Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throw back Thursday....Rokon's Staff

, JULY 29, 2005

Rokon's Staff

I have always loved cats. Dogs are
cool but I like cats better.

I use to have a sweet male cat
that was black. He was a sweet
heart, who greet me as I came home
from work in the morning. He
would hear my vehicle drive up
and jump up on the back of the
couch that was near the door.

He got use to eating at 5 am or 6 am..
Either the King was going to work and
would feed him before I got home.
Or if the King was off, then he ate
when I got home. But on the rare
weekends that I had off, which meant
no one was up at 5 or 6... he would
be ready to eat. He could not get us
to wake with him meowing, so he came
up with another plan. We had touch
tone lamps.. So he would rub back and
forth until it got up to the high beam..
And it is hard to sleep with lights in
your eyes.But then we lost him to
leukemia, about 5 years ago.

At the end of December last year,
I ended up going to the animal shelter
to JUST LOOK at cats. My grandson
had been after me to get another cat.
He has two and loves cats also. So after
quite a bit of persistence, I said I
would go just LOOK.

I had looked at many in several
rooms. Not finding any I really could
get attached to. I went in with the
mind if I got one I would get a male.
In the final room, I saw a smaller cat she latched on to me. As I
was petting her, I thought I would like
to have her. So called the King. He was
not receptive to the idea. But he had
gotten a hunting scooter the Sept. before.
I was not crazy about that and told
him so. So I reminded him about the
scooter and that I had not given him as
much of a bad time over that, as he was
over the cat. So he said, fine... but it is
YOUR cat (remember this) and it is
your problem..Get a good litter box. So
went to the counter and signed up for
her. And they were having a discount
on cats.

My grandson held her as I sign up and
drove home. He was thrilled. Now for
a name... When the King came home,
he looked at her and said what did you
call her. And is she fixed? I told him yes,
she was fixed. And her name is ROKON..
Now we both have ROKON'S that the
other isn't fond of. You see that is the brand
name of his hunting scooter.

So here we are now 8 months later. And
Rokon has us trained well. My other cat
was a house cat. Rokon decided that
was not to be for her. She likes to hide in
the grass. She comes and goes as she
pleases. The old screen on the front door
serves her well for going in and out. So we
have to shut the door if we want to keep
her in. And she protests greatly. Never seen
a cat's mouth open so wide.

And at night? Well, she comes
strolling in...if it pleases her. When
it pleases her. She has come up on the
back deck, gets 4 feet from the door
as I call... and looks at me, then as if to
say.....NAH, I don't think so, maybe
later. and walks off. Even with the King
(remember who told me it was MINE
cat?) calls for her... "here baby doll, here
baby".... Some times she comes in for him
and sometimes not.

Now she has decided the other side of
the road has taller grass than we have
and is more fun. I have done everything
possible to discourage this. As I
don't want her to be roadkill. She loves to go
in the culvert under our driveway.

And one night when I decided not to play
her game and left her out ... well, she came
in at 5am telling me what she thought of me..

They say that people own dogs,
but cats have staff... sorry to say..
but in our house... we are Rokon's staff...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Black Cloud over Bonner County

In the last 3 days of our last weekend....
4 people died in 3 different accidents.

We started off with a woman whose car
was found wrapped around a tree up on
the Priest Lake road.  And she is dead.

Then up next... an impatience young lady,
passed a semi, only to just miss a mini van
and hit head on a loaded dump truck. The
truck ended up sliding into the mini van.
By some wonderful miracle, the people in
the mini van survived with only bumps and
bruises... Same for the dump truck driver.
Sadly not the young ladies car load. She was
airlifted to a hospital and her two passenger

We barely got finish reeling about this great
sadness, when another lady who was also
impatient and decided in a merging lane, to
pass another merging vehicle, to end up
across the other lane and head on into the
coming car with her truck.. with two young ladies...
which the car behind them.. could not stop in time,
so rear ended the car.  The lady who decided to
pass.. sadly paid for that decision with her life. 
The rest are in various injuries.. The young lady
driving the car, has two broken legs.  She just
signed a sports scholarship this early summer.

