Monday, May 13, 2013

When did the government become the parents of immigrants?

So where and when did the government take over with those who come here?

As you probably already know.. but maybe not now. .but  when I was a kid.. I had several friends who had parents from the old country.  Be it Italians or Portuguese.... The grandparents never did go to school to learn English.. they learned it from their kids and grandkids.. and always spoke broken English.. but English it was.

The parents who came with the grandparents to USA.. went to night school to learn.. and when they had children.. those children only spoke English by their parents request. Rarely did the grandkids know much about the home land (Italy or Portugal) language.. Only a few here and there, learn from their grandparents. and the more the generations here the less they spoke the home land language. It was an honor to speak English they said... Also every one of them worked. Starting out with manual labor, if they didn’t come over with a trade.

They came over because their husband’s, brothers’, sister’s or even child.... earn money here, and sent for them. The USA family took them in, until they  got a job. Which the American family usually had one kind of line up with their employer, or another person they knew who needed help. There were no free rides.

My childhood neighbor, Barbara Perry, had a house that her father built. He earn money working for one of the mansions as a grounds keeper. Her mother sewed in her home.. for others. Manual Perry (the father) had built the house as a two story with an in-law apt. above. The grandparents lived there.. and when they died... Mrs. Perry’s sister and husband rented it.

That is the way it was in Aquidneck Island. Family came because other family members came first. Family paid the trip over on the boat. I presume they paid the relative back, when they got a job. Some of them came over to work for the USA family, because the USA family was a farmer, or a mason or a carpenter. So he would send for his relatives or his wife’s relatives... they worked for them... saved their money, and bought a house for their family... and send for their wife and kids. Women who came over
worked as maids or nanny’s. Irish worked in stables with horses, as they were known as great horsemen... Even my English relatives did it the same way...

There were NO government money spent.  No food allowance, no phone, no car, no housing… there American family helped with that. And they all had tax paying  jobs.

That is how it was when I was a kid... None of this.. coming over and the government gives you welfare, finds you a job, sends you to school, pays for your car.. and cell phone and etc...When did we make a left hand turn?  Oh, by the way.. these people had a LOT of pride in themselves. 

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