Monday, March 20, 2017

I shall try hard not to complain...

The weather has been bad.. We have complained
about having to shovel, push, snowblow snow for
about 2 to 3 months now.. Sometimes daily.

And now we have rain.  We have floods…we have
mud… We have mud slides.. Some so horrible they
have gone thru houses.. With the people barely
getting out with others help.  Some houses have
washed off their foundations.. And we complain.
These are hardships… I am not making light of it.
Not at all…

We have jobs that we go to, because the end justifies
the ends.. Meaning we have a home, food, cars, and
get to do things, with that money. Some of us all,
barely getting by.. especially if you have children,
but get by we do.

We are getting older.. can’t do what I use to do.
I complain about my body hurting on certain days.
I don’t have the money to do things I would like to
do. After all not all retirees run around in motor homes
with cars in tow.  Going South for the winter and back
home for the summer..   And we complain.

We complain about how the food is cooked at a
restaurant, we complain about the sales person
and how we feel, or they didn’t do their job or made
us feel not up to par. We complain.

But I got to ask you… did you happen to see
60 Minutes?  It was bad enough that Americans
were losing their jobs.. Not only losing their jobs
but having to train the foreigner who came to claim
their jobs with the companies blessing.  And the
companies threatening the American employee,
with lost of lay off monies.. if they don’t train
correctly.  And who is to know by whom the
correctness it judged?

But more than that… did you see Southern Sudan?
Did you see the millions and billions who are in
tent like homes, if they have that.. waiting for
food to be dropped from the sky. Some too late.
Children dying from lack of food and water.
One Dr. covering thousands of people’s health.

Now tell me how hard it is to have the snow? The mud
slide, the crappy job you have, the restaurant that didn’t cook the food like you wanted, and sales clerk who was
not nice to you..

Next time you find yourself complaining.. think about
if you had to live in Southern Sudan or one of the camps
they have gone to… and the food that is dropped from
the sky.. what kind of food?  Surely not steak and potatoes.
More like rice, or flour… enough to last your family,
30 days.. IF … IF.. the renegade military troops haven’t

stole it from the warehouse…  Tell me how that compares. 

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