Monday, October 31, 2016

The story behind Halloween, according to Barbara

A zillion years ago, when my kids were young,
we lived in Jamestown, R.I. for a short time.
During that time, Halloween came.

There was a beautiful woman name Barbara,
who was my brother’s sister in law.
She, also has a slew of kids, decided to
take the newbies (us) trick or treating..but
first we had to go to Mass. It was
All Hollow Eve, Mass.   And of course,
not being a Catholic, I had not a clue what
All Hollow Eve Mass was.  So she explain
it to me…

All Hollow Eve was when the people celebrated,
harvest and communicate with their love ones
who passed before.
So they would go to the grave site and celebrate
being close to their love ones..  They would
wear scary mask to scare off the evil spirits.
And bring treats to leave at the grave.. flowers
and etc. They would bring food in their festive
times…  and using cut out pumpkins with
scary faces to be placed in the cementary to
ward off the evil spirits..

I thought that was a pretty neat story. I think
She said it came from the Irish.. not really
sure, so don’t quote me.
So each Halloween, Barbara… I think of you
and the fond times we had together… I hope

your family follows thru with your thoughts. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Most likely not finished.....

Things that are on the list of
“Most likely not finished…”


Songs (forgot the words)

Glass of wine

Projects (be they household, or vehicle)
(my mother had a chest full of unfinished shorts, blouse, skirts, from my home ec. class) (lack of interest or money)

Friendship (be it anger or death)

Blogs (see below)

Idea (run out ideas of how to end)

Book (put down and not picked up again

A nights sleep (a loud noise in the house or problems)

College classes

Jobs (fired, or laid off)

new years resolutions

How many can you add to the list?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Joke is on me.....

Many years ago.. at least 30 and maybe even 40,
I purchased this wonderful eagle ….. you can see,
that I kept all the paper work.. Explaining how it
Is “limited series”….

In my housekeeping and downsizing my good stuff,
I came across my eagle and his paper work. The
box fell apart a few years ago..  but I kept the rest.
After all, this will be worth collectors money later..

I thought, I am going to google it and see if it is.
And sure enough… there it was… for sale on
E-BAY… My heart started to flutter, until my eyes
looked down…

Americana Collection Birds in Flight "AMERICAN BALD EAGLE" Porcelain & Wood Base
100% Positive feedback
Item condition: Excellent condition figurine and base. There are no chips, stains, cracks, crazing, repairs or anything.
Price:US $1.96
$11.48 Economy Shipping  
As you can see the joke is on me… There were
several for sale.. the highest price was $5.00 and
that was for the ROYAL edition.. and mine is only the
Americana edition… so worth a mere… well, you can see.

So into the Goodwill box it will go.. oh, yea.. I looked to
see the number on it.. there is no number.. why didn’t I
catch that years ago… guess my eyes never went
pass “Limited Edition”

So 30-40 years later… it will cost more to ship it,
than to get my money out of it.. Because I think
I paid something like $14.95 for it. Wonder …does
IRS, give allowances for depreciation in art work?
Because I am running at….at least a $12.00 lost.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I got nothing to do.....

Well, that isn’t necessarily true..
I feel like the kid during summer… I’M BORED

But I have a lot I could do.. like clean out my file cabinet.
I could clean out my back room and rearrange
things. None of them sounding appealing..

Next month is the big cook off..
Where I cook all the zucchini breads, cookies
and etc. for the Christmas baskets.. So that
will keep me busy…

Well, I better go find myself a small project to
get myself going.. Going to be a long winter..

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Bathroom Door......

As any mother of more than one child will tell
you, the bathroom door was a shield.  For just
a few minutes if you are lucky, it shield you from
the world on the other side.  You could hear, but
you couldn’t see.. and what you didn’t see, didn’t
bother you so much.  And seeing tiny fingers
sliding under the door, amused you for a few
minutes.  Later to be replaced by kitten paws.

But to those children.. who are on the other side,
It is the WAILING WALL…    There was no peace
for the mother on the inside.. As there was usually
Wailing on the other side.. starting off with just a
few words…  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, Janey,
Won’t let me watch cartoons on television.
MOOOOOOOOM, Joey won’t let me make my own
sandwich. MOOOOOOOOOM….Fred said I am a
bugger.  MOOOOOOOOOOOM, Joey said he is
going to hit me, if I tattle on him anymore. MOOOM,
Well you get the idea…  Then it changes into the
DEBATE AREA… and the trapped parent is the
Judge.  As they speak for their case…..

