Monday, March 13, 2017

Greetings from your Idaho Parks & Recreation Dept.

Over the weekend we got a letter from the Idaho Park
And Recreation Dept. saying they need information on
our boat and us, before they can send us our registration
papers to register our boat for the year of 2017.

They want us to verify the HIN (better known as the
Hull identification number).  Now the state of Idaho’s
Agency over 8 years ago, climbed in to the back of
said boat, to check HIN with the one listed the title
we had.  When we went to register the boat into our name.
and he gave us the proper number stickers and other stickers
at that time.  8 years ago.  Since that time, we have register
that said boat each year.   During that time.. in fact just this
past summer, I was greeted out side of the bathroom at the
Hope dock, by one of their gentlemen, asking  me, to see if
I, in fact had a valid fishing license.. And checked my drivers
license to see if I, in fact, was entitled to a Senior combo
license. I would have thought the grey and white hair with
the wrinkle dry skin face would have been a great clue.
As we walked down to the dock where the boat, my husband
and his partner were finishing up checking my husband’s
Sportsman’s package license (damn well spendy) AND checked
the HIN to see, if in fact that it was the numbers and etc. that were
listed on our registration and also the numbers on our said boat.
Having been satisfied they were the true deal, they bid us good
fishing…and left.. This was not our first rodeo. We have been inspected about 4 times over the years.
So we have been inspected over all 5 times, verifying we are
the true owners of said boat. That it has the proper HIN on
said boat, and the proper numbers and stickers on said boat.
for 8 YEARS.   
 But now they want our date of birth? Why?  What has that
got to do with owning a boat?  Age is not a requirement.
Frankly I have not been asked my age for over 10 years,
because of said description above.. it was pretty obvious
I was of age.

It seems the U.S. Coast Guard federal branch decided they
needed to know certain information from the state before
They allow the state to issue registrations.  Now why does
the US. Coast Guard want this information?  Good question.
Being we don’t travel with said boat.. What are they concerned
about?  That we might become rum runners?  Drug runners?
Is this a new invasion of my privacy a new HOMELAND SECURITY?
Are they threaten by senior citizens?  If I was going to blow
something up, or protest the government, I would have done it
50 years ago. But I was too busy changing diapers, washing up
kids, and keeping them out of trouble, than to bother with what
THE MAN was doing during those days.

Oh, yea.. if I was going to hide or lie about this information,
I don’t have to.. because they gave me all the answers to
the questions..  And why do they need my drivers license?
One in Idaho, does not need a drivers license to drive a
boat.. Besides I don’t drive it.. I get all this invasion of my
Information due to the fact my name is on the title with my
husband .. who does own, drive the said boat.

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