Monday, October 03, 2016

We don't relate...

The mores alike we are, the more we aren’t…

It is no wonder we as Americans can’t get along.
We have no concept of what others are alike.

We know there is great differences between the
American life and Europe or Asia and etc.  We see the poor, we see the rich of those countries.. and they are so different that we can’t understand why they do what they do. The ISIS the Syrians, Israel, the Palestine’s… the two sides of the Irish.. even England..  Because we don’t live there. And only see what the media shows us. It is all a National Geographic life to us.

But we have the same here in America. We see by the media, the riots of Missouri, Mississippi and even Philadelphia.  That people in the towns of Montana can’t not relate to how those people get to that point.

We seem to be great at gathering things for any national disaster… look at the 9-11 or Katrina situations.. things came from all over.. The tinest town in any state.. churches gathered supplies to be shipped to those areas. No state, no town refused to help. We all relate to that…

Yet the cattle man or woman of Montana, or any business for that matter in the towns of Montana or even Idaho… maybe even Washington state can relate to the people and their lives in Chicago, Los Angles or even New York City.
Yet we the people.. of each.. want to have laws that fit all.
When our lives don’t fit all.  Those in the western states think of guns as a supply of food, …birds, elk, deer, moose and alike.  We don’t think of shooting people as the main reason to have a gun. We do think of protecting ourselves.. but that is a rare thing for us.  Where in those cities mention above, guns means protecting yourself on a daily bases.. or the means to take from others, what the person with the gun wants.  Or worse yet, to end an argument.  And those cities think of it as a daily bases..  Where when it does happen to us in the west.. we are still at the point, we are horrified that it happen in our towns.

Even daily life… take a child from New York City, Los Angles or Chicago…and place them on a farm in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arizona and etc.. and that child is overwhelmed with that life style.. Same thing goes with the reverse.   Even when most have seen those life styles on any given media… We just don’t relate to the reality of it.    

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