Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Why is it?/weather

I was walking to the post office and it was sunshine.. beautiful out.
I looked at the temps when I got back and it was 55,,, so why is it,
when I got in the house where the thermostat is at 67, did I feel cold?

By the way, when I walked down to the post office, it was beautiful sunshine.
Then I got home, started up the lawn mower… and HAIL… I did see really
black clouds up to the north west of us… going across the mountain.
But that usually means it is missing us and going north.. Besides it was blue
skies over me… blue skies to the south east..and west.. Guess it is like
we say.. (and we said it in Rhode Island too) …. If you don’t like the
Weather just wait a little bit and you will have some you will like.
But I am here to tell you.. hail was not of my choosing.

The weather is always a complaint. Too much rain, not enough rain,
Snow, too much snow (resorts complaining about not enough snow)
Too cold, too hot, we mere humans never seem to be satisfied.

And if you have figured out, I had not a thing in my head to write
about this day.. you are totally correct… Have a great day.. and hopefully
the weather won’t be of complaint for today. But some will complain anyway.

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