Monday, March 31, 2008

I have thought of a few subjects to write about...
but not of them seem interesting to me.
how can you write something when it
is boring to the writer... you can't
expect the reader to be thrilled either...
so for today...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Morning Idaho 3-29-08

This is what we woke up to this morning.... had to stomp a trail for Misty, so she could go potty..
the road picture..... that road was bare yesterday afternoon, after the 6 inches had melted off from the day before. And it is still coming down and windy... to boot.. last blast of winter? I sure hope so...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Of Spring 2008

We who deserve a break

In the state of Idaho

Proclaim April 2nd

The first day
Of the rest of this year

As the start of warm weather
And sunshine,

Snow no more..

Until November 31st.
Note: Using April 2. as we know we are getting snow thru Monday

CABIN getting worse...

We have the candidates still..
I said... STILL.. battling it out.
And there is still almost 3 more
months of this.. just to get to
who is going to run against

3 more months of daily garbage
being thrown around. Dirty tricks,
and more and more about the
personal side. Not so much as
who they are, but who they know.
And how it can be used against a
person. The saying," I am not my
brother's keeper" comes to mind.

Also stories of how I won the war.
(Well, that is exaggerated by me) ..
but Hil's story of gunfire as she got
off the plane was a little much like that.
One should never ... ever... make
as statement about what you did
or didn't do, when the media is
like skin to you in everywhere you

She forgot? How stupid is that?
This wasn't something some one asked
her. This was a volunteered comment.
Before one opens one's mouth, and
inserts foot, one should check out
exactly what footage there is on the
subject. And her poor daughter, when
asked about it.."uh, what ever she said,
it happen that way...I know I was thrilled
to be there". At least she didn't lie. May
be should elect her?

Also I am sick and tired of snow. It
sure doesn't help my attitude. Which
seems like it is at a all time low.
As much as I have tried to put on a
smiley face.. yesterday morning was the
straw that almost broke the camels
back. And I understand that this
isn't over yet. This afternoon is the
start of up to 18"inches of snow between
this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe I should become a bear. You know,
when it gets cold in the October or November,
to hibernate until it warms up again in April.
Gosh, 6 months of this... no wonder I am
tired of it all and going stir crazy.

What is the saying? Idaho has 4 seasons,
Summer, early winter, winter and late winter?
Sure feels that way this year..

I am afraid to start laughing as I might not
stop and the King will have the boys in white,
taking me away. If he does, maybe he better
make sure they are wearing blue, green, or
pink, anything but WHITE...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just another day???

As Easter came and went, one thing
that came to mind. What happen to
Easter? The Easter I was raised with?

In my childhood, it was all about dress
up. Suits for the boys & men, and
dresses for women & the girls.
Hats, white gloves. Church.

And big family dinners. Easter Parade.
Even on television... the New York
Easter Parade. Did they have one this

I didn't see all of the ads about the
clothes for Easter. I'm sure they must
have been in the paper, but where
is all the dress up people?

Some how the holiday part kind of
disappears when the kids get grown.

And just for the record.. I didn't dress
up either. It was a nice part of pants,
a spring like pull over shirt, and sneakers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At what price?

The United States of American and it's
taxpayers pay out 100,000's of dollars
to train each and every soldier we have.

Of those soldiers, 60 per cent of them,
(my guess) are trained to be killers.
Professional killers. Some to more
degree than others. Like the Rangers,
and the Green Beret, Special Forces.

Then we send them off to war. To kill the
enemy. They are hunters of jungles and towns.
They are told to never trust anyone. Their fellow
soldier is the only one, and then they still have
to be cynical.

These men, so far it has been men...
are sent out to fight for 9 months or
more, and home for a short time and
sent back out. Some times their time
in the field is extended.

Then when they get home, they have
great difficulties adjusting to what we
call normal life. Be it for a week, a
month or after they are out.

The training to undo everything that they
have had drummed in to them, brainwashed
so to speak, is barely dealt with. A few places
have Vet run meetings for these men. I said
Vet run, run on donations.. not government run.

Why is it, we don't put as much money into
adjusting these men to normal life as we do
in combat killings? Why is it that a short timer,
comes home to his house, with nothing or close to
it? Why isn't there a program that pays these Vets,
for living quarters, food and medical ...just as they
were for when they were trained for combat?

