Monday, March 27, 2017

Music brings back memories...

Yesterday at church we were singing hymns.
Then they started HOW GREAT THOU ART.
of which the whole group, sang with all their
heart, like they do when it is an old one that
we all know the words.

As I sang it.. it brought back great memories.
I worked in a health care center (better known
as a nursing home) for over 17 years.
We had a woman who we always encouraged
to walk.. she had a walker and then she changed
to a wheelchair for longer distance. We always
started her off from the dining room behind the
wheelchair, pushing it for balance. But if she
could find someone to push her, she was delighted.
And as we walked by.. she would laugh, as she
Had pulled one over on us. 
But this one day… she got a gentleman who
was there visiting his mother. His mother use
to whistle.. whistle tunes. And he did too. But
this day.. he agreed to push Lillian back to her
room. How or why, they started down the one
long hall, with his whistling and her singing..
HOW GREAT THOU ART… very beautifully
done.  So that memory sticks in my mind
Forever… it was over 20 years ago.  I can
not hear that song without… thinking of Lillian.

Oh, one more thing.. she had a favorite saying
when she was in a good mood… (which wasn’t
often).. when asked how are you Lillian.. she

would always reply…. “FINE AS FROG HAIR”. 

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