Thursday, March 30, 2017

Throw back Thurs.. 3-28-05

This one is 12 years ago... and a familiar story..

considering how much rain, snow and now flooding...

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2005

Waterfront property

Today, I went for my usual walk... but only got down the road
about 4 blocks and had to turn around. Water, water, everywhere.
McGhee Road was just about flooded over. So turn around and
decided to just walk my little town. As I was going down
Railroad street which is the frontage road that runs along
side the Highway 200, I could see where some one took
flying lesson and flunk. They hit the ditch just East of
Humbird Street, heading west coming off unintentially,
Highway 200. Then it appears that they flew over the
street itself and landed in the ditch on the west side of
Humbird Street. By the large clumps of mud, I would say
the vehicle wasn't able to fly anymore and need the assistance
of a tow truck.
On my walk up and down the town, and heading home,
it came to my attention, that the good real estate people,
with their great imagination, will have our taxes raising
up fast. Because any place in town will be listed as...
Waterfront property.
See there is water raising up in our
ditches, and there is water in the alleys. And back yards
for some...but we locals are use to this. Anybody got
their arks out yet? No? Well, then it is a mild year.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some young children are older than adults....

Ellen is one show that showcases good. She
has on, from time to time, some young person
who is doing good for others.  There was the boy
with his mother’s help, made bag lunches for
the homeless.  Then ended up adding blankets.
There was another girl who gathered books for
kids in shelters.

I wish there was more showcasing of such projects.
I saw one on the news the other night…

She was selling lemonade, and took donations.
Did she keep this money? No.  See she was
adopted by a family… and she knows a lot
of the kids at the orphanage who don’t have
things.. common things.. 
So she buys a supply of everything she can
think of.. makes up bags and takes them to
the orphanage and shelters for the other kids.
Simple things like, tooth brush, paste, soap,
small towel, books, coloring books and crayons.
Oh, by the way, did I tell you… she is only 5 years

Some times small children put us adults to shame,
with their open, giving hearts.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I once was blind, but now I can can see…
I seem to be stuck on hymns of late…

But I was talking to a friend who was
talking about a lady who was going
blind.  She needed glasses, but she
was afraid to go to the doctor, because
he/she might tell her, that she is losing
her sight.  I told my friend, that is crazy.
She just might need glasses and had
drove herself in to a life of hell, thinking
what may not be true.  My friend said
she is still working on her. That she
was going to just make the appt. and
just take her.

Then we talked about how it would be
to lose one’s sight.   How some people
seem to adjust and live good healthy
lives, just a little bit harder.  I asked
my friend.. what would she miss the
most, if she went blind.   Driving she
said. What about you, she asked?

I thought for a moment.. and then said..
my children, grandchildren, and great
grandchildren and my husband’s faces.
mostly their smiles.  Then maybe next
is scenery… like snow in the mountains,
the rivers and lakes.. flowers.. definitely
flowers.  I could smell them..but not to

see the colors… Guess next would
be colors… but at least if someone tells
me blue, like the ocean, or blue like navy
blue… I could relate… Where as a person
who had never seen.. ever.. how do you
explain a color they never have seen.

And then there are those of us who can see
yet are blind.  In their busy days, they don’t
see the sights along the roads, or the sky
beauty… or even people’s pain, in their
faces, or what is truth.. Like a husband
who asked where his socks are.. and you
tell him.. only to end up going to the
draw to show him.. or the milk on the middle
shelf..which you have to walk over and show
him….  They say that this a man disease. Lol

So what is it in life.. that you would miss, if
you woke one morning without your sight?
In your blindness, what would make you the
saddest? What would you miss?

I once was blind, but now I can see……

Monday, March 27, 2017

Music brings back memories...

Yesterday at church we were singing hymns.
Then they started HOW GREAT THOU ART.
of which the whole group, sang with all their
heart, like they do when it is an old one that
we all know the words.