Please don't tell me because we don't have it in our
budget. We certainly found it for them to be trained
to kill. To be trained to kill or be killed. There should
be equal money for deprogramming as there is for
the programming. Before their family lives are destroyed,
and they become homeless or worse.

We won't even talk about the medical care for the physically
in juried and their families. Or the family left behind with
home mortgages and they have lost their man to the war.
With barely enough to raise their children left behind and losing
their homes.
Another hole that the government has been lack in.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Life for a Day Park

You know how they have Disney World
and Water world or what ever for the kids?

Well, I think they should have a place for us
over 50 group... A place where you can pick a
year that was a good year for you, when you
were younger. When you were 20's or 30 or
even 40's. When life was really good. Not
financially so much, but of when you felt
in your heart and soul, that life was good.
And you were still young enough to enjoy it.

Then when you go to that year, you get to go
to the area you were living at that time. The
Park would have the same neighborhood,
houses, stores, music, items in the stores
that was during the time you thought it was
a good year. Your house, your neighborhood.

The down side would be.. the people, unless
they were visiting that day too...but then again,
maybe like West World movie, they could have
robots that look like the people that lived there
at that time. As many of them have passed
away, by now.

Just so you could live one day, in the time you
thought it was so good. Mine would be in the
70's.. in Roslyn, Washington. I think I would
pick a summer day. But snowmobiling and
sledding by the house was a good time too.
Or the late 70's when I was in Cooke Canyon
Ellensburg, with the forest as my back yard.

But you couldn't change anything, because
that would mess up the present of now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Passing quietly into the night...

A week or so ago, there was a
passing of a great man. A man
that some might disagree, that
he was a great man. But a man
that achieved a lot in his 80 some
odd years.

One might say he started as a play
boy of sorts. Coming from a family of
money. I do not remember all of the
things he achieve and besides, he
really isn't remember for those of
60 or more years ago. He is better known
for what he was or did in the past 50
years or so.

I came across him on a talk show.
He was kind of pompous I thought.
But he also had a heck of a sense
of humor...or would you call it wit.
They are kind of the same, except to
me, wit is humor with intelligence.

And politics was his game. I don't know
why he never ran for office. But he sure
had opinions about politics. And even if
you didn't agree with him, you listened
to him and admired him. At least most

I saw him on his television show called
Firing Line. He had many on there of
different ideals. Most of them of political
theater. But also sometimes the common
man. And he treated them with the same
honor and respect, as he did the very intelligent.

He was the bell of the ball in many ways,
socially as well as the political arena.
Presidents listen, even if they didn't agree
with him. He was friends with many of them
in all of his years. As he was with Kissinger,
and several others. He was the Conservatives,
Conservative. He wrote National Review. I never
read it. It just wasn't my thing at the time. And
a lot of his words were over my head, quite

But I loved watching him on television especially
on talk shows, where he would make fun of the
very fiber that he was made of. Yale, and others
as well. But there was a lot of interesting subjects

So good night William Buckley, go gently into the
good night. Always the gentleman..

Friday, March 21, 2008

And I was 28....

Were you born in 1950 ...1952????
then in 1968........where were you?

Were you smoking marijuana? or
harder drugs? Were you giving
free love? Were you part of the
protest of the 60's? Were you
shocked by the Kent incident?
Were you part of the don't trust
anyone over 30?

So you are what, 56-58 now?
Are you part of the new protest?
Or are you of the complacement, of
keeping life as it is.
Are you the one at the grocery store
checking out the carbs, and fat
Are you checking the
veggie isle for USA veggies and
Are you careful about what
you put in your mouth now?
Gave up smoking, and drinking because
it is bad for your health?
Are you watching your children
like a hawk. Are you teaching
your children absence?

Isn't it funny how time turn
you around? How, once out of
control you were as a teen, and
now you control your children as
your parents tried to do to you..

Guess it goes with, what comes
around, goes around...

But as a very wise teacher told
me in a class... life is a pendulum
it swing from the very left of ideas
to the very right of ideas...and when
it finally settles down in the middle
of them, does life get better.

Because from the downside of the
above during the 1960's with drugs,
free love and etc... to now where we
check everything... we do have a lot
of good that came out of that arena.

Women's rights, gay rights, and
civil rights.

More women are in higher places that
they never had in the 1960's without being
called names. The sky is the limit. Even the
possibility to be the President.

Gays are getting more rights and stepping
out to be considered human, and not freaks.

