Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New all

I have to stay up until WHAT TIME???

Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking back at my own 2006 year

February 2006
Got to see the Seahawks go to
the Super Bowl for the first time.
They lost. And this year they
will be lucky if they get seats.

Voted no for the Rec. Center.
Met with the EPA people about the
sawdust company across the highway
from us.

The beginning of the end of IGA.

April 2006
Got new window....
Renewed a 37 year friendship after a
5 year lapse...and now I have a French connection...

May 2006
Meeting of two of us local bloggers, showing a
Hayden blogger the town.

June 2006
Walked two different Cancer walks..
Sandpoint, Idaho and Ellensburg, Washington.

July 2006... painted the house... painted inside the house...

August 2006
The winding down of summer and the
last summer of my grandson helping in the yard.

October 2006
Walking Tubbs Hill with two Cda bloggers...
Found a new blogger...stories of Kellogg..
New puppy...Miss Misty

November 2006
Trip to Olympia
Adjusting to life's new falsies.. hearing aides

December 2006
changing jobs for me.

All and all a good year....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hope...looking from 2006 to 2007

to wish for something with expectation of its fulfillness.
to have confidence: trust.
to hope with little reason or justification.
to expect and desire.
It is the dictionary's description of hope.

So what do we hope for?
Putting aside the greed..
We hope for solutions to problems.
We hope for a better life.
For ourselves as well as others.

As a nation, we hope for a good and
safe solution to a war? police action?
or what ever one wants to call it.
They said they had a plan. But it
seems the plan only went into how
to start it. Not how to solve it, or finish
it. Peace? How presumptuous they were,
that they could bring peace when there
has not been peace in that area for over
2,000 years. Yet we have hope.

Congressmen in the nation as well as
the states, have gave themselves raises
for years, yet hold down the minimum
wage for the bottom workers. They say,
it will just raise the economy higher and
we will have a depression or any other down
side term they can say. Yet, their raises
don't do that? How is that? But we have
hope, that maybe this time around the
votes may have been heard. Maybe,
we hope that the worker who makes it
happen for the higher paying jobs, will
be treated fairly. We hope.......

The people have express their feelings
about how the law is for some, while those
who enforce the law, seem to think it
doesn't pertain to them as much.. We
voters have hopes that abuse of all
kinds, will be dealt with. Justly and fairly.
We hope.

In Bonner County, we have hope that
the bypass will be come a reality. After
all, 50 years is long enough to wait.
We have hope that the powers who
loved the increase of high level housing
will see that the low level need affordable
housing. Affordable on $5.75 to $9.00
wages. $220,000 is not affordable, by those
of service type jobs. We hope for all of them
to have a safe house. And we don't lose
families in trailer fires. We hope......

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looking back at 2006..part 2

Some of the good thing... good people...

Mississippi, no not the ones you saw
on the TV who bragged. But the people
who were down in the gullys of filthy water
and snakes and God only knows what..
Who carried babies to safety. The Drs. who
stuck it out... The workers who
are down there building homes without
all the glory that the media talks about.
The quiet ones, that only their
friends and family and others with them,
know what they have done to give hope to
those who lost so much.

For all the volunteers across the country
who not only make Christmas and Thanksgiving
each year for those less fortunate. But don't
just stop there, and work it around the whole
year. With little thanks. Just the smiles on
the faces and the hugs they sometimes get..
which the volunteer will tell you, is enough
thanks. As they give hope to all.

For Kroc Center, in Kootenai County,
when open will give hope to those who
need a place and an education, and a
second chance.

For Shasta, who came home safe. And
hopefully will be able to survive the demon's
of the mind. And with the help of her Dad and
family, will have hope be able to live as close to
a normal life.

The Grace Haven that has come to light,
after hard work from many women and some
men in Bonner County. To give hope to women
and children.

And for tomorrow??? that is the hard one.
The hopes we have...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking back at 2006..part 1

Looking back at 2006.. the good
the bad, and hope in the future.

Our Nation is still at war and not
any better than we were a year ago.
The Democrat's seem to think they
can fix our woes... let's hope so.

In Idaho, the party is still 99%
Republican. That the state
rather be red than have all good people in.
Let's hope the new people who
came in will remember who voted
them in.

On the county side, we have seen
all of our upper counties P.A. offices,
do things that are ..well. to be kind..
less desirable than when they were
voted in.
Let's hope they start to remember who
voted them in, and start looking out for
the public, instead of their own person.

Greater sadness is the people who
have lost their love ones in 2006.
Most recently, a family so low in
income, that they lived in a small
trailer that took all of their lives.

Tomorrow, some of the good things
that happen.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas Greeting to my Readers....

I received this card from a friend... and if I knew where he bought it... I would buy a big box of them and hand one to each one of you.... So the best I can do is give credit to the author at the end... Here is our greeting card...


I have a list of folks I know,
all written in a book,
And every year when Christmas comes,
I go and take a look.

That is when I realize
these names are all a part,
not of the book they're written in,
but of my very heart.

For each name stands for someone
who has crossed my path sometime,
And in that meeting they've become
the rhythm in each rhyme.
While it may sound fantastic
for me to make this claim,
I really feel that I'm composed
of each remembered name.

And while you may not be aware
of any special link,
Just meeting you has changed my life
much more than you think.

For once I've met somebody,
the years cannot erase
The memory of a pleasant word
or of a friendly face.

So, never think my Christmas cards
are just a mere routine
Of names upon a Christmas list,
forgotten in between
For when I send a Christmas card
that is addressed to you,
It's because you're on the list
of folks I'm endeared to.

For I am but a total
of the many folks I've met,
And you happen to be one of those
I prefer not to forget.

Whether I have known you
for many years or few,
In some way you have had a part
in shaping things I do.

And every year when Christmas comes
I realize a new,
The best gift life can offer
is meeting folks like you.

So may the spirit of Christmas
that forevermore endures
Leave its richest blessing
in the hearts of you and yours.

My Christmas Card List
written by George A. Gladden, Sr.
Merry Christmas, dear Readers, from the Wordtosser

Friday, December 22, 2006

Time in a Bottle

Time in a Bottle...

There was a song some where in
the 60' or 70's called Time in a Bottle.
To be honest I don't remember the words.
The tune was nice...

But it reminded me of the season...
It is too bad we can't find it in
ourselves to be like people are the
last week before Christmas and
just after. If we could just take it,
that feeling, in put it in a bottle...
to be released year around.

People who seem to be angry or take
offense easily, seem to find the good
feeling during the season. Smiling,
a kind word...Too bad it isn't year around...
So with the count down of 3
days, all of you have a very
friends and family... may the
best gift you give, be the
good feelings you find and
share..After all, smiles are

Thursday, December 21, 2006

For your pleasure

Recipes are like jokes online.
the authors get lost in the shuffle.
I like to give credit when I can. So
if you are the one who started this
recipe, let me know and I will give
you credit.

I got this recipe last year. As you
can see....
POSTED: 8:51 pm EST December 13, 2005

It is a good one, and if you like fruitcake,
you will love it. If you don't, you will be surprised
to learn you like this one... Unless you totally
hate dried fruit. So enjoy.... I am off to work.
I made them yesterday with Splenda, so my
husband could have some.. Enjoy.

Christmas Fruitcake Cookies...
Butter, softened 1 cup
Sugar 1 1/2 cups
Eggs 2
Flour 2 1/2 cups
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Baking soda 1 teaspoon
Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon
Cloves, ground 1/4 teaspoon
Allspice, ground 1/4 teaspoon
Dates, dried, chopped 1 cup
Pecans, chopped 2 cups
Pineapple, dried, chopped 1 cup
Cherries, dried, chopped 1 cup
1. Preheat an oven to 375 degrees.
2. In a large bowl, add the softened butter and sugar. Whisk until well blended.
3. Beat in the eggs well to incorporate.
4. Add the flour and spices. Mix well.
5. Add the dried fruits and nuts. Mix well.
6. Drop spoonfuls onto a lightly greased sheet pan and bake for 12-14 minutes.
7. Let rest then store in air tight container until use

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Turn the Radio On

My usual background noise
of the morning is, Good Morning
American (and local channel 4 if
I wake up early) and the Regis
and Kelly.