As I sang it.. it brought back great memories.
I worked in a health care center (better known
as a nursing home) for over 17 years.
We had a woman who we always encouraged
to walk.. she had a walker and then she changed
to a wheelchair for longer distance. We always
started her off from the dining room behind the
wheelchair, pushing it for balance. But if she
could find someone to push her, she was delighted.
And as we walked by.. she would laugh, as she
Had pulled one over on us. 
But this one day… she got a gentleman who
was there visiting his mother. His mother use
to whistle.. whistle tunes. And he did too. But
this day.. he agreed to push Lillian back to her
room. How or why, they started down the one
long hall, with his whistling and her singing..
HOW GREAT THOU ART… very beautifully
done.  So that memory sticks in my mind
Forever… it was over 20 years ago.  I can
not hear that song without… thinking of Lillian.

Oh, one more thing.. she had a favorite saying
when she was in a good mood… (which wasn’t
often).. when asked how are you Lillian.. she

would always reply…. “FINE AS FROG HAIR”. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Throw back of my life

 NOVEMBER 21, 2005

Life is a Bowl of Cherries,But

Life is a bowl of Cherries….
But watch out for the Banana Peels

As I live each day since retirement,
I have spent it by having a positive
attitude and doing things to enjoy life.
Not that life is a bowl of cherries,
of course. We all know that there is
ups and downs in life. But I figured
I had it pretty well in hand. So when
I slipped on the banana peels of life,
I was surprised.

See last Friday, my daughter took me
to see the movie I WALK THE LINE.
The story of Johnny Cash. She, of course,
living with me 2/3’s of her life, knows
what a Johnny Cash fan I am. I use to
have over 48 of his albums. Back to the
days of Sun Records. Giving them away,
was hard to do. But I was going to be
moving again, and the records would
be in storage a long time. So do I keep
them in storage and have them ruin,
or do I give them away so they would
be save. I chose to keep them safe.
I don’t regret that, not even with the
knowledge that the Sun Records ones
would have a money value.

So there we were in the theater, watching
the movie. Being the fan I am, I know
he was not a choir boy. I knew he did some
not so admirable things in his life. I
really enjoyed his, or actually the actor’s
singing. The actor, did a great imitation
of him, singing and all. But as the end
of the movie came, and they had the read
out of when June had died and then 4
months later, Johnny died, (all of which
I knew) it started to hit me. We got up
and walked out side to the brightness of
the day, I felt sad. A lot of emotions hit
me all at once. One of appreciation of
my daughter surprising me, by taking me
to the movie. See she drove to the parking
lot of the theater on the pretense of taking
me to get a latte. As she got out of the car,
she said come on, we are going to the movies.
Hurry, it starts in 15 minutes. To say I am
shocked, and surprise is an understatement.
So her thoughtfulness, the emotion started.

On the way home, I told her it dawn on me
how much Johnny Cash and his music was
involved with my life. I started liking Johnny
Cash, when he was on the Tommy Dorsey
Show, which covered for Ed Sullivan Show
in the summer months. While all my school
friends were screaming over Elvis, I loved
Johnny Cash music. And it kept going thru
2 marriages, and even now. That the last cd
he did, still was heart felt in my heart.

Then as I walked into the house after telling
her how much her gift of love meant to me,
the surprise and the movie too, it hit me.
I found myself, in tears. The King asked
me what was wrong, and I couldn’t tell him.
You see the banana skin has laid me low.

I was facing my own mortality as well as
Mr. Cash’s. As I thought about how I
appreciated 50 years of his music.. it hit
me, that I too, am in my winter of life.
Something I don’t usually admit to others.
I guess because I don’t like to dwell there
myself. I rather think of what I can do
with this last 15 years, if I am lucky, rather
than think about the 15 years themselves.

I guess it goes back to the time I was
talking to a resident, who was weak from
the flu and losing her husband. So she
thought she came to the nursing home
to die. I asked her, did she want to sit
around and wait to die, or did she want
to live until she died. Which is what I
remind myself, when I hit these low spots
on the rare occasions.

And I chose to live until I die,
I chose to live it to its fullest,
and I chose to live it in humor.

