Thursday, April 28, 2016

They eat their own...

Headlines read....

Ted Cruz and John Kasich Team Up to Stop Donald Trump


The old saying from years ago.. I would say applies

with that headline...

Neither one of the men are doing that well.. hanging

on like a bad hang over.. so have decided together

they can beat Trump..  Trouble is.. that isn't working

very well either...  


And now.. Cruz is saying he is going to have

Carly Fiorina as his Vice President.  Wow, he

hasn't gotten any closer to be the main candidate,

and he has already picked his VP.  At least McCain

knew he had the convention election in the bag before

he screamed out Palin's name.  So Cruz kicks his

partner in crime (Kasich)  to the curb, and doesn't

even offer him the VP for helping stop Trump?

Personally I like to see Kasich be the President

choice.  I would actually vote FOR him.  


So how does naming Fiorina (getting the women's

vote, I would guess) be getting him closer.. After

all she left the group early... because of lack of interest

in her..  What makes him think Fiorina will bring him

good luck?


I know I have said this before.. but this election is the

worse in my life time of history.. or even my memory

of history class.  Only thing that was even close was

Boston politicians in the 1890's.


How can they talk about all the problems with the

different states and their primaries and caucus, yet

no one does anything about it.  It is like they feel

"oh, well, that is politics"..   And we have the guts

to talk about other countries voting? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

House does not inventory itself....

One of the things that drives the King nuts
at work is... he goes to get a part, or a filter
or what ever he needs out of the storage room,
and finds empty box or shelf. 
The other mechanic is famous for taking the
last one and not say anything.   
I think they need a new system.
A chart with the parts listed.. individually.
Then one just runs a slash thru the one you
take.  And then someone look at that list
per day. At the end of the day. When they
are down to two parts.. put in a reorder
request.  Seems like that would do it.

But here at our home.. he seems to forget
all the rules.. As he told me yesterday, he
was going to the shed to get the Miracle
Grow and came out upset because there
wasn't any.  Each container I mention,
his reply was.. I already used that..

This happens often, the last G2
water, the last of the toilet paper
in the closet and etc.  I guess I
am suppose to be all knowing..
just like mind reading.. but I
flunked those classes years ago.
When our children left home, I am
out of practice. But being he is retiring
in just a mere 40 days, I guess I better
start sharp up... Wonder, maybe I
better find one of those white boards
with the pens that go with them.

But I did tell him.. our house does
NOT have an automatic inventory


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Leaving your pet at the vets.

We had to take our little doxie to the vet
yesterday...  drop her off at 9am.  and
then wait for the phone call.

It was simple procedure.. remove the tartar
off of her teeth and remove several moles.
It wasn't the procedure that had us concerned.
It was the leaving her behind.  See we either
leave her at home... or we take her with us.
So to leave her with strangers, and yapping dogs
well, it was hard. 

Actually it was harder than leaving your kid at
the hospital.  You can explain to a kid.  Also
with a kid, you can stay until they come to take
them to the operating room.. and then you can
stay in the waiting room.  Then after they come
out of recovery.. you can be there.

With your pet, you hand them over to a vet or
vet aide.  They walk into the back room. Get
put in a cage..  our Misty has been in a kennel
carrier, but she can see us.   Don't know how
long she had to wait until it was her turn.
Then when they give her a shot and she goes
to sleep... wakes up with the strangers and
still no family.   Yapping dogs telling her
God only knows what.   Then, finally
family shows up and takes her home.

She whined the whole trip home. I am
sure she had quite a tale to tell, if we
only know how to translate.  About an
hour later she was feeling better.  We
wrapped her in warm towels.. and she
slept.  Waking to see home still here.

As we drove way after leaving her there,
it was quiet in the car.  then hopes she will
be ok.. reassuring each other that she will
be ok.. 
Just a dog, huh?  I don't think so .. she

is our baby. 

