Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Let's make up lies and make it news....

Wow ,the news has been turned into a joke.
That no one is laughing…

Just sit down, think of something .. especially if
It is a negative story…(the nastier the better)
 and then go national and spread the word…
and while you are at it… demand
an investigation right away on it… 
How do you Investigate a story if it has no source.  Because
They readily admit there is no source for the story.

Oh, you want to know who started it? Where did the story
come from?  Oh, they say, we don’t worry about the source,
that isn’t important, the important thing is to investigate it.

I think back over the many years, that one reporter after
another, was sent to jail for not giving up their sources.
Yes, reporters were sent to jail by judges for not telling
the factual and the source of their articles..

Now none of that matters. Talk about managing the news.
How do you investigate a story if no on knows anything
About it, except for the one who is spouting the lies?
In years pasted these people wouldn’t be given the time
of day by anyone.. with out facts and sources.

I hope this comes back and bites Trump in the face.
And they talk about Clintion in his Dogs of War bit.. to
get the news off his back about his affair. 

You know when I was younger this was called yellow
Journalism…. And over the back fence… GOSSIP..

Not news.. 

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