The resident checked out 2 weeks later.
And as she was packing her bag, she
called me in her room, gave me a hug,
and said Thanks. She and I knew why.
She chose to live life. I saw her a year
later at her sister’s wedding. She was
laughing and looked at me and winked.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

OOPS... so I forgot

Some days are roses,
Some days are thorns..
And some days are
Just empty buds..
And today is an empty bud..

I guess I just got tied up with
The sunshine.. and it empty my
Mind to looking at the yard instead.

Even last night, I was just beat..
Keeping up with a 7 MONTH old
Is a lot for this almost 77 YEAR OLD.
As I was in bed early.. barely made
It thru wheel of fortune…

So continue on with what you were
Doing.. as .. you can see.. there is
Nothing here..

Good thing tomorrow is throwback Thursday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm a praying person.....

Yes, I say my prayers every night, just like
I did as a child. Always for the safety and
good health for good friends and my whole
family.  I always start with thanking him for
all he has done.. and how he has blessed me.

But of late.. I have been praying for our country.
I try not to get wound up in all the drama that
goes on in the media.  So much of it based on
lies, spins, and someone’s opinion…(what happen to real
News?).. and now we have altered news? Or
altered facts?  And made up news, that ends
up costing us taxpayers lots of money, to
“investigate”… Congress takes up useless time
to verify what can not be verified, because it never
happen.. And the owner, the author of the lies??
no punishment.  Should be to pay for the investigation,
at the minimum. No recourse, no shaming, other than
public opinion.. and not enough get it?

All thru this.. we are bruising relationships with
countries that we have been friends with for years.
A great embarrassment to us. Yet, it goes unpunished.
And where do we go from here?  What are these
countries going to do in the future. How can they
back us, when they don’t know if the loose cannon
is all empty promises?   I hope they will still have
faith in the American people… even though their
heads of the countries.. have none in our so called

So each night … I pray for our country, and for
something to take care of these scary times.  Because having our heads in the sand while we wait for 4 more years to change isn’t going to be good.

We can’t even count on Congress.. as they are using
the drama of the media to hid the agenda they have
going for their party and not the American people.
Republican Party guiding our America like drunken
sailors with too much power and no one is really paying attention.
I feel like Lot's wife, being told not to look back,

as the country is being driven over the bank. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

I shall try hard not to complain...

The weather has been bad.. We have complained
about having to shovel, push, snowblow snow for
about 2 to 3 months now.. Sometimes daily.

And now we have rain.  We have floods…we have
mud… We have mud slides.. Some so horrible they
have gone thru houses.. With the people barely
getting out with others help.  Some houses have
washed off their foundations.. And we complain.
These are hardships… I am not making light of it.
Not at all…

We have jobs that we go to, because the end justifies
the ends.. Meaning we have a home, food, cars, and
get to do things, with that money. Some of us all,
barely getting by.. especially if you have children,
but get by we do.

We are getting older.. can’t do what I use to do.
I complain about my body hurting on certain days.
I don’t have the money to do things I would like to
do. After all not all retirees run around in motor homes
with cars in tow.  Going South for the winter and back
home for the summer..   And we complain.

We complain about how the food is cooked at a
restaurant, we complain about the sales person
and how we feel, or they didn’t do their job or made
us feel not up to par. We complain.

But I got to ask you… did you happen to see
60 Minutes?  It was bad enough that Americans
were losing their jobs.. Not only losing their jobs
but having to train the foreigner who came to claim
their jobs with the companies blessing.  And the
companies threatening the American employee,
with lost of lay off monies.. if they don’t train
correctly.  And who is to know by whom the
correctness it judged?

But more than that… did you see Southern Sudan?
Did you see the millions and billions who are in
tent like homes, if they have that.. waiting for
food to be dropped from the sky. Some too late.
Children dying from lack of food and water.
One Dr. covering thousands of people’s health.

Now tell me how hard it is to have the snow? The mud
slide, the crappy job you have, the restaurant that didn’t cook the food like you wanted, and sales clerk who was
not nice to you..

