Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Living in Egypt at the River de Nile

As we get older and some of our senses
seem to fade, we enter the country of
Egypt and live near the river de Nile.

Especially when this brings in to light
our sight or hearing. I think hearing is
the worse one. We tell people that we
have selected hearing, our children tell
us that for years, so that works.

I have taken up the ..."oh, I didn't know
that," for an answer I know I am going to
have to give and if I was lucky I caught
maybe 3 words of the sentence. The more
noise (radio, TV, crowds) the worse it is for
me. I told the ear doctor, it just seems like
everyone is mumbling. He looked at me, and
said the standard... every one??? are you living
in Egypt near the river...of denial?? (we all have
heard that many times.) and we both laughed.

So over a week ago, I went in to have my ears
checked. He made all these marks up and down
a graph like thingie. Then he took his red pen and
drew a line about where the x's and o's were.
Explaining that the top was the lowest of sounds.

In the river of denial, I said, "well that means I am not
too bad, as my marks are near the red line". He looked
at me... and smiled.. "you don't understand.. from the
red line up.. that is where normal hearing people are."
There goes that dang river again.

Seems I hear vowels better than the other.Which is
normal he said. And he said in a silent room, I probably
hold my own.

Bottom line, my parents and society were right. If
I kept up that loud Rock and Roll music... I would
be deaf by 50... well, I lasted a little longer..

So it is hearing aids for me. Now what kind? They
have come out with some pretty neat ones. Listening
to the pros and cons..... I picked the over hear one.
Longer battery live. Less problems due to wax and etc.
(this is more than you want to read). As it turned out
it was a good choice as contrary to everyone's belief,
my ears are not connected by a straight shot tunnel,
letting light shine thru. Seems I have a curvy inter ear.
Told him that was ok, because vanity went out the
window about 5 years ago.

So when you are around me after next week.. better
watch out, I will be able to hear you, and hear your
muttering. Can't wait to hear something maybe they
don't think I can hear.

But gosh, darn it... that good old Rock and Roll,
was good, loud. Bill Hailey and the Comets, Fats
Domino, Little Richard, and all the rest...


Patches & Mittens said...

I hope you like them better than Ronnie likes his.......Two pair that sit in the drawer because they drive him "nuts." Maybe he just doesn't want to hear me!!


LucilleNT said...

Oh my goodness how true, hearing aids would be a dream, but I don't have insurance to pay for mine and no money to buy them..but the 50's rock and roll was the best. I recall cranking up the radio until the music could be felt in the walls, of course when my parents were