Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Loonie mail

It looks like there is a new group of loonies
out there in never never land...

I got this post card in the mail... it has a
internet site to go to..but not going to do that.
Don't want anything come close to me in this
bunch... don't want it on my computer that
I went to their site..

As you can see, there isn't a lot of information,
but a lot of weirdness.  Are they left over from
the group that killed themselves in San Diego
a few years ago.. You know where they found
a bunch of guys in bunk bed, dead... waiting
for the mother ship to pick them up?

Actually it is scary to know there are such people
out there, like this.. and the other scary part is
that they vote too...  At least I think they do?

They bombarded our county with these.. and hope
it is the last I hear from them.. 
Says "Survival is not possible on this continent, You
must evacuate now!!!...  but didn't say where we
are suppose to evacuate to? Asia? New Zealand?
after all it say you can't survive on THIS continent.
Didn't say anything about the others.. Figure it
should have said survival is not possible on this

And the space ship on the back was a hoot!!
Pretty spendy card too.. glossy heavy paper.
Wonder how many went to the garbage or

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