Next time you find yourself complaining.. think about
if you had to live in Southern Sudan or one of the camps
they have gone to… and the food that is dropped from
the sky.. what kind of food?  Surely not steak and potatoes.
More like rice, or flour… enough to last your family,
30 days.. IF … IF.. the renegade military troops haven’t

stole it from the warehouse…  Tell me how that compares. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Throw back Thursday....

Thought maybe I would do Throw back Thursdayfor postings for a while.... This one is from 2005.. 

Being they are reissuing the movie King Kong, I thought
this would be a good one. 

, DECEMBER 07, 2005

King Kong and Me

When I was the mere age of 13, I believe,
my girlfriend and I went to the Paramount
Theater on Broadway across from the
high school in Newport, R.I.

We went to see...KING KONG with Faye
Wray. We put our hard earn coins down on
the counter, and picked up our tickets.
The 3 o'clock show. (got to be home to
feed the horses by 5). We got our pop corn
and coke. And sat down in the middle of the
theater so we could see it really well.

The theater goes dark, and all the previews
and newsreels run their gamut. Then the
movie starts. Loud music. Scary music.
We are eating our pop corn, as we watch.
The scarier it gets the faster we are eating
our pop corn.

AND THERE GOES.......The two of us girls
out to the aisle, up the aisle, out thru the
doors almost taking them off the hinges.
Out to the daylight, still running.
You would have thought Kong was behind us.
I think it was at least 4 blocks before we finally
slowed down to a walk.

It took me 3 more years before I could watch
the whole movie. Then it was on a TV in my room.
The folks had given me a TV which was about
4 foot by 4 foot by 3 feet, which was at the end
of my bed. I sat on the foot of the bed, and out
came KONG...I flipped over on to the rest of the
bed, on to my glasses, and broke the hinge.

I wonder... will I be able to see the new one?
Do I want to? I will take my grandson with me.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Lifetime gauge

As each year comes around getting closer to
My birthday (about a month away), I truly miss
My lifetime gauge.

See, my Aunt Harriet was like a mother to me..but she
was the one I resembled the most in the family.
She is my dad’s sister.

Over the adult years of my life, I could always check
with her to see what was going on with my body. If
there were any changes.   Physical or emotional.

I always seem to be right in tune with what had happen
to her during those years of hers.   And I was blessed
to have her for over 88 years of her life. And 65 years of

But now that I have hit the 70’s heading towards the
80’s… I sure miss having her to ask questions.  

They always asked you, if you had one person from your
life you could sit on the bench for half an hour.. who would
that be?   That would be my Aunt Harriet.. 10 minutes of
hugs, tears and love.. and then … So what is up with this?
Would be the swing of things.  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Greetings from your Idaho Parks & Recreation Dept.

Over the weekend we got a letter from the Idaho Park
And Recreation Dept. saying they need information on
our boat and us, before they can send us our registration
papers to register our boat for the year of 2017.

They want us to verify the HIN (better known as the
Hull identification number).  Now the state of Idaho’s
Agency over 8 years ago, climbed in to the back of
said boat, to check HIN with the one listed the title
we had.  When we went to register the boat into our name.
and he gave us the proper number stickers and other stickers
at that time.  8 years ago.  Since that time, we have register
that said boat each year.   During that time.. in fact just this
past summer, I was greeted out side of the bathroom at the
Hope dock, by one of their gentlemen, asking  me, to see if
I, in fact had a valid fishing license.. And checked my drivers
license to see if I, in fact, was entitled to a Senior combo
license. I would have thought the grey and white hair with
the wrinkle dry skin face would have been a great clue.
As we walked down to the dock where the boat, my husband
and his partner were finishing up checking my husband’s
Sportsman’s package license (damn well spendy) AND checked
the HIN to see, if in fact that it was the numbers and etc. that were
listed on our registration and also the numbers on our said boat.
Having been satisfied they were the true deal, they bid us good
fishing…and left.. This was not our first rodeo. We have been inspected about 4 times over the years.
So we have been inspected over all 5 times, verifying we are
the true owners of said boat. That it has the proper HIN on
said boat, and the proper numbers and stickers on said boat.
for 8 YEARS.   
 But now they want our date of birth? Why?  What has that
got to do with owning a boat?  Age is not a requirement.
Frankly I have not been asked my age for over 10 years,
because of said description above.. it was pretty obvious
I was of age.