Yep, the good old bathroom door…
I wonder if that is still true, after all, each child now
has a cell phone, or a game that entertains them
with out their sibling interfering.

Some are replaced by husbands who are trying
to find lost things.. Hon, where is the pan I like to
use, or his favorite jacket…. And of course the kitten paws, that reach thru, trying to open the door. Or the whining

dog who didn’t make it thru the door when you went in 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 down and then the big test....

We have the 3 debates done and over.
As such as they were..

The first one, a friend and I made it thru
30 minutes and we couldn’t take anymore.
She is a true red Republican and me, the
Cafeteria Party. Anyone reading my blog
over the years knows that I started the
Cafeteria Party during the Bush election
number 1.  But we were equally sick of
the whole thing, and figured we had
better thing to do.. even it was to wash
our fingernails.

The second and third ones, I lasted 3
and 5 minutes.  Number 2 I switched
over to the Green Bay Packers game
as, surprisingly NBC did not carry the
debates.  And number 3, it was Carol
Burnett and then Mash. Much more
enjoyable.    Of course, having already
voting the absentee ballot, I had not
a horse in these two races.  

Thank goodness they are over with. I
think the worse ones in all of history.
Now we wait for the end results.  And
that can’t come too soon… but then
I can hardly wait 4 more years when
we get to go thru this again.. pending
that I am still alive to see it. Actually

nice if I was Rip Van Winkle… and slept the 4 years.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Umbilical cord

I have often joked about the King’s
cell phone being his umbilical cord.
without it.. he is so lost.
Me? I gave up my cell phone almost 14
years ago. I kept leaving it on the table
anyway.. so cancelled it and saved 30
some odd dollars, when I retired. So I don’t care.

But have found my umbilical cord. The
Internet. …  I had to do from Monday night
to Tuesday late morning… without.
I could think of so many things I could do
IF ONLY I had my internet. It wasn’t just
Facebook connecting with my friends and
family, but other things as well..

With the losing of my hearing slowly but surely,
It is easier to communicate with my family by
emails or messages.  So leaving a note that night
was frustrating.    I did find out one of my friends
did miss me as she messaged me ..and wondered
if I was ok.. She is a sweet person…

Funny, when I was down in Portland most of
July and August and part of Sept.. 10 days at
a time with out internet… I was fine.. but at home
It was harder..  Guess because I was so busy
down there.. I didn’t have time to miss it so much,
and had left messages to the ones I talk to the
most that I was going to be gone.

Funny how we become attached to our electronics. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

no server

Today's (Tuesday)  post has been cancelled due to lack of server overnight and in this am..

Monday, October 17, 2016


Address for sale or rent……
I will give you off, 50 per cent…

This is the time of the year of
catalogs… Good grief.. some
one had to sell my name and
address off to someone, or I should
say to the nation..

I am getting at least 3 to 4 catalogs
My post office box is horrible on the
weekend. As that is the day I get my
bonafide magazines.  Meaning the
ones I actually ordered.  Not the ones
that they send to hopes that I
will order a subscription.  So add to
that about 3 to 5 catalogs.. it is so
packed,  it is hard to get my mail with
out ripping it.

There are some days I have gotten 6
of those darn things.  From companies
I didn’t even know existed. Selling every
thing from holiday food to health products.
Which that in its self can be embarrassing.
The ones with vibraters   in them.. for your
neck.. OH, SURE.. like I believe that.  They
are sex toys, gentlemen.. so putting it with
the heating pads, and stockings for compressing
your legs.. doesn’t cut it..

Be glad when the election is over and I will

Be glad when the holidays are over. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


We have a heck of series of rain and wind storms
coming in for the next 3 days.. Starting tonight.
Winds up to 45 to 60 gusting is what they say.

Seems there is a storm coming out of Japan, a
Typhoon type. Which will be kind of toothless
by the time it gets across the Pacific, but
never the less can be a mess.

So checked the yard for anything that could possibly
be flying ammo… Got jugs of water, in case the
electric goes off..downtown at the plant.  Have
enough non cooking food, just in case.
Batteries are good in the flashlights… candles are
easy accessible.