All of this is so sad.. and one has to ask WHY?
WHY or WHAT was so important that these
ladies couldn't just wait a few more seconds?
The one passing the semi, was only a couple
thousand feet from a double lane where she
could have passed with ease.  If the lady had
been a little more patience, the traffic would
have blended well and she would have been
traveling across the bridge at a fast pace of
50 mph.   And the lady who hit the tree.. I don't

But the fall out for all the remaining families of
the dead and injuried?  Was a few minutes worth
it?  I am not blaming these drivers, after all of
us at one time or another have been impatient,
and passed.  So far we have had the good sense to
make sure we had the room to do so.. and that
is why we are still here to read and me write this.

For the love of God, people.. think about it..
Some try to blame the road.. but it really comes
down to the decision of the driver... who makes
a bad choice.. and destroys so many peoples lives.

Too bad each time we go down to get our driver's
license, we weren't made to sit and watch what
has happen to these people.. and who all it involved.
The accident is only the beginning of the ripple.
What you want in and out.. sign your name, take
your picture and out.. TOO BAD.  TAKE THE TIME,
WE ALL NEED TO TAKE THE TIME.. being driving
or just in life.  And by the way... you know that friend
of yours, you haven't talk to lately.. or taken some
time with?  Maybe you better.. you just never know.   

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Package from home state...

No matter where you move to.... there are certain reminders of the place you use to live as you were growing up. 
Certain foods.  For me it is lobster, clam cakes, stuffies,
pistachio ice cream, awful awful's at the Newport 
So when the subject came up on Facebook a couple weeks ago
Some one gave me a site to go to. And sure enough
there were several things of interest. 

These are what peaked my interest. 

As you can see there is clam cake batter. 
Black Pearl clam chowder
Newport Creamery Wicked Good Chocolate fudge topping
and most important of all.. 
happen to be Quahog clams.. 
Quahog clams to make STUFFIES. 

The memories of Stuffies comes from a time my brother brought to my house about 2 gunny sacks of Quahogs.  Quahogs are about
3 times the size of cherry clams. 

We had his 2 children and his wife... and my 5 children, husband
although he wasn't much help...  

My brother steamed the clams, and he and  I grind them with a Portuguese sausage and onions, adding spices and bread.. making
a dressing so to speak.. And then his wife packed the clam shells
full of these clam dressing. And the kids wrapped them in foil,
and placed them on a flat cookie sheet.  It took us a couple of 
hours to do all of we must have had about 50 or more clams by the time we got done.. I say my now deceased  husband wasn't much help, because he thought we were crazy... so he walked around with a beer in his hand, telling us how he wasn't going to be eating this stuff... called Stuffies.  My brother even offered some
clam juice for his beer.. no way.. 

After we were completely done.. and had cooked up a batch of
the stuffies. we sat down with a huge platter full of Stuffies. 
and Marv still saying... no way... I finally talked him into at least trying them.. told him if he really truly did not like it.. I would finish it... Well, he ended up eating 6 stuffies... 

Good times.. good memories.. ... and my sister in law sent me
the recipe for the Stuffies.. so some time this week.. I am going
to make some... see if they come out as good as I remembered. 
Sure wish I had the clam shells as that helps the flavor. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

The new game in town....

How many of you have bought a subscription
for a magazine and the following year get
a notice of an AUTOMATIC renewal?

This year I have gotten 4 of them.  And I know
I did not click any automatic renewal.

You see when you are in your 70's you don't
do automatic renewal of anything.  Not unless
it is something for the whole family.

See, each year, I look at it as a blessing..
At 70, you start to see the fuzz mark on your heel..
the expiration date.  Not clear yet.. but you know
it is coming.  If you are lucky, it could be 10 years
if not.. it could be next year or even next month.

You don't dwell on it... but you don't make long
term plans. Especially magazines that your relatives
don't want to be stuck with..

So I have written across the notice NO.. NO..  DO
NOT RENEW..  explaining to them.. that I don't do
automatic renewals...because I don't know if
I will be here next year...

Only one I have renewed... See the others are mostly
ones that I ordered in order to help my great
grandson with his school subscription drive.. and it
is hard to find any wants to read anymore.

So watch your opting for a magazine, you might be
signing up for an automatic renewal.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

These I remember....