This morning was local radio stations.
As Spokane stations, for some reason
is not easy to get. Maybe a hard rock,
station. I don't know what was on the
recorder at our local am but it was
boring...maybe that does make good
back room noise, while one catches
up with the news of the paper...

Turning off Dish yesterday,
and waiting for cable to be
connected on Thurs. has us
living back in the radio days.
And limited TV. With us, it is
movies for nighttime. No news
no weather, no Boston Legal.

During the day, the radio is a
back ground noise as well...

Gosh, I miss real local radio
stations of years past. I think at
noon they might have something
that is produced local. But the
rest is from somewhere else, and
recorded junk.

As a kid, there were local personalities.
Some did music, some did call in shows.
Some did interview of other locals. And if
there was a major fire, or anything else,
you knew about it right away. I can remember
sitting with my mother as they talked about
an exploitation on the base where my dad worked
as a civilian service person. And how much his
call meant, when he called 20 minutes later, to
tell us he was ok.

But I guess that is considered hokey now.
We are lucky if we get local news in the 5
minutes at the top of the hour.

The older I get, the more I miss those days.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bah Humbug

I hate Christmas and I don't know why.
My brother says he has trouble too.
My mother said we never had a bad
Christmas, so she didn't understand
why we both feel like we do.

And truly, I don't remember a bad Christmas
as a kid. I remember being a rotten kid.
Opening presents ends and peeking in to
see what I got. That was after the Santa bit.

In the beginning, we would go to bed to
a regular living room. To wake to the
wonderment of Christmas. A tree that
was always tall. There was the train that
had been under our tree each year. Yet
as the Santa believer, it never dawn on
us or at least me... that the train was the
same as before. We had stockings hanging
from the mantel over the fireplace.
It was the typical American 1940's

Even after we caught on to the Santa
bit, we still had a tree, that went up a
week before. The presents were there.
And of course the train.

The train was funny. As my father had
bought it for me the first Christmas.
I was too little to run it, so he would run
it for my mother and I. Then 4 years later
my brother showed up on the scene. And
a few years later it became his train.

1. I was a girl, girls don't have trains.
2. My brother was a boy and they did
have trains...but he too, was too little
to play with trains. So my father would
play with the train, while my brother and
I watched. By the time my brother, who
had gotten an erector set and was old
enough to combine the two..... well, the
train set was too old and it was a collector's
item. But I do think my brother did get to
play with it one year. I remember watching
the train going really fast, smoke blowing
and the train flipping off the track. Dad wasn't
happy. But he didn't get too mad.
This was the typical 1950's Christmas.

So why this uncomfortable feeling each
time at this year? And we both get over it
about noon Christmas day.

I worked very hard not to pass it on to
my kids. And I guess I did it right, as all
of them love Christmas.

I love 4th of July...

Monday, December 18, 2006

53 Beacon Street...window of life

As a teen I use to sit and look out
my window. On a summer night,
it was nice to have the breeze.
Most of the times with my hands
on each other and my elbows out
like wings... and my chin on the
back of my hands...

In the early years, I would look
out and see the woods with a fence
around it. A wooden fence. That we
kids would loosen the bottom of two
and slide them across to the side.
Then we would crawl thru. Putting
them back. We use to play like
Indians, in our imagination of how things
were 200 years before. There was a
caretaker who would chase us. Us
trying to find our secret spot, and
get out before he would see which
one it was. The property belonged
to two single sisters.

Later in life, the property was sold.
I guess the sisters passed away,
or were in nursing homes. And
as they tore down the house, the
very old house..... I could see from
my view on life, that it was a glorious
old house. A fireplace in each bedroom.
And a very large room, a ballroom like
And my imagination would swirl with how
life must have been when the sisters were

It was sad to see all the old trees come down
one by one.. Some small, and some very tall.
Then came the grocery store. And the huge
parking lot. My view was of the back of the store.
So I saw large trucks and semi's deliver products
and produce to the store in the early mornings.

And some times in the summer.. you would
see lovers in their car, over in the corner where
no one could see them in the shadow of the
few trees they had left behind.

Around midnight the show would start, in the
winter... with ice and snow on the parking lot,
I would witness the cars doing donuts, slides,
on the large parking lot. Older boys (to me at
that time) would try to outdo each other. And
one time, two of them were coming from a
different directions around the store... to just
miss each other as they slide sideways..

Ah, yes, the view of life from the window of
53 Beacon Street....
Every child should have a second story house
window to view life.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weather and Puppy

Between the the blizzard, and the flooding when it got warmer.... I am just going to sleep this weekend out....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sorry to inform you.....

Sorry to inform you....
Words that hit deep...
Even if it is some one
you haven't see in years.

My ex-sister-in-law passed
away yesterday. So I am
passing the word to my kids.

I look back at the times when
we were sister-in-laws of the
lousiest of men.

Inspite of everything, there
were some good times when we
laughed. The time we decided
to see what was so great about
men smoking pipes, and couldn't
women do it too. We found out
women could smoke them, choke
on them and couldn't hold them in
our teeth without the aid of our
hands. We thought that was the
way men did it. Without hands.
After choking on the pipe tobacco,
clunking our chins with the bowl, and
huffing and puffing until we had no
air left in us to keep the dumb thing
going and lit, we decided smoking
pipes was not for us. Of course,
laughing our fool heads off, didn't
help keep them going either.

She was with me when I went into
the hospital to have my twins. Her
husband was working in Alaska.
The only time she had freedom.

She and I were together, when I
came home from the hospital
from having the twins. I stayed
my first night home with her.
The night we were woken up
by another sister-in-law, to the
news of the death of Robert

I use to buy milk from her. Good
clean milk and cream on top. She
showed me how to make butter,
by rolling a large jar across the floor.

And there was the time that she laughed
at me because I had mumps in one side
of my face..... and then 10 days later she
had the full blown mumps herself.

And that is the way I would like to remember,
Willie. Not the times I hugged her as she cried.
Not the times she had black eyes. Not the times
she was in the hospital with broken ribs.
Because she "fell down the stairs by
accident" I got out....she never did.
I always wondered, what did she think
she had done to be beaten so bad, and
have to stay.

I want to remember Willie, playing the
Boogie Woogie piano. I want to remember
Willie, singing like any other western singer.
I want to remember Willie with that dang
black pipe, huffing and puffing on it to keep
it going...
God Bless, God Speed, Willie, free at last...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I think the next catch phase is going to be:

I think the next catch phase is going to be:


There is a movie coming out, with George
Clooney, I think it is called the Good
German. And I was watch TV this morning
and they had a clip from it. Not sure what
it was about to be honest. I think it was
the Clooney characters driver, who made
the remark. And then Clooney, turns his
head, and catches (what we are told is
his old girlfriend) a woman's face. He calls
her by name. There is pain in both of their
eyes, and she too, says the phase......

I like that. I wonder...if I tell the King
that, when he asks me to get him
something. Something that I think
he should get up off the chair to
get himself. Humm.....

Maybe I better practice it. Tone
may have a lot to do with if I
survive or not... (smile)

I am off the clock....
I am off the clock, honey?

Yea, I better practice

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Good Old Days, and Kids

Baseball with no marked field and rocks
for bases....
Horseback riding
Kick the can (soccer with can instead of ball)
Hop scotch
Jump rope (by self or with others)
Put on a show in the back yard
Hide and seek
Cowboy and indians (later known as
space ships or wars using the enemy
of the time)
Field football
Have forts? Tree houses?
Snow forts that you throw snowballs
from behind?

Do kids know how to do angels
in the snow?
Make Snowmen?

Do kids play any of this anymore?
Do they know how to go out and
play without a game in hand that
the fingers do the playing?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter Recipe

As I took Misty out for her
run thru the snow paths, and
saw the yellow snow, it reminded
me of the winters past.

You know, don't eat the yellow snow.
But on many occasions I did go out
to get bowls of snow.

When I was a kid, my mother would
send my brother and I out, with a huge
bowl to get snow... with the words..
of course, watch out for the yellow snow.

