once again, throw out the product..(send it back to them) and call it a day.

I am talking about cable but most of all satellite television. Do you have satellite? How many channels do you get? The average is over 100.  Now how many of those do you actually watch?  Even if it is only once a month… how many?

When you deduct the, selling channels, the religious channels, the Sports channels (for us) and so many more… I think there is something like 25 channels that we watch off and one.. and less than that, every day.   

The main channels are getting so bad, and some of them have a lot of commercial programs.. selling stuff.. I am talking about ABC, CBS, PBS, AND NBC. Reality shows leave me cold.

Other than news and a handful a week of programs.. we don’t watch those very much at all. We do watch a lot of History, A&E, Discovery and National Geographic channel. Once in a blue moon, the Travel channel.  So why are we paying over $60 a month for this?  Why can’t we pick and chose what channels we actually do watch? (that is what Congress was going to fix)  I know they say they need to have those on to help pay for the ones I do watch.. I think that is a cop out. The sponsors pay well.  

Use to be you could pick which coast you wanted, but you no longer can do that. And for the over $60 I pay, there is no extra channels, like HBO or etc. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rainy, laid back weekend

Had a nice laid back weekend, with the King…starting off with the car parade for our Lost in the 50’s weekend that Sandpoint puts on yearly.
And once again they have put the parade, show and extras to bed with great success.  Even with all the rain off and on, I am sure everyone had a great time.  With any luck, maybe.. just maybe we might be in the parade next year. As
The King as been working on his 47 Ford pickup with a schedule of getting painted by the boys in July or August.. whichever time we get all those involved together.

I have figured out that 1963 must have been a great year for births as those born in that year… are 50 this year… and every time I turn around, there is another one turning 50.  
We have my sister in law, my son, my son in law, a gal I worked with, a daughter of a friend, a gal I use to baby sit when I had small children… and a few others.. 1963 must have been a very good year…

Well, I am hoping, the weather powers that be, are correct today, as I have some more pots to plant… and I need good weather..   With next weekend being the weekend chosen to be Memorial Day. (I still like it on the day its
self.. which won’t be until the following weekend, which happens to be my twin son’s birthday…now that was a memorial day) Anyway, we go out to the cemetery and put flowers on the graves. I have two pots to take with us.
And want them to have a good start before we put them there.  The Hester Family is in charge of the cemetery now.. and they have done a wonderful
job of it.   

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Of course we can't for get the RODS of Lost in the 50's car show 2013

 an animal of another breed? lol..  made out of the car parts..

Lost in the 50's car show.... in spite of rain

GENTLEMEN CARS...  and etc...

 In spite of the rain, there were quite a few who walked in the drizzle... and a fair amount of
cars.. I am sure there were those who decided not to brave the rains.. cars and people..

 one of my favorites...

 I drove one like this when I was 17... waited and waited for these gentlemen to move.. but they stood there.. and I had a lot of cars to go...

 This gentleman, open his picnic box to show me, and let me take a picture.. all of it from the 1930's.
 Yellow and orange... for sale for next year?  Terry Iverson has this one.. he did our kitchen
remodel last year..
 This green one.... is our neighbor Frank's... we watch it grow so to speak.. the first time he took
it for a run, he sat on a box... and it didn't have a body on it yet..

Remember, just click on the picture to enlarge it..