Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Got Hope?

Yesterday, I received in the mail a package
that I had ordered. A Obama pin and a bumper
sticker that is white with black letters of
"got hope?".

After reading Obama's speech that same day,
I am just as impressed that he is still the man
I would like to vote FOR.

His speech of March 18,2008, is like the speech of
4 or 5 years ago. The one that I thought, I hope this
man runs for President some day.

He did not spin a story of how and why of his
minister. He did not disclaim the man. He did
disclaim the view of the minister's speech that
is played in each and every media source. He
didn't sugar coat it. He explain how he felt about

Kind of goes with the you love the person, but
don't like them from time to time. In this case,
he cares about his former minister (he retired)
just doesn't agree with his views from time to
time. That he still loves his church, and the
people there. Church isn't a
is the people. We go to our church because
of our Pastor, but just as equal is the people
who go there. Good, kind, Christian people.
Who will pray with you, in good and bad times.
Who will cry with you, and laugh with you.

He spoke from the heart, he spoke of the
truth, and he spoke with hope for us all.
No matter what the skin color or back
ground we are. He wants a change, just
like the citizens of the United States want.
I don't care what party you belong to... you
too, want a change. You too, are tired of how
things have been for over 8 years. We all want
a change. Now to vote for whom you think will
do that for us ALL. My vote is still with Obama.

Now can we get back to the issues? What
about education, what about the economy?
What about health coverage, and for Heaven's
sake, the gas prices. What about this roads?
I don't want the same old, same old.

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