Monday, July 06, 2015

It is summer time and the living is easy...

Well, kind of.. seems like it goes crazy fast,
or slows down to nothing...

4th of July has been my favorite holiday. No present,
which makes it great for starters.. but there is good cheer,
parades, picnics and fireworks.  

So usually on the go thru the whole time.. but this year,
not so much.. It was a 3 days holiday for the King, as the
school district decided to honor Friday for the 4th, being
it fell on Saturday.  

The kids went out of town to be with other siblings.
And had a great time.. in-laws didn't come up this time.
So we were left to our own choices.  So we did the
Sandpoint parade.. we had our own cookout.. which was
ate in, as it was too hot to be outside.  And we passed on
the fireworks.. See the local one only has 10 minutes
worth. After sitting for 3 hours waiting, so we could have
a good seat, and it lasted exactly 10 minutes, about 6 years
ago. Well, I have decide that isn't good enough to back
the car out of the driveway.   
So Friday and Saturday was laid back.
Sunday, was a little more busy... we had breakfast with
friends, stopped by to see another one we hadn't seen for
a year.. and then in the afternoon, said good by to my
Dr. who retired.. A 29 year association of trust. Not
easy starting over, when you are my age. But have been
lined up with a woman Dr. Which will be new.. as in all
my 75 years, I have never had a woman Dr.  She seems
nice enough.  

So that ends the big weekend of the 4 of July. Which is
kind of mid way of summer it seems like. Starting with
Memorial Day in May.. and ending with Labor Day in
September.  In this fast lane of life.. it seem that with summer
almost half over.. is faster than I want to go.  

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