Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Sure, at one time or another, we all have wanted to
run away... but have you ever run away?
where and how and how many times?

Somewhere around the age of 8, I got upset
with my mother.  And I ran away.. allllllllll
the way across the field.. Which was about
5 or so acres.  I didn't do a very good job
of it. After all, I didn't run away a lot. And
I really didn't know anyone who had run
away.  So I walked across that field like
a big shot... got to the other end.. where
the highway was.. and sat down in the grass.
Sat there for a while.  Laid down and
watched the clouds ago by.  And sat up
again.  About that time Mr. Armbrust
who own the motel there across the
stone fence, came out and waved.  And
it dawn on me.. I forgot lunch, heck
I forgot anything to eat or drink. And
even tho it was summer, I didn't bring a
blanket either.  I am thinking this was not
a good plan.. So I got up and went home..
What a bummer. But I wasn't mad anymore.

The next time. well, actually I didn't run
away.  But was caught talking about it.

There I was, on my hands and knees scrubbing
the floor at the age of about 35.  I was disgusted
with the kids.. I was disgusted with the old man.
I was disgusted with life.. AND as I scrubbed
really hard in my anger... I said.. "You know, 
I am fed up, I am going to run away after I
finish this floor"... only to be wakening up
from my little world, with laughter.  It was a
friend of ours, who came in to use the bathroom.
He said, after he got finish laughing... so when you
go, can I go with you?  I said sure...and we both laughed.

I don't remember any of my kids wanting to run
away. I am sure they thought it, but none acted on
it.  Or if they did, maybe like me.. no one noticed.

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