It seems the U.S. Coast Guard federal branch decided they
needed to know certain information from the state before
They allow the state to issue registrations.  Now why does
the US. Coast Guard want this information?  Good question.
Being we don’t travel with said boat.. What are they concerned
about?  That we might become rum runners?  Drug runners?
Is this a new invasion of my privacy a new HOMELAND SECURITY?
Are they threaten by senior citizens?  If I was going to blow
something up, or protest the government, I would have done it
50 years ago. But I was too busy changing diapers, washing up
kids, and keeping them out of trouble, than to bother with what
THE MAN was doing during those days.

Oh, yea.. if I was going to hide or lie about this information,
I don’t have to.. because they gave me all the answers to
the questions..  And why do they need my drivers license?
One in Idaho, does not need a drivers license to drive a
boat.. Besides I don’t drive it.. I get all this invasion of my
Information due to the fact my name is on the title with my
husband .. who does own, drive the said boat.

Thursday, March 09, 2017


Thinking about doing a  looking back Thursday…  post..
from the past.  Here is one..  


Dave remarked to one of my additions to his comment area, on Mt St. Helen's blowing in 1980, that this would be blog worthy. Don't know if it is or not. But at least it will be a return memory for my kids who read this. At least they better read

The story of Harry Truman would be pretty short... as we only talk a short time.
It was in 1966, we had taken the kids to Spirit Lake for fishing at the end of June. It was warm enough that they did some swimming after fishing. Then we were ready to head home. My husband at the time, was from Washington state, and we had just moved there about 6 months before. He knew there was snow further up the road, towards the summer resort. So we took the kids up for a treat, after all where can you go swimming one minute and a few minutes later be playing in the snow. So when we got to the snow edge, we let the kids out to play. I was close to having # 5 child. While we were playing in the snow, a gentleman came down the drive way to the road where we were at and introduced himself as the cabin's owner. Harry Truman. We talked about how beautiful of a day it was. And he was getting ready for the 4th of July push of tourist. He talked about the hiking and how close it was to the lake for the people. We asked him if they were open in the winter. He said they didn't get many in the winter. Mostly cross country skiers. And not many of them, so they were not officially open. But that he and his wife stayed there. Then we thanked him for his time,and gathered up the kids. He said good bye as he return to his work, and told us good luck with the new addition we were expecting. He was very nice and sweet man. I would say he was about 60 ish at the time. The next time I saw him was on television, while we were in Rhode Island and they were interviewing him about leaving the mountain. I believe his wife had passed away by that time. I wasn't really surprised that he wouldn't leave the mountain, as he had a great love for the area.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Are we, Americans as a whole, so crass that we idolize rudeness?
I stop watch Shark Tank. We use to like to see the new products
that are there, they come  to get help to start manufacturing, with the help of the billionaires there.. better known as the Sharks.

But of late, well, in all fairness Kevin O’Leary as always been an ass.
But it seems like he has stepped up his game… of rudeness and
name calling.  Why isn’t this called bullying?

But Kevin Oleray is far from the only one, you have Chef Ramsey, of the cooking show…. Simon Crowell, on American Idol. (he has
tone it down some what since he has a child and judges on American’s Got Talent.)
I think one of the worse was American Idols, whose contestant were
ridiculed to tears..

What part of this is not called BULLYING?  And people laugh.. I don’t see anything funny about belittling your fellow man or woman.. 
Sorry, I am out of there..

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Let's make up lies and make it news....

Wow ,the news has been turned into a joke.
That no one is laughing…

Just sit down, think of something .. especially if
It is a negative story…(the nastier the better)
 and then go national and spread the word…
and while you are at it… demand
an investigation right away on it… 
How do you Investigate a story if it has no source.  Because
They readily admit there is no source for the story.

Oh, you want to know who started it? Where did the story
come from?  Oh, they say, we don’t worry about the source,
that isn’t important, the important thing is to investigate it.