Common Sense

Yet all of these words that I was raised with..
that we lived by ...
have slowly fading away from society.

There is enough of the underlying of people that
aren't in the news, that still try to live by these.
But less and less are.. as they see the people in the
media, especially those in sports and music and etc.

The young lady who was caught licking off a donut
at a donut shop.. her apology rang hallow.

You see Kanye West get up on the stage and denounce
the winner of an award... because HE thought someone
else should have gotten it.
This weekend another who lost, tweeted remarks
of how she didn't get to win or get nominated
because of another person..  What happen to
gracefully congratulating the person who won.
Talk about sour grapes...

We all know that respect and common sense left
the building years ago.  And sensibility, I think,
that left right behind respect and common sense.

It seems to be fashionable to put others down,
make fun of those less fortunate.  

Those born in the past 15 or 20 years have
only seen and heard this new way of being..
Sadly so... and no one seems to want to teach
the difference...or they get laughed at trying.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Still enjoying our summer....

This has been such a great summer...
You already saw the family reunion in June.
Which it just came to my attention, that we..
my own direct family... we have never had a
family reunion...  We have gotten together in
sections.. Meaning my 4 sons and my youngest
daughter and I have gotten together for a birthday,
wedding and such.. but this is the first reunion
with not only my own kids, but grandchildren
and the great-grandchildren.  Have to do again..
maybe in a year or two..

Also this year has had visitors.. Our granddaughter
who didn't get to make it to the reunion came with
her family.. One of the cutest little boy and her
husband stay at her dad's and my daughter's... and
we got to have a couple visits and celebrate her

Also the weather has pushed forward our garden to
turbo speed. Squash is coming so fast, I can hardly
keep up..  And now the tomatoes are coming on
at lightening speed.   So we have been eating and
freezing the vegetables left and right.
With all the stuff in the news about the dangers of
GMO's food.. it is good to know that your own
garden, not only has great tasting food but safe as

Well, I got to go get ready for the next visitors.
Our son and his wife are coming in this weekend..
It is his 30th class reunion... ... 30th!!!!!!! how is
that possible.. 30 years ago I watched him walk
across the stage to get his diploma with a great
smile on his face and a skip in his step as he left
the stage?  30 years ago .. already?  WOW..

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Loonie mail

It looks like there is a new group of loonies
out there in never never land...

I got this post card in the mail... it has a
internet site to go to..but not going to do that.
Don't want anything come close to me in this
bunch... don't want it on my computer that
I went to their site..

As you can see, there isn't a lot of information,
but a lot of weirdness.  Are they left over from
the group that killed themselves in San Diego
a few years ago.. You know where they found
a bunch of guys in bunk bed, dead... waiting
for the mother ship to pick them up?

Actually it is scary to know there are such people
out there, like this.. and the other scary part is
that they vote too...  At least I think they do?

They bombarded our county with these.. and hope
it is the last I hear from them.. 
Says "Survival is not possible on this continent, You
must evacuate now!!!...  but didn't say where we
are suppose to evacuate to? Asia? New Zealand?
after all it say you can't survive on THIS continent.
Didn't say anything about the others.. Figure it
should have said survival is not possible on this

And the space ship on the back was a hoot!!
Pretty spendy card too.. glossy heavy paper.
Wonder how many went to the garbage or

Monday, July 20, 2015

Preview to retirement...

The King has some surgery done a week ago Friday.
So that meant he was home for a week.  Which gave
me a preview of what retirement will be like next year
when he walks out of the door for the last time on
May 31. Or if he makes it an even week.. June 3rd.

But in all fairness, I had it easy... See the first 5 days,
he was hurting too much to get into any trouble.. And
I was in nurses aide  (old nurses aides never really get
to retire) mode.  Then the last 4 days, actually weren't
too bad.. as we did some fun stuff.  Went for a ride
in his convertible, to Blanchard, (haven't been there
for about 15 years).. had lunch there at a very nice
restaurant. It was mom and pop type.. but very clean
and good tasting food.. with reasonable prices.
Also did yard sales on two day. And a birthday
celebration for one of the grandkids.