Blacks are lawyers, doctors, Presidents of
companies, and etc..and who knows maybe
even of the country.

We have come a long way, baby.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I don't understand

I saw where California has passed a law
that no parent can teach their children
at home, unless they are a certified

For years now, parents have been
home schooling. And 98% of them
are doing it well. So well, that the
kids are out doing their counter
parts. So why in heavens name
would they put this to a law?

The only thing I can figure out is
the teachers union had something
to do with it. After all, if they are
teaching at home, they aren't in
school. Less pay for each student,
less money for the schools and etc.

In Idaho, and I believe other states,
kids that are home schooled, are
tested to make sure they are not
getting behind. That I understand.
But to have it mandatory that they
are certified teachers, I don't.

Every child that I have met that is
home schooled, has been on top
of his game. Ahead of the public
schools. Some think the social
part is missing. But it isn't. The
kids mostly have others to inter
act with besides their other siblings.

Some parents share. Meaning if one
is better at math and another is better
at English, they will teach each others

I wonder how many will move out of
California, just because of that law.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Got Hope?

Yesterday, I received in the mail a package
that I had ordered. A Obama pin and a bumper
sticker that is white with black letters of
"got hope?".

After reading Obama's speech that same day,
I am just as impressed that he is still the man
I would like to vote FOR.

His speech of March 18,2008, is like the speech of
4 or 5 years ago. The one that I thought, I hope this
man runs for President some day.

He did not spin a story of how and why of his
minister. He did not disclaim the man. He did
disclaim the view of the minister's speech that
is played in each and every media source. He
didn't sugar coat it. He explain how he felt about

Kind of goes with the you love the person, but
don't like them from time to time. In this case,
he cares about his former minister (he retired)
just doesn't agree with his views from time to
time. That he still loves his church, and the
people there. Church isn't a
is the people. We go to our church because
of our Pastor, but just as equal is the people
who go there. Good, kind, Christian people.
Who will pray with you, in good and bad times.
Who will cry with you, and laugh with you.

He spoke from the heart, he spoke of the
truth, and he spoke with hope for us all.
No matter what the skin color or back
ground we are. He wants a change, just
like the citizens of the United States want.
I don't care what party you belong to... you
too, want a change. You too, are tired of how
things have been for over 8 years. We all want
a change. Now to vote for whom you think will
do that for us ALL. My vote is still with Obama.

Now can we get back to the issues? What
about education, what about the economy?
What about health coverage, and for Heaven's
sake, the gas prices. What about this roads?
I don't want the same old, same old.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stocks and Banks

As I watch on TV about the bank called Bear Stearns,
which I never heard of before, being sold for $2 a share,
I have got to wonder ...1. who are they? Do we know them
by another name. ... and 2. how does this effect the rest
of the country, as it is being bought by another bank company?

Also heard where one man lost billions in stock over this.
Billions? Why would anyone put that kind of money in,
to have billions worth of stock? I know, I know, investment.
But doesn't the 101 of stock buying suggest, that one not
put all of their eggs in one basket. Drop the basket and
all the eggs break.

My grandfather who did have money in the stock market,
and some how came out of the 1929 crash ok, told me
50 years ago.... that if you can't take your money and
flush it down the toilet without blinking,... then you should
NOT be playing the stock market.

Guess that principal still holds true.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shooting across the Bow...

As the elections get closer to the
Conventions, the hits are being lob
at the different candidates.

As the shots come across their bows,
the need to reply gets more urgent.
Saying the right thing, and hope someone
doesn’t make more out of what you say.
So you have to be careful of what you say.

The latest one over the ship run by the
Obama team, is the minister’s words or
even rants. And at first blow, it has to
have all of use who are planning on voting
for Obama, wondering. But I have been
one to always question things I hear.

Meaning what is the rest of the story?
In this particular case, did Obama agree
with this man. After all, he has influence
a lot of his life. Marriage, baptism of his
children. I believe they said a 20 year

He replied he did not agree at all with this
Man’s attitude and beliefs. I can under
stand that. I do not agree with everything
my Pastor says. Some of the sermon has
me wince, as I don’t agree. (and please don’t
tell Pastor Jim that, I don’t want to have to
explain what.)

Also when they had the rally or church service that
the cd was played from… was Obama there
when the worse of it was said?
Or was he out of town?