Then as I went out with my kids, we would
gather large bowls of snow. Watching out
for the yellow snow.

Now as I am older, two things I ponder.
First, how did we know there wasn't
yellow snow under the freshly new
foot of snow?
Second, we didn't think about the
environment leaving toxic waste on
our snow that traveled thru the air,
as we have now been taught.

It is kind of like how we use to drink
water straight from the hose. Which now
they scream at you not to do. So is the
hoses different or the people?

Any way, we used this fresh snow for
our recipe. SNOW ICE CREAM.

In a bowl you put, snow, milk or
cream, vanilla and sugar and mixed.
And if you really wanted to be fancy,
an beaten egg. Mix, not so much that
the snow melted.
But enough so all of it was mixed well.
It was the best. And of course the first
of the season was the very best.
We mixed strawberries, or chocolate
syrup too.

I wonder... do parents still do that
with their kids?

If you decide to give it a try....

Monday, December 11, 2006


No, not that kind...

First it was glasses,
then it was false teeth,
and now it is hearing aides.

That pretty well takes care of
the upper part of the body. Sure
hope I don't need any spare parts
for the rest of it. Hope the warranty
is good for a lifetime.

These hearing aides are going to
be a learning process. Up high
enough to hear people talking.
Down low enough to keep noises
out. Furnace running, car running,
and etc.

Driving home from getting them,
drove me nuts, hearing the engine.
Went to the Mall on Friday. Could
hear the voice pretty well, BUT the
bustle of the mall was loud too.

So I have been fine tuning, literally,
my hearing. The Hearing aid guy,
told me it would take about 6 weeks
to get use to them. I can see that.
That my hearing will have to learn again,
how to filter out some noise like we
did when we were young. Humm, I
thought that was selective hearing, at
least that is what my kids told me, I had.

I can also see why people leave
them in the drawer. But I am so tight
with my money, that I figured if I
am paying this kind of money... ain't
cheap, McGee... by George, I am
going to wear these things if it kills
me. I know if the King seem them
on the shelf, or in a drawer.. I won't have
to worry about it killing me.

So if you see me around... and I am
playing with my ears, it is just me
fine tuning...

Oh, one funny thing.
I had turn my keyboard over and
over. I type and look at it again.
Couldn't figure out where the noise
was coming from..kind of a tinny sound.
lol.... it was just I couldn't hear it Boy, are they noisy.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend with the Furry Family Members

Where is the puppy? I know I saw her under this a while ago....

Misty hiding from the vacuum cleaner...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Will there ever be a Day ....

Will there ever be a day when
people of public service can make
it thru the elected time, and not
be tempted by doing the wrong thing?

Over the years, I have found my
self more cynical than I would like
to be. But life seems to keep getting
more devious, so it is hard not to be
a cynic.

Even with taking what the media
writes and cut it in half (like the old
saying, believe quarter what you hear,
and half of what you see), it still
isn't good.

The past 6 months have been
less than admiral with the
3 local county officials.

Boundary county Prosecuting Attorney
has been less than up to par with
doing right by the local citizens. Which
a lot of us, blamed a lot on the judge.
But come right down to the nity gritty
it was the P.A. that faltered. Being
pushed into a court case he should
have taken up on his own. And then
doing a lesser job of it, when he finally
was dragged to going to court.

Then there is the Kootenai County, with
their mess. Officials who are suppose to
be protecting the rights of the people against
sex abuse, harassment and etc. Yet, they
don't see the damage of passing sexual
emails to each other on county computers.

Now our own Bonner County P.A.
is under the microscope over taxes.
All of these gentlemen have been in
office for many years. 20+ for most.

And you keep hoping the media is
wrong. That they are making a mountain
out of a mole hill. But sadly, it doesn't
turn out like that.

For years even beyond my time, the
government, especially the locals have
been questionable. And you figure in
time, with all kinds of electronics and
etc. that things would change. The more
that get caught doing it wrong, the more
that come down the line later. Sad. So
very sad. Especially when some of these
men were very good men. And to a point
still are. Personally, to friends and family.
So where did it go wrong? Was it greed?
Was it power? Or is it just indifference?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day in Infamy

Day in Infamy

Today is December 7, 2006.
65 years after the bombing of
Pearl Harbor.

So today, I bow my head to the
memories of the Armed Forces that
we lost in the airfields. In the ships,
that were bombed and sunk to the
bottom of the bay. To the nurses,
who ran to the hospitals to help out
but never made it across the grounds.

To all of those who were survivors, who
ran to help, even though they were wounded.
To the nurses and doctors who worked
around the clock, to try to save as many
as they could.

May we never forget.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards......

In life there seems to be things
one says, and somehow they come
back to bite you.

Every year for the past 4 or 5, the King
and I have been pooling our money and
getting something for the both of us. It
was a treadmill last year.

This year a week ago, we were discussing
the subject of what we needed. Finally, we
settled on small gifts...because as the King
said... we didn't really need anything. Lots
of wants, just not needs.

And as Murphy's Law always does, it rear
it's head. As I was putting the fish into the
oven last night, I put the temp on for 350
degrees. 15 minutes..not cooked. 15 more
minutes which should have been way too
long.. nothing. I felt the pan..COLD!!.

After working on it for an hour, we came to
the conclusion that the heat bar was shot.
So do we try to find one (this stove is from
the early 70's) or do we break down and
buy a new one? We decided on a new one.
Getting parts is almost impossible in anything
over 10 years.

We went to Sears, found one with a grill, a
little extra, but figured we might as well
spend the extra $70 for something we wanted.
Then go cheaper for a doable one.

One step forward, two steps back.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah...
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..

I have nothing to say. It isn't I am
burnt out on blogging. At least not
yet. But I have nothing to say.

No opinions about anything. Nothing
funny to write, or find something funny
about something that happen today or
even yesterday.

Sometimes that happens, usually it is
a weekend. But here I am 3 days
into the week and nothing to say.

So you can click on to the next blog
you were going to go read. There is
nothing here.. blah blah blah blah blah...

Monday, December 04, 2006



Got to this site and read about
a silent killer.

We have heard for years
about breast cancer in women.
Back to the 1940 or even more.

But this is a new one to me. I
was send this by a friend by email.
It is very important that every woman
reads this. Even men who have daughters
and wives.

There is a video to click on in the middle.
The pictures are graphic. But important.
At least go read it. Like the old saying
goes.. if you save just one
is worth it. So here it is. I was surprised.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


As the sun comes over the Montana mountains into Idaho, we see the sun on top of our mountains before it hits the valley.

A closer view of the top and the towers. Look at the trails, what fun the skiers and snowboarders are having. Providing they stay upright. But then some of them hit the snow, bend the ribs, and come up laughing with joy especially the first timers, who get bit by the thrill of it all... and return. Just as my grandson did yesterday.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weekend with the Furry Family

Introduction to Christmas musical decorations and snow.

What?? you are going to play this all the time, and where is the cat with this thing?
dead end path
Rokon said she didn't like this...but the dog smells good..
Ah, this is more like it. A race track for me.
Walking the path around the flag pole, to make sure it connects to the race track...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Great Idea

My friend Ray at
has come up with a great idea.

I go to this site to get my fix of R.I. stuff.
I have it listed on my links below. They
have great food products as well.

Well, Ray came up with this new idea.
That I think has open possibilities.
He has started doing DVD for people.
You send him pictures and he makes
a video of it. It can be anything. That
is why I say the possibilities are

Pictures of your kids for grandparents.
Pictures of your animals,
Pictures of scenery.
And you will probably think I am
morbid, but funerals. I have seen
something similar at a funeral.
But this is the way to have control
over what is at YOUR funeral.

Or, you can do your life in pictures
to give your grandchildren. They see
you now, but don't have a clue what
you were like when young.
And he puts it to music of your choice.
Great idea.
Not all of us are great at managing the
computer, so this is wonderful for those
of us who can't even understand Computers
for Dummies books.

And remember 25 days to Christmas...
leaving 24 more shopping days.
And only 31 more days left of 2006.

The older I get, the faster time goes.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Good Feeling of Cartoons

As I watched the Merry Christmas,
Charlie Brown, was thinking about
how many times I watched it with
my kids.