Next year should be a little easier than this was as
he really couldn't do much.. Nothing on the honey-
do-list and not any on his own list..  But next year
he has a lot of projects he wants to get done.
One of the bigger ones is to finally get his 47
Ford done.. He is so close to getting it there. Once
he gets the wiring mastered, he will be in the easy
lane.  And one of our son's is coming over to help
with that.

Also we want to travel some as well. See the kids,
go fishing with the kids, and of course a week at
the beach would be in line too.

He will find out, like I did, that you are busier
in retirement than you were when you were working.
With better working habits.. like stopping for a cup of
coffee when ever you want to.
So this retirement may not be so bad after all.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Happy Group

Some say that the elderly are a happy group,
and that it is because they are retired.

And that is kind of true, but not the whole truth.
You see, we were like all of you under the age
of 60.. everything bothered us.  The government,
our bosses, the kids, the neighbors.. well, you
know how it is.. Protests, screaming at others.

But those of us over 60 and especially over 70,
finally figured it out.. NO ONE REALLY GIVE
A RATS.... about anything the average person
problems.  So why stress yourself out over some
thing no one cares about.

If you can change things what is one thing.. but
those of us in the older group, finally caught on.
The President doesn't care about you and I.
Congress sure the heck doesn't care about you
and I. They only care if they get in office.  And
you and I aren't the ones who get them in.  That
is the big money that baffles us with money, ads
and lies and false promises to get us to vote for
them.  Once they are in.. it is the citizens?  what
citizens?  It is all lip service.

They make laws for us. We have no input. I don't
know when the citizens of the United States  lost
control. We can't vote on ANY law, or policy's.
So really why worry about it.

Same thing is for State. But we do occasionally
get to vote on a policy... but most of them are
done by the people we send to our local
capital.  Same is true of our local county and
city officials.  99% we don't have a clue who
they are, and what they really believe.. and
then it is what the advertisements tell you.
And once in a while the debates.  But that is
short, so you really don't know any of them.
So we vote on faith or what our neighbors
tell us if they know the person.  So you vote
and hope for the best.

But we learn there is hardly anything we can do
about anything except our own direct lives.
So we learn to go with the flow.  Live each day
with as much enjoyment as we can manage. We
let go of our children's problems if we are smart.
After all our parents did.  And the grandchildren?
That is their parents problem.

You can sympathize, feel bad for those, but 99%
is out of our hands... so why stress out about it.

I tell people I have 4 rules/questions....when it comes
to others...

1. is this my problem... and 99% of the time it isn't.
2. do I want to help, and 99% of the time you shouldn't
    (and it turns out just fine)
3. Am I financially responsible for this? 99% of the time, no.
4. Do I want to give money for this?  99% of  the answer
      is no... because if you do, it doesn't help, it postpones things.

Once you figure it out that you should not get involved in
others problems.. it is air lifting for you.  And you are happy.
You go do things that makes you feel happy. Travel, garden
work, help our kids with projects.. Have fun.

You don't go protesting anymore.. you don't argue politics
with friends and others anymore.  Or argue about
religious stuff anymore.  After all, why? what does it do?
stress you out?  And what does stress do? Ruins your health.
So you shake your head when you see other stress out..because
they haven't learn the secret to being happy.

No there is still some stubborn ones, who still stress out
and argue.. but we are the ones with the smiles.. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Sure, at one time or another, we all have wanted to
run away... but have you ever run away?
where and how and how many times?

Somewhere around the age of 8, I got upset
with my mother.  And I ran away.. allllllllll
the way across the field.. Which was about
5 or so acres.  I didn't do a very good job
of it. After all, I didn't run away a lot. And
I really didn't know anyone who had run
away.  So I walked across that field like
a big shot... got to the other end.. where
the highway was.. and sat down in the grass.
Sat there for a while.  Laid down and
watched the clouds ago by.  And sat up
again.  About that time Mr. Armbrust
who own the motel there across the
stone fence, came out and waved.  And
it dawn on me.. I forgot lunch, heck
I forgot anything to eat or drink. And
even tho it was summer, I didn't bring a
blanket either.  I am thinking this was not
a good plan.. So I got up and went home..
What a bummer. But I wasn't mad anymore.