Monday, April 25, 2016


The longer I live, the more I don't understand...
I was reading the news on line.. and the headline said:

My internal side of me wants to scream...WHAT THE
HELL (would us a stronger word that starts with a F,
but try to keep this a family like blog) IS WRONG

This man.. a poor excuse for one..  who was left in
charge of children.. (under the age of 21) as a coach
and  he has been found guilty.. this is not longer an
alleged... it was found GUILTY.. and these people
want LENIENCY?  Why because he was stupid
enough to be blackmailed for 30 years? And he is
only admitting to breaking bank laws as he tried to
find ways to pay the 3.5 MILLION! in blackmail
over the years..  His wife is pleading because it 
has taken a toll on her family.. and to consider 
them...  WHAT? What about the families of
the young men, who are adults now.. how will 
where is LENIENCY for them?   
Do you see any of them in that list of 40
letter writers?  HELL NO... 
Maybe he should get what he wanted other 
sex offenders to get... life in prison.. 

of a human, molested children!!!!  LENIENCY BE


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fever...Fevvvveeer... planting fever.. 2016

Is this early?  I don't know. Can't judge
by last year, because last year was early.
I was mushroom hunting with my galpal..
and we noticed how dry it was.. and the
temps for that day was 75.  That was mid

So here we are heading to the end of April.
Not much for rain, for May flowers. Even
though there is reports of this weekend.

But I have the planting fever.. feel like I
am racing in place... So many to do and
yet, know that the snow isn't off the
mountain yet.  Old wives tale is, no
planting tomatoes until after the snow
is off of Baldy.  But there isn't much there.

So I had to satisfy my planting fever
with these pansies in the Dutch shoes.
and a few more seeds in the pots in
the green house.   Some of the others

are already to go outside.. but do I dare?  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seneacquoteen Cemetery

There is a quiet little cemetery in the Sagle area.
Been there since the 1800's... Kind of a quaint little
place.. little on the rough sides when I first saw it.
I was there in 1986, to bury my husband, Marvin.
It was a nice place for Marv as the deer walked thru
often.. birds were in the trees.  And it cost $50 for a plot.

Was out there this past Sunday. The King's mother
and father are there laid to rest.. just two plots away
from Marv's.  We had been there the week before
to lay his sister to rest with his mother.   This time
we were there to take his brother  to visit the grave.
Being he isn't the best of health we figured it would
be easier for him..if he was to go by himself. Not with
all the people who were there the week before.

In the past 5 years, a man whose parents are there,
decided to help out the couple who took over the
cemetery.  And it is beautiful.. The fencing has been
repaired.  Some one donated an acre or more to add
to it. The gate is all in good repair and now there is a
parking lot and a turn around.. 

It is beautiful out there.. and so peaceful..  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Heroes in our neighborhood.

See this little car showed up on our street about
a week ago... up and down the street... to the
empty parking lot across the street.. Zip to the
left, zip to the right, circle around so fast we thought
it might fall over..  But he was having a blast.
We stopped him and talked to him.. it is battery
run.. and he has shift stick on the side to raise and
lower the wheels, and helps brake it..  So much
fun..  Fun for us as well, as we smiled as we watch
him.. zip along..   and then.. the school bus showed
up, we were concern, as we had seen him go into
the parking lot where the bus stops and goes
thru... The bus pulled out.. and we saw he had gone
against the building.. and he was standing up..
His little sister had got off the bus.  (hers comes later
than his).  Then I saw.. a pink helmet, and I remembered
I had wondered why he was carrying one between his
legs as we were talking to him. ... He helped her get
the helmet on.. Helped her sit on the car and he got
on behind her.. and then off to their house down the road.
Coming home from school and have your brother meet you,
is great...  having your brother take you home on his little
car... PRICELESS...  Hero # 1

On Saturday.. the neighbor boy had a birthday party. He
is 3 now.  It was the grandparents and us.. He is a very
active 3 year old. They got him a small trampoline, and
he loved it.. and the balloons... run and play.. running
with his dogs and thru the adults.. like a typical 3 years
old.  We had a nice meal and celebrated..with cake.
And then we went home...  The neighbor in back has
two girls.  One of them is the boys age.. And they
gave the girls cake...  The mother noticed the cake
the girls had, was design like Spiderman.. found out
the boys favorite was SPIDERMAN... The girl's mom
went in her house.. and 20 minutes later.. .. out came
SPIDERMAN..... (her husband)... who climbed up
on the fence.. the boy's eyes were huge... SPIDER
MAN in HIS YARD...  amazing...  And then Spiderman
went down the alley..  Hero #2

Monday, April 18, 2016

Class Action Suit

You all probably have gotten one of these letters or in this case a post card, notifying you of a class action lawsuit that is going on and you can take advantage of it.  I use the word advantage ..both ways.   You can chose to sign up to join it.. or the other taking advantage of the company.

