Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reading...the old stories..

As I go thru these George magazine, I will probably address
some of the stories in my blog. As I read them. This one is,
1998, it makes me wonder.. what happen to ?  And are the
stories of then .. did they or would they change history course.

Case in point, one of the articles is about one man named
John Kasich. Which in the year of 1998, was well thought of..
A politician who seem to have it all.. One who could work with
both sides of the aisle. He, himself, a Republican.. a Teddy
Roosevelt type politician you might say.   According to the
article .. he had everything. He was for the working man. He
was against big government, he was able to pull off a great
budget when Clinton was in there.. by working both sides
together..  Reading it, there was things I liked about this
guy and things I didn't like.. So what happen, when he started
thinking about being President? As I don't remember him
at all.. Well, one thing is.. he was not for the big corporations,
and then at the end when he is putting out feelers in Iowa,
to see if it is possible.. I read that they are telling him, he
had to have 20 million to get a good start. Not an easy
achievement for a Senator from Ohio... and especially and
this is where I get the I know the way it turns out because
this is 2015... because I remember Bush jr. walking into
Iowa with a 60 million in his coffers from his daddy's friends. I
remember it, because I remember my feelings when I read
that in the papers at the time... my feeling was, yup, this
is going to be an election of money.. the candidate with the
most money will buy the slot.  And it did.. not once but twice.

The other articles were pictures of the train going from
New York to Washington DC with Robert Kennedy's
coffin aboard, and the people who lined the tracks in 1968.
Very much like Lincoln and Roosevelt.
The top 10 ban books from 1929 to 1998.. most I never
heard of and wonder if they are still on a ban list. And then
there are the top 20 fascinating men in politics. Which was
surprising..  Clinton and Annan of course, but Sherman Alexie
who I do like, Julian Bond, Sidney Blumenthal, Terry Lenzner,
Joe Cubas and Gary Bauer to name a few.. where are they

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