Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm a praying person.....

Yes, I say my prayers every night, just like
I did as a child. Always for the safety and
good health for good friends and my whole
family.  I always start with thanking him for
all he has done.. and how he has blessed me.

But of late.. I have been praying for our country.
I try not to get wound up in all the drama that
goes on in the media.  So much of it based on
lies, spins, and someone’s opinion…(what happen to real
News?).. and now we have altered news? Or
altered facts?  And made up news, that ends
up costing us taxpayers lots of money, to
“investigate”… Congress takes up useless time
to verify what can not be verified, because it never
happen.. And the owner, the author of the lies??
no punishment.  Should be to pay for the investigation,
at the minimum. No recourse, no shaming, other than
public opinion.. and not enough get it?

All thru this.. we are bruising relationships with
countries that we have been friends with for years.
A great embarrassment to us. Yet, it goes unpunished.
And where do we go from here?  What are these
countries going to do in the future. How can they
back us, when they don’t know if the loose cannon
is all empty promises?   I hope they will still have
faith in the American people… even though their
heads of the countries.. have none in our so called

So each night … I pray for our country, and for
something to take care of these scary times.  Because having our heads in the sand while we wait for 4 more years to change isn’t going to be good.

We can’t even count on Congress.. as they are using
the drama of the media to hid the agenda they have
going for their party and not the American people.
Republican Party guiding our America like drunken
sailors with too much power and no one is really paying attention.
I feel like Lot's wife, being told not to look back,

as the country is being driven over the bank. 

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