Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saying good bye to a friend....

Today I went to the funeral of a friend.. Not a real close
friend, but a church friend..  She and her daughter would
come in mid service.. and stay for the second one..

When I got up to leave, I would always stop and tell her
hi, hold her hand.. as it was usually cold and mind were
warm.. She had the most beautiful smile.  I will tell her
how beautiful she looked and just pass the few words
each time. 

They use to come late for the first service, because
getting to church at 8:30am. wasn't always the easiest.
Especially when we have snow and etc.  But she would
be there... until 3 weeks ago.. then the word was passed
thru our church prayer line.  That she wasn't doing well.
And then she had passed. 

Like I said she was the sweetest lady.. What I didn't
tell you, was, that Rachael was 101 years young.

As the service went on... I thought about what Rachael
had seen in her life time.  She was raised in Hope, which
is about 20 mile east of us.. She played piano for her
church when she was just 14.  She went on to get
married, travel to several states in her time, even

I wondered when she got to drive her first car? She
worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Co. during
WWII..  She did many different jobs over the years.
County assessor, here in our town.  But look at
all the things she got to see that we take for granted
in our lives now.. Cars, television, space ships, trips
to the moon, (something that she never would have
imagine as a young girl in Hope, Idaho) and of course
phones were on the wall when she was young. There
was no such thing as internet.  She truly came from
the great generation...

Good bye, Rachael, thank you for your smile that
lit up my Sundays.. and I am sure for all your friends

and family.. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our lives is a rerun...

I look at some of the movies they are coming
out with.. and new movies of old movies..
Which is not really new.. been done over the
years... and of course there are the part 2, 3, 4,
and etc.. and to me.. 2, 3, and etc.. never are
as good as the original.. Probably because it
is new to us.. where 2, 3, and etc. is just rehash.
Rarely does it work.

And now we are getting geared up for elections.
Actually you and I are not, it is all the ones who
think they have the magic to be President.
But I don't see any new names.  Another Bush,
and I can't believe Romney is running again.. And
then there are the rebel rousers.. the major
tea party ones.. like Ted Cruz.. and Rand Paul
whose father has ran forever.. He was like
Ralph Nadar.. always bouncing back thru...
And Rand has been making noises of running
for quite some time.. And they are already
arguing with each other.

And there is Sarah Palin.. OH MY GOSH!!NO NO

So far the Democrats are quiet..
Yes, we keep hearing about Clinton, but she
hasn't said for sure.. And Biden has said he
is thinking about it.. but not sure..

Yep, reruns.. politics, movies, shows..
Makes reading books even more interesting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flopping like a flag in the wind...

I have been working out on my Wii...
Did I say already, that I hate exercising?

Any way, I always figured I was a pretty
stable person.. That I can stand and be
real still.. Well, I guess I can't.. As one
of the exercise is to hold really still
while they check your bmi..and weight.
I even closed my eyes to see if I could
hold still.. well, that was worse yet. And
then when the machine registered my
attempt at standing still.. well the little
red dot was flopping like a flag in the wind.

And then one of the exercise is standing
on one foot.. They do tell you, if you are
unsteady to hang on to a chair or someone.
I thought I had good balance.. and good
strong legs.. what a joke that is... my
ankles act like they are made of wet
noodles... (trainer, oh, did you fall off
of the pad?)

Yes, I really do hate exercising.. yoga
and strength type.. And the trainer
is a liar...keeps telling me how well
I am doing, and then hits me with a
low score... Also a smart ass.. I gain
a couple pounds over the weekend..
Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapenos
are my down fall.. and she told me.. well
we aren't going to meet our goal are we?
We?  Can't wait for the
weather to get better, so I can walk.

Now that I can get into.. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Computers, Internet, web sites and etc....

As we have learn over the past, almost 30 years.. there
is good and there is bad to computers and being on

Families have been reunited.  Some who were separated
when they were born or really young.. find their way back
in their 50's and up to their 80's.. Friends find each other.
Even on Facebook, many childhood friends have been

The information out there is astounding.  Be it a recipe,
or history, how to make something, be it knitting or
boxes, build a house, a bed, plant flowers, you name
it.. there is a site to tell you how.. There is a You-tube
to show you how..