The next time. well, actually I didn't run
away.  But was caught talking about it.

There I was, on my hands and knees scrubbing
the floor at the age of about 35.  I was disgusted
with the kids.. I was disgusted with the old man.
I was disgusted with life.. AND as I scrubbed
really hard in my anger... I said.. "You know, 
I am fed up, I am going to run away after I
finish this floor"... only to be wakening up
from my little world, with laughter.  It was a
friend of ours, who came in to use the bathroom.
He said, after he got finish laughing... so when you
go, can I go with you?  I said sure...and we both laughed.

I don't remember any of my kids wanting to run
away. I am sure they thought it, but none acted on
it.  Or if they did, maybe like me.. no one noticed.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The cool of the evening

Lately the King and I have been sitting outside
on the deck. The weather has been in the 80's
which seems cool compared to our recent temps.
of 95 to 110.  Which in itself is rare for us.
Especially in June. And early July.

With the quiet of the neighborhood, with a
few barks from the neighbor's dogs... it is

So our new entertainment has been watching
the hummingbirds.  We usually have 2.. but
this year we have had up to 6.

The King has even named them.. there is Black
Bart, Greenback, Peewee, 'the twins", and Red

About 6:30....7 pm.. they come  swooping
in and there is a little competition some
times. And we figured out that Black Bart
is not a social one. As he loves to chase
off  others, even tho there is 4 different
feeders out there. The "Twins" like to duel
from time to time..  but run back the same
feeder together. PeeWee is the more social
of the bunch. He will find something to
perch on and watch us.  The others flit from
place to place, flowers, feeders and etc.  But
Pee Wee will sit for up to 15 minutes. Red
Baron only graces us once or twice a week.  

Guess we are officially old people.. as we

entertain easy.. 

This is Greenback

and here is Peewee

one of the twins, looks like Peewee but bigger. 

 unwelcome visitor..

The elusive RED BARON

 BLACK BART...  maybe should be called he is mean 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Why is it?

"It's about time, it's about space...
it is all about the human race...."

I can not only remember those words.. but they
come to me every so often.. about twice a year
or more.. Yet, I haven't heard them for.. what 30
years or more?

Do you remember them? Do you remember the show?
Or who the stars were?  I do..  I hope if I am
ever in a contest and they play those words and ask
me.. I hope I will win a couple thousand dollars ... because
so far it is useless information... and I can't lose the little

And I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday.
What really upsets me is.. I can be somewhere and think
WOW..that would be a great blog subject.   But later
that night????  I got NOTHING.. NOTHING AT ALL.
Unless I happen to write myself some notes on it.. which

happens about 10 per cent of the time.. 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

We have to be the most stupid people...

We are either the most stupid people or we
flat don't care.

We have had over and over for years and years
of crude, insensitive, boorish, hurtful, behavior.
This nation and I presume others have it too, but
we see it on our media sources daily.  Facebook,
elections lies, stories in the paper and on the news.

There is judgmental people, who criticize  people
constantly.  Too fat, the way one wears clothes,
people are different so they are either bullied and
or beaten. We read it daily, we see it reported on
the news daily. And we are in horror when we read
it and are disgusted by it.

Yet, no one, none of us, either collectively or
individually, do anything about it.  When we
hear it, we are embarrassed by hearing it or
seeing it. Yet rarely do we speak up for those
who are being picked on... Why is that?

I am not pure white on this myself.. I have found
myself, not saying anything.. when I hear it,
afraid of the fall out?  I don't know.  I know a
few years ago, I made a real effort to stop quick
judging. Especially vocally, but also internal
as well. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt
they aren't like I perceive.  Besides who am I to

Why do we as human's feel it is acceptable?
Why doesn't society try to change?  Is it so
big, and gone on so long we feel we can't

turn the tide?   I find it so disheartening.    

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

What is in the news?

In our local area, the number 1 story is the fires.
Justly so, as we have so many of them, that our
valley is filled with smoke from the many
fires around our area.  Some are close ..20 miles
as the bird flies... or the other two that are in the
other direction about 40 miles as the bird flies.
And not counting the one just over the Canadian
border and over in Spokane. We have even made
the national news on Good Morning America and
the nightly news.

