Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seneacquoteen Cemetery

There is a quiet little cemetery in the Sagle area.
Been there since the 1800's... Kind of a quaint little
place.. little on the rough sides when I first saw it.
I was there in 1986, to bury my husband, Marvin.
It was a nice place for Marv as the deer walked thru
often.. birds were in the trees.  And it cost $50 for a plot.

Was out there this past Sunday. The King's mother
and father are there laid to rest.. just two plots away
from Marv's.  We had been there the week before
to lay his sister to rest with his mother.   This time
we were there to take his brother  to visit the grave.
Being he isn't the best of health we figured it would
be easier for him..if he was to go by himself. Not with
all the people who were there the week before.

In the past 5 years, a man whose parents are there,
decided to help out the couple who took over the
cemetery.  And it is beautiful.. The fencing has been
repaired.  Some one donated an acre or more to add
to it. The gate is all in good repair and now there is a
parking lot and a turn around.. 

It is beautiful out there.. and so peaceful..  

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