Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The cool of the evening

Lately the King and I have been sitting outside
on the deck. The weather has been in the 80's
which seems cool compared to our recent temps.
of 95 to 110.  Which in itself is rare for us.
Especially in June. And early July.

With the quiet of the neighborhood, with a
few barks from the neighbor's dogs... it is

So our new entertainment has been watching
the hummingbirds.  We usually have 2.. but
this year we have had up to 6.

The King has even named them.. there is Black
Bart, Greenback, Peewee, 'the twins", and Red

About 6:30....7 pm.. they come  swooping
in and there is a little competition some
times. And we figured out that Black Bart
is not a social one. As he loves to chase
off  others, even tho there is 4 different
feeders out there. The "Twins" like to duel
from time to time..  but run back the same
feeder together. PeeWee is the more social
of the bunch. He will find something to
perch on and watch us.  The others flit from
place to place, flowers, feeders and etc.  But
Pee Wee will sit for up to 15 minutes. Red
Baron only graces us once or twice a week.  

Guess we are officially old people.. as we

entertain easy.. 

This is Greenback

and here is Peewee

one of the twins, looks like Peewee but bigger. 

 unwelcome visitor..

The elusive RED BARON

 BLACK BART...  maybe should be called Grinch..as he is mean 


Mari Meehan said...

How great to have so many differnt kinds!

Sue said...

Beautiful humming birds - I've never seen them "in the flesh".