Monday, May 06, 2013

Cancelled due to good weather....

Sorry this blog is closed today, due to ..too nice of weather
to be inside writing blog.  Going to be in the 80’s today,
And who wants to be inside the house?

Even early morning TV isn’t enough deterrent. Usually at
least watch Good Morning American, but not this morning.
I will be out on the deck, enjoying the morning sun, with coffee in hand and my usual crisp bread and strawberries for breakfast.

As I slowly drink my coffee, savoring each sip… I will be completing the ideas for the day… and then it will be, get the pots out, get the dirt out, and plant all the wonderful plants we got from Moose Valley over the weekend..

So where ever you are… hope you are having the same kind of weather. And getting to enjoy your yard… and for those who are working…
I.    Am. Sorry.


Patricia Whitney-Jones said...

Good morning -- I too like to sit out on our front deck on those days when we actually have sun. I live in the northwest corner of Washington state (near the Canadian border) I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and thinking about what I should try to accomplish today. Its never much because due to my strokes I'm limited. I would love to do what you said...get pots and soil out and work with flowers...but sadly this is something I cannot do now. But...I am trying to set up myself on here (and I forget what its called). I'll take a picture of where I usually sit with my laptop to use it, read blogs, check email...etc. I'm retired on disability with my husband, 70 years old. I'll check back in later. Have a great day!!

Word Tosser said...

Never give up, Patricia, keep trying.. even on the smallest of levels.. it is a start. so have someone put a pot on the table with a couple cups of dirty, and a plant.. maybe make it a dual project... your husband brings up the pots, you do the planting.. picking out plants you both like. The pots then can sit around the deck to give you pleasure.
There is something about running your hands thru dirt that is good for the soul.. by the way, I have a cousin up in Bellingham.. nice area. I am pulling for you.. so keep trying.