But like any other pendulum, there is the other side..
The how to make a bomb, to bully someone else.
And the others is opening up the world like an egg.
We see so much horror.. and our enemies can see
us at our best and worse.. And use the worse against

With the internet being an open book.. people
sharing so much.. and the government sharing
way too much.. we are open for all kinds of
bad things..

Throwing what I call the WWII phase out the
window...:Lost lips sink ships..... 

We see terrorist who use the internet to their
whims... and see men on their knees in orange,
waiting to see if the terrorist is going to lop off
his head... some even showing that.  Luckily
some media companies show restraint and
decency not to show us.  This week it is two
Japanese men who were being shown... and
I have to ask myself...

Is internet worth it?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trying to understand....

20/20 had a program about parents.. about 4 difference ones, I think.
One of which was about a couple.. the father...started out life as a girl. The mother...started out life as a boy.  Thru their years of growing up they knew they were different. They didn't feel comfortable in their own skin.. As adults.. they made the change to fit their mind set. Their emotions.   And as it would turn out, they found each other... So now
the boy is a beautiful young woman... the girl is now a handsome young man.  But to add to this.. the girl/husband kept her internal organs as nature gave them to her.. and as a man/husband.. they had a baby.
In fact they have two children..   Some day they will have to explain to those children.... and hopefully people will be kind and let the parents explain.  Why they came forward on national television I don't know.. because you know the nature of humans is not always kind.

And this week.. on the television show called Glee, one of the actors is going to come forward with a story about transgender. The actor is a woman.. she plays the football coach.. or maybe it is just a coach of all sports at the high school... Basically they are going to walk the audience thru the process that this coach is going to go thru.
Two of her fellow employee's support her decision.  
This is profound, that the networks are going to go with this.. because this story line would never have made the surface in the 40's thru to even the 90's.
But this is the 2000's... and we are becoming more tolerable and trying to understand. After all, these are human beings with feelings. No matter how or what you feel, about them.. the bottom line is they are people... who feel like you and I about other things. And want to come to face what their sexual feelings are.   As the actor said to explain.. "this is not who I want to go to bed with.. it is how I want to go to bed as."..

These feelings ring a familiar note to me.. As I have a family member who is fighting this fight herself.(a granddaughter). As I understand it.. she has wanted to be a man for quite some time.

As an almost 75 year old woman... who was raised in the world that a man is a man and a woman is a woman... not even knowing about lesbians until in my late teens.. this is an adjustment for me... especially for transgenders...   Now gays, I have gotten use to, met some fantastic
gay people in my adult time.  And then had two daughters, come out as gays in the past 15 years or so.  I adjusted to it.. and accept it and if they are happy, that is my main concern.   But I will tell you.. it hasn't been easy... as it seems that I adjusted better to knowing they are gay, then they adjust to me accepting it.
Trying to adjust to all of this, has not been an easy one.. In fact the latest one, the transgender, has denounced me.. because I didn't understand.  When she found out that I didn't understand, and even though told I was trying... she loudly told me.. there is nothing to understand.. and get over myself... and then wanted no more to do with me...   I guess those who are transgending have a hard time with those who are not quite up to par with it.  But I tried to explain, I was dancing as fast as I could.. meaning I was trying.. it went on deaf ears...  To what will probably mean for the rest of my life.

So maybe we all should watch Glee, maybe they can make it easier on those of our age.. where we never knew of such things happening. Barely knowing about gay people.

And for the record, I have never ever put any of them down, made fun of them, .. I have always been respectful, even when I didn't understand. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Phase one...

I mention the first of the month that I was going
to make some changes.. Started off with what
I decided to do with my hair...So today, I started
phase one... phase two is in two weeks..

Right now it doesn't look like much.. It is a Mohawk
of curls with straight sides.. And it is fuzzy curly right
now.. It should relax in about a week, and the sides
should calm down some.. and then we will be ready
for the next part of this hair do... so far I like it..

Hope that continues.. lol  Worse that can happen
is, I can wear a hat for 3 months. 

this is my natural color of hair.... boy what a serious

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You don't have to be a football fan....

We were sitting around the table eating dinner with
friends by 1:30 pm.. on  Sunday...  with the Seahawk
and the Green Bay Packers playing in the background.