Obama seems to be sincere in his reply to this,
And the good Pastor has left the campaign team.
So to me, all is still good. But I would be lying,
if I said I wasn’t concerned. One should always
be on the look out, as you get ready to vote. And
it is hard to separate the dirty tricks from the truth. To be alert to question all sides of comments.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Government has me shaking my head...

In the newspaper was an article about how
those in Boise want to drop/phase out in 5
years, the Idaho personal tax on business
equipment. Which that in it's self is
contradicting. If it is a business equipment,
then it isn't personal. It is a business.

This money would have been used for county,
Now remember those places.

Anyway, they had one Bill 599, which
would have gave the small business
a exemption on the first $50,0000. But
that failed 8-18.

What puzzles me is the fact that our
own Bonner County SCHOOL district is
going to have a levy coming up soon.
Because they don't have enough money
for the upkeep of the schools.

And the Boise group with the Governor,
would like to raise our registration for our
vehicles and/or raise our tax on our gas.
Like gas isn't high enough now. Most
Idaho towns up here are paying just as much as
Washington State and they have a 9 cent
tax more than us. And they want this raise
for TRANSPORTATION Dept. for repairs of
the roads.

So why are they phasing out money in a 5
year deal for two very important needs that
are already looking for more money with the
taxes as they are now?

I am so confused...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Singing the Blues....

I am a bad singer...No, seriously.. I
make Bassett hounds cry. I even
make Bassett hounds sound beautiful.

I sing in the shower.. why is it, it sounds
good in there? Must be the water.
But the rest of the time... I sing to myself
only. And always hope someone isn't coming
around the corner.

Even in church, I mouth the words. You know
like Bill Cosby said on his record. That you
mouth the words and then add the AMEN,
at the end? Well, that is me..

I even tried it once with my the time... 5
year old grandson... his advice? Nana, don't
give up your day job. Wonder where he heard

So there I am in my own little world, with ear
phones on, by myself, on the treadmill. And
I am playing Bridge over Trouble
Simon and Garfunkel.... and who should peek
around the corner... yep, the King.

He said he wanted to know what the moaning
sound was... I shot him, my kill eyes sight,
and he disappeared around the corner.

Guess I better close the door next time. I
didn't think I was loud at all, I thought it was
a low almost silent hum.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Voice out of the Past

Geraldine Ferrera... now that is a name
we have not seen in the news for a good
long time.

And after the past couple of days, maybe
she should go back to the bitterness room
she came out of.

To say Obama would not be where he is now
if it wasn't for his color, is assine.

Now granted I am a Obama fan. But you
got to realize it wasn't a flash in a pan idea.

When I heard him give a speech at the Democrat
Convention years ago, I thought to myself, too bad
he isn't running. He spoke very well. He didn't speak
down to us. He did not try to put a spin on the party,
for us. Believe me, the Democrat party needed one
at that time. I came away with admiration for this
man who spoke, with what I thought was from his

Jump forward to 2007, and I still like this guy. He does
not run a spin for us to swallow... He speaks of hope, he
speaks of believing that there can be a change. I believe
him, and believe in him. I could be wrong, I have from time
to time, been wrong, but this time, I really don't think so.

And Geraldine, it has nothing to do with his color. Years ago,
I didn't think ... well, this black man is speaking very well.. I
thought, this man speaks from his heart and is believable.
Today, I am not going to the polls in November to vote for a
black man.... I am going to go vote for a man who gave us hope.
For so many, many, years, we have not had this. We have a
man we can actually vote FOR, not a vote for the lesser of the two

And I voted for this woman and her running mate... guess that
is the reason why they didn't make it then.. or she is just bitter
now, because she sees another woman who could lose just as
she did.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pacing time...

I feel like I am pacing time..
It is too early for Spring as
the robins are here, but so is
the snow...

So much to do, and can't get
started. It will be a long time,
as there is the mud season,
and the ground in Kootenai
doesn't dry out until June, if
we are lucky.

I guess I should make a list of goals,
or things to do. I have several things
here inside the house, but I want out

Patience was never my fortitude.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Messing with my BioMolecules

With taking a few days off, and
the time change early this year..
well, it messes up my biomolecules
in my Neurotransmitter...

Better known as messing with my
mind. And that is easy to do.

Got all my clocks changed before I
left on the trip. As we were returning
on Sunday. But when it came to getting
up this morning. Just couldn't do the
early bird thing.

