Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Black Cloud over Bonner County

In the last 3 days of our last weekend....
4 people died in 3 different accidents.

We started off with a woman whose car
was found wrapped around a tree up on
the Priest Lake road.  And she is dead.

Then up next... an impatience young lady,
passed a semi, only to just miss a mini van
and hit head on a loaded dump truck. The
truck ended up sliding into the mini van.
By some wonderful miracle, the people in
the mini van survived with only bumps and
bruises... Same for the dump truck driver.
Sadly not the young ladies car load. She was
airlifted to a hospital and her two passenger

We barely got finish reeling about this great
sadness, when another lady who was also
impatient and decided in a merging lane, to
pass another merging vehicle, to end up
across the other lane and head on into the
coming car with her truck.. with two young ladies...
which the car behind them.. could not stop in time,
so rear ended the car.  The lady who decided to
pass.. sadly paid for that decision with her life. 
The rest are in various injuries.. The young lady
driving the car, has two broken legs.  She just
signed a sports scholarship this early summer.

All of this is so sad.. and one has to ask WHY?
WHY or WHAT was so important that these
ladies couldn't just wait a few more seconds?
The one passing the semi, was only a couple
thousand feet from a double lane where she
could have passed with ease.  If the lady had
been a little more patience, the traffic would
have blended well and she would have been
traveling across the bridge at a fast pace of
50 mph.   And the lady who hit the tree.. I don't

But the fall out for all the remaining families of
the dead and injuried?  Was a few minutes worth
it?  I am not blaming these drivers, after all of
us at one time or another have been impatient,
and passed.  So far we have had the good sense to
make sure we had the room to do so.. and that
is why we are still here to read and me write this.

For the love of God, people.. think about it..
Some try to blame the road.. but it really comes
down to the decision of the driver... who makes
a bad choice.. and destroys so many peoples lives.

Too bad each time we go down to get our driver's
license, we weren't made to sit and watch what
has happen to these people.. and who all it involved.
The accident is only the beginning of the ripple.
What you want in and out.. sign your name, take
your picture and out.. TOO BAD.  TAKE THE TIME,
WE ALL NEED TO TAKE THE TIME.. being driving
or just in life.  And by the way... you know that friend
of yours, you haven't talk to lately.. or taken some
time with?  Maybe you better.. you just never know.   

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