In this one, that I received 2 days ago.. the company sin was, it advertised a false claim of saying the pills will help your
joints not hurt.  False advertising.  Now maybe I am just a
full time cynic but .. truth in advertising went out with dirty
wash on the clothes line.. You see it once in a while still, but
rarely. And that is why they have the saying... BUYER BEWARE.

First off, as usual, the print is tiny, tiny, trying to read
the last line on the eye doctor's chart.  but just for the heck
of it.. you read it.. or try.. maybe getting a magnify glass out.

That is where I find the good humor of this... so serious of
a claim.. as this particular one.. even tells you how much
the LAWYERS are going to get... First the settlement is over
7 and half million another one and half MILLION,
for notice and administration of the settlement.
BUT, right off the top is, of course the lawyers fees to the
tune of TWO AND HALF MILLION. Also it appears another
$5,000 per Class Representative.... and if the above million
and half isn't enough.. the lawyers will get what ever it over
cost for the notice and Admin. cost.  
ALL this BEFORE you see a dime.

Then comes the laughable part.. WHAT YOU, get as a claimee. A big check of...........hold your hats.... $8.00.... not million, thousands ... but a mere 8 dollars.  And then there is what you have to do to get that little bit of 8 dollars... You see, you have to go back thru your paper work, stubs and etc..and
prove you bought the product... and how many bottles of it
and you are only being paid for 13 bottles.. meaning no more
than $104.00...You also have to go on line get their paper work and fill it out.. and then mail it all in by a certain time. 
And what happens if not everyone does this? Then you get
a share of the left over.  BUT not more than $200 per household. 

Way more trouble than I want to do...  And they are probably counting on that.. but the remaining left over is suppose to go to Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation, in this case. I think some of it should go to the Ophthalmologists group, for all of us who will have to go to the eye doctor after straining to read this stuff... Ah, maybe that could be another class action lawsuit, against the lawyers who sent this out.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Gentle Giants...

In our family, in different generations sections, 
We have big men.. who never had children of
their own.   Both have helped raise a single

Both of these men are really big.. Meaning
6 foot or more.. both of them.. Rounding out
the scale over 300... Though both of them
carry the weight well because of their height.

Yet, when you would see them around the child,
you would think they were tiny and they are so
very gentle. 

One helped raise a boy, who is now a man.
Sharing Winnie the Pooh, and Sponge Bob.  
And to see these two work together over a
vehicle, with equal respect of knowledge,
well, it is amazing not only for me.. but for
his mother as well.  Especially when we
saw the push and pull of the teen years.
Still great love for each other..but you know
what teen years are like.  And now they are
equal.  It makes his mother and I feel so
wonderful to see them together.

The other one is helping raise a girl, with
her parents.  This little tiny girl, wraps this
6 foot plus (a lot of plus) grandfather like
a piece of twine around her fingers.
He will sit and play tea party in the smallest
of area.  Squeeze over in his chair, so they
can watch a cartoon movie that he has probably
seen dozen times or more.  There is pictures of
the two of them asleep in that chair, with her
arms wrapped around his neck, and laying
across his belly.  Or see them walking together,
him looming so tall and big, yet a soft hand
in her little hand, with smiles that are as
big as the world.  No outfit is too silly, to
please this sweet little child.

These two men are definitely the gentle
giants, who are soft enough for a child

to trust. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO... T.S....S.H. and D.G. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Maybe it is time for the talk...

No, come to think of it.. IT IS the time for
the talk... I don't care what your age is.
Life is uncertain.

All of us, don't think we need to talk about
our end... maybe we make arrangements
or write out some what is to be done.
But usually that is just what funeral home,
what song maybe, and where you want to
be laid to rest.. and that is about it..

The exception of this, is those who have
cancer, or another illness, that is terminal
and involved Hospice,  As Hospice is
pretty detailed.. but then, there are some
things not covered.

You NEED to talk to your spouse about
what you want. You need to talk to your
family.  It is a conversation that is hard on
your children.. as they think of you living
forever.. and if they don't talk about things,
it will never happen.. and you will live forever.
We know that is a folly...