Growing up in hurricane land… you get to know
what to have ready. Oh, yea.. and books to read.

So we should be good to go. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This and that....

A beautiful day… cold for sure.. ice in the dogs
water bowl… but sunshine all day. We finally
got to see the mountain. And as you can see
the snow season has started.  I am sure that
the snow will disappear and then reappear
shortly later, for the serious stuff. And the
Skier’s delight.

So I got busy outside. It felt so good. First
with sweater and coat, then peeling off
the coat.. and later the sweater as I finished
up the final yard winterizing. And the King
taking one more run across the lawn with
the mower.   Spending over all 3 or more
hours out there. My body has muscles
that I was not aware of.. and surely know
where they are now.  Even took a short
nap as I started to read a magazine. I
was beat.

As I watched the news, of course the debate
Is the top topic.  So I decided to give a name
to each of them.
First debate…Bobble head, giggles Hilary
Whose head constantly bobbed, as she giggled away
Second debate..Getting to know you…
getting to know about you.. But with a change
of words… Telling about you, telling all about

3 more weeks, right? Then the nation picks the
biggest ass of the nation. God help us, that we
get a good Congress. They spent the last 8 years
blocking everything Obama… now maybe they
can work and take away the executive order privileges.

And you know in 4 years or less these two will be at
each others cocktail party laughing about how they
tried to undo the other.  Don’t think so.. looking at
Clinton and Bush buddy buddy act.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Just nothing to say...Them and Me...

I watched a total of 10 minutes of the debate
last night… I had no pony in this race, after
all, as you know.. I already voted and sent it

I say total, because I watched the Green Bay Packers
and New York Giant game.  While I like football, these
are not my favorite.. so that tells you how desperate I
was to find something else…     

So I watched about 4 minutes at the beginning, and
checked back twice during the game… all the same
stuff.. Nothing new..  same old b.s.    But as I watched
Donald try to answer or maybe I should say, get around
answering a question… one person came into mind.
Sarah Palin.. the double talking candidate of a few
years ago… You know.. say a lot of words, that don’t
necessarily have anything to do with the question.

So shook my head and went back to watching the game
until 60 minutes came on.  

Monday, October 10, 2016

Disappointing....what happen to N.O.W.

My generation of women were the ones who stood
up for women’s rights.. Not to be confused with the
Hero’s of the 1880’s to1920’s and etc.. who really started the Women’s Rights Movement.. Going to jail, protesting
before protesting was cool..

But the 1970’s women, who stood up, who protested,
who were ridiculed by men and those in office…
Fought long and hard.. Were considered gay because
they gathered together to fight the good fight. To
bring on lawsuits of sexual abuse, sexual harassment
And  unfairness in the work place.  And still fighting for
equal wages for equal job description, even though
there was a law already passed.  Doing this not
only for us, but for our daughters, and granddaughters,
and etc.

Does his family give it a .. oh, that is just dad or
Donald spouting off.. being dad? Oh, he doesn’t
mean it?   THEN why the hell did he say it?

And those who are not related to him in anyway,
What is wrong with you women?  My generation
did not fight for this kind of treatment.. verbal or
not.  No, I am not giving Bill Clinton a pass on it
either.. but at least Bill tried to cover his over.
Nor his wife who gave him a pass..she should
have stood up against him.. but I guess the marriage
counselor give her points for forgiviness and "standing
by her man".
Trump brags about it.. only apologized when he
had to.

And men, you don’t get a pass either. Would
you say this was acceptable if he was talking
Would you leave them alone in a room with this man?
If not, then why are you giving him a pass?

N.O.W. President Betty Friedan must be spinning in
her grave.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Yearly prep work....

I go kicking and screaming into the good night of winter.

Had to break down and get my wooly pjs out. Changed the sheets from summer to the mid sheets.. (they are the ones
made of t-shirt material.  Too soon for the flannel or fleece.

And the heater, which is set at 65, kicked on yesterday

Winter, oh, winter do not knock on my door… Let Fall and Indian Summer last for a little while longer…

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


I won’t be posting about the election anymore,
unless these two can  out do their idiotic that
they do now.

GENTS….  I used the absentee ballot.  Because
I don’t want to go to the zoo that I think our voting
particular one has maybe 200 voters.