Then something happen that I didn't
remember all those years or took it for
granted and it almost made me feel
kind of funny.

Like the political correct people were
going to swoop down and condemn
the show.

See, Charlie Brown after being made fun
of, because of his choice of Christmas tree,
said to his friends. "Maybe I don't understand
what Christmas is all about, can any one
explain.?" And then it happen..

Linus stepped to center stage (they were
all on a stage for the play), with his blanket.
And he asked for a light, which the spotlight
shined on him as he explain Christmas.

The real Christmas, the Wisemen, and the
star, and the manger, from start to finish.
The birth of Jesus.

And I thought, wow, what my kids and I
took for granted, now is a special thing.
And the political correct police didn't swoop
down and close the show off. And hopefully
there won't be some idiot somewhere who
will take offense, and try to keep the show off.

I don't know how often this show has been
playing in the past years, being I don't have
any little ones around to watch it with. Or if
it has been playing. But it sure made me
think, how off the beaten path we have become.
How the minority seems to be ruling.
And how when the music started, I left the
kitchen and sat and watched it..something
about that music..that makes you feel good.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Living in Egypt at the River de Nile

As we get older and some of our senses
seem to fade, we enter the country of
Egypt and live near the river de Nile.

Especially when this brings in to light
our sight or hearing. I think hearing is
the worse one. We tell people that we
have selected hearing, our children tell
us that for years, so that works.

I have taken up the ..."oh, I didn't know
that," for an answer I know I am going to
have to give and if I was lucky I caught
maybe 3 words of the sentence. The more
noise (radio, TV, crowds) the worse it is for
me. I told the ear doctor, it just seems like
everyone is mumbling. He looked at me, and
said the standard... every one??? are you living
in Egypt near the river...of denial?? (we all have
heard that many times.) and we both laughed.

So over a week ago, I went in to have my ears
checked. He made all these marks up and down
a graph like thingie. Then he took his red pen and
drew a line about where the x's and o's were.
Explaining that the top was the lowest of sounds.

In the river of denial, I said, "well that means I am not
too bad, as my marks are near the red line". He looked
at me... and smiled.. "you don't understand.. from the
red line up.. that is where normal hearing people are."
There goes that dang river again.

Seems I hear vowels better than the other.Which is
normal he said. And he said in a silent room, I probably
hold my own.

Bottom line, my parents and society were right. If
I kept up that loud Rock and Roll music... I would
be deaf by 50... well, I lasted a little longer..

So it is hearing aids for me. Now what kind? They
have come out with some pretty neat ones. Listening
to the pros and cons..... I picked the over hear one.
Longer battery live. Less problems due to wax and etc.
(this is more than you want to read). As it turned out
it was a good choice as contrary to everyone's belief,
my ears are not connected by a straight shot tunnel,
letting light shine thru. Seems I have a curvy inter ear.
Told him that was ok, because vanity went out the
window about 5 years ago.

So when you are around me after next week.. better
watch out, I will be able to hear you, and hear your
muttering. Can't wait to hear something maybe they
don't think I can hear.

But gosh, darn it... that good old Rock and Roll,
was good, loud. Bill Hailey and the Comets, Fats
Domino, Little Richard, and all the rest...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, I Have Blown It.

I have worked hard over the
past 3 years to lose weight.
I was afraid when I retired I
would get fatter yet, as I have
seen other aides do so.

I was already in trouble with
my breathing. So about the
time I took up blogging, I
decided to do something about
it. So I would walk around town.

Then in February of that year,
I decided to try walking down
to the old K-mart building and
back. Without stopping was my
goal. It took 4 months but I did it.

I had a partner in the beginning,
but she dropped out 3 months
later, by that time I was in the
swing of it. So headphones on,
and the beautiful view, I kept up
the walk. Got it down to 40 minutes.
It is 2.7 miles round trip. My breathing
was better, I had lost 18 pounds.

Then winter settle in with snow,
and while having good lungs was
good, a broken leg would not be.
So gave it up.

But the King and I got a treadmill,
for each other for Christmas. We did
great. We both walked on it every day.
Up to March. Then the weather was getting
nicer. So started walking about town
again. And treadmill on rainy days.

I gave up the long walk as the state
was tearing up all of the land near
the road. So just did the town and
garden work for the summer.

Gain 2 or 3 pounds as the summer
went on. Then trip to San Diego, in
Septemeber, eating out... 5 more

And now Thanksgiving. And it is
forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I ate, fried Chorizo and peppers.
I ate dressing and dark meat turkey.

Oh, if that was only the sin of food
that I partaken in. But no, I ate salted
walnuts, and the before snacks of
Thanksgiving day. And the extras.

Turnips, one of my favorites, I did well
with. If only I had stopped there. But the
pumpkin pie was calling, sliver pieces,
to go with my cheesecake with strawberries,

And turkey sandwiches, with latte's,
Oh, Father, I sin so much... you decided
to help me out... as I stepped on the
scale, I saw that you added 5 more pounds
to help me thru the as if I
am a Shetland pony.

So it was back to chicken and salad for
dinner. But then later in the evening, in
comes the Grandson, with a Michael
Special... he works for a local pizza
place. And before I could stop and think
a piece popped in to my mouth.

I have got to do something. I would
put on a pair of spandex to show myself
how bad it is. But I doubt I could even get
in one and I am scared someone
might think the Goodyear Blimp has
fallen out of the sky.

and along comes Christmas.
As the ghost of Christmas past
haunts me. You see the treadmill
is in our bedroom, with sheets over
it, so the cat can't get hair in it.

So make mine salad, please.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Comforts of Life

As I sit here tonight getting ready
to post date a blog for tomorrow.
I watch as the snow comes down
ever so gently, yet persistence.

There is something soothing about
watching the snow at night in the street
light, as it flies by. Makes you feel
that all is good.

Having come back from a wonderful
5 days with Son #4 and his wonderful
wife,and kids, we feel so complete. It was a
comfort. In many ways.

When one is in their 60's, you wonder
did you do it right? And after these past
5 days, I can say yes, I did it right.

I am the first to tell you that I did NOT
form my children's lives. What they have
become, is from hard work of emotions,
working ethnics, society, and family.

I feel I put down the foundation in the
first 18 years. After that each one of my
children have done all the work. I am
proud of them.

I got to see 3 out of the 4 son's. (the
other lives in Wisconsin) and to sit
there and watch them as they interact.
To see them with their families. Their
children. I am so proud, brings me
great comfort, to see them all turn out
so well.

On the way home, after getting off the
plane and in the car, we start out in
a storm blowing evening. We arrive in
Coeur d' Alene and the snow is getting
a bit deeper. Yet, we decided to make a
quick trip to Costco for some supplies.

And then headed for home. The snow was
blowing more, the snow was deeper on the
road (where the heck are the snow plows).

Yet, I don't know if it is the after glow of the
holiday, but everyone drove quietly north.
Driving at speeds of 25 mph sometimes, as some
poor soul is doing their best to keep going.
Yet, no 4x4 zoomed by, no one got pushy.
The traffic from Cda to Sandpoint, was a
slow by still going drive. It took an hour and 12

One poor soul that we passed, had a low
number Alberta plate. She was older, and
was hanging on to the wheel with both
hands and leaning forward. I am sure
when a lot of us (about 12)
that pass, she must have felt better with
out all the traffic behind her.

So we all drove in to Sandpoint, all safe
and sound, and as we drove home to 4 inches
of snow, a warm house, the happiest puppy
alive, and a cat who looked at us in disgust,
as she baby sat the puppy. She and the
grandson. The house was all still good.

And we are glad to be home, the best little
spot of the earth for us. Hope you all had
a great Thanksgiving...

And now... onward, and forward... the
push of Christmas... BAH HUMBUG...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Misty and the King

We are sleeping this one out....
have a Happy Thanksgiving................................................

Friday, November 17, 2006

To Daughters and Sons Everywhere

About 16 or 17 years ago I bought this
poem in a booklet form. It was on top of
the Space Needle in Seattle.