Sometimes we don't want to talk about it..
and if that is the case for you.. then for the
love of family... write it out for them .. exactly
how you want it done.. and let them know where
you have put those instructions..

I once had a directive written up (hospitals want
them) for when you are laying in the hospital with
no way to tell them what you want... I had mine
written up AND I sent a copy to each one of my
children... and told them.. if they had a problem
with this.. tell ME .. NOW... don't fight with those
left behind who will be making the decision for me
at that time..  Some were too happy, but they took
it fairly well.. and that was over 10 years ago..

I don't care if you are 20 or 100.. you should have
instructions written up. You should have a power
of authority for health...written up.. As long as you
are able to communicate, you can over ride that
directive... it is for when you can't.  Do you want
to be kept on a life supporting systems? If so.. how
long.. If not.. say so.

But even more important is when you are no longer
here.  Because with out some written directive.. the
family has to make decisions.. they try their best to
do what they THINK you would want.. Some family
members get hurt by those decisions. But if you
have it written out there is no uncertainty.  And remember
there is two parts of it.. There is how the funeral itself,
is carried out.. and a lot of people do tell that part.
But there is the burial part... how do you want that
handled?  Private with family only?  with friends and


and write it down, so memory will be refreshed.   

happy birthday... m.r.   .... s. o... and m. b.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Taking some time off

I am going to take some time off.. Probably be
back next Wednesday...

Have some family business to take care of.
Got family and friends coming in for the next
few days..  Will have a full house...
So will be off line that long.

So enjoy the great weather, at least here in
the great North West.. we are.with 70's and higher promise, guess the
rest of the country is having snow...
But there is hope for the others.. as what leavesus, usually heads their way.. with in a week.

See you next week.  

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

What is it?

Here is the pictures...

Do you know what it is? 
Do you know the purpose of it?

No it is not a tanning bed. 
It is not a night light...

Was I  a sucker to buy it?
It said guaranteed.
So figured if, it in fact was guaranteed,
how could I go wrong?
It cost $12. 00

So if I am out of the money because
the product turns out to be a dud,
and the guarantee along with it..
Oh, well...

So look at it hard and long.. well, not
really, but look at it any way.  And
see if you can guess what it is.
As I have never seen one before.

I will leave the answer in the comment

section later.  

4/20/16 .... and it WORKS...  

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

So this is 76

So this is what it feels like to be 76.
Who would have thought, I still be here.
As the old saying went.. if I had known
I was going to be living this long, I would
have taken better care of myself. lol

Well, to be honest, it isn't much different
than 75 or 71 for that matter..  Can't say
it is isn't any different than 66, as at 66,
I was stronger.  I could lift more. I could
walk longer...

But over all, 76 isn't bad.  After all it is
better than the alternative.. and when
you consider 45 use to be old, this taint

I have outlived my mother, as she was not quite
74.  But got a ways to go to get to my dad...
as he lived to 82 and he was pretty spry
for that age.. Still out there running the tractor
cutting hay, just 3 months before he passed.

And actually my father's side are long livers.
My aunt was heading to her 89th birthday
when she passed, just a month before. And
she was doing a jig in the Sears store as
she was trying on shoes for a trip to Canada
in 2 weeks, the morning of the night that
she passed. 

So my decision years ago was to live until
I died.. instead of waiting around to die.
And so far I have done a pretty good job
of it all.

So as my dad use to say.. well.. I got
places to go, people to see, and things
to do.. so enjoy your day, as I sure will
be enjoying mine.

Monday, April 04, 2016


Society never ceases to amaze me.. just
when I think they can't get any lower... they do..
Now this happen 2 years ago.. yet they are still missing.

It was reported on KTVB.... and some other stations..
The family of a late Sandpoint military
veteran is trying to find any information on his ashes that were stolen in June 2014.
They are offering a reward because it is becoming
a cold case.  So they are hoping by offering a
reward.. maybe some would come forward
with new information.

The ashes were in a granite urn wall and some
one smashed the faceplate and took them.
Why in heavens name would one do that. If it was
vandalism, why was his the  only one that was taken?

I met this man many years ago, when I was taking
Hospice classes.  And part of that class was
selling roses for Hospice.  Leonard would put all
of us to shame.. For every dozen we sold, he would
sell 20 or more... year after year..

A quiet man, who had a great love for Hospice.