Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Happy Group

Some say that the elderly are a happy group,
and that it is because they are retired.

And that is kind of true, but not the whole truth.
You see, we were like all of you under the age
of 60.. everything bothered us.  The government,
our bosses, the kids, the neighbors.. well, you
know how it is.. Protests, screaming at others.

But those of us over 60 and especially over 70,
finally figured it out.. NO ONE REALLY GIVE
A RATS.... about anything the average person
problems.  So why stress yourself out over some
thing no one cares about.

If you can change things what is one thing.. but
those of us in the older group, finally caught on.
The President doesn't care about you and I.
Congress sure the heck doesn't care about you
and I. They only care if they get in office.  And
you and I aren't the ones who get them in.  That
is the big money that baffles us with money, ads
and lies and false promises to get us to vote for
them.  Once they are in.. it is the citizens?  what
citizens?  It is all lip service.

They make laws for us. We have no input. I don't
know when the citizens of the United States  lost
control. We can't vote on ANY law, or policy's.
So really why worry about it.

Same thing is for State. But we do occasionally
get to vote on a policy... but most of them are
done by the people we send to our local
capital.  Same is true of our local county and
city officials.  99% we don't have a clue who
they are, and what they really believe.. and
then it is what the advertisements tell you.
And once in a while the debates.  But that is
short, so you really don't know any of them.
So we vote on faith or what our neighbors
tell us if they know the person.  So you vote
and hope for the best.

But we learn there is hardly anything we can do
about anything except our own direct lives.
So we learn to go with the flow.  Live each day
with as much enjoyment as we can manage. We
let go of our children's problems if we are smart.
After all our parents did.  And the grandchildren?
That is their parents problem.

You can sympathize, feel bad for those, but 99%
is out of our hands... so why stress out about it.

I tell people I have 4 rules/questions....when it comes
to others...

1. is this my problem... and 99% of the time it isn't.
2. do I want to help, and 99% of the time you shouldn't
    (and it turns out just fine)
3. Am I financially responsible for this? 99% of the time, no.
4. Do I want to give money for this?  99% of  the answer
      is no... because if you do, it doesn't help, it postpones things.

Once you figure it out that you should not get involved in
others problems.. it is air lifting for you.  And you are happy.
You go do things that makes you feel happy. Travel, garden
work, help our kids with projects.. Have fun.

You don't go protesting anymore.. you don't argue politics
with friends and others anymore.  Or argue about
religious stuff anymore.  After all, why? what does it do?
stress you out?  And what does stress do? Ruins your health.
So you shake your head when you see other stress out..because
they haven't learn the secret to being happy.

No there is still some stubborn ones, who still stress out
and argue.. but we are the ones with the smiles.. 

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