I gave it to my daughter. I had one myself...
but lost it. Then I came across it on the
internet and made a copy on the computer
so I would always have a copy.
I did not write this... I give full credit to the author.
It was beautifully written.
I hope you all enjoy it.

I will be leaving for a week.. to enjoy
time with family. So talk at you 11-27-06.

Happy Thanksgiving...
may you have wonderful friends and
great family to enjoy it with...
here is the poem.

Did I tell You?
By Elizabeth Knapp

Did I tell you?
A message to a daughter as she
is almost grown—by Elizabeth Knapp

Now that you are almost grown I look
back and ask myself. Did I tell you?

Did I tell you all that I meant to tell
you, all that I felt was important.

Did I tell you or was it lost in the shuffle
of our everyday lives. The busy
full days, when we taught and didn’t
know it. What did we teach? Was it
strong? Was it good? Will it root you
in something real that will allow you
to grow with a firm and sound foundation?
Did I tell you….

Did I tell you to love, not with a fair
weather love, but with a love that
accepts and cherishes unconditionally.
Love not with a quick and passing
love, but with a love that is a quiet peace
within your heart.

Did I tell you to be thoughtful. Not to be
a martyr or doormat to be trod
upon, but to be aware of other people
and their needs. To meet others with
awareness and within your own frame
work be able to meet them halfway
and on occasion go the other half joyfully.

Did I tell you to be courteous. Not to
display empty manners with no meaning
but to live the courtesy born of caring.
And to express this caring through the
small formalities and customs born of the years.

Did I tell you to be bold. To be not afraid
of the unknown, but to live life to
the fullest and meet each new experience
with joy and anticipation.

And did I tell you to be cautious. To temper
your daring and sense of
adventure with good judgment and consideration.

Did I tell you to serve other people, if
only in a small way. There is growth
and satisfaction in being part of something
larger than yourself and your life
will be richer for knowing this.

Did I tell you to maintain a sense of the past.
To recall and uphold all that is
best and meaningful in our country and
in our society. But never be afraid to
speak out where you don’t believe or where
there is room for improvement.
Work for what you believe, but work in a
positive way within a structure of
order and reason.

Did I tell you to find a part of nature
that speaks to you then know it intimately
and well. For some it is a mountain peak,
for some a windswept beach. Find
your own and in it find your restoration.
Did I tell you to laugh, to dance, to sing.
There is a lot in life that is hard, but
take it as it comes and find the good and
make time to dance.

Did I tell you to be creative to explore the
seed within you. Find your creative
spirit and let it grow.

And did I tell you the joy and challenge of
being a woman. The joy of having
a child… knowing and sharing a new life.
The joy of making a home… the
center but not the limit for the lives of those
you love. The joy of exploring a
third dimension….a world of your own…
discovering an fulfilling your own

Did I tell you these things as we went along
the way? If I did I am humbly grateful.
If I did not then, you must choose
for yourself. If it has meaning,
accept it and make it your own. If it does not,
discard it. Your life is yours to
build as you choose.


Copyright 1974 by Elizabeth Knapp
All rights reserved ..published by
the Creative Kitchen
2284 W. Palo Alto Ave, Fresno, Ca. 93711

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life's little Aggravations

Life's little Aggravations.
Or Morning Interruptus.

Each morning I get up, take
the puppy outside to do her
business, while I gather the
papers from the box.

I head into the house, turn on
the TV to the New York feed we
have, so I can catch the show I
like. At 6am. And then with it
in the background, I read the
papers and drink my coffee.

I clicked on the New York feed of
ABC, and walked towards the dining
room table on Tuesday morning.

I heard Curious George. Mumbling
back to the control, thinking my
nimble fingers had failed me in my
channel selection, I switch to it again.
Again Curious George. I see it keeps
going to 249, no matter how many times
I punch in 245. So I go up one channel,
to my surprise I see a Dish Network man
talking about how the government is making
them dump distance feeds to customers.
So if you are having a distance feed, after
December 1st. you won't. But this is the 14th
of November, I think to myself. They tell you to
go to and complaint
to the government. There will be a form there. NOT.

So I sent off, a remark to the Contact Us, Dish
Network. I am sure there will be nothing done.
Once these things start.. it is rare that it stops.

Another aggravating point is my bill came
in yesterday. I paid it yesterday afternoon.
They bill ahead of the game. So I am being
charge for something I am not going to get.
Even if they restore it tonight, for 20 days,
I don't. Oh, that seems to be the other kicker.
It seems, if I understood it right..they will
no longer give me the local free as they
have in the past. It was part of the package.
NOT anymore.

Then I get home from having my hair done.
I have NO NETWORKS. Not local or distance.
So I call the 1-800 number. Get the same
run around. After hashing it back and forth.
I get my locals back anyway.

Then I get a email from the Main office, I think.
And they tell me ...."You can not have both
feeds. You can not have New York.
I wrote back and said yes, I can. I paid for it
in October to have both until the 20 of Nov.
And I just paid my bills so I have it paid
for both to Dec. 20.

Got another one back from them, again telling
me I can not have both feeds, but they gave me
ABC. Now does that make sense? If I can have
one, why not the other. If I paid for them, why can't
I have them until Dec. 1st? So I wrote back and
told them REFUND MY MONEY. So I wait their
next answer.

Then I got to wonder, why have satellite?
Which I am sure would thrill the cable people.

We get the New York feed so the King can
watch all the shows. He goes to bed at 8-8:30 pm.
As he has to get up before the crack of dawn.
He will not be happy. As the West Coast starts
when he goes to bed. And no, we aren't taping,
as who wants to watch his game shows a day

This is a revolting development, as Ollie
would say to Stan.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cynical or Gullible

Which are you? Over the past 10 or 20 years
I have lean towards the cynical, and some times
it has been good, and some times not so good.
But got to admit, I rely on it some times. If things
don’t add up, then there is something wrong there.

So where the heck was my cynic radar last week?
I read the story in the paper. I gave it credence,
because it was from an out of town paper report.
But that really isn’t a good excuse.

Why didn’t I look at it like I usually do? The old
measure of : believe quarter of what you hear & read, and
half of what you see. A long time motto, I have used
many times. If it doesn’t add up… it isn’t right.

After the fact, which is not really a good way to do
things, I can see I jumped the gun. I didn’t do the

I still believe the young lady was wronged. I still
believe the young man got way too light of a sentence.
I don’t believe he deserved 15 years. But I believe he
should have served some time (6 months?). I
believed he should have to do a lot more community
service than he was given. And I think he
should have to take sensitivity classes. He obviously
did not think when he spoke, and he needs to understand
the seriousness of what he called a joke. And if the
Prosecuting Attorney did say, “don’t make waves”..then he
should be Mr. Davis’s classmate.

Did the Judge in fact make the remarks that were quoted
her? It will be a while before that will be known by the
public. And will the outraged public believe her? If
the P.A. backs her, right now the mood of the public,
is not in a forgiving mood. Did she say, she could
understand how this happen because she has sons, and
some one else made the “boys will be boys” of it ?
The lawyer the victim’s family contacted and the defense
lawyer thing, does not set well either.

Which brings a lot of this down to where the information
came from. The paper media. The Hagadone Paper Network.
Did the reporter tell the truth? Did he tell it like he thought it was?
He reported the father of the victim remarks. Where could he
go with the story if he could only get one side. Did he try
to get information from the Davis side? Did the father’s side
add up?

Well the lesson learn here, at least for me.. is to THINK…
Put into gear my old motto…. Believe a quarter of what
you read and half of what you see…

And please, let us all hope the real story comes out. The
truth.. not the spin.

Hindsight is always better than foresight, unfortunately.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dark Rooms and Pictures...

I was reading Slight Detour and she
was talking about how she went to
local paper when she was teaching,
and she watched as they developed
pictures. Which struck up a memory.

My mother had a friend who was a
photographer for the U.S. Naval War College
in Newport, R.I. And he taught her how
to develop her own pictures.

We had a Cape Cod house, so there
were not a lot of rooms in the house. The only
one she could do was the bathroom. As it
was small but also had one tiny window, so
could be blacked out with paper making it
a good dark room for her.

