Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Joke is on me.....

Many years ago.. at least 30 and maybe even 40,
I purchased this wonderful eagle ….. you can see,
that I kept all the paper work.. Explaining how it
Is “limited series”….

In my housekeeping and downsizing my good stuff,
I came across my eagle and his paper work. The
box fell apart a few years ago..  but I kept the rest.
After all, this will be worth collectors money later..

I thought, I am going to google it and see if it is.
And sure enough… there it was… for sale on
E-BAY… My heart started to flutter, until my eyes
looked down…

Americana Collection Birds in Flight "AMERICAN BALD EAGLE" Porcelain & Wood Base
100% Positive feedback
Item condition: Excellent condition figurine and base. There are no chips, stains, cracks, crazing, repairs or anything.
Price:US $1.96
$11.48 Economy Shipping  
As you can see the joke is on me… There were
several for sale.. the highest price was $5.00 and
that was for the ROYAL edition.. and mine is only the
Americana edition… so worth a mere… well, you can see.

So into the Goodwill box it will go.. oh, yea.. I looked to
see the number on it.. there is no number.. why didn’t I
catch that years ago… guess my eyes never went
pass “Limited Edition”

So 30-40 years later… it will cost more to ship it,
than to get my money out of it.. Because I think
I paid something like $14.95 for it. Wonder …does
IRS, give allowances for depreciation in art work?
Because I am running at….at least a $12.00 lost.

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