Thursday, March 16, 2017

Throw back Thursday....

Thought maybe I would do Throw back Thursdayfor postings for a while.... This one is from 2005.. 

Being they are reissuing the movie King Kong, I thought
this would be a good one. 

, DECEMBER 07, 2005

King Kong and Me

When I was the mere age of 13, I believe,
my girlfriend and I went to the Paramount
Theater on Broadway across from the
high school in Newport, R.I.

We went to see...KING KONG with Faye
Wray. We put our hard earn coins down on
the counter, and picked up our tickets.
The 3 o'clock show. (got to be home to
feed the horses by 5). We got our pop corn
and coke. And sat down in the middle of the
theater so we could see it really well.

The theater goes dark, and all the previews
and newsreels run their gamut. Then the
movie starts. Loud music. Scary music.
We are eating our pop corn, as we watch.
The scarier it gets the faster we are eating
our pop corn.

AND THERE GOES.......The two of us girls
out to the aisle, up the aisle, out thru the
doors almost taking them off the hinges.
Out to the daylight, still running.
You would have thought Kong was behind us.
I think it was at least 4 blocks before we finally
slowed down to a walk.

It took me 3 more years before I could watch
the whole movie. Then it was on a TV in my room.
The folks had given me a TV which was about
4 foot by 4 foot by 3 feet, which was at the end
of my bed. I sat on the foot of the bed, and out
came KONG...I flipped over on to the rest of the
bed, on to my glasses, and broke the hinge.

I wonder... will I be able to see the new one?
Do I want to? I will take my grandson with me.

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