Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Lifetime gauge

As each year comes around getting closer to
My birthday (about a month away), I truly miss
My lifetime gauge.

See, my Aunt Harriet was like a mother to me..but she
was the one I resembled the most in the family.
She is my dad’s sister.

Over the adult years of my life, I could always check
with her to see what was going on with my body. If
there were any changes.   Physical or emotional.

I always seem to be right in tune with what had happen
to her during those years of hers.   And I was blessed
to have her for over 88 years of her life. And 65 years of

But now that I have hit the 70’s heading towards the
80’s… I sure miss having her to ask questions.  

They always asked you, if you had one person from your
life you could sit on the bench for half an hour.. who would
that be?   That would be my Aunt Harriet.. 10 minutes of
hugs, tears and love.. and then … So what is up with this?
Would be the swing of things.  

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