But other news is mostly about the Rebel flag.. and
even Facebook has many voicing their views on it.
And the over kill of canceling Duke of Hazard
because they have the Rebel flag on top of the
car.  Even rumors of the man who owns the original
is going to paint over the Rebel flag and put the
American flag.  So much over kill.  I might agree
with the one on the capital flag pole in South
Carolina. But even that one should be up to the
citizens of that state. 

But what happen to the international news?
Did ISIS take a holiday?  That would be wonderful
if they did..  but it seems we are playing too much
time on trivia stuff, when there is a lot more

troubling things to worry about.  

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The good times of summer with side effects...

Here we are enjoying the joys of 4th of July.
The joys of the parade, picnics and fireworks.
All joyous time....

But with a black cloud over it.  Some years are
dry, but this year is especially dry. So campfires
and fireworks are usually down sided.. but there
is always those who don't think the rules are for
them..  And of course Mother Nature doesn't
help much either. With lightening...

We here in Bonner County, are in the mist of
several fires. There is two by Priest Lake,
which is about 30 miles as the bird flies from
us.. and then there is the one that has made
national news... the Cape Horn fire near Bayview.
So far over 8 houses have been lost and a lot of
people fearing for theirs. As just a quick shift
of the wind and it could take out a village.

Washington State ... in Wenatchee area, had that
very thing happen to them last month. A fire they
figured they had a handle on, with in minutes shifted
with the wind and lost of houses and hundreds of
acres of land lost. And flames whipping local business
on the edge of town.

Our valley has a smoke hue to it.. and firemen
have been working around the night trying to get
it in control. Both fires are sending smoke our way.
And our hearts go out to those who have lost their
homes... and the ones who are finding shelter to
stay with their animals as they wait to see if their
house is next.

So stay safe out there.. and whenever dealing
with outside fires.. keep in mind, it doesn't take
much to lose control.


Monday, July 06, 2015

It is summer time and the living is easy...

Well, kind of.. seems like it goes crazy fast,
or slows down to nothing...

4th of July has been my favorite holiday. No present,
which makes it great for starters.. but there is good cheer,
parades, picnics and fireworks.  

So usually on the go thru the whole time.. but this year,
not so much.. It was a 3 days holiday for the King, as the
school district decided to honor Friday for the 4th, being
it fell on Saturday.  

The kids went out of town to be with other siblings.
And had a great time.. in-laws didn't come up this time.
So we were left to our own choices.  So we did the
Sandpoint parade.. we had our own cookout.. which was
ate in, as it was too hot to be outside.  And we passed on
the fireworks.. See the local one only has 10 minutes
worth. After sitting for 3 hours waiting, so we could have
a good seat, and it lasted exactly 10 minutes, about 6 years
ago. Well, I have decide that isn't good enough to back
the car out of the driveway.   
So Friday and Saturday was laid back.
Sunday, was a little more busy... we had breakfast with
friends, stopped by to see another one we hadn't seen for
a year.. and then in the afternoon, said good by to my
Dr. who retired.. A 29 year association of trust. Not
easy starting over, when you are my age. But have been
lined up with a woman Dr. Which will be new.. as in all
my 75 years, I have never had a woman Dr.  She seems
nice enough.  

So that ends the big weekend of the 4 of July. Which is
kind of mid way of summer it seems like. Starting with
Memorial Day in May.. and ending with Labor Day in
September.  In this fast lane of life.. it seem that with summer
almost half over.. is faster than I want to go.  

Saturday, July 04, 2015


 This gal has made sure that the parade and its area runs smoothly for years..
Thank you Cherie Lane
 people gathered

 AND BELIEVE  IT OR NOT... IT STARTED AT 10:02... Sandpoint is well known
for late starts. up to an half an hour late..

THE FIESTA  BONITA MEXICAN RESTAURANT in Ponderay... they had the best
music... and the horses.. oh, my gosh.. they were fabulous, as you can see I took
a lot of pictures of them prancing.... so beautiful...

and then there was a pup along for the ride...

I want one of these.. when I win the lotto, it will be high on my list

and as time ran out.....
 we headed to the shady area, where we parked our car to get out of town with ease