I think back over the many years, that one reporter after
another, was sent to jail for not giving up their sources.
Yes, reporters were sent to jail by judges for not telling
the factual and the source of their articles..

Now none of that matters. Talk about managing the news.
How do you investigate a story if no on knows anything
About it, except for the one who is spouting the lies?
In years pasted these people wouldn’t be given the time
of day by anyone.. with out facts and sources.

I hope this comes back and bites Trump in the face.
And they talk about Clintion in his Dogs of War bit.. to
get the news off his back about his affair. 

You know when I was younger this was called yellow
Journalism…. And over the back fence… GOSSIP..

Not news.. 

Monday, March 06, 2017

Now there is 12 years.....

 not exactly Pultizer

From a Simple Mind

Going to try this out... I am just a word tosser... but a lazy one... don't know if I have enough in my mind to do a daily blog. So don't expect much...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Gas Prices

Am I the only one who is blown away with the jumping of the gas prices?
They say they are going to raise 25 cents this week.
Heck I remember when gas was 19 cents and they raise it TO 25 cents!
And we all said we were going to walk and only drive one day a week. ha ha
of course we lived in a very small town so that wasn't a big deal.
But we thought we would teach them a lesson... some lesson... they are
charging $2.00 more now.

Monday, March 07, 2005

What a difference sunshine makes

Is it because it is Monday, or lack of sunshine... but having a little bit of trouble getting started.
I start my day out with a mile or so walk with a friend. We decided this would be good for both of us. Her, for arm therapy (moving her arm as she walks) and surely we both need it for exercise. It has helped my breathing a great deal.
When we first started, I felt like some one took my lungs out and dried them and put them back. But each day it is better. Of course my neighbors probably laugh as they watch me go off on my walk and return. I walk down the street like a tune, something out of Rocky in my mind. Returning almost an hour later (we talk a lot) looking like the action for what kind of fool am I.
But today, it was drizzle out before I left. Should I stay in...nah, like the postman, thru drizzle, rain, snow and etc. Yea, right. But it wasn't raining so no excuse... and my friend would be waiting. And knew she would raz me if I was a no show. It was on the walk over to our meeting place, that it dawn on me how much difference there is in a sunshine day. The feel good no matter what, because it is sunshine. Making sunshine in our souls as well.
Well, got to get going... it is Monday, wash day, and etc. Also I have a cat called Rokon. Rokon is not exactly like all cats. Other peoples cat sit on the newspaper as you try to read. Rokon sits on my shoulder, tries to play with the cursor and anything else she can do to distract me.
Well, may the sunshine come out and brighten up your soul.

CRAFTS...Some people just don't have it...

I have admired people who can make things out of stuff that I probably would throw away. Or they can come up with an idea of something, just by looking at the material that is in front of them. I thought I had a pretty good imagination. I can imagine things and stories. But crafts leave me dead at the starting post. Like this past December when I came up with a project for Christmas presents. This is what I wrote to my friends.