None of us are real big football fans.. might say
occasional fans.  No real big favorite team.
But as an Northwest resident, we lean toward
the Seahawk.. but mostly just like a good close

After dinner we started to play a game called
Mexican train. With a few remarks about the
team.  Me, talking about our neighbor's son,
who lives in Colorado, who is a die in the
wool Green Bay Packer fan... and how he must
be in his glory and rubbing it in to his Seahawks
friends... and others who must be greatly
disappointed in their Seahawks going down.

After a few games of the Mexican train, we
were checking again on the score.. had been
16 to 0, last time we check.. thinking maybe
the 3rd the ending of the 4th quarter
and remarking like it was as good as over for the
Seahawks, when all of a sudden the Seahawks
made a touch down.
But knowing it was a long way to catching up.
Next time we see the score 19 to 22.. and then
22 to 22 and over time.. AMAZING, as they had
done this in 3 minutes. 

Our game stopped as we watched the game on
the television that just got to be really interesting..
and then it came to an big bang up end..
The announcer yelling THE SEAHAWKS ARE

Our little  group went from a little amusement at
the game, to wow, they are gaining. Holy cow they
have a chance to ...THEY WON..  and this is
from 4 occasional football watchers and one
"I don't like football and the Super bowl is a
waste of time", guy.   All a sudden my husband
the one who doesn't like football, became a
expert on the game... and how Green Bay
gave it away...  He thought about calling the
neighbors son, to rub it in.. but thought, he
is probably in too much misery to pick on...
So you don't have to be a real football fan
to enjoy a good game.

Now the Patriots and the Colts was a bore,
and we quickly abandon the game, with a
game of 45 to 7.. well, it just didn't measure


Monday, January 19, 2015

Remembering yourself....

For all my friends. Please watch this... 
this is what I miss about work..
to all my fellow nursing home workers.. be you aides or nurses... this will bring back memories and tears... We had the EDEN project at MountainSide...(the healthcare center where I worked)  it was was plants, animals 
and music... because you see .. when you get to
this stage of life.. without music, what you will miss most of all.. is yourself.. music brings that back.

For those of you who never worked in a nursing home, 
health care center... or have had a grandparent or even 
your parents, who has Alzheimer's or dementia of any kind..  Even a stroke that effect the speech...    you really need to watch this.

For there for the grace of God, goes us..

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Body, don't quit me now..

Well, I did it.. I got the old Wii out and put the
exercise one in...all the batteries were dead.
A mere side step.. Got it all up and ready to go.

Pretty bad when the machine tells you "Hi" and then
says, 'WOW, we haven't see you in 433 days!!'...
And when you weigh in, it tells you.. "oh, I guess you
haven't met your goal, have you?".. And tells me that
I am 15 pounds more than I was last time, over a
year ago... damn machine..

Then it told me, after 2 exercise, that I was in pretty
good shape for my age.. and told me I had a body of
a 57 year old.. I wondered what 57 year old that was..
Because they are in bad shape...

So after the down faced reality of being obese..
and my bmi was way high.. I decided maybe I
better do something about it..  As motivation is
not my high point. 

Didn't want to over do.. so went for 20 minutes
of Yoga...  some times it was down right
embarrassing.. and some times I kind of.. well
a little, held my own.  Making it worse was
showing my old numbers... it was down right
embarrassing..  I did better with both feet on
the floor...
So I have decided... come 6:30 am. It is up and
at them... yes, body.. I said 6:30 A.M.
You know it might not be so bad.. as it did
bring back the old feeling of doing it last time
and it was kind of fun..... well, as fun as exercise
can get..
So going to do stretching and then add to that.
Should have me in fair shape by the time the
weather lets me go back to my walking route
I did last summer..

It will be fun, I said... to myself.. sure it will be..
And this year is about fun...  So Mari, get your
self in shape.. we are walking Tubbs Hill again.

Are you up for it? maybe first part of June... lol..  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The magazine I am reading now are in the 1998 time.
It is the wind down of Clinton President time. But
they are still having articles about him and Monica.

I have found it is taking me longer to read the magazines
now, than when I first got them 17 years ago.  One part
I guess, is because I am more in tune with events and
especially political.  And George, of course, being
published by John Kennedy Jr. is political based.

Also it seems to be of interest is mafia. But then I
guess mafia does follow politics.  Also there is the
murder of two rap singers...

