Wednesday, January 07, 2015

This is a new year, and I am going to have fun...

This is the beginning of 2015...
2015... I turn 75 this year.. not until April..but..

I am going to have fun.. I am tired of playing it
safe.  I am going to do some stuff that is wild and fun.

I won't care if others understand or not.. And at
the risk of being said, that I am losing my mind...
But believe me I am not losing my mind.. I am
reclaiming it..

Tired of being the proper grandmother, the proper
mom, the proper wife... or what ever else...

It wouldn't be anything illegal.. it won't be anything
that will hurt others.. unless being embarrassed
by being with me.. counts..

Haven't totally decided what I am going to do.. have
an idea or two.. but going to play it by ear.. as it comes.

That is fair warning.. lol..

And I plan on doing a lot of dancing this year.. and hell 
and be damn who doesn't like it... as I won't I will be the one dancing..


Mari Meehan said...

Can I play?

Word Tosser said...

Sure can... I am starting little stuff until the weather clears in the spring..

Mari Meehan said...

Keep me in the loop! I can use some giggles.

Anonymous said...

Way to go. I like your style, and we only live one life. It cannot always be for others. We have to nurture our souls. So, enjoy. If it includes music and dancing, you got my vote! Happy 75th year.😊