My brother and I would be warn
with death if we ever ever open that
door when it was shut. Now I don't know
why, but that is like telling kids to not put
beans up your nose. (which she would say and
of course we would do, as soon as she
left to go out to dinner with my dad.) Maybe
she figured we would be busy doing that and
not other things.

But I wander here. We use to smell
horrible smells coming from under the
door. And if she trusted us.. one at a
time, she would take us inside to see
what she was doing. But don't touch
the door, no matter how much it stank.
We could watch her run the film thru 3 baths.
And hang the negatives from the shower curtain
on a heavy string by clothes pins.

It was with wonderment as she turn on
the red light, and put in the negative and we
would see the picture show up on the blank
paper below. And watched as she enlarged
it to fill up the page. And to watch her run
the film thru 3 baths.

I am sure she did this so we would
understand why not to open the door.
Which worked. We never open the door
again. But she did.. when I told her thru
the door that, my brother had let the inheat
female dog out of the basement with our
other male dog... she flew out of that
room.....door open... pictures ruin...
one spanked son... one smiling sister.

Gosh, what a pain I must have been.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Am I old? Will I be Obsolete?

One night while bored, I check
on next blog on blogspot. There
are some really weird ones out
there. And many nice ones too.

By the one thing I read or tried to
read is the short version of our

culd = could
pls or plz= please
tmz= I think it was time.. it was the
only word that fit the rest of the sentence.

I think of all those years of spelling test.
All those years of having to ace them.
Which by the way, I didn't.

All those years, I drummed the right
letters in to words with my own children.
Many hours and some times battles of
words to get to the point of at least 8 of 10.
20 of 25.

And now this. When I question this I was told
it is the new quick way of typing. But I got to
ask. How does this work in school when the
teachers have them write essays? What about
spelling test? Do the kids mix it up? Do they
fail the essay because spelling counts and
they don't?

And I guess this proves their point. I got
this in my email the other day......
Believe it or not, you can read it. I cdnuolt
blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd
waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor
of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch
at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer
in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the
olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat
ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a
taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a
porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid
deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the
wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

And where is this all going to go? What about
my great-grandchildren who will be in school in
5 years or less. And their children. Maybe I am
glad I won't be around to be bugged by this. As
it irritates the heck out of me now.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Misty on the Weekends

Checking to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side of the fence.

Warming up by the heater....after too much playing outside

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ed Bradley the Face of Trust

This seems to be the year
to lose our familiar faces on
Faces that we have regarded
with great trust. Peter Jennings,
and now Ed Bradley of 60 minutes.
I have always enjoyed Mr. Bradley.
He was so serious in his suit as he
looked out at us in our living rooms.
Very formal with the latest of news.
Yet, he would throw that suit jacket
over his shoulder and talk to different
people. Like they were his best friends.
Which a lot of them probably did become
that after his reporting.
He was just as comfortable talking to
heads of states, as he was with basketball
players, comedians, and even children.
He had the look of trust. And some of us
even grew old with him. I surely will miss
him as I tune in each Sunday. It just won't
be quite the same.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Proud of my little Town

I am proud of my little town.
We are small and we usually
don't get any respect. When
other towns are mention, for
some reason you don't see
our little town mention.

It is like they go from Ponderay,
and then to Clark Fork in one jump.
Some times they mention Hope. So
they go from Ponderay to Hope, in one
jump, which happens to be about 18 miles
apart. I know for sure that Clark Fork
is over 25 miles from Ponderay.

We? We are on the border of Ponderay.
About 3 miles outside of Sandpoint. Now
granted, if you blink your eyes, you will
be thru Kootenai. But you can't miss our
big pile of sawdust. And Coldwater Creek.

But on Tuesday, our little district of voters,
taking in not only the grid of the town itself,
but our slight outlaying areas of Ponder Point,
Whiskey Jack, and the back side of our town,
that is still county. We had 700!!! walking in the
door voters. Had over 400 mail ins. But can you
believe it... 700 walk in to vote.

I don't know if that is a record or not, but
I am so proud of our voting district.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Watching Elections

As I sit here eating Marianne's
way too good Pumpkin Dessert,
which I tried to promise myself
that I wouldn't. (Well, at least I
didn't put the cheesecake topping
on it...) I am watching the TV, and
checking on Huckleberries Online
for the elections results.

I smile as I see some lose or maybe
I should say, ones I like win. And sadly
see some go that I had hope would win.
See some of the numbers are adding up
for the no and yes on different changes.

My mind wonders to what the King said
as we left the school after voting.

He said, "you know, I sure wish we could
vote like Washington state does. (they
all vote by mail). And you know, I don't
think I will vote anymore, anyway."

I asked him why. And he replied," I
have looked at it over the years, and
to be honest with you, I don't see a
heck of a lot of difference two days to
years later, after I vote. Doesn't really
matter who gets in, the Democrats or
Republicans, they all raise our taxes.
I don't see where we are better off than
we were a couple years ago, and the
rest of it.. we don't have any say so
anyway. The congress does what
they want. No matter who we send,
they chime in with the others when
they get there and forget us back here."

You know, it is kind of hard to argue
with that. You know, I think I will go
get the other half of this piece of
dessert and then go to bed. All
the results will be there in the morning.
And I won't be richer for staying up to
see who gets what.

Dang, that Marianne, why did she
have to share that recipe? I sure
hope she is eating that dessert tonight
while she watches the results. I don't
want to be the only one gaining weight

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rainy Days and Rainy Nights

These days aren't for cats nor dogs.
Each animal runs out and does it's
thing and back in....

I have chosen to do my Christmas cards.
I have a quarter of them done. Which
I will procrastinate and do the other, hopefully
some time between now and Christmas.

I got to admit, I am ahead of the game. I
have been known to do them on December
the 20th. At least I have started.

Be nice to get them all done before
Thanksgiving.... and then send them,
the Monday after Thanksgiving. That
would shock everyone. Except maybe
one. As she has gotten use to me
sending my Christmas card to her
in July. Or February. Just because I

But I have been on my best
behavior the last few years and
sent it in December .

Hope you voted today... no matter
how you vote..I don't care...just
vote for who you believe in.

Monday, November 06, 2006


"I am mad as hell, and I am not going
to take it anymore"... that is a line out
of a movie... but that is how I feel this

I wanted to write this Saturday at 8am.
That is the time I was reading the Bonner
County Daily Bee. The headlines, made
me mad and sick to my stomach. But
I figured I should take a breather.. maybe
I am reading it wrong. I have read it 3 times
over the weekend. And I am not any better
now than I was on Saturday morning.

The headlines were Plea deal ends
high-profile battery case midstream
writing by Robert James. A reporter for the
Hagadone Newspaper network.

As I read it, I couldn't believe it. The more I
read the worse it was. They called this a
high-profile battery case. From what I read,
it seems it should have been more into
a hate crime. But then reading an article
is different than being in the court room.

The case is about a 17 year old young lady,
still a child by law... being throw in the fire,
by a adult, (the male was 21years old). After
talking about her ethnic and her parents, and
then remarks of Jew and "Jews burn". Even the
witness testified that they heard the remarks,
and they thought he acted like he didn't care,
and he wasn't sorry.

The Judge told the two sides that if they
didn't come to a plead bargain, she would
call a dismissal of the case as SHE thought
it was accidental!!. She decided this even though
there were several witness and the victim, who

Accidental? Dragging a young lady 10 feet while
saying... "You are a Jew... Jews burn"? He grabbed
her by her waist and carried her (dragged according
to another witness) and dropped her in to the fire?
Accidental? Why, because the victim thought he
was joking around? She thought it was a joke until
he threw her in to the fire? Accidental?

Where does one get to call another Jew and Jew's burn,
ok with society? And then act on it. Even if you stretch
this to the point of he was joking..(although it seems the
other witness didn't think he was), that makes it ok?

And for the judge not to let the trial finish,
'but to add insult to injury... to say something to
the fact, (the reporter reported, the father heard
the judge say) "BOYS WILL BE BOYS"?. He
heard the judge say, she had two boys of her own
and felt that kids will be kids"? I surely hope the
judge does not allow HER son's to get away with
such remarks about Jewish people. If she really
felt this way, she should have excused herself
from the case.