The ads are kind of neat to see and read.. surprisingly
the cigarette ads are still going. I had thought they
did away with them 20 years or more ago. Also
full of the 20 something(young adults) ads of clothing,
perfumes and etc. Luckily the smell flaps is almost dead.

It is also kind of fun, to have them talk about things what
are now cell phones, and cars, of course,
that have moved so far forward. 

I am enjoying the magazines.. and sure the person I
am forwarding them to, will also enjoy a brief step in

the past. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reading...the old stories..

As I go thru these George magazine, I will probably address
some of the stories in my blog. As I read them. This one is,
1998, it makes me wonder.. what happen to ?  And are the
stories of then .. did they or would they change history course.

Case in point, one of the articles is about one man named
John Kasich. Which in the year of 1998, was well thought of..
A politician who seem to have it all.. One who could work with
both sides of the aisle. He, himself, a Republican.. a Teddy
Roosevelt type politician you might say.   According to the
article .. he had everything. He was for the working man. He
was against big government, he was able to pull off a great
budget when Clinton was in there.. by working both sides
together..  Reading it, there was things I liked about this
guy and things I didn't like.. So what happen, when he started
thinking about being President? As I don't remember him
at all.. Well, one thing is.. he was not for the big corporations,
and then at the end when he is putting out feelers in Iowa,
to see if it is possible.. I read that they are telling him, he
had to have 20 million to get a good start. Not an easy
achievement for a Senator from Ohio... and especially and
this is where I get the I know the way it turns out because
this is 2015... because I remember Bush jr. walking into
Iowa with a 60 million in his coffers from his daddy's friends. I
remember it, because I remember my feelings when I read
that in the papers at the time... my feeling was, yup, this
is going to be an election of money.. the candidate with the
most money will buy the slot.  And it did.. not once but twice.

The other articles were pictures of the train going from
New York to Washington DC with Robert Kennedy's
coffin aboard, and the people who lined the tracks in 1968.
Very much like Lincoln and Roosevelt.
The top 10 ban books from 1929 to 1998.. most I never
heard of and wonder if they are still on a ban list. And then
there are the top 20 fascinating men in politics. Which was
surprising..  Clinton and Annan of course, but Sherman Alexie
who I do like, Julian Bond, Sidney Blumenthal, Terry Lenzner,
Joe Cubas and Gary Bauer to name a few.. where are they

Monday, January 12, 2015


It is getting the time of the year when you start
to get overloaded with your  "STUFF".

One place that gets an overload is under my
desk. Which has some stuff, I haul out each time,
with the idea of getting rid of it. 
After all I have learned that my life is a yard
sale, 2 days after I am buried... or in my case,
my ashes blown to the wind..

3 times I have told myself, I am going to get rid
of these.. but each time as I sit on the floor, looking
thru... I see there is history here, articles of history.
Not big time history, but time that I have lived thru.
These items are 14 to 17 years old.   By now, you
know I am talking about the magazine ...GEORGE.
I also have some Time and Life to go thru as well.
Ones that I have saved because they have articles
of great stories at the time..  The death of Johnny
Kennedy Jr. The death of Princess Diane, the
death of Jackie O... and a few other people who
didn't die at the time the magazine had an article
about them.

But this is the year.. And George is going to be
the first one to go..  I have them all out. About
20 of them.. I have the first and I have the last.
The others are mostly 1999.  I don't have them
all... if I did, I could have e-bay'd them.. for money,
I suppose..   But I do have a friend, who I thought
may like to read them.. as he likes history too. So
as I go thru them, I will take two and send them to
him, until he has them all. Starting this week.

The articles are neat, as some of the issues, I
know how them came out.  Some of them are
almost as active today as they were then.. And
then there is the commercial ads..

But this is my goal for January... to get these
magazine read... and then forward to him,

who can also read and appreciate them.   

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Did I sign up for this?

I was sitting at home, minding my own business..
It was January 2, and my desire of exercising wasn't
working out to well.  So I said.. (stupidly).. Lord, I
wanted to do better at exercising...I just can't get
motivated.. I sure could use your help..

Because BINGO, there I was on Monday, a mere
3 days later.. with more exercising than I wanted,
but I don't remember signing up for shoveling
for exercise.

