Thursday, March 30, 2017

Throw back Thurs.. 3-28-05

This one is 12 years ago... and a familiar story..

considering how much rain, snow and now flooding...

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2005

Waterfront property

Today, I went for my usual walk... but only got down the road
about 4 blocks and had to turn around. Water, water, everywhere.
McGhee Road was just about flooded over. So turn around and
decided to just walk my little town. As I was going down
Railroad street which is the frontage road that runs along
side the Highway 200, I could see where some one took
flying lesson and flunk. They hit the ditch just East of
Humbird Street, heading west coming off unintentially,
Highway 200. Then it appears that they flew over the
street itself and landed in the ditch on the west side of
Humbird Street. By the large clumps of mud, I would say
the vehicle wasn't able to fly anymore and need the assistance
of a tow truck.
On my walk up and down the town, and heading home,
it came to my attention, that the good real estate people,
with their great imagination, will have our taxes raising
up fast. Because any place in town will be listed as...
Waterfront property.
See there is water raising up in our
ditches, and there is water in the alleys. And back yards
for some...but we locals are use to this. Anybody got
their arks out yet? No? Well, then it is a mild year.

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