In the great spirit of Christmas and my first year of retirement.. and at the push of friends? who seem to think anyone can do crafts if they really tried....I tried. And the greatest gift is one some one made.
Well, that is true IF 1. it is a child or 2. Someone who is gifted. Or It is a boldface lie when it is a adult who crafts something that looks like a child did it. But what do I know, after all my father made some fantastic wood carvings after he retired. My mother was one of the gifted. She could draw anything artist wise. She was a hellva cook. And she knitted some grand sweaters. So from these genes you would think there is a drop in my blood. But yesterday I found out for sure, what I suspected. That the gene hid until my children were born who seem to have all the talents of fore mention parents. Yes, it is true that I did a fairly good job sewing western shirts and vest when my children were young. I did them for my husband Marvin, a friend Mac, my son's and Jeanette. Made my first reversible vest for Will. Nice dark brown cord, with elk on the inside. Or the other way around if he wore it that way.
Although Jeanette said I scarred her for life because I sent her to school in a homemade western shirt. Not because it was homemade......but because the material had orange hippo and green elephants.
So two days ago, always the procrastinator, I started my attempt at Christmas present hand made. I was making...bags that you hang on a door knob or what ever and you put your grocery plastic bags in. And door draft stoppers. Now that seems innocent enough.
Sewing machines and I don't get along very well, so I sew with my grandmother's or great grandmother's 1912? portable Singer machine. This machine is suited to me... it goes forward and back. That is my sewing mentality. I cut out the material to what I wanted. The sewing went pretty well. Nothing great but fair. Until I decided to make a neck pillow for a friend. I sewed that puppy back and forth. Around that baby I went because I didn't want it to leak. 4 times around. Got the picture? I left a small hole to fill it up with. Then as I look at my handy dawns on me..... the small hole? Well, it isn't big enough to turn this baby inside out. Small little detail I missed as I swung around that last corner on my fourth round. So what to do... I decide to just cut the top off. Turn it around. And then sewed a ribbon on the top for the closure. I look at my work, as my grandson walks in and says, who are you making shorts for, they sure are small? As this is in a U shape. The ribbon looked awful!!. I tried to unstitch it. Wasn't going well....cut off with scissors. I have had enough of this.. put stuff away until the next day, as tempers are rising...Not good sewing time.
The next day I wake up and look at all the draft stoppers that are sewed and thought well, I will get going on the filling. Luckily I thought enough to fill these over the sink. I decided to use barley as it is cheaper than rice and I couldn't find wheat hulls. First stopper went pretty well. Of course, a little spillage. Then sewed the end up and one draft stopper done. Not bad... It is the short one. Then went to the long ones. Using the funnel and bowl with lip, I pour the barley in and down the funnel it goes... not bad, and of course a little spillage (yes, you can see where this is going). Fill up the bowl again..oops, the rice, just a little from the bag, leaked on the counter. Then filled up to the top and sew. Nicest and heaviest snake I ever saw with bear and moose on it. Then 2 more to go... They went like the second one.. except #4...spilled on the table a little as I am sewing it. Tried to shove the barley back in as I sewed... SNAP...goes my needle.. Found another needle, but it doesn't want to work. Well, no biggie, sew by hand. And it turn out pretty well. So I am left with the bag holders and THE NECK PILLOW. The bag holders went well. Finally settling on elastic for a loop for hanging. The the PILLOW... I sew the top by hand. Back and forth... this thing is going to hold barley so can't have leakage. Finally it looks pretty good. Go to fill it. The funnel would not fit. Hole is too small. I found a smaller funnel that would fit. BUT it would only take about 8 piece of barley at a time, my patience's doesn't do 8 pieces at a time. So got to figure out something else. I find some Styrofoam cups and cut it so I can curl it, fit the bigger funnel in, and start pouring barley... it is slow by steady, until about midway. It fell over, spilling barley on the floor. But I got it up(no, I didn't put it in the pillow, althought have to admit I thought about it... hate waste) and got it done and sewed it. Looks pretty good... looks like at least a 10 year old did it. I look around..... barley everywhere. I had tracked it into the living room as well.
So I start the clean up. About 2 pounds in the sink... 3 on the floor and 1 on the counter... The buzzer is going off on the dryer... my husband walks in... looks at the mess.......he knows not to ask questions... looks at the pillow.. "interesting" he says.... Now the real test. I am giving the pillow to one of the friends who suggested that homemade gifts are the best. WE SHALL SEE....
Well, got to go..... clean up more barley.... I think this stuff is going to haunt me... like christmas fir needles that you find in July. So continue making your crafts, and I will appreciate them, but I don't think I will be joining you, thank you.
The update of this, is that everyone said they liked my "gifts". I wonder where they keep them until I come over, ha ha...
So you see, others look at a blank piece of paper and see ..... airplanes, snow flakes, and all kinds of things... I see a blank piece of paper and wonder what can I write on it... or it is just a blank piece of paper.
So see you at the arts and craft shows of the year.... I will love your crafts...

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So there you have it.. Blame it on Dave Oliveria for telling me I
could do this…  and for Marianne Love, whose blog said… at
the top corner.. “start your own blog.. it is as easy as 1…2….3.”