And then Tuesday... we were getting concern as
the snow wasn't sliding off one of our large sheds.
Which was preventing the snow to fall off that
side of the garage.  So we got out the ladders and
snow rake.  As the King was pulling off snow, I
decided to go around the garage and come up
along side of the other end. Which meant walking
thru virgin snow.. 2 feet of it.. high..

What makes this a little harder, is that my legs are
only 28 inches long. So it was like doing high steps
as I pulled my leg out of the last hole.. But trudge
on, I did... sometimes losing my balance like a
teeter totter style steps...regaining it again. With
a couple of sit downs in the process.  To make
it worse, I had to make 3 trips back and forth.
You would think I would have broke trail by that

After helping the King move ladders, and handing
up the rake.. and getting a bucket for salt and
a cup to throw it with.  After about half an hour
of moving back and forth with the ladder, we
were done.

After my wonder strides of the other trips, I
decide to go over the fence instead, like the
King came over. I was doing well, on the climbing
of the ladder, but once I stepped across and
on to the clump of snow... which I thought I
could hold me... it did not... my legs went
straight thru... past my legs.. I am stuck.
So what to do? I tried to pull my leg out,
and couldn't..... so I thought about quick
sand... they say lay down and roll... sounded
good to me..  Only trouble, when I tried to
roll, my foot got caught on the fence and
I kicked it loose only have my body
go flying down the snow bank. Of which
I heard the sound of laughter.. from the
King.  Aisle clean up...on ... which I finish
for him.... FAT LADY DOWN.. which
sent us both into laughter fits. There was
no way to recover my footing, so had to
crawl the rest of the way down and then
stood up with what little dignity I had left.
With the King hanging on to his ladder,
trying not to fall off from laughing. 

Lord, are you sure this is what I signed up for? 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

This is a new year, and I am going to have fun...

This is the beginning of 2015...
2015... I turn 75 this year.. not until April..but..

I am going to have fun.. I am tired of playing it
safe.  I am going to do some stuff that is wild and fun.

I won't care if others understand or not.. And at
the risk of being said, that I am losing my mind...
But believe me I am not losing my mind.. I am
reclaiming it..

Tired of being the proper grandmother, the proper
mom, the proper wife... or what ever else...

It wouldn't be anything illegal.. it won't be anything
that will hurt others.. unless being embarrassed
by being with me.. counts..

Haven't totally decided what I am going to do.. have
an idea or two.. but going to play it by ear.. as it comes.

That is fair warning.. lol..

And I plan on doing a lot of dancing this year.. and hell 
and be damn who doesn't like it... as I won't I will be the one dancing..

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

What a difference a day makes...

going in for dry and warm clothes so he could do the neighbors ....

raking snow off the green house

These pictures are about 4 days apart...

The king went from playing on his snowmobile that
he just sold, with out a jacket on Saturday...
To being bundled up, walking behind the snow blower
or riding his 4 wheeler up and down the driveway.

It took over an hour to move the 12 inches of snow
from our driveway.. First with the 4 wheeler and then
when it was to heavy to push... he used the snow
blower to throw it further. 

Then came in, had a cup of coffee, changed to warm
dry clothes, went back out and did the neighbors on
each side.. as best as he could.. considering how
heavy it was.. but at least had parking places for them.

Monday, January 05, 2015

How Fast... are you?

How fast do you dismantle Christmas and put it away?
I start usually the day after Christmas... but this year I
am doing it slower as we are entertaining some.

It was all gone for another year by the
2nd of 2015. The day before New Years Eve.. the inside was
half packed away.

So how about you? When do you have it all packed away?
I know some who leave theirs up until March 1st.  And
some leave a little bit up year around..

I usually leave the lights on the fence and house, year around.
Makes a great way to direct people to your house that never
been there before.. "I will turn on the Christmas lights on
for you, so you can tell which house is ours".  Also I have a
flag that is on the gate.. so turn that on in July for the 4th.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

January 1, 2015


Guess the question we have to ask ourselves, is...
Am I where I want to be at this time next year?
You have a whole year, to plan something.. do something
change something.. meet someone... visit someone...
What have you done since the first day of 2014 to now?
Any regrets?
Is that all you want out of life?
Well, here is 2015... think about it.. what would you like
to do?
So hoping you don't have much of a hangover... and mellowing
out watching football... and going back to work on Monday.
What do you want to do. no resolutions.. they are worthless..
You don't have to be old to make a bucket list, for the year.
Start small..