I had been getting up at 6:30am , as I am
a daylight person. But with these changes
and in March instead of the end of April...
well, my mind was telling me it was still
dark and too early to get up, no matter

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Dave Oliveria
No Bars Hold
Marianne Love
Slight Detour


Social Security 101
Harry Truman
What a revolting idea this is...
Comfy of home disturbed
Crafts....Some people just don't have it..
What a difference sunshine makes
Gas Prices

March 6, 2005
From a Simple Mind
Going to try this out... I am just a word tosser...
but a lazy one... don't know if I have enough in my
mind to do a daily blog. So don't expect much...

what do those numbers mean???
first one is how many
post in 3 years
second is visits third is page views

What is all of this...and what does
it mean?

The first two names are who I first read
and participated with on his blogs.
He tried to get me to start my own. I told him
I did better off of other's ideas. That I was
was more a wordtosser. Hence the name.

Next name was the blog that I also read,
and one night as I read it, late at night..
I saw the words on the top of the page..
"Easy as one, two, three to start a blog.
I figured I would see what they meant.
Next thing I knew I had a blog. Simple
Mind, because I think of my thoughts
as coming from a Simple Mind. The name
Wordtosser comes from above statement.

Next is the 7 first subjects.
And last is the first post I did.
By the way gas was $2.25 at the time I
wrote about gas prices.

So thank you all for stopping in, to
see what I had on my mind.
I appreciate all those who commented
so I didn't think I was talking to the wind.

With that. I am taking a 3 day weekend to
visit family. So party on...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

6 More Weeks of Winter/Political Battle

Well, Political Phil has seen his shadow
and the battle goes on for 6 more weeks.
Actually longer...

So now the oiling of the machine, the
dirty tricks (on all sides) come out of the
drawer. I believe the next run is for May,
for the last of the preConvention runs.
Wow, 2 months of wild times.

Hillary and Obama slugging it out,
while Republican anointment of McCain
drums up money for the full fight that
ends in November. I am sure he will
be adding slingshots at Obama as well.
For it would be much better for the
Republicans if they have Clinton to fight.

What I would really like to know and we
never know until the battle is over, is who
will they chose for their people. Who will
be their Secretary of State? Who will be
filling all those seats? Because that tells
who we feel comfortable with.

And if the one you have chosen fails..
remember your history/Social Studies
classes lessons. There is check and
balance to most of this. Congress runs
the show. Now where things went wrong,
Congress was mostly Republicans so
that is how Bush got away with so much.
Yes, the President has the veto. But
Congress can over ride that too.

Now.. let me ask you the question.
Remember when Bush took over, and
he had a policy/law put in, where the
President could start a war? It use to
have to run thru Congress.
Remember, how the ones who didn't want the law,
said they trusted Bush (boy, was that
a mistake) but wondered about future
Presidents? Now the question.

Which one of these 3...Hillary, Obama
or McCain do you want in that seat, to
start or not start a war? In all honesty,
I don't know. I will have to think about
that one.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Pet Peeve...

What is with magazine's?
When you get a magazine it is
thick and stiff, kind of... and then
if you are like me, you remove the
excess and it is limp.

Why is there so many stiff cardboard
like cards and ads in those magazines.
I don't know which is words AARP,
or Yankee.

I counted 15 cards and half pages of
ads that I took out of one magazine.
Newsweek has a lot but not as much.

I use to get some other magazines,
and between the cardboard like ads,
and the sniff ads it was quite overwhelming.

And many are for subscriptions to the
magazine I am holding in my hand.
Now does that make sense? Not to me.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Bang or small poof ?

Tomorrow is a big day in the day
of politics. Or so they say.
Tomorrow will either show who
is top dog in the Democratic
party, or it will take us down to
the finish line in June.

Texas and Ohio are the top dogs
right now. In the drivers seat, so to
speak. Yes, I know Vermont and
my home born state of R.I. is in the
choice too... but they are in the
"Oh yea" category.

You know... oh, yea, Idaho and
R.I. have delegates. Just like
all the other small states. But
Texas and Ohio can make or
break one side or the other, if
there is a landslide.

I would guess, that they will go
the way of the nation so far.
Pretty well, divided. So close,
that is too close to call. I will
truly be surprised if there is a
big landslide.

So like Philly Phil, expect 6
more weeks of fighting and
dirty tricks.