The Prosecutor confirmed that the plea was
largely the judge's idea? That he didn't feel comfortable
elaborating? Is the "good old boy system" still alive?

Boundary County people have worked hard to get
rid of the "Deliverance" attitude that once was up
there, and still exist in a small way. They don't deserve
to have this ugliness reawaken in their community.

North Idaho has worked hard to get rid of the Aryan
Nation attitude, with hard work from the Human Rights
committee's. Sandpoint, the area where the judge is
from, where she walks by every day to work, the works
called Tolerance. Is this her notion of Tolerance?

I feel the victim was victimized twice. Once by Mr. Davis
and once by the judge/system. Hopefully, there will be
another judge to decide the sentence, as they say
that is still pending.

Will this be swept under the rug, with wrongs of
yesterdays? Will this young lady be harassed,
as the judge has said it is ok, if you are joking?

Will I be just one small voice in the vacuum, yelling
do something about this!! For the young ladies sake

When ever I can... I try to be fair. So because of the
post above... I am going to print out what I read
else someone who didn't feel comfortable
signing their name. Normally, I don't give a name
less person, the time of day. But in this case, I will.
So I will let you read it. And you decide........
Some one close to the story had this to say....
(in their own words)

And now the rest of the story... Amazing how
2 hours of testimony has been reduced to a couple
of paragraphs. I would expect more out of
Mr. James since he is an attorney himself.
I am sure he has taken part in many plea negotiations.
It is unfortunate that he did not report more
of the facts presented at the hearing. In no way
am I saying what Mr. Davis did is right. It was
extremely stupid. Not a surprise though for an
intoxicated young man. I don't see where it
mentions that the vicitim in this case was also
drinking. This was a party of young kids doing
what they do..being stupid. I don't see any where
that the victim was asked by her friends if she
wanted to leave that party after the incident.
She declined and stay there. She has no recolection
of what she did though. She only indicated that
she left a friends home at 5am the next morning.
As for the religious overtones, the discussion was
about her fathers religion (catholic) and her
mothers (muslim) and Mr. Davis then concluded
in his warped brain that "oh that must make
you a Jew" The victim in this case is not jewish
by the way. His actions were totally inappropriate
and absolutley STUPID. Were they felonias....
should he be prison bound? I would guess there
is much more to this story than we have heard.
Plea bargains happen every day, all day in every
Court house in the US. It ia always the responsibility
of the Prosecuting attorney. for him to pass the buck
on to the Judge is spineless. good day."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Week with Misty2

This is Misty's first snow... it almost is up to her belly....

The cat can't believe that Misty would eat the snow...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Staying away from Politics....

I am sick of the games they play.
As everyone else is. I still think they
should have a deadline for the nastiness.
July 1st. After that, it should all be about
what they can do for us and our county/

So what vehicle was your favorite and what
one was the one you hated, or dislike a lot?

Let's get the bad one over first. It was a 1966
Jeep Wagon. You know the big one where it
came out like the trucks, but was a station

That Jeep hated me. I think I might have blogged
about this vehicle before. It left me high and dry.
No jack, no lug wrench to change my tire. I had
brand new, that day... tires. Why would I need
them? I guess that is what the guy at the tire
place must have figured, as he forgot to put them
back in. So a guy with a backhoe lifted it up and
had a lug wrench. This Jeep would leak oil. Not
when my husband drove it. Only when I did. The
back window would fall down for no reason. It was
suppose to be a crank down on the outside. I hated
that vehicle. After 6 things that went wrong, I refuse
to drive it. Drove the old 57 Chevy pick up instead.
Which was always reliable.

My favorite was a 1972 Ford Ranger XL pickup.
Black. 3/4 ton. Wonderful mufflers that rattled
so well, when you went down a hill. Loved those
mufflers.sounded like Smitty's. It drove to R.I. from Washington state.And back, pulling a trailer one
time and a car the next.

And one time when it was challenged by a
International Scout..(really, he thought he had a pity the fool) and the Ford pulled
it down towards the waterfront. When I drove it
across the yard from one side to the other, it
sounded so great. It was almost like it strutted. I
know, it was just a truck. But to me...
it was A TRUCK!!!. THE TRUCK....

When I was in R.I. my father said I should get
rid of it. I told him, never, I would make a flower
bed out of the back of it in my yard before I would
let go. But sadly, after my husband died, I had to
let it go. Last I saw of it, it was going down the
road with a teenager behind the wheel.

Gosh, I miss THAT TRUCK!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some People You Meet thru Blogs

Some people you meet thru blogs, be it
in person or just reading blogs and leaving
comments, you get attached.
Those of you with computers (I print this
out for computer less friends), go click on
CdaDave. You will want to read his blog.
As he will stop blogging soon. He is moving on.
So this is going to be your last chance to
get the real story about Cda, Id.
CDADAVE, has always been a fountain of
information on Cda, sports, and can't be beat
on music. And the more unusual, and some
times rarely heard, the sharper he is on it.
He has a wonderful wit. Some times it makes
you smile, and some times it is almost,blow
coffee out your nose, funny. And even when he
rants at the injustice of the world, he can do it
with humor as well. And still yet, have you thinking.
He is a shy man, so don't know if any of the bloggers
have actually met CDADAVE. But thru his blogs you
almost feel like you know him. He surely will be missed.
I know we all hope he will start up a new one when he
gets settled. And hope he checks in at HBO from time
to time, to let us all know he is doing alright.
I know, I for one, will miss him. :-(

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Free Candy Day

What you haven't heard of this day?

It is the day after Halloween. It is
celebrated mostly in offices and
break rooms.

It is being celebrated more and more
in the past 5 years as the kid count
gets lower.

It is where the childrenless people
bring their candy into the break room
to get rid of it.

And now it is 54 days to Christmas.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy to you

Happy Halloween......

This was in 1990. It was my day off, so I had the King take me down to my place of work. He refused unless I took off the pumpkin head. He wasn't going to have people looking at him weird while he drove. lol... Then he dropped me off a block away. Only 2 or 3 knew my laugh and body language.
So Happy Halloween.... All Saints Day...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Now Where Was That?

When you get to be my age, and
you have lived as many places as
I have, sometimes you try to remember
just where were you, when a past memory
comes up.

Like I use to go to this little tiny
building on the corner.
Best hamburgers. They were a
quarter a piece. Which was
unheard of in my home town.
It was White Castle and it had
to be Miami Beach, Florida.

Another hamburger place in a
tiny building. Down by Horton's
Plaza on First Avenue. Had to run
down 12 blocks from 13th Ave. on
a half hour lunch from a suit factory
called Ratner's. There was a bar
called Beanies on Broadway, with
dime size sequins that made the name.
My galpal at the time and I were always
going to go there for our first beer. But
we got married and had kids, so never did.
It had to be San Diego, California.

It was the Ocean Drive, and two gal pals and
I were drinking beer, making stops every so
often to open another beer to share... or a
pee break... we were underage. It had to be
Newport, R.I.

Riding on the back of a snowmobile, on
railroad tracks, doing 95 mph. Leaving
one tavern to head to the next town to
have a beer (this time legal) and play pool
at the Old #3 Tavern. It had to be Roslyn,
heading to Ronald, Washington.

Ah, youth, fleeing youth.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Week with Misty

Life is running with the stick and you know you are winning.

I got it... if you pull on one end the rest has to come.....

Laugh at me... and I will make sure she puts it on you next......

The cat thinks she is winning...but I am hanging in there......

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Must Read

With Elections a week from Tuesday, this is a must read.

I am going to take a liberty that I hope is not illegal.
I have included all the names and etc. that I have,
that is connected to this article that I recieved about
a year ago. It was sent out as an email to tell women
about a HBO show that was coming on. It is long,
but should be read by every woman.

Here it is: Iron Jawed Angels
by Kathryn Edwards, Professor of Biology,
Kenyon College
The women were innocent and defenseless. And by
the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty
prison guards wielding clubs and with their warden's
blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women
wrongly convicted of "obstructing sidewalk traffic."