I was not for using mail in ballots in the past. But
We had the school levy and we were going to be
gone…so we went down and put in for it.  And
voted.  Also one of the Senators sent us a
form for a one time for the primary.  And I found
it was actually nice to take my time marking everything,
but also to go on line and look up unfamiliar people
running for one of the office.  And it worked this time as well,
as there were 3, that I never heard of.  So I looked
them up. I looked at their online sites and read it.
It was actually nice.

So over the weekend, we sat down, and voted,
researched.. and tried to make sense out of HR29.
And Monday we mailed them out… Our votes are
casted.. no more b.s.  Yes, we will probably get the
dang calls, but I can cut them off at the pass with

And no, I am not telling you who I voted for or against.
Last time I did that, was when Obama ran the first time.
A person who I was friends with for a long time, wrote
me off.  Not only wrote me off, but in the process, she
emailed me a vile email about my intelligence, and
parentage, and a few other things she threw in.
Telling me she did not want to be friends with such
Uninformed idiot.
Made me pretty sad as I counted her as a good friend.
But I guess she wasn’t….. to count me off just because
I voted for Obama.

It is a pretty sad thing, that these two… Clinton who
is a chameleon, and Trump … well, there just isn’t any
nice words to use to describe him… are the only ones
who American can put up there for choices.   Where the
heck was the ones who are running for VP, during the

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

11 days without the media...

We were away for 11 days. Which
meant we were without our paper
and magazines, there was no internet
there..and a very limited television seen.
Not even radio…

We visited out daughter, but we
all chose to watch movies, and
only saw a very limited news and
that was local.. This was by choice.

The house we were in, had a working
televison in the back room.. and we
chose to only watch local for the weather,
and about 20 minutes of the debate.
(that is all we could stand)
Again by our choice. 

We chose to talk with the people we
were there to help. Great conversations,
about family… and good times about the
person who passed away, With his 3 sisters,
that we were cleaning out his house.
Even when there was a lull, I chose to read
my Nook.

And now that I am back, looking thru our
magazine and newspapers,that came while
we were gone, The only sadness I felt was
the passing of a dear friend in the newspaper
and the passing of Arnold Palmer.. who I liked.
And THANKFULLY …. Missed the break up of
The Pitt-Jolie bit. 

You know in this day and age..and the horrors
of the media circus of the Ship of Fools… I
can do this easily .. Maybe the King is right.. the
Dead man channel is best… (all the actors

are dead now) that we get over the air antenna.       

Monday, October 03, 2016

We don't relate...

The mores alike we are, the more we aren’t…

It is no wonder we as Americans can’t get along.
We have no concept of what others are alike.

We know there is great differences between the
American life and Europe or Asia and etc.  We see the poor, we see the rich of those countries.. and they are so different that we can’t understand why they do what they do. The ISIS the Syrians, Israel, the Palestine’s… the two sides of the Irish.. even England..  Because we don’t live there. And only see what the media shows us. It is all a National Geographic life to us.

But we have the same here in America. We see by the media, the riots of Missouri, Mississippi and even Philadelphia.  That people in the towns of Montana can’t not relate to how those people get to that point.

We seem to be great at gathering things for any national disaster… look at the 9-11 or Katrina situations.. things came from all over.. The tinest town in any state.. churches gathered supplies to be shipped to those areas. No state, no town refused to help. We all relate to that…

Yet the cattle man or woman of Montana, or any business for that matter in the towns of Montana or even Idaho… maybe even Washington state can relate to the people and their lives in Chicago, Los Angles or even New York City.
Yet we the people.. of each.. want to have laws that fit all.
When our lives don’t fit all.  Those in the western states think of guns as a supply of food, …birds, elk, deer, moose and alike.  We don’t think of shooting people as the main reason to have a gun. We do think of protecting ourselves.. but that is a rare thing for us.  Where in those cities mention above, guns means protecting yourself on a daily bases.. or the means to take from others, what the person with the gun wants.  Or worse yet, to end an argument.  And those cities think of it as a daily bases..  Where when it does happen to us in the west.. we are still at the point, we are horrified that it happen in our towns.

Even daily life… take a child from New York City, Los Angles or Chicago…and place them on a farm in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arizona and etc.. and that child is overwhelmed with that life style.. Same thing goes with the reverse.   Even when most have seen those life styles on any given media… We just don’t relate to the reality of it.