Tuesday, January 06, 2015

What a difference a day makes...

going in for dry and warm clothes so he could do the neighbors ....

raking snow off the green house

These pictures are about 4 days apart...

The king went from playing on his snowmobile that
he just sold, with out a jacket on Saturday...
To being bundled up, walking behind the snow blower
or riding his 4 wheeler up and down the driveway.

It took over an hour to move the 12 inches of snow
from our driveway.. First with the 4 wheeler and then
when it was to heavy to push... he used the snow
blower to throw it further. 

Then came in, had a cup of coffee, changed to warm
dry clothes, went back out and did the neighbors on
each side.. as best as he could.. considering how
heavy it was.. but at least had parking places for them.

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