They beat Lucy Burn, chained her hands to the cell
bars above her head and left her hanging, for the night,
bleeding and gasping for air. They hurled Dora Lewis
into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron
bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate, Alice Cosu,
thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack.

Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing,
dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching,
twisting and kicking the women. Thus unfolded the
"Night of Terror" on November 15, 1917 (a mere 89 years
ago), when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse
in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a lesson to
the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared
to picket Woodrow Wilson's White House for the
right to vote.For weeks, the women's only water came
from an open pail. Their food--all of it colorless
slop--was infested with worms. When one of the
leaders, AlicePaul, embarked on a hunger strike,
they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat
and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She
was tortured like this for weeks until word was
smuggled out to the press. So, refresh my memory.
Some women won't vote this year because--why,
exactly? We have carpool duties? We have to get
to work? Our vote doesn't matter? It's raining?

This year, I went to a sparsely attended screening
of HBO's new movie.
It is a graphic depiction of the battle these women
waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling
booth and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed
the reminder. All these years later, voter registration
is still my passion. But the actual act of voting had
become less personal for me. Frankly, voting often
felt more like an obligation than a privilege. Sometimes
it was inconvenient. My friend Wendy, who is my age
and studied women's history, saw the HBO movie, too.
When she stopped by my desk to talk about it, she
looked angry. She was----with herself."One thought
kept coming back to me as I watched that movie,"
she said."What would those women think of the way
I use--or don't use--my right to vote? All of us take it
for granted now, not just younger women, but those
of us who did seek to learn. "The right to vote" she
said, had become valuable to her all over again. HBO
will be releasing the movie on video and DVD.

I wish all history, social studies and government
teachers would include the movie in their curriculum.
We are not voting in the numbers that we should
be, and I think a little shock therapy is in order.It is
jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies
try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul
insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized.
And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul
was strong, he said, and brave. That didn't make her
crazy. The doctor admonished the men: "Courage
in women is often mistaken for insanity."Please pass
this on to all the women you know. We need to get out
and vote and use this right that was fought so hard
for by these very courageous women.

_____________________________________________________________________Karen Karen Bertroch, Community Resource Director
at the Wahkiakum County
Community Foundation in Cathlamet,
Washington and Senior Consultant at Faith
Leadership Consulting at Phones: Cathlamet
office is (360)795-8805 and cell phone
is (206) 510-6632.

For the love of your country...VOTE!!
go here for more...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Blogger....

As you can see, I have a new blog listed.
It is called Kellogg Bloggin. Runs under the
name of Raymond Pert, which is the author's
father's name. It is a tribute to his father.

The writings are wonderful. When he talks
about sitting at the kitchen table with his lap
top, writing his blog and hearing music. Well,
you feel like you are there sitting across from
him, you can hear the music and listen to him
tell you the stories of ago.

This man is in a league of his own. The rest
of us are just players. This man writes the
stories of his soul. And the soul of his fellow
towns people.

He lives in Eugene, Oregon and works as a teacher.
But he was raised in Kellogg, Idaho. And Kellogg,
her people, still have his soul. The writings get dark
sometimes. But the times and lives were dark. It
is a mining town. People die there. If not in the mine
itself, then the dust or other fumes.

But he also brings in the good times, the raunchy times.
The times to drink and cuss, to enjoy the soul fullness
of good friends. Who have been lucky enough to
survive this dark mining town. Showing that even
in the darkest of time, friends and family live their
lives like the rest of us...just harder.

There is laughter, and times that he makes you
smile. But most of it is, just telling it like it is.
So hope you will check in with him. Read several
stories. Go down at least 5 or 6 stories. You will
be glad you did.

Like I said, the rest of us are just players... he
is the real deal. A daily book chapter, that you
can't put down.
Raymond Pert

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen...

COME SEE......

Remember the old barkers at
the carnivals and circuses?
Calling for you to come see all
the oddities for the land?

Well, this is what I am reminded
of, as I watch thru the media of all

You have seen the old days of
Harry Truman and his family waving
off the back side of a train with the
flag draped across.

You had the debates of Kennedy and
Nixon on TV. And all those since.

But boy, is this year a doozy.
You see Mary Jane looking out at you,
(names change to protect us all). Telling
you this is her campaign message and she
approves of it all. Well, heck ya... after all,
it is her and others talking about all the great
things she has done. Nothing about the
opponent. Now when you get the negative ads,
there is really fine print telling you who paid for it.
But it sure isn't the candidate saying , I approve of
this message.

We have gone from the announcer telling us at
5 p.m. who won the race in the nationals on the East
Coast. To reading the returns just a hour after election
doors close, for
your local races.

We have gone to blogs telling who they think
should win, what a louse a certain candidate is.
(who they never even met). To the candidates,
themselves having blogs and sites. To now... putting on minute spots. Some
times with the message, but mostly to make
fun of the candidate.

Makes you wonder how Bush would have
done if he was running this year. Blogs were
just starting when he ran.

And this is just the mid-years..not even a
Presidential year. No wonder no one is throwing
their hats in the ring seriously so far.

Talk about a circus... and hopefully this circus
will be over next Wed. morning with correct
results and hopefully no one calling foul, to
drag out the counting for months later.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What did I do to.....

In the 1970's or 80's there was a
movie with the Blues Brothers. I
forgot the actual name of the movie.
But it was the older Blues Brother's
With John B. and Dan A.

There was a song in there they sang,
which seem to fit my life at the time.
And yesterday, was another day like that.

The name of the song was.....
"What did I do to piss you off?"

It was how I felt as the appliance
Gods attacked.

It started off a good morning. I was
all gung-ho to start some of my cleaning
up the house. To try to get rid of stuff.
Only trouble there was so much just
plain junk, from the weekend, I had to
get that out of the way first. So I put in
a load of wash.

I went about half hour later to switch the
clothes from the washer to the dryer so I
could put the next load in. I lifted up a couple
things, and I thought, these seem a little
heavy. The next one was a sweatshirt. And
sure enough.. It was wet. Solid wet. What the
heck, came to mind. So I put the clothes
back in, and put on spin. Nothing. Waited.
Still nothing. And it let me open the lid. And
you know, the lock monster does NOT let
you lift the lid for at least 5 minutes after the
load stops. Surely never when it is in the spin
area. I went thru this 5 times. Check the
load to see if it would wash. No. Water goes in.
Water comes out when it is suppose to. No
agitation. Aggravation, yes. But no movement
at all. No spin. Being I am not keen on taking things
apart, before I give the King a chance. I decided to
wait until he came home.

After the blue cloud settled, he told me he had
to take it outside. I told him, let me look at the
manual maybe there is an easier way. OH, no..
he knows what he is talking about, he has to
work on it from the bottom, and there isn't
any room there to do it, so he has to take it
outside to the deck. Not a pretty picture in
my mind.

Well, after all the disconnects, repairing his
dolly (the clicker fell off when I moved the
entertainment center out of the house, while
he was in Boise, this summer). We were all
set for removal.

Yea, right. He fought with it, back and forth.
I moved stuff in the kitchen so he would have
swing room when he got it out of the little room.
Blue smoke, cuss words, measuring. More words.

We did buy it, and we did install it. So it stands to
reason what goes in, can come out. So he turns it
sideways, and with 1/8 inch, it came out. Into the
kitchen, turn around and out the door. This took
about 3/4 hour.

He finds out the opening is not under it but in
front. I found this funny, but knew not to mention
this. He moved the belt, check the clutch, everything
is proving to work fine. He said well try to move the
agitator. It moves. So let's see if it works. No..can't.
It is 220, and we don't have an extension nor plug in for
So back into the house. Thru the door, with me helping
lift it on to the steps into the house. In and turn around
in the house, back to the little room. Hook everything
up, run a test.. it spins... Wait 5 minutes for lock to
let us open. Put in water, it agitates for washing and
rinsing. Then the big test. Put in the wet clothes.
Spins... spins almost dry.

Now I got to ask why? Almost 2 hours wasted.
Oh, I looked at the says to open in
front first to check out movement of parts. I
didn't tell him that. I think he figured that one
out on his own now.

So appliance God, What did I do to piss you