Thursday, January 08, 2015

Did I sign up for this?

I was sitting at home, minding my own business..
It was January 2, and my desire of exercising wasn't
working out to well.  So I said.. (stupidly).. Lord, I
wanted to do better at exercising...I just can't get
motivated.. I sure could use your help..

Because BINGO, there I was on Monday, a mere
3 days later.. with more exercising than I wanted,
but I don't remember signing up for shoveling
for exercise.

And then Tuesday... we were getting concern as
the snow wasn't sliding off one of our large sheds.
Which was preventing the snow to fall off that
side of the garage.  So we got out the ladders and
snow rake.  As the King was pulling off snow, I
decided to go around the garage and come up
along side of the other end. Which meant walking
thru virgin snow.. 2 feet of it.. high..

What makes this a little harder, is that my legs are
only 28 inches long. So it was like doing high steps
as I pulled my leg out of the last hole.. But trudge
on, I did... sometimes losing my balance like a
teeter totter style steps...regaining it again. With
a couple of sit downs in the process.  To make
it worse, I had to make 3 trips back and forth.
You would think I would have broke trail by that

After helping the King move ladders, and handing
up the rake.. and getting a bucket for salt and
a cup to throw it with.  After about half an hour
of moving back and forth with the ladder, we
were done.

After my wonder strides of the other trips, I
decide to go over the fence instead, like the
King came over. I was doing well, on the climbing
of the ladder, but once I stepped across and
on to the clump of snow... which I thought I
could hold me... it did not... my legs went
straight thru... past my legs.. I am stuck.
So what to do? I tried to pull my leg out,
and couldn't..... so I thought about quick
sand... they say lay down and roll... sounded
good to me..  Only trouble, when I tried to
roll, my foot got caught on the fence and
I kicked it loose only have my body
go flying down the snow bank. Of which
I heard the sound of laughter.. from the
King.  Aisle clean up...on ... which I finish
for him.... FAT LADY DOWN.. which
sent us both into laughter fits. There was
no way to recover my footing, so had to
crawl the rest of the way down and then
stood up with what little dignity I had left.
With the King hanging on to his ladder,
trying not to fall off from laughing. 

Lord, are you sure this is what I signed up for? 


Spice Queen said...

Bent There Dent That ;)Too Funny!
Here's a tip:
Fertilizer pellets/granules work great for melting snow on walks or roofs. They also feed your lawn & flowers in Spring unlike salt that kills & corrodes...Just Sayin! ;)

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard seriously still have tears in my eyes.