Monday, January 05, 2015

How Fast... are you?

How fast do you dismantle Christmas and put it away?
I start usually the day after Christmas... but this year I
am doing it slower as we are entertaining some.

It was all gone for another year by the
2nd of 2015. The day before New Years Eve.. the inside was
half packed away.

So how about you? When do you have it all packed away?
I know some who leave theirs up until March 1st.  And
some leave a little bit up year around..

I usually leave the lights on the fence and house, year around.
Makes a great way to direct people to your house that never
been there before.. "I will turn on the Christmas lights on
for you, so you can tell which house is ours".  Also I have a
flag that is on the gate.. so